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bug#27326: [PATCH] gnu: Add ddate.

From: nee
Subject: bug#27326: [PATCH] gnu: Add ddate.
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2017 11:25:13 +0200
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Welcome back thy historically beloved ddate util!

Originally included in every util-linux build since the year 3160 (greg:
1994), but badly treated in recent times.
After it's unjust exclusion form the default build in 3177 YOLD (greg:
2011) a removal shortly followed in 3178 (greg: 2012), which can only be
described as an act of disco-phobia.

5 years later (3183) it shall return to home computation automates all
around the multiverse with only 1 simple `guix package -i ddate` call.

In the future it should also be added as propagated-input to util-linux
to absolutely restore the old (dis)order.

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