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Trailing whitespace in /etc/guix/acl

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Trailing whitespace in /etc/guix/acl
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2023 19:50:14 -0700

I've noticed there is some trailing whitespace in /etc/guix/acl ... some
of it comes from the keys in etc/substitutes/ ... but
some of it comes from whatever code assembles /etc/guix/acl (or rather,
whatever the symlink points to in /gnu/store).

I noticed this by trying to add the bordeaux substitute server for the
Debian package, and swear in the past I was able to do it
bit-for-bit-identical... but now with the inconsistent whitespace
differences, while they do not make it impossible, make it needlessly
more difficult than it needs to be, having to match the extraneous
whitespace exactly...

I have not figured out where in the code to look for all this stray
whitespace... maybe someone could take a peek? Maybe the lazy approach
might be to strip all trailing whitespace from the file after generating


live well,

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