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Re: Procps in core-updates

From: Michael Schierl
Subject: Re: Procps in core-updates
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 21:02:01 +0100
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Hello Andreas,

Am 20.03.2023 um 15:54 schrieb Andreas Enge:
Hello Michael,

I am attaching a simplified C file and the corresponding assembly
output; which I cannot read, but there are differences between the two
invocations of fprintf.

Seems that you accidentally attached the object file (binary) instead of
the assembly output. :-)

The weirdest thing is that actually the value is the integer 123. So it
should be stored in any kind of register exactly.

123 as a normalized binary floating point number would be

1.921875 × 2⁶

and you would have to represent the mantissa in binary (1.111011₂).
Still this should fit into most floating point registers easily.

But possibly the value computed by the algorithm of parsing the number
resulted in e.g.

1.111011000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001011₂ × 2⁶

which is still 123 when converted back to a 52-bit mantissa, but
something ever so slightly larger when treated as an 80-bit float with
64 bits mantissa.

Or maybe I'm missing something :-)



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