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rust-team cuirass build

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: rust-team cuirass build
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2023 11:04:10 +0200

The Rust Team has been hard at work updating the rust compiler and a
number of rust packages. We've tested a number of packages¹ to ensure
that everything looks okay.

Real world testing has occurred on x86_64 and has started on riscv64 but
we'd like to request that a job be added to cuirass so we can make sure
that everything builds nicely on the build farm and on the other

Quick stats for the branch:
404 commits by 4 people.
181 packages updated
50 packages removed
155 new packages
rust updated to 1.67.
'#:skip-build? #t' no longer breaks the 'package phase.
librsvg updated to 2.54.5.
gdk-pixbuf updated to 2.42.10.
rav1e updated to 0.6.3.
tealdeer updated to 1.6.1.

¹ librsvg -e '(@@ (gnu packages gnome) librsvg-bootstrap)' rav1e 
rust-cbindgen@0.23 ripgrep tealdeer fd newsboat

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