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Re: emacs-guix (upstream) needs more love: a survey of repositories, hom

From: Théo Maxime Tyburn
Subject: Re: emacs-guix (upstream) needs more love: a survey of repositories, homepage and issues
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2022 00:04:25 +0200
User-agent: mu4e 1.6.10; emacs 28.1.50

Hi all,

> Would you be willing to coordinate work on Emacs-Guix for some time?
> If so, I’m in favor of granting you commit access so you can first push
> these four commits, and eventually apply patches that are submitted or
> fix bugs here and there.
> If Giovanni or Théo wants to do that, that’s fine too.  What we need is
> to make sure one of us/you can commit some time going forward to at
> least protect Emacs-Guix from bitrot, and ideally help improve it, as
> time permits.

I can definitly participate in this. I wanted to add some functionalities 
myself anyway so
I think that would make sense. I am stil a beginner guix developer
though so I might not be able to solve intricated bugs. But have
my fare share of elisp hacking so I can probably solve the easy
ones. Hacking emacs-guix also seems like a nice way to start hacking
guix to mee.

> Bug reports would still go to <>, which you
> can access from the comfort of your Emacs with M-x debbugs-gnu.  :-)

That would be my first time using it, but it sounds like a nice tool.

> Thanks,
> Ludo’.


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