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Core-updates, the last metres

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Core-updates, the last metres
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2023 09:30:05 +0200


yesterday I updated my system to core-updates. Since I am writing this
message now, you can deduce that it succeeded. Well, there is no reason
you should care, but it could encourage you to do the same. :)

I used commands like "./pre-inst-env guix package/system ...", but this
resulted in strange behaviour; I suppose I may have ended up with a
mixture between old and new guix.
I think the safest approach is to use "guix pull --commit=..." with
a commit from core-updates, or probably just
   guix pull --commit=core-updates
Then I would start by updating the system, followed by the user profiles.

Please tell us if there is a show-stopper for the merge!

We already received a first report:
python-yubikey-manager does not build. It should be repaired very shortly
after the merge (the fix is there, but would cause too many rebuilds now);
so if you rely on it, maybe delay updating your system, or hold this one
package back in your profile ("guix package --do-not-upgrade ... -u").

As for the architectures, x86_64 looks good; i686 and powerpc64le look
okay (or at least not much worse than on master; R does not work on
powerpc64le, and should also be fixed shortly after the merge).
For aarch64 it is difficult to say, since the build farm has trouble
keeping up. We brought back a few machines, but they are churning through
the backlog.


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