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Re: Guix pronunciation

From: George Clemmer
Subject: Re: Guix pronunciation
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 18:32:15 -0400
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mikadoZero <address@hidden> writes:

> In my initial message I should have explained why I am not a fan of Guix
> pronounced "geeks".  It is because the pronunciation is the same as the
> plural of the word geek. The word geek has an ambiguous definition.
>  When Guix is pronounced "geeks"
> there are negative connotation.
> The current participants in the Guix community have a self selection
> bias by using alpha or beta software.  This could shows itself through a
> focus on the positive definition of geek.  However I am alone in
> perceiving the negative connotations and sentiment of the word geek.

Not alone. I have used Guix for 3+ years. For quite some time I thought
it was "gix" which seemed fine to me. Eventually I discovered it is
"geeks". I am sorry to say this seems like a sick "inside joke" to me.

Unfortunately it is difficult to have a productive discussion of the
subject: Those working on Guix may be offended by what feels like
criticism.  And those turned-off by geeks have probably already
self-un-selected from the project.

FWIW, I have mentioned my use of something called "geeks" to a few
professional friends. Each thought it weird that I would want to put
effort into something with this name. It just doesn't sound serious to

So I share your concern. IMO calling Guix "geeks" is unfortunate.  I
fear it will adversely impact Guix' acceptance and growth.

- George

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