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Re: March update on

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: March update on
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 15:27:57 +0100
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Hi Chris,

Christopher Baines <> skribis:

> ## Serving fixed output files by hash
> is now in the list of content addressed mirrors
> [2].


> ## Referential integrity
> This is usually something I think about in the context of databases, but
> nars/narinfos have references, and I've been working to ensure that for
> any nar provided by, you're also able to fetch any
> nar it references.

Great that you looked into it.  That’s something we did not explicitly
address until now, on the grounds that ‘guix substitute’ would typically
look up both a store item and its dependencies, which in practice means
that the TTL of a store item and that of its dependencies would likely
be synchronized.  But clearly, it’s best to ensure that by construction.

> ## Offering zstd compressed nars


> ## Next steps
> Last time I said that I thought the main blocking issue in making
> the default substitute server to try first was the
> lack of zstd nars. Some nars are now available with zstd compression, so
> there's progress been made on this at least. I think a good argument can
> be made for trying being better for users than
> trying first, but it's not clear cut.

I think keeping both is ideal, notably from a fault-tolerance viewpoint.

> On the issue of expanding the storage for nars, I've submitted the
> request to purchase an additional hard drive for hatysa to expand the
> storage there. There is still a need to come up with a plan to replace
> bishan when it runs out of space (ideally before!).

Definitely; this should be high-priority for the project.



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