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Re: Comparison of branches on CI

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: Comparison of branches on CI
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2023 15:58:04 +0200

Am Thu, Mar 30, 2023 at 07:27:55PM -0400 schrieb Leo Famulari:
> > It is possible to use to create these comparisons. 
> > Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to remember how to do it, so the UI 
> > could grow some hints or "affordances". I'll provide an example later 
> > today, when I am near a computer.

And this now also works:

It finds 298 packages with problems on x86_64, which is suspiciously few.
Actually unless I made a mistake, these are packages that build on master,
but are broken on core-updates. I see more broken packages on core-updates,
but it is quite possible that these are also broken on master...
Not really: kcodecs builds on master, but not on core-updates, but it
is not (yet) "broken" because it has not been scheduled yet. So expect
the 298 to rise!

Maybe it would be an idea to add "maybe broken" (was green, is blue)
and "maybe fixed" (was red, is blue) to the search? And those that
were and remain blue could go anywhere...

Many thanks to Chris for making this possible! My impression is that we
are making useful progress on the tooling; due to this website and ci
working, it is finally possible to make assertions on core-updates beyond
what I see when trying to build my own, subjective profile.


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