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[bug#27344] [PATCH 07/12] gnu: Add asco.

From: Theodoros Foradis
Subject: [bug#27344] [PATCH 07/12] gnu: Add asco.
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 18:54:46 +0300
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Danny Milosavljevic writes:

>> +       #:make-flags '("all" "asco-mpi")
> These are not actually flags.  I think the "install" phase would then also 
> invoke
>   make all asco-mpi install

Actually, the install phase gets replaces by a custom one because there
is no install target in the Makefile.

Should I replace the build phase as well, and just call "make all
asco-mpi" instead? I think it does just that as it is.

Theodoros Foradis

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