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From: zimoun
Subject: Event?
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 10:57:08 +0200


Quoting the last Guix-Europe General Assembly, 

        In  addition to  the Guix  Days,  we consider  holding a  purely
        virtual  event  towards   the  end  of  the   year;  during  the
        discussion,  September   or  the   time  around   Christmas  are
        mentioned, without clear consensus.  Manolis, Pjotr and Jonathan
        volunteer to work on the organisation.

        In case  FOSDEM is cancelled  due to ongoing Covid  problems, we
        would also like  to hold the Guix Days as  an online event. When
        booking ICAB, we  need to watch out for  a suitable cancellation

I would like to volunteer too. :-)

BTW, we are already on mid-July and personally I plan a long break AFK
for August.  So we should start to discuss if we want to organize
something in {September,October,November}.  On the Guix-HPC land, I
think I will propose another "hackathon" in October.

It appears to me difficult to transpose the format of Guix Days to
something virtual.  From my experience, more 7 in video chat is not
really fruitful.  Something like video cast (or pre-recorded) and then
question over IRC seems better.  On the other hand, I do not have
experience in such event.

What could be your suggestions?  About a date?  About a format?

All the best,

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