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Re: check guix human readable version

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: check guix human readable version
Date: Thu, 02 May 2019 19:58:29 +0200


address@hidden wrote:
Hi! I want be able to see which version number of guix I have, not commit but human-readable version, such as 1.0.0. How to do this? Once performing `guix pull` I saw it, but now I cannot do it this ways:

This won't help you, but I can confirm:

 ~ λ guix describe
 Generation 43  May 02 2019 19:51:49    (current)
   nckx 22adf20
     repository URL: file:///home/nckx/nckx-chan
     branch: master
     commit: 22adf2056ce9bc9b32845c61e7426f595a5f451f
   guix 48f19e6
     repository URL:
     branch: master
     commit: 48f19e60c4677e392ee2c23f28098cfcaf9d1710

I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to work off of the most recent tag (like its namesake ‘git describe’), and am almost certain that it used to, so this is probably ‘just’ a bug & you're using the correct command :-)

Kind regards,


PS: I'm low on bandwidth or I'd find out what ‘guix pull --commit=<much earlier commit…> && git describe’ produces.

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