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Re: Guix pronunciation

From: mikadoZero
Subject: Re: Guix pronunciation
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 21:10:23 -0400
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Laura Lazzati writes:
> ... The person I met interested in at least
> playing whith Guix told me that was thinking of both Guix and Nix, and
> I was asked before about the differences. Is it in the manual? Because
> I don't remember reading it.  ...

I just searched through the manual for Nix and it looks like the closest
thing to to covering differences between Nix and Guix is "15
Acknowledgments".  Although it does not cover differences and is just an

I was just reading the README in the Guix repository and found a section
called Guix & Nix that does covers differences between them.

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