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Zabbix web front-end broken on master

From: Kaelyn
Subject: Zabbix web front-end broken on master
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 18:05:21 +0000


I wanted to bring attention to a patch I sent out a week ago: updating Zabbix from 6.0.12 to 6.0.14.

My motivation for the update of the LTS version of Zabbix is to fix the web 
front-end, which has been broken since PHP was upgraded from 7.4.30 to 8.2.2. 
The front-end is written in PHP and currently none of the graphs will display 
properly because of deprecation warnings[1] new to PHP 8.2 (IIRC Zabbix 6.0.12 
only supported up through PHP 8.1), and PHP 8.2 support is one of the main 
features of the 6.0.14 release[2].

I've been running the updated version on a small Cuirass server I've set up so 
that I could update the system to versions of Guix newer than late January, and 
have confirmed the graphs display properly again with the newer Zabbix release.



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