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Re: bug#61894: [PATCH RFC] Team approval for patches

From: Peter Polidoro
Subject: Re: bug#61894: [PATCH RFC] Team approval for patches
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 12:30:42 -0400
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There is a phenomenon in manufacturing quality control where sometimes adding inspectors decreases the number of defects that get past inspection unnoticed, because one inspector catches a defect that another inspector missed, but other times the number of unnoticed defects actually goes UP, presumably because if inspectors know others are also looking for defects, they, perhaps subconciously, think they do not need to look as carefully, because another inspector will catch whatever they miss. One inspector looking carefully can be better than two inspectors looking less carefully.

It would be nice if packages that pull from a "trusted source" and that need only a bump in the version number and hash could be approved by only one person or, more ideally, zero people, if it could be tested and automated somehow. Although perhaps that would always be a security risk.

Is there documentation or a roadmap somewhere online for people new the community who submit patches, but someday aspire to arise to committer status? The roadmap might be a list of books to read, tutorials to complete, packages to create, in order to learn enough to be able to help with the committer shortage?

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