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guix pack -f docker and name ?

From: zimoun
Subject: guix pack -f docker and name ?
Date: Thu, 16 May 2019 20:47:17 +0200


I find a bit annoying 2 things when creating Docker images with `guix pack`.

The name of the tar is given at the end of the command `guix pack`. If
you forget to track it, then you need to re-run `guix pack` (obviously
with the very same parameters) to get it again.
It is not super user-friendly. :-)

What to think to add an option to name a symbolic link to this file in
the store ?

Currently, I am doing that by hand:
  guix pack -f docker ...
  # copy the name /gnu/store/<hash>-docker-pack.tar
  ln -s paste my-name

In general, I choose my-name as <foo-bar>-<hash> with <foo-bar>
something to quickly remember what it is and the <hash> to be sure of
what it is.

Once loaded with `docker load < /gnu/store/<hash>-docker-pack.tar`
then `docker image ls` list all the images. The REPOSITORY and TAG are
not super helpful. :-)
It is always: profile and <hash>.

Maybe REPOSITORY should be guix and TAG should be <short-hash>-<name>.
Because when one has more than 2 images, after holidays it is not
possible to remember or they needs to track in a separate file what it

Maybe I am missing something. Please correct me if there is way. Or
comment if you have suggestion.

All the best,

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