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Re: BBB, Fosshost and config?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: BBB, Fosshost and config?
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2020 16:35:54 +0100

Hi Tobias,

I am answering your both emails at once.

> I've a BBB question of my own.  I don't know the terms of the 
> sponsoring agreement, if there are any, but would Fosshost be 
> willing to serve TLS certificates for a subdomain?

AFAIK, I do not know if an agreement has been formally defined.  The
story is: I wrote to Chris Webber to ask how they did for the
ActivityPub online conference and they redirected me toward Fosshost and
Thomas; more or less in the same time, Fosshost proposed hardware
donation.  Then I have just applied for support.  That’s all.

>From my understanding, the Guix project is supported by Fosshost.  Now,
I can ask clarifications about the terms, if needed.

> We could also delegate a subdomain if that's easier for them.
> Either way, users would connect to instead of 
>  We could migrate or fail over to another 
> installation within minutes.

I agree.  The URL name had been discussed at the time with Ludo, Julien
and me.  Maybe over IRC or privately (too lazy to look for unnecessary
reference).  The decision was “minimal effort”. ;-) Well, let’s start
with the default and see how/where it goes.

Now, because people are asking more informal meetings to discuss
specific topics, or because hackathon are coming, etc.  it appears to me
the good thing to do is manage or whatever other name.

>> First, you reported issues with the BBB instance of Fosshost, I 
>> guess.
> They were missing glue records at .org, causing seemingly 
> arbitrary address resolution errors depending on geographical 
> location and ISP.
>> What is the follow-up on this side?
> They were very helpful and promptly fixed the issue the day after 
> the Day:

Nice!  Thank you.

>> Second, the alias guix-days had been turned off because of spam.
> I'm very glad to hear that.  I'll accept some spam for a good 
> cause, but had it continued all year I would have had to filter 
> guix-days@.
>> Well, somehow, guix-europe does that for now.  But similarly 
>> than
>> guix-blog, we could have a private alias with people involved in 
>> the
>> organisation of events where Guix is present.  WDYT?
> Sure!  Just make sure it's not published on the Web or we'll have 
> the same problem.

Is the same problem with which appears here:


?  What is your suggestion to avoid the same problem?  Only pubish
guix-foo without the as it is done with info-guix here [1]?

1: <>


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