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[bug#27404] [PATCH] gnu: calibre: Fix build with Qt >5.8.

From: Roel Janssen
Subject: [bug#27404] [PATCH] gnu: calibre: Fix build with Qt >5.8.
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2017 09:10:47 +0200
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Dear Guix,

This patch fixes the build for Calibre (see

The patch is already committed to the Calibre repository, and there has
been a new release where this problem has been dealt with (3.0.0),
however, building 3.0.0 requires more changes (the current patches do
not apply, so we have to investigate whether we need to do more work to
remove non-free stuff).  So, therefore, I would like to fix this version
first with this patch.

The added patch file can be removed when we get 3.0.0 to build.

Kind regards,
Roel Janssen

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