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Re: Event?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Event?
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 03:05:35 +0200


>From my point of view, it could be nice to organize a 2 days virtual in
October or November.  Because it could be great to meet, discuss, solve
some issues, share progress or blocking points, etc..  More importantly,
it is also a good occasion to do a repeat in case the FOSDEM would be
canceled or replaced and the Guix Days would become virtual.

> It appears to me difficult to transpose the format of Guix Days to
> something virtual.  From my experience, more 7 in video chat is not
> really fruitful.  Something like video cast (or pre-recorded) and then
> question over IRC seems better.  On the other hand, I do not have
> experience in such event.

Some ideas about a Virtual Event are:

  a. Hack together on stuff
  b. While also having some presentations
  c. Smaller discussion and working groups

Some tools:

  i. Jitsi
  ii. BigBlueButton
  iii. stream via m3u reading with vlc or mpv
  iv. asciinema for pair programming
  v. voice chat, mumble
  vi. Emacs server for pair programming

Issues about tools:

  i) weak machine or browser crash; bad experiences
  ii) does it scale for ~50 participants
  iii) infrastructure?
  iv) broadcasting?

>From LibrePlanat [1], I do not see what was the point a).  And I am not
sure that a) and c) will be easy to setup for a first try.

Recently, we had the national French conference JDEV [2] and they
switched from an in-real-life week to a full streamed event.  In the
coming days, I will ask them their feedback; especially about the tools
and the infrastructure.

If someone knows someone who someone who… well if someone has experience
on streaming event, please share. :-)

In terms of date, I think that the days Friday and Saturday are good
choice.  And if I have to pick one, I would say: 6-7 November, from 9:30
to 18:00 CEST.  We can compute a median for the timezone and pick one
fairer. :-)

In terms of presentations, we could send a Call for Presenting, and I
have topic such as Installer, Hurd, Authentication, SWH, Maven build
system, Data Service, Outreachy and GSoC, etc. so much more :-) and the
format could be pre-recorded videos or live demo.

The difficulty is to manage the question-answers.

Please tell me what do you think?



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