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[Rust Team] Status post core-updates merge

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: [Rust Team] Status post core-updates merge
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2023 18:49:59 +0300

Now that core-updates has been merged into master it's time for a status
update from the rust team.

Currently rust supports (in the order of gaining support) x86_64,
aarch64 and riscv64. GDB-11 doesn't currently build on aarch64 or
riscv64, so we're removing gdb-11 entirely and using a new gdb-12 as
gdb/pinned for the test suite. This is expected to fix rust building on

rust-bootstrap currently fails to build on riscv64. I've been testing
solutions by building on an x86_64 machine to see what builds pass and
what fails, and I think I've found a solution with minimal changes.

Once I'm able to successfully build rust-bootstrap on x86_64 and riscv64
I'll push the update to the rust-team branch and let the CI build it

As a quick overview, this push moves our rust package to rust-1.67 and
updates many of our rust packages. We've had some more unbundling of
bundled library sources and precompiled libraries and updated a number
of rust programs, mostly so they build with the newer version of rust.

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