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guix pull --commit and custom channel ?

From: zimoun
Subject: guix pull --commit and custom channel ?
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 18:44:44 +0200


When speaking about "Scientific Reproducibilty", one would roll-back
to a previous state of Guix. And it is possible with `guix pull

(noting it is only possible for not too old states, say v0.15 or post-inferior?)

However, it is not possible to roll-back the state of a custom
channel. Or I have missed something.

The UI should be: guix pull --commit=channel1:hash1  --commit=channel2:hash2
or guix pull --commit=channel1:hash1,channel2:hash2

Moreover, is it possible to roll-back with a manifest containing
several custom channels ?

I imagine something such that:
 guix describe > commits.txt
then months (or years?) later:
 guix pull --manifest=commits.txt

In other words, continue ideas proposed here [1].

What do you think ?

All the best,

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