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Re: Emacs next variants

From: Liliana Marie Prikler
Subject: Re: Emacs next variants
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 13:51:20 +0100
User-agent: Evolution 3.46.0

Am Sonntag, dem 12.03.2023 um 10:46 +0100 schrieb indieterminacy:
> Out of curiosity, where do such prescriptions concerning one tool or
> a set of tools get documented?
It isn't, but note the manual on version numbers leads with
> We usually package only the latest version of a given free software
> project.  But sometimes, for instance for incompatible library
> versions, two (or more) versions of the same package are needed.
emacs is a notable exception here due to emacs next almost always


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