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Re: Core-updates after the staging merge

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: Core-updates after the staging merge
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 16:12:03 +0200

Hi Simon,

> and instead we could try this shorter one:
>    7.8.4
> -> 8.0.2 (needs >= 7.10)
> -> 8.4.4 (needs >= 8.0)
> -> 8.8.4 (needs >= 8.4)
> -> 9.2.5 (needs >= 8.6)
> WDYT?  If no objection, I will give a try.

note that the information on is not always accurate and thus
this shorter chain may not actually work. Please give it a try and send
a patch.

> I mean I propose to have both: ghc-x.y (with tests) and
> ghc.x.y/bootstrap (without tests), it would ease the maintenance of the
> Haskell ecosystem on several architectures.  WDYT?

I have a bad feeling about turning the testsuites of intermediate versions
off. Yes, they take a long time, but then they also ensure the resulting
compiler actually works (with high confidence) and we don’t silently
propagate issues into the next one.


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