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Re: Follow-up on julia import script

From: Nicolas Graves
Subject: Re: Follow-up on julia import script
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 13:43:05 +0100

Hi all!

Took me quite more time than I would've liked, but I have a usable
juliahub scheme import script!

It seems there's still one edge case that isn't covered and revolves
around when Julia packagers don't properly tag their git repos (I've
only seen the case with SnoopPrecompile). There's the possibility to
rely on tree commit hashes from the General repository (since this is a
valid way to identify/store a git repo), but that needs some major
changes in the way latest-repository-commit works. Otherwise, it needs
to be done by hand. It might also not work for subpackages in
directories that are up-to-date on juliahub but not yet on github, I
haven't met this case yet.

I'm sending a patch series in the coming minutes.

Best regards,
Nicolas Graves

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