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Re: Racket packages: formerly Move DrRacket to a separate output?

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Re: Racket packages: formerly Move DrRacket to a separate output?
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2020 08:35:34 -0400
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Dimakakos Dimos writes:

> Pierre Neidhardt writes:
>> I've (finally) pushed racket-minimal.
>> Hooray!
>> Now to the Racket importer... Anyone?
>> Dimakakos? :)
> Nice! It will be very useful. I've put some research into a build system
> for racket, and sadly it isn't trivial to match the racket package
> system to guix.
> There is a lot of state handling in racket specific files, since every
> package is indexed by linking the specific folder of a package. Right
> now I'm creating these files ad-hoc but it doens't seem the best
> approach, since racket is really slow searching for the dependencies in
> many folders. At the same time, racket tries sometims to rebuild
> packages that are passed as inputs. There are also circular dependencies
> and other stuff that need to be ironed out.
> I'm also talking with the creator of racket2nix, a similar project for
> nix and he had the same problems, so we discussed about working for a
> solution for both package managers.
> So in conclusion, I don't have a specific roadmap, but I'm still working
> on it.

Would you mind sharing what you have so far?  Even just a complete
braindump of notes or WIP code could be helpful to move this along!

I've started reading some for the docs over at:

I'm getting an idea of some things but it would be useful to hear what
you and Claes have explored so far!

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