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Re: [bug#61894] [PATCH RFC] Team approval for patches

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: Re: [bug#61894] [PATCH RFC] Team approval for patches
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2023 18:59:19 +0100

On Wed, 01 Mar 2023 17:15:26 +0000
Christopher Baines <> wrote:

> I guess I'm still a team sceptic, I think the idea is interesting and
> I have added myself as a member of some teams. But the main impact on
> me so far is that I've just been getting some unwanted personal email,
> messages that previously wouldn't have landed in my inbox have been
> doing so.
> Regarding this change specifically though, I'm unclear how it would
> impact the things I push for others. I pushed some patches today,
> would this mean that I'd have to look at what team/teams are involved
> (according to /etc/ for each commit/series, and then
> either continue if I'm a member of that team, or skip it if I'm not?

I'm on Chris' side. We need less burden to review/push, instead of more
formal rules/obligations.

Speaking about me, I'm in the Java team, where my knowledge is best, but
in the past I also "wildered" in the Python and Ruby areas. I think
I always tried to be cautious with my reviews though: If I saw it was
just a simple version update with no dependency changes, and it
builds/runs afterwards, I gave an OK and/or pushed it, although I'm not
the super-expert. If it was too hot for me, I left my fingers from it or
asked a known expert for help.

"Teams" are a nice hint (for example, adding a tag to the bug entry),
but I wouldn't make it too formal.


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