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Hello Guix!

From: Vijaya Anand
Subject: Hello Guix!
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 16:51:13 +0530

Hi Everyone,

I am Vijaya Anand, a mathematics undergraduate studying in IITK, India. I am interested in the topics distributed systems and cryptography and have been self-reading on these topics a lot recently. I wanted to participate in GSoC this summer and while browsing some interesting organizations, I came across guix and the project 'Decentralized Substitute Distribution' sparked my interest a lot. I have recently been interacting with pukkamustard, who is mentoring this project, and got to know a handful about this project and how we can distribute substitutes using any p2p network using ERIS. This project matched my interests and I'm very excited to work on this. Hoping to interact with the community and contribute to guix!

Thank you
Vijaya Anand

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