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branch wip-ppc64le updated (c104700 -> dcaf49b)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-ppc64le updated (c104700 -> dcaf49b)
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 20:04:41 -0500 (EST)

marusich pushed a change to branch wip-ppc64le
in repository guix.

    from c104700  gnu: cross-gcc-arguments: Enable 128 bit long double for 
     add 74c4492  gnu: emacs-org-webring: Update to 2.0.0.
     add c68dc3f  gnu: cheese: Remove obsolete input.
     add 8343ae2  gnu: awscli, python-botocore: Add comment about compatibility.
     add d05abc1  gnu: python-botocore: Remove unused inputs.
     add a811fb2  gnu: python-botocore: Update to 1.19.22.
     add 6dfaa68  gnu: awscli: Update to 1.18.183.
     add 108fa82  gnu: python-s3transfer: Update to 0.3.3.
     add abbb153  gnu: Add python-databricks-cli.
     add 8b20f6c  gnu: Add python-gorilla.
     add 0e4f87c  gnu: Add python-querystring-parser.
     add 48d8176  gnu: Add python-minio.
     add 2920e88  gnu: python-docker: Propagate runtime dependency.
     add 6557995  gnu: Add python-boto3.
     add 9d3449f  gnu: Add python-sshpubkeys.
     add 484459f  gnu: Add python-jsonpickle.
     add 079de0b  gnu: Add python-aws-xray-sdk.
     add 53346d0  gnu: Add python-jose.
     add fb871c5  gnu: Add python-boto.
     add bfed77a  gnu: Add python-aws-sam-translator.
     add 07caffb  gnu: python-jsonpatch: Propagate required input.
     add 78c5f16  gnu: Add python-cfn-lint.
     add f1163b8  gnu: Add python-junit-xml.
     add 160c6af  gnu: Add python-flask-cors.
     add beba9ff  gnu: Add python-moto.
     add 4d6dcba  gnu: python2-pillow: Fix build.
     add 20c64fc  gnu: python-pillow: Add the python2-variant property.
     add 462aaa8  gnu: emacs-jsonrpc: Update to 1.0.14.
     add 84b0078  gnu: Add emacs-pretty-hydra.
     add 90eb5dd  gnu: Add emacs-major-mode-hydra.
     add becfa42  scripts: lint: Display result of checkers on stdout.
     add 2200bb2  linux-initrd: Remove unnecessary timestamp reset phase.
     add ac435c1  store-database: Add test checking the directory mtime after 
     add e79ecff  transformations: Show '--help-transform' only where 
     add 4f156c2  lint: Add 'patch-headers' checker.
     add 8cf9a36  gnu: emacs-org-edit-latex: Update to 0.8.3.
     add 6a5e0cb  gnu: emacs-attrap: Update to 1.1.
     add 4df05a6  gnu: emacs-polymode: Update to 0.2.2.
     add 4445c64  gnu: emacs-polymode-org: Update to 0.2.2.
     add 22ab5f5  gnu: emacs-polymode-ansible: Update to 0.3.0.
     add 68feb83  gnu: emacs-polymode-ansible: Remove outdated comment.
     add bb21a5f  gnu: xfdesktop: Add Guix logo to the default background.
     add cf53ea7  nls: Update 'fr' translation of the manual.
     add c8535c2  gnu: openssl: Fix cross compiling for powerpc targets.
     add 908272c  gnu: Add emacs-undo-fu.
     add 24bb392  gnu: emacs-literate-calc-mode: Update to 0.1-1.a50e897
     add 3b2a262  gnu: escpr: Omit static library.
     add 0b57c1b  gnu: Rename escpr to epson-inkjet-printer-escpr.
     add 13180f6  services: cups: Add Splix by default.
     add 7b6750a  gnu: inspircd: Update to 3.8.1.
     add 1bf1399  gnu: inspircd: Remove unused input.
     add fb71e5a  gnu: inspircd: Make most inputs non-native.
     add c5fcdb5  gnu: inspircd: Support Argon2 hashes.
     add 4259c7c  gnu: hstr: Update to 2.3.
     add 1aac30a  gnu: libseccomp: Update to 2.5.1.
     add fe9d480  gnu: hidapi: Update to 0.10.0.
     add 234558f  gnu: bpftrace: Update to 0.11.4.
     add 157173b  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.11.21.1.
     add d829c34  gnu: dino: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add 5988d53  gnu: dino: Update synopsis and description.
     add 6d55b15  gnu: dino: Re-arrange inputs in alphabetical order.
     add eeee650  gnu: dino: Add some inputs.
     add 464b1ff  lint: Add 'check-haskell-stackage' checker.
     add b1dfc64  linux-initrd: Handle 'block-special and 'char-special cpio 
headers as well.
     add 8e7c989  linux-initrd: Add special-file->cpio-header*.
     add d82f227  gnu: Add heads-dev-cpio.
     add bdd5fea  gnu: emacs-ebdb: Update to 0.6.21.
     add 42c8c30  gnu: Add djvu2pdf.
     add e75d121  gnu: djvulibre: Add JPEG and TIFF support.
     add b7c392a  gnu: Add minidjvu.
     add 6aa8f21  gnu: acpi-call-linux-module: Update to 1.2.1.
     add 6f78fe3  gnu: acpi-call-linux-module: Remove reference to bash.
     add 2a7e112  guix: store: Add ensure-path.
     add edfa066  scripts: publish: Export procedures.
     add 2a17365  gnu: guile-simple-zmq: Update to 0.0.0-4.29a20af.
     add c3cf0a1  gnu: Add rust-rust-base58-0.0.
     add e94e86c  gnu: Add rust-base58-0.1.
     add 4bf4fb8  gnu: Add rust-bs58-0.2.
     add e7c83de  gnu: Add rust-cryptovec-0.4.
     add f6417cd  gnu: Add rust-getch-0.2.
     add 37a6651  gnu: Add rust-diffs-0.3.
     add d3466b9  gnu: Add rust-sanakirja-0.10.
     add 7b5be01  gnu: Add rust-buffered-reader-0.9.
     add 529298b  gnu: rust-nettle-sys-2: Do not skip build.
     add 1c57384  gnu: Add rust-nettle-5.
     add c03e8cd  gnu: Add rust-rpassword-3.
     add 8c1ad1c  gnu: Add rust-sequoia-rfc2822-0.9.
     add 746feea  gnu: Add rust-sequoia-openpgp-0.9.
     add 27d81c4  gnu: Add rust-libpijul-0.12.
     add 200df76  gnu: Add rust-line-0.1.
     add 531f0f9  gnu: Add rust-pathdiff-0.1.
     add 723a981  gnu: Add rust-progrs-0.1.
     add ef7792f  gnu: Add rust-rpassword-2.
     add 60a2136  gnu: Add rust-ring-0.14.
     add 20c579b  gnu: Add rust-cookie-0.12.
     add 5d256f2  gnu: Add rust-cookie-store-0.7.
     add f7a77d3  gnu: Add rust-hyper-old-types-0.11.
     add 2e8135c  gnu: rust-ws232-sys-0.2: Adjust inputs.
     add c9618d4  gnu: Add rust-socks-0.3.
     add 82db471  gnu: Add rust-enum-as-inner-0.2.
     add 2d174ee  gnu: Add rust-sct-0.5.
     add c69c026  gnu: Add rust-webpki-0.19.
     add 695b1f1  gnu: Add rust-webpki-roots-0.16.
     add 1d2202b  gnu: Add rust-rustls-0.15.
     add f009f6d  gnu: Add rust-tokio-rustls-0.9.
     add f9dabca  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-proto-0.7.
     add ca1ad1a  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-rustls-0.6.
     add eec14aa  gnu: Add rust-tracing-log-0.1.
     add da4bb91  gnu: Add rust-matchers-0.0.
     add c5590e1  gnu: rust-tracing-log-0.1: Update to 0.1.1.
     add 3b5b7b4  gnu: Add rust-tracing-subscriber-0.1.
     add e9558c6  gnu: Add rust-tracing-fmt-0.1.
     add f1c3c08  gnu: Add rust-tokio-net-0.2.
     add 863c66e  gnu: Add rust-shell-escape-0.1.
     add 93b14be  gnu: Add rust-thrussh-libsodium-0.1.
     add 3dbf3a7  build-system/cargo: Set openssl environment variable when 
     add 73dbcc4  build-system/cargo: Set libclang environment variable when 
     add 4c93127  gnu: rust-slog-2.4: Remove variable.
     add 8aae54f  gnu: rust-slog-2.5: Rename to rust-slog-2.
     add 1ca0c34  build-system/cargo: Set gettext environment variable when 
     add 79caf46  gnu: exa: Add missing arguments keyword.
     add 3aa6056  gnu: python-marshmallow: Update to 3.9.1.
     add dd8e441  gnu: Add python-transient.
     add 43e9217  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.9.10.
     add 6d35c84  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.79.
     add 26d7200  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: :Update to 4.19.159.
     add bdf3589  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.208.
     add 0f9b2d2  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.245.
     add 12ed211  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.245.
     add 0ada181  gnu: ocaml-cairo2: Patch test phase.
     add aeeb246  gnu: duplicity: Update to 0.8.17.
     add 6fc2b68  gnu: facter: Update to 4.0.46.
     add 66ddd96  gnu: python-pandocfilters: Update to 1.4.3.
     add c22ef8d  gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.30.3.
     add 079bdcd  gnu: ipset: Use HTTPS home page.
     add 096a693  gnu: ipset: Update to 7.9.
     add 83371cc  gnu: hdparm: Update to 9.60.
     add 518b21e  gnu: lsof: Update to 4.94.0.
     add 70303d0  gnu: lsof: Respect #:tests?.
     add 2bf5021  gnu: lsof: Make test failures fatal.
     add f942c09  gnu: lsof: Cross-compile.
     add 8307b8f  etc: snippets: Fix package name extraction.
     add add4749  etc: snippets: Prefill Common Lisp package names.
     add 72fbbca  gnu: Add python-djvulibre.
     add f14c6af  gnu: Add djvusmooth.
     add d9e57db  store: Fix ensure-path docstring.
     add 77b7d99  gnu: grub: Fix cross-compiling for other architectures.
     add 79f3e26  gnu: python-pydot: Update to 1.4.1.
     add b1aac58  gnu: python-pydot: Run tests.
     add f8be147  gnu: python-pydot: Update home-page URI.
     add f00165a  gnu: Add python-bagit.
     add 5a5f16e  gnu: Add python-prov.
     add 01b6864  gnu: Add python-cachecontrol-0.11.
     add 7face25  gnu: Add python-schema-salad.
     add 5c3d818  gnu: Add python-arcp.
     add a781595  gnu: Add python-shellescape.
     add 964bc9e  gnu: Add cwltool.
     add b4b1538  gnu: Deprecate guile3.0-chickadee.
     add 4411029  gnu: guile-chickadee: Update to 0.6.0.
     add ddfaae3  gnu: Add emacs-orderless.
     add 2d3c932  gnu: parallel: Update to 20201122.
     add ba902a1  gnu: eigen: Add upstream bugfix patch.
     add b27b0e1  gnu: Add emacs-embark.
     add c758433  gnu: Add emacs-undo-fu-session.
     add be4d952  gnu: guile-chickadee: Use Guile 3.0.
     add 9314d82  gnu: mtpaint: Update to 3.49.33.
     add 8cc6cd3  gnu: djview: Update to 4.12.
     add cf341c3  gnu: libraqm: Update to 0.7.1.
     add c569aae  gnu: snd: Update to 20.9.
     add 41c3f10  gnu: gpodder: Update to 3.10.17.
     add d3e6f41  gnu: mujs: Fetch sources from git.
     add f289d92  gnu: mujs: Update to 1.0.9.
     add 4a74499  gnu: mujs: Cross-compile.
     add 94147d6  gnu: mujs: Omit static library.
     add 5b39041  transformations: Show '--help-transform' only where 
     add 09f1c66  gnu: xfdesktop: Add Guix logo to the default background.
     add 2acac53  nls: Update 'fr' translation of the manual.
     add a099685  Update NEWS.
     add bd96e6d  gnu: guix: Update to 1.2.0.
     add 98c9b94  gnu: guix: Update to bd96e6d.
     add 5859170  Merge branch 'version-1.2.0'
     add 689d884  gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 87.0.4280.66-0.1f7cdef.
     add ceadb47  gnu: emacs-frame-local: Fix typo.
     add c3364c1  gnu: bsd-games: Fix spelling.
     add 2faef3c  gnu: ghc-text-short: Fix spelling.
     add 9841241  doc: Fix a typo in WebSSH configuration documentation.
     add 3f8113b  gnu: python-isbnlib: Update to 3.10.4.
     add ccfafeb  gnu: python-mamba: Update to 0.11.2.
     add 5458648  gnu: cmake: Update to 3.19.0.
     add e7e73f7  gnu: imp: Migrate to Python 3.
     add 4efbf56  gnu: tadbit: Update to 1.0.1.
     add 83324d3  gnu: emacs-webfeeder: Update to 1.1.1.
     add 9147833  gnu: Add emacs-gn-mode.
     add c68a18d  gnu: Add emacs-dart-mode.
     add 98f5548  gnu: flameshot: Update to 0.8.5.
     add 097b725  gnu: grub-minimal: Fix cross-compilation.
     add 2c1023b  gnu: poppler-data: Update to 0.4.10.
     add b629bfa  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.11.24.
     add c4d35da  gnu: earlyoom: Update to 1.6.2.
     add 2ddec68  gnu: python-databricks-cli: Update to 0.14.1.
     add c89474f  gnu: axel: Update to 2.17.10.
     add 089f9be  gnu: mupdf: Remove more bundled software.
     add c5427f0  gnu: mupdf: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 6c1c5fe  gnu: mupdf: Prepare for cross-compilation.
     add 8e93fe9  gnu: chirp: Update to 20201121.
     add 90695b6  gnu: s6-linux-init: Update to
     add eddf3db  gnu: s6-linux-init: Omit static library.
     add 314f464  gnu: emacs-ivy-posframe: Update to 0.5.3.
     add be1e6b8  gnu: emacs-ascii-art-to-unicode: Update to 1.13.
     add 8f0f29f  gnu: mblaze: Update to 1.0.
     add 993af4a  gnu: Add xtitle.
     add 77a98bc  gnu: Add python-commonmark.
     add 9e7382f  gnu: Add python-baycomp.
     add 08a6d82  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.13.
     add 17210f5  gnu: zathura-pdf-mupdf: Update to 0.3.6.
     add 43ac6f5  gnu: mupdf: Build verbosely.
     add 8b6ce47  gnu: mupdf: Use only dynamic linking.
     add 7e15b2d  gnu: rofi: Update to 1.6.1.
     add b67bff2  gnu: Add pcb2gcode.
     add 1f9bf4e  gnu: racket-minimal: Update upstream tarball hash.
     add 586f1a3  gnu: re2c: Update to 2.0.3.
     add 7fa1bce  gnu: Update a copyright line.
     add 0047f46  gnu: notmuch: Update to 0.31.2.
     add cf492cd  gnu: sysstat: Update to 12.4.1.
     add 66283b8  gnu: asymptote: Update to 2.68.
     add 9f2f60d  gnu: libde265: Update to 1.0.8.
     add d407dd8  gnu: postgis: Update to 3.0.3.
     add d82766e  gnu: Add dpkg.
     add 13978f0  gnu: Add reprepro.
     add f173dbe  gnu: Remove gnupg-2.
     add 1b52adf  gnu: collectd: Update to 5.12.0.
     add 2cbff24  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.14.
     add f21cab6  gnu: esbuild: Update home-page.
     add b618c15  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.9.11.
     add 4792b08  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.80.
     add 4fea966  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.160.
     add f87d473  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.209.
     add 21d6710  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.246.
     add e2f19b4  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.246.
     add 974b94a  gnu: Add eager-future2.
     add 5ff25d1  gnu: Add calispel.
     add 402f110  etc: snippets: Fix "gnu: Add ..." name when prefilling Common 
Lisp commits messages.
     add fc2fa7a  ci: Limit image and system tests jobs periodicity.
     add 3a089dd  gnu: cuirass: Update to 0.0.1-54.e0f97e4.
     add c2cc5f0  weather: Fix '--substitute-urls'.
     add 6629aa2  gnu: vala: Update to 0.50.2.
     add 6ace1ec  gnu: gcompris-qt: Update to 1.0.
     add fe50813  gnu: gcompris-qt: Update license.
     add 7d06279  gnu: Add ghc-bencode.
     add 283b1be  gnu: Add ghc-torrent.
     add e287980  gnu: ghc-filepath-bytestring: Update to
     add 7f1d093  gnu: git-annex: Update to 8.20201116.
     add 933ddba  gnu: gst-plugins-bad: Enable webrtc module.
     add a90cf89  gnu: protobuf: Update to 3.14.0.
     add 02312f7  gnu: eternalterminal: Update to 6.0.13.
     add 435739f  gnu: et: Work around recursive module imports.
     add e16fbdd  gnu: et: Deprecate package.
     add d590178  gnu: cuirass: Update to 0.0.1-55.fd432b8.
     add ef1bc77  gnu: re2: Update to 2020-11-01.
     add f854908  gnu: grpc: Update to 1.33.2.
     add e9f5dfc  gnu: Mutt: Update to 2.0.2 [fixes CVE-2020-28896].
     add 170dc21  gnu: ceph: Update to 14.2.15.
     add 5a3d6ad  gnu: uget: Update to 2.2.1.
     add 980028d  gnu: font-gnu-unifont: Update to 13.0.04.
     add ef8222a  gnu: font-gnu-unifont: Always download source over HTTPS.
     add caf5267  gnu: bind: Update to 9.16.9.
     add b6404ff  gnu: dav1d: Update to 0.8.0.
     add cbcd520  gnu: Add qpdfview.
     add d64e026  etc: Add more SELinux permissions for the daemon.
     add 4b4fa89  gnu: mercury-minimal: Update to 20.06.1.
     add 8b928a3  gnu: mercury: Update to 20.06.1.
     add fc14661  gnu: volk: Fetch from git repository.
     add 4c76af0  gnu: libaudec: Update to 0.2.4.
     add 6a18f4c  gnu: volk: Update to 2.4.0.
     add 8da64e9  gnu: volk: Remove static library.
     add 09306c7  gnu: lmdb: Update to 0.9.27.
     add 264335a  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.11.26.
     add 21abfe1  gnu: perl-cairo: Update to 1.108.
     add d6d5a67  gnu: Add git-open.
     add 305eefc  gnu: hwloc: Add "doc" output.
     add 0a1da46  gnu: guile-bytestructures: Update to 1.0.9.
     add 788df2e  mapped-devices: Allow target to be list of strings.
     add a9a2fda  mapped-devices: Add 'lvm-device-mapping'.
     add c350a99  doc: Tweak LVM-related info.
     add ae90212  news: Add entry for LVM support.
     add 9b9c6f2  gnu: xf86-video-intel: Update to 2.99.917-17.ad5540f.
     add 402ebff  etc: Add more SELinux permissions for the daemon.
     add 8cd10a7  gnu: Add python-pynndescent.
     add 6a5da0d  gnu: Add python-opentsne.
     add 3387508  gnu: python-transient: Update to 0.11.
     add f36bee1  gnu: dav1d: Add a source file name.
     add 6a062ca  gnu: oil: Update to 0.8.5.
     add 2853dad  gnu: OpenSC: Update to 0.21.0 [fixes 
     add 4e3b623  gnu: ghc-tabular: Downgrade to
     add df0e411  gnu: ghc-doctest: Downgrade to 0.16.2.
     add f1e73a5  gnu: Add ghc-easytest.
     add 1112b91  gnu: ghc-hledger-lib: Downgrade to 0.14.1.
     add 1b12261  gnu: hledger: Downgrade to 1.14.2.
     add d482954  gnu: ghc-cassava-megaparsec: Downgrade to 2.0.1.
     add ffe6b73  gnu: Remove python-ujson-1.
     add c9c608b  gnu: Remove python2-ujson-1.
     add 09182ee  gnu: Add python-versioneer.
     add 6fbf5f4  gnu: python-ujson: Update to 4.0.1.
     add 5bec650  gnu: python-jsonrpc-server: Update to 0.4.0.
     add 723badf  gnu: python-language-server: Update to 0.36.1.
     add 81fbe03  gnu: openssh: Fix ssh-copy-id.
     add 13e55e6  gnu: igraph: Update to 0.8.4.
     add 4491c62  gnu: igraph: Omit static library.
     add b87051b  gnu: lean: Update to 3.23.0.
     add 1df6f0f  gnu: lean: Trim synopsis.
     add ee6a3c0  gnu: pyzo: Update to 4.11.2.
     add 884714c  gnu: qtox: Update to 1.17.3.
     add 824a9f1  gnu: php: Update to 7.4.13.
     add 446ec88  gnu: djvusmooth: Fix path to djvused.
     add 3a0cb77  gnu: emacs-closql: Update to 1.0.4.
     add 1485736  news: Add ‘de’ translation.
     add b3ece8d  gnu: fet: Update to 5.47.1.
     add d848b6c  gnu: Add python-xlsxwriter.
     add d94428b  gnu: Add audacious.
     add 62d2a87  gnu: open-adventure: Update to 1.9.
     add 2c11cf1  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.15.
     add 5472fb2  gnu: guix: Update to 1.2.0-2.2c11cf1.
     add 36f957d  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-6.16f5ee0.
     add 0dca2e6  gnu: udunits: Add a note on versioning.
     add 2aa8e84  gnu: djvulibre: Update to 3.5.28.
     add f404fc1  gnu: djvulibre: Remove bundled software.
     add 363aa80  gnu: imapfilter: Fix input nativity.
     add 6b23d48  gnu: imapfilter: Update to 2.7.4.
     add 1558669  gnu: imapfilter: Cross-compile.
     add 42aaa35  gnu: monero: Update to
     add 39aa75b  gnu: cozy: Update to 0.7.6.
     add 4f78d8e  gnu: hidapi: Update to 0.10.1.
     add 7aaa6bb  gnu: rtl8812au-aircrack-ng-linux-module: Update to
     add 47f95d3  gnu: python-brotli: Update to 1.0.9.
     add 00a8582  gnu: python-aiohttp: Update to 3.7.3.
     add ed4a3f4  gnu: monero-gui: Update to
     add c2691b2  gnu: electron-cash: Update to 4.2.2.
     add 9e586b1  gnu: libass: Update to 0.15.0. [fixes CVE-2020-26682]
     add 79d7f35  gnu: libass: Remove unused input.
     add 845ba68  gnu: libass: Omit the static library.
     add ab17fb6  gnu: neomutt: Update to 20201120.
     add 40e96a4  gnu: cmake: Update to 3.19.1.
     add f5c8985  gnu: bcg729: Fetch from git repository.
     add 2674e1b  gnu: bcg729: Update to 1.1.1.
     add 3c881fa  doc: Fix typo.
     add 5842239  deploy: Let key-and-args exceptions through.
     add 2a1eda5  gnu: Add emacs-next-pgtk.
     add 4a914de  gnu: gcc-boot0, cross-base: Enable 128-bit long double for 
     add 24ac1f9  gnu: Remove python2-flasgger.
     add f86990b  gnu: Remove python2-apispec.
     add d23ceb6  gnu: Remove python2-marshmallow.
     add 1a6173f  gnu: python-apispec: Update to 4.0.0.
     add 125b2d8  gnu: python-apispec: Update description.
     add 090ccec  gnu: Add slimevolley.
     add d21c360  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-7.99f6a0f.
     add 213be7c  gnu: Add elementary-xfce-icon-theme.
     add f43e746  gnu: Add greybird-gtk-theme.
     add 1807632  etc: Add more SELinux permissions for the daemon.
     add 3bbe280  gnu: alacritty: Embed absolute references to required 
     add 8ea2d7c  gnu: fet: Update to 5.48.0.
     add 16c7472  channels: Expose the default channel in %default-channel.
     add bb15471  doc: Remove lzlib from the requirements.
     add b229803  doc: Update mcron example.
     add 1d63445  gnu: Transmission: Fix localization of transmission-gtk.
     add 2950161  gnu: Add emacs-slime-volleyball.
     add 1a3233f  gnu: yamagi-quake2: Update to 7.45.
     add 466a9de  gnu: Add python-flask-markdown.
     add 9e26696  gnu: Add python-flask-session.
     add fa61610  gnu: wine: Update to 5.21.
     add 80c65f3  gnu: wine64: Copy wine32 libraries.
     add e2b4450  gnu: wine: Improve formatting of some package definitions.
     add c76d020  gnu: Add gnash.
     add 0ae0efd  gnu: nudoku: Update to 2.1.0.
     add a30627d  gnu: calibre: Fix QTWEBENGINEPROCESS_PATH wrapping.
     add f4d139d  gnu: qutebrowser: Fix QTWEBENGINEPROCESS_PATH wrapping.
     add 89b704a  services: MySQL: Deprecate 'mysql-service'.
     add 27d7cdb  services: MySQL: Bind to localhost only by default.
     add 927bf98  services: MySQL: Make the socket configurable.
     add e20388a  services: MySQL: Upgrade database schemas automatically.
     add 97c4fd2  services: MySQL: Add more tests.
     add 1bad456  gnu: guile-jsonld: Update to 1.0.2.
     add 4c9438c  gnu: emacspeak: Update to 53.0.
     add ef05520  gnu: gegl: Extend test time-outs.
     add c5c6945  gnu: pugixml: Update to 1.11.
     add eaf4875  gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.1488.
     add c282a8f  gnu: texmacs: Update to 1.99.16.
     add 928825d  gnu: nix: Update to 2.3.9.
     add 4d73e4b  gnu: emacs-elpy: Update to 1.35.0.
     add fe5c905  doc: Fix typo.
     add a13f45c  build-system: asdf: Switch from bundles to regular 
     add 2ff8b5b  gnu: Adapt Lisp packages to changes in asdf-build-system.
     add 4136736  gnu: cl-asdf: Update to 3.3.4.
     add 466bf55  gnu: sbcl-moptilities: Fix tests.
     add e44dd9a  gnu: sbcl-osicat: Fix build.
     add f596b47  gnu: sbcl-cl-rdkafka: Fix build.
     add cb92693  gnu: sbcl-portable-threads: Update to 2.3-2.aa26bf3.
     add 3b39207  gnu: cl-uffi: Fix build.
     add 135bc7e  gnu: sbcl-clsql: Activate postgresql support.
     add 3d8c8d1  gnu: Add cl-ppcre-unicode.
     add 3136fda  gnu: sbcl-trivial-backtrace: Fix deletion of test results.
     add e79e9a3  gnu: sbcl-trivial-mimes: Remove unnecessary phase.
     add c83618e  gnu: sbcl-cxml: Remove unnecessary phase.
     add d9bdde7  gnu: Add some missing CL source packages.
     add e7cbcf5  gnu: Add some missing ECL packages.
     add 952fafb  build-system: asdf: Read all .asd files if no #:asd-files 
     add 3f8bbf7  gnu: Remove unneeded asd-files arguments in Lisp package 
     add e765d9c  gnu: Remove unneeded asd-systems arguments from Lisp package 
     add 12df8b7  gnu: Add some missing ECL packages.
     add e0d9103  build-system: asdf: Improve install phase for CL source 
     add bdd3b1b  gnu: Add some missing ECL packages.
     add e4c03dd  gnu: sbcl-gtype: Update to 0.1-2.2442e32.
     add e95a631  gnu: sbcl-specialized-function: Update to 0.0.0-2.dee56d2.
     add 4287ee6  gnu: sbcl-numcl: Update to 0.1.0-2.3e8d40b.
     add e1dda5d  gnu: Add some missing ECL packages.
     add 851abcf  gnu: ecl-mgl-pax: Fix build.
     add 3f3c1d6  gnu: ecl-numcl: Enable test phase.
     add 0057027  gnu: nyxt: Use precompiled dependencies.
     add 8bfda3d  gnu: dconf: Enable tests.
     add 4f94a4e  gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Remove obsolete input.
     add fe9f2d1  gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Enable tests.
     add 425fd7e  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add ef2a387  gnu: GDB: Inline cross-compilation fix.
     add a62df7c  gnu: GDB: Remove version 9.1.
     add b6e068d  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add ac069ed  gnu: libevdev: Remove obsolete workaround.
     add b611597  gnu: valgrind: Don't depend on GDB.
     add a3997b8  gnu: Rust: Use 'gdb-minimal' for tests.
     add c007d86  gnu: gdb@8.2: Inherit from 'gdb-minimal'.
     add 25ceae9  gnu: valgrind: Update to 3.16.1.
     add 6c9dca5  gnu: jamvm-1-bootstrap: Add aarch64-linux support.
     add 2995be7  gnu: jamvm: Add aarch64-linux support.
     add 793a3ca  gnu: python-cython: Update to 0.29.20.
     add dfa99fc  gnu: libyaml: Update to 0.2.5.
     add 2a659af  gnu: libyaml: Do not build static libraries.
     add 6a3ae2e  gnu: libcyaml: Update to 1.1.0.
     add 5e6d583  gnu: gdb@8.2: Inherit from the 'full' gdb.
     add 6ba3980  gnu: Rust: Use gdb@8.
     add 8a6898b  gnu: wget: Cross-build fix.
     add ee39237  gnu: r-rcpp: Update to 1.0.5.
     add 695c8fc  gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.21.
     add 906eaf8  gnu: python-pygments: Update to 2.6.1.
     add 97849d6  gnu: python-urllib3: Remove unused input.
     add f2c3702  gnu: python-idna: Update to 2.10.
     add 07c1ccb  gnu: python-asn1crypto: Update to 1.3.0.
     add 7dee475  build/cargo-utils: Use all allocated threads to generate 
     add 9ba804a  gnu: python-pysocks: Update to 1.7.1.
     add 327c1d3  gnu: python2-pytest: Update to 4.6.11.
     add 337333c  gnu: patchelf: Update to 0.11.
     add cbe96f1  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 7f9d8a6  gnu: xorg-server-for-tests: Update to 1.20.8.
     add c23737d  gnu: qtbase: Incorporate bugfix variants.
     add f25657c  gnu: pcsc-lite: Update to 1.9.0.
     add f045024  gnu: python-cython: Update to 0.29.21.
     add 8b3c0df  gnu: nspr: Update to 4.27.
     add 4c19be1  gnu: NSS: Update to 3.55 [security fixes].
     add 6a4c48a  gnu: python-cryptography: Update to 3.0.
     add ed2f0ca  gnu: ImageMagick: Update to 6.9.11-24.
     add 1e99f1b  gnu: libnsl: Update to 1.3.0.
     add 1465949  gnu: GTK+: Update to 3.24.21.
     add def9a2c  gnu: pciutils: Update to 3.7.0.
     add e21e294  gnu: python-mako: Update to 1.1.3.
     add dd31108  gnu: python-requests: Update to 2.24.0.
     add 7c2ca68  gnu: libinput: Update to 1.15.6.
     add 05cf718  gnu: vulkan-tools: Update to 1.2.148.
     add c722835  gnu: wayland-protocols: Update to 1.20.
     add ca6ad3f  gnu: wayland: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 574a5ea  gnu: libpsl: Update to 0.21.1.
     add 47d723f  gnu: libvorbis: Update to 1.3.7.
     add 84f3d74  gnu: libevdev: Update to 1.9.1.
     add 21d25ad  gnu: xkeyboard-config: Update to 2.30.
     add 9c71b34  gnu: libvdpau: Update to 1.4.
     add ca57048  gnu: libdrm: Update to 2.4.102.
     add 5060b49  gnu: libva: Update to 2.8.0.
     add 7033bd0  gnu: mesa: Update to 20.1.4.
     add 7f8ed24  gnu: python-coverage: Update to 5.2.1.
     add 5f95df0  gnu: linux-pam: Update to 1.4.0.
     add e1409c7  gnu: check: Update to 0.15.1.
     add 45f7dc3  gnu: Remove python2-sphinx.
     add c866b09  gnu: Sphinx: Update to 3.1.2.
     add e605d3b  gnu: popt: Update to 1.18.
     add 2960d31  gnu: libical: Disable parallel build.
     add 62df18d  gnu: dconf: Update to 0.36.0.
     add 8780b0e  gnu: alsa-lib: Update to
     add f7b8c55  gnu: alsa-utils: Update to 1.2.3.
     add 91fadb7  gnu: dconf: Increase test timeout.
     add 25cdd9f  gnu: rust: Update to 1.45.
     add bbee449  gnu: git: Update to 2.28.0.
     add 810f4cc  gnu: rust-1.28: Remove disable-cargo-test-for-nightly-channel 
     add db56048  gnu: rust-1.38: Build with llvm-9.
     add b9c30fe  gnu: rust-1.26: Build with newer openssl.
     add 710fc4c  gnu: imlib2: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 0868339  gnu: imlib2: Don't build static library.
     add ab6fe9d  gnu: qtbase: Provide debug symbols.
     add de3c03a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging
     add 17e8816  gnu: libical: Use local docbook-xml package.
     add 7e463dd  gnu: fcitx: Update to
     add 2374443  Merge branch 'staging' into wip-lisp
     add 1828958  Merge branch 'wip-lisp' into staging
     add de96ed1  doc: Update documentation for asdf-build-system.
     add 87c079d  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add b6c55a7  gnu: ecl-slynk: Fix package definition.
     add 2b6ecdf  gnu: lz4: Cross-compile.
     add f717562  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 525ebb8  gnu: MariaDB: Update to 10.5.6.
     add b2bb04b  gnu: MariaDB: Skip replication tests.
     add b7c0b0a  gnu: mesa: Update to 20.1.9.
     add 1a74a8c  gnu: NSPR: Update to 4.29.
     add b6fc205  gnu: nss, nss-certs: Update to 3.57.
     add da2e37c  gnu: tzdata: Update to 2020b.
     add 3bb9ba1  gnu: check: Update to 0.15.2.
     add 4712fdd  gnu: unixodbc: Update to 2.3.9.
     add 9173a77  gnu: libinput: Update to 1.16.2.
     add 81f685d  gnu: elogind: Update to 243.7.
     add dc7500a  gnu: GTK+: Update to 3.24.3.
     add 2565b90  gnu: ImageMagick: Update to 6.9.11-34.
     add 0f45fd9  gnu: python-cryptography: Update to 3.1.1.
     add f09262e  gnu: libva: Update to 2.9.0.
     add aff80b3  gnu: libxkbcommon: Update to 1.0.1.
     add f195914  gnu: xkeyboard-config: Update to 2.31.
     add 8008ef2  gnu: xorg-server: Remove graft for 1.20.9.
     add 0caf236  gnu: libcyaml: Fix build with libyaml 0.2.5.
     add bb7c3d5  gnu: gstreamer: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 9e1f5a2  gnu: libcap: Make 'libcap/next' the default libcap.
     add 5e5b664  gnu: libcap: Update to 2.44.
     add 171c1f5  gnu: libsndfile: Remove graft for 1.0.30.
     add 997abda  gnu: Remove redundant MariaDB inputs.
     add 069ddd9  gnu: BlueZ: Update to 5.55.
     add 0084871  gnu: ant/java8: Update to 1.10.8.
     add 2039cf3  gnu: ant: Update to 1.9.15.
     add fafd543  gnu: Add java-asm-8.
     add d9d4262  gnu: Add java-asm-tree-8.
     add d7f7c75  gnu: Add java-asm-analysis-8.
     add f37de56  gnu: Add java-asm-util-8.
     add 57f6a91  gnu: Add java-antlr4-runtime-4.1.
     add 77ae414  gnu: Add antlr4-4.1.
     add 7d26b01  gnu: Add java-tunnelvisionlabs-antlr4-runtime-annotations.
     add ac292a1  gnu: Add java-tunnelvisionlabs-antlr4-runtime.
     add 7896630  gnu: Add java-tunnelvisionlabs-antlr4.
     add 491ed32  gnu: Add java-javaparser.
     add 417cf54  gnu: groovy: Update to 3.0.5.
     add 05bafc5  gnu: libcyaml: Fix patch name.
     add 19d42e0  build-system/haskell: Disable parallel builds.
     add 1a8f7a0  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add cf69b71  gnu: python-asn1crypto: Update to 1.4.0.
     add 353bdae  gnu: python-asn1crypto: Fix indentation.
     add 31ccd55  gnu: icedtea-6: Build in parallel using correct number of 
     add dc3c275  gnu: icedtea-6: Remove obsolete, architecture-dependent patch.
     add 2fab54f  gnu: icedtea-6: Fix build on aarch64-linux.
     add e3b91b7  gnu: icedtea-7: Build in parallel using correct number of 
     add 672ac09  gnu: icedtea-7: Fix build on aarch64-linux.
     add cf87992  gnu: icedtea-8: Build in parallel using correct number of 
     add 0569a83  gnu: icedtea-8: Fix build on aarch64-linux.
     add 2e8a9db  gnu: lz4: Add a :static output.
     add fce5ce7  gnu: tzdata: Keep using the "fat" tzdata file format.
     add 052939c  gnu: tzdata: Update to 2020d.
     add 32787d6  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 9bf2ddf  gnu: python-sphinx: Update to 3.2.1.
     add dd7cdd3  gnu: python-breathe: Update to 4.22.1.
     add ab05213  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/staging-next' into 
     add 9b4a497  gnu: gdb@9.2: Restore 'gdb-hurd.patch'.
     add 98a15c7  gnu: nyxt: Remove unused lparallel input.
     add 1564d1f  gnu: totem: Fix test failure with GStreamer 1.18.
     add 486512d  gnu: iso-codes: Update to 4.5.0.
     add 3dee229  gnu: GStreamer: Update to 1.18.1.
     add a9a0d34  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 4688dc9  gnu: transcode: Build with a newer ImageMagick.
     add 6996791  gnu: gst-plugins-good: Fix test failure on 32-bit systems.
     add 2c400ae  gnu: gst-plugins-bad: Disable flaky test.
     add 4e5e05d  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add c4227f7  gnu: lz4: Update to 1.9.3.
     add 82e61ce  gnu: libassuan: Update to 2.5.4.
     add b055c59  gnu: libksba: Update to 1.4.0.
     add 38f4c54  gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.24.
     add 35ed83b  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add f5fb52f  gnu: wlroots: Update to 0.12.0.
     add 7fc378a  gnu: sway: Update to 1.5.1.
     add 53d8e2c  gnu: swayidle: Update to 1.6.
     add 75d31a4  gnu: swaylock: Update to 1.5.
     add 9ca38df  gnu: mako: Update to 1.4.1.
     add fddae39  gnu: wofi: Update to 1.2.3.
     add ae52ff1  gnu: brightnessctl: Update to 0.5.1.
     add 02b4b10  gnu: grim: Remove obsolete patch.
     add 8dc4291  gnu: slurp: Update to 1.3.1.
     add 007edfb  gnu: slurp: Add missing dependency.
     add be8a088  build-system/cargo: Do not pass --features to Cargo unless 
     add 84d1b50  gnu: python-certifi: Update to 2020.11.8.
     add a485a98  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 87a0272  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add c3245a7  gnu: libksba: Update to 1.5.0.
     add c73a7f7  gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.25.
     add bff94a5  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 24c86ad  Merge branch 'master' into staging
     add 93ae39d  gnu: Further increase common gstreamer test time-outs.
     add 081d8a3  gnu: gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly: Add missing common 
     add e827f40  gnu: exa: Disable a failing test.
     add 4dadb49  Merge branch 'staging'
     add 5e93118  doc: Fix another typo.
     add e07f056  gnu: gama: Update to 2.12.
     add 4bf33b0  gnu: mpv: Update to 0.33.0.
     add d4c6ec6  gnu: nginx: Update to 1.19.5.
     add f816deb  gnu: nginx-documentation: Update to 1.19.5-2622-64bbb9163a14.
     add 60a10a1  gnu: quaternion: Add xdg-utils to inputs.
     add 4035278  gnu: loko: Update to 0.7.0
     add e4bd4dd  gnu: sbcl-slynk: Update to 20201125.
     add ae3c7e7  gnu: emacs-sly: Update to 20201125.
     add 92e43e5  gnu: guile-prometheus: Update to 0-2.12d3d9d.
     add 6135e55  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-8.ed3b2e5.
     add 2083ab1  gnu: Add python2-gamera.
     add e7fb2c6  gnu: Add didjvu.
     add 7c2e674  gnu: Add ocrodjvu.
     add 8518a36  services: zabbix-agent: Delete not mandatory hostname 
     add 375cc7d  Add Avahi support.
     add 276e494  publish: Add advertising support.
     add 79f9dee  Use substitute servers on the local network.
     add 7a34169  gnu: Add defpackage-plus.
     add 0fac1f2  gnu: Add deploy.
     add 8481141  gnu: Add deeds.
     add e3d5a20  gnu: Add make-hash.
     add 6e043df  gnu: Add claw-support.
     add 3682638  doc: Document zabbix-agent hostname change.
     add 44068c7  self: Fix guile-avahi lookup.
     add 7a584b0  news: Add entry for substitute servers discovery.
     add ad7749a  gnu: igt-gpu-tools: Update to 1.25.
     add 8ae5fde  gnu: igt-gpu-tools: Remove unused inputs.
     add 90b89ae  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.11.29.
     add 8fe3694  gnu: thermald: Update to 2.4.
     add 8ce52a2  gnu: hplip: Install PPDs into a separate output.
     add 7c5f064  gnu: Add bcachefs-tools-static.
     add 16611d1  gnu: Add bcachefs-static.
     add f89d97c  gnu: j4-dmenu-desktop: Update to 2.18.
     add 1663479  gnu: cwm: Update to 6.7.
     add fa50a8b  gnu: cwm: Prepare for cross-compilation.
     add e8d561a  gnu: gaupol: Update to 1.8.
     add f637483  gnu: vdpauinfo: Fetch from git repository.
     add c1d6814  gnu: vdpauinfo: Update to 1.4.
     add b588bb0  gnu: privoxy: Update to 3.0.29.
     add d9f05c7  gnu: guix: Fix cross-compilation.
     add 35a32fe  Make "guile-avahi" dependency optional.
     add 0216fc2  gnu: guix: Update to 1.2.0-3.35a32fe.
     add 818c91b  gnu: python-html5lib: Update to 1.1.
     add 1726dad  gnu: python-cairocffi: Fix indentation.
     add 4035c2e  gnu: python-cairocffi: Update to 1.2.0.
     add 596104f  gnu: Add python-iniconfig.
     add b57254d  gnu: Add python-py-next.
     add cbb03bd  gnu: python-typing-extensions: Update to
     add d4732de  gnu: Add python-pytest-6.
     add ed72e55  gnu: python-pytest-xdist: Update to 2.1.0.
     add ca5e4b4  gnu: python-mypy: Update to 0.790.
     add 5c79f95  gnu: python-cairosvg: Update to 2.5.0.
     add 93c4307  gnu: python-cssselect2: Update to 0.4.1.
     add e1f86df  gnu: python-flit: Update to 3.0.0.
     add fc72594  gnu: python-tinycss2: Update to 1.1.0.
     add e59a26c  gnu: python-pyphen: Update to 0.10.0.
     add c601e2b  gnu: weasyprint: Update to 52.1.
     add 3c50f08  gnu: Add cgoban.
     add 8c3caf9  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.16.
     add 28af475  gnu: grokmirror: Update to 2.0.5.
     add 30ba63b  gnu: b4: Update to 0.5.3.
     add 79613ec8 news: Add ‘de’ translation.
     add 70feedb  gnu: prixovy: Enable HTTPS inspection.
     add a5ec9f7  gnu: prixovy: Enable Brotli inspection.
     add c096071  gnu: vim: Update to 8.2.2067.
     add d5956a4  gnu: stgit: Update home page.
     add 808c198  gnu: stgit: Update to 0.23.
     add dac14ef  gnu: texmaker: Update to 5.0.4.
     add 36b6528  gnu: Add python-pytelegrambotapi.
     add d22d491  gnu: nudoku: Add source file-name field.
     add 53b2bad  gnu: nudoku: Update source URI.
     add e2faabf  gnu: Add emacs-polymode-markdown.
     add 6970d35  gnu: emacs-tramp: Update to
     add 5fb3be0  gnu: webssh: Update to 1.5.3.
     add 8ff1623  gnu: xclickroot: Update to 1.2.
     add bf82252  gnu: xmenu: Update to 4.4.1.
     add d8fd250  gnu: emacs-dired-rsync: Update to 0.5.
     add 2a72cb7  gnu: xnotify: Update to 0.7.3.
     add dc747cc  gnu: cava: Update to 0.7.3.
     add c039751  gnu: streamlink: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 084695f  gnu: emacs-dashboard: Update to 1.7.0.
     add a79041f  ci: Temporarily disable image-jobs.
     add ede2e1f  gnu: libtermkey: Prepare for cross-compilation.
     add 465a251  gnu: libtermkey: Update to 0.22.
     add 8daad37  gnu: altermime: Update to 0.3.11.
     add 9af59b0  gnu: unionfs-fuse: Update to 2.1.
     add 890d4ce  gnu: libphidget: Update to
     add c5f8334  gnu: libmwaw: Update to 0.3.17.
     add a8ffe16  gnu: mcelog: Update to 173.
     add d4fac4b  daemon: Remove pre-Guix hack.
     add e1c8120  processes: Put ChildProcess and ChildPID on separate lines.
     add 58be9e0  processes: Add '--format' and the "normalized" format.
     add e9ff73f  gnu: signing-party: Update to 2.11.
     add df6399e  gnu: rsibreak: Update to 0.12.13.
     add 4ac1396  gnu: perl-gd: Update to 2.73.
     add 958f6b5  gnu: gpxsee: Update to 7.37.
     add 70a17df  gnu: par2cmdline: Update to 0.8.1.
     add 3462678  doc: Document that source derivation builds can be checked.
     add 6e4f62a  gnu: Add gmni.
     add fcc9c5a  gnu: sbcl-alexandria: Update to 1.2.
     add a748984  gnu: cl-environments: Update to 20201110 and use SBCL build 
     add 85821dc  gnu: Add generic-cl.
     add 074236d  gnu: clisp: Enable ASDF module and parallel build, remove old 
     add 40bfe11  gnu: sbcl: Update to 2.0.11.
     add dfb85d1  gnu: stumpwm: Update to 20.11.
     add 680102a  gnu: Add sbcl-stumpwm-numpad-layouts.
     add fba3e9e  gnu: Add sbcl-stumpwm-cpu.
     add 52828db  gnu: Add sbcl-stumpwm-mem.
     add f6c827c  gnu: Add sbcl-stumpwm-winner-mode.
     add 275fcff  gnu: Add sbcl-stumpwm-screenshot.
     add 4c41dd9  gnu: Add python-pytaglib.
     add d6c4a43  gnu: nicotine: Update to 2.1.2.
     add 7405da9  gnu: suil: Update to 0.10.8.
     add dfea249  gnu: sratom: Update to 0.6.6.
     add d74c82b  gnu: drbd-utils: Update to 9.15.1.
     add ca0c30f  gnu: mtools: Update to 4.0.26.
     add 09191e3  gnu: photoflare: Update to 1.6.6.
     add 65c110e  gnu: Add ziptime.
     add 7391749  gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.4.
     add b9f8e36  gnu: libfprint: Update to 1.90.4.
     add 0d5578c  gnu: libreoffice: Build reproducibly.
     add 265e185  gnu: dfu-util: Update to 0.10.
     add 71b15b4  gnu: python-packaging: Update to 20.4.
     add e61cdf8  gnu: Add python-distlib/next.
     add ce6efff  gnu: python-virtualenv: Update to 20.2.1.
     add aaa1b80  gnu: python-pip: Update to 20.2.4.
     add e318c3a  gnu: python-tomlkit: Update to 0.7.0.
     add 9c8ac92  gnu: Add python-poetry-core.
     add b5ed51b  gnu: poetry: Update to 1.1.4.
     add d6e4086  gnu: Add
     add a94214f  gnu: Add fiano.
     add 4f318f7  gnu: Add fiano-utk.
     add ad01213  gnu: Add fiano-fmap.
     add 05be4e0  gnu: alot: Don't use unstable tarball.
     add d3c1b5f  gnu: pigx-scrnaseq: Update to 1.1.7.
     add 80fbad4  gnu: pigx-chipseq: Update to 0.0.51.
     add 4557572  gnu: emacs-xr: Update to 1.20.
     add 807e9dc  gnu: emacs-relint: Update to 1.19.
     add 56fc145  daemon: Remove unneeded forward declaration.
     add 07a33b1  services: profile: Create manifest at monadic-bind time.
     add 07303b2  gnu: git-annex: Update to 8.20201127.
     add 50b18b5  gnu: emacs-next-pgtk: Update to savannah feature/pgtk branch.
     add 98bf5ff  Revert "ci: Temporarily disable image-jobs."
     add 2c0b331  news: Fix typo.
     add dcb95c6  gnu: openocd: Fix build.
     add 8697161  upgrade: Allow several regexps.
     add dec194b  gnu: Add array-operations.
     add c3e459d  gnu: sbcl: Increase default maximum heap size.
     add 0809e4a  gnu: Add clml.
     add 718dd97  gnu: clisp: Remove unused patch.
     add 26e92b7  gnu: sbcl-specialized-function: Disable tests.
     add 81108a9  gnu: sbcl-simple-parallel-tasks: Update to 1.0-1.ce7b60f.
     add fd994fa  gnu: Add utm-ups.
     add 291328b  gnu: Add mgrs.
     add deed016  gnu: Add maidenhead.
     add ad884c3  gnu: Add olc.
     add 7a0f660  gnu: sbcl-ironclad: Update to 0.52.
     add 0ce02f6  gnu: sbcl-bst: Update to 2.0-0.8545aed.
     add ab15cf5  gnu: Add lisp-repl-core-dumper.
     add 8d8ecbf  gnu: claw-support: Fix typos in description.
     add d13fb04  gnu: Add regex.
     add 6ba21a2  gnu: Add clawk.
     add 8ee3e78  gnu: Add check-it.
     add f825720  gnu: Add clamp.
     add 91d5954  gnu: Add trivial-shell.
     add 65bf9f6  gnu: Add clesh.
     add 555677f  gnu: java-picard-1.113: Use ant/java8.
     add 5eede29  gnu: Add libyaml+static.
     add bb07123  gnu: ghc-libyaml: Use libyaml+static.
     add 4f298eb  gnu: Add trivial-download.
     add 52b81c3  gnu: Add gtwiwtg.
     add 0b1f571  gnu: Add documentation-utils-extensions.
     add 40693b6  gnu: Add cl-progress-bar.
     add e4c1818  gnu: Add repl-utilities.
     add fc92963  gnu: Add supertrace.
     add 1467ae6  gnu: Add trivial-benchmark.
     add c16628e  gnu: Add glyphs.
     add ace3af2  gnu: pandoc-citeproc: Separate outputs.
     add a051bf4  gnu: Add librttopo.
     add b202c70  gnu: libspatialite: Update to 5.0.0.
     add 410d555  gnu: Add slurm-18.08.
     add 7290477  gnu: inotify-tools: Update to
     add eb71ab4  gnu: inotify-tools: Omit static library.
     add 04d5fba  gnu: neomutt: Update to 20201127.
     add 74e6b3a  gnu: lighttpd: Update to 1.4.56.
     add 975ffa3  gnu: svt-av1: Update to 0.8.6.
     add 2368225  gnu: metamath: Update to 0.193.
     add 8b7159e  gnu: feh: Update to 3.6.
     add af1225a  gnu: weechat: Update to 3.0.
     add 2394b76  gnu: yelp-xsl: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add dee784f  gnu: yelp-xsl: Update to 3.36.0.
     add ba7a7d2  gnu: yelp-xsl: Enable documentation.
     add a7affce  gnu: yelp-xsl: Update description.
     add 695cdc8  gnu: yelp-xsl: Update license.
     add 416b1b9  gnu: yelp-tools: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add c3c92c4  gnu: yelp-tools: De-propagate some inputs.
     add c3264f9  gnu: gobject-introspection: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add 0382e6a  gnu: gobject-introspection: Update to 1.64.1.
     add c2c0244  gnu: gobject-introspection: Update synopsis, description, 
home-page and license.
     add 98f1951  gnu: pixman: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add f6a0005  gnu: pixman: Update to 0.40.0.
     add acc64de  gnu: pixman: Enable some features.
     add b96961c  gnu: openjpeg: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add 49d38b9  gnu: openjpeg: Enable tests.
     add 27866b7  gnu: openjpeg: Update synopsis and description.
     add 383c51c  services: databases: Do not export record type descriptors.
     add 3cf19b8  services: MySQL: Fix indentation.
     add f4450e8  gnu: xorg-server: Update to 1.20.10 [fixes CVE-2020-14360, 
     add 6af3045  Revert "gnu: openjpeg: Enable tests."
     add 12c3ff4  Revert "gnu: pixman: Enable some features."
     add 3187b15  Revert "gnu: pixman: Update to 0.40.0."
     add 5b580c0  Revert "gnu: gobject-introspection: Update to 1.64.1."
     add e183418  Revert "gnu: yelp-tools: De-propagate some inputs."
     add aa4e899  Revert "gnu: yelp-xsl: Enable documentation."
     add 0f78b5c  Revert "gnu: yelp-xsl: Update to 3.36.0."
     add 04b8367  Revert "gnu: python-packaging: Update to 20.4."
     add 9fe5bb7  gnu: lisp-repl-core-dumper: Update to 0.2.0.
     add 3c2cf75  gnu: Add catfish.
     add eeb3db0  gnu: nano: Update to 5.4.
     add a31ea85  gnu: qemu-minimal: Fix emulation build list.
     add 639f648  gnu: emacs-slime-volleyball: Update to 1.1.7.
     add c12601e  gnu: Add rust-rpassword-5.
     add b9cdaf6  gnu: Add rust-win-crypto-ng-0.2.
     add 2545fc4  gnu: Add rust-num-bigint-dig-0.6.
     add fc6bb13  gnu: Add rust-memsec-0.6.
     add e33eb2d  gnu: Add rust-ena-0.14:
     add 8e111ea  gnu: Add rust-lalrpop-util-0.19.
     add d3c91e9  gnu: Add rust-lalrpop-0.19.
     add 9e92105  gnu: Add rust-keccak-0.1.
     add 369c3fe  gnu: Add rust-merlin-2.
     add e6ab1ab  gnu: Add rust-signature-derive-1.
     add 1b9ffd7  gnu: Add rust-signature-1.
     add 09f0605  gnu: Add rust-ed25519-1.
     add c2b5fee  gnu: Add rust-curve25519-dalek-3.
     add 5979d01  gnu: Add rust-ed25519-dalek-1.
     add 325b4c8  gnu: Add rust-dyn-clone-1.
     add d81dee2  gnu: Add rust-bzip2-0.4.
     add 5e3e43c  gnu: Add rust-base64-0.13.
     add 472a74b  gnu: Add rust-hashlink-0.6.
     add 8076a18  gnu: Add rust-hashbrown-0.9.
     add e02822e  gnu: Add rust-libsqlite3-sys-0.20.
     add a1b9f68  gnu: rust-rusqlite: Update to 0.24.
     add 6f9edf4  gnu: sequoia: Update to 0.20.0.
     add b12bf26  gnu: rust-base64-0.13: Fix code typo.
     add 9a1b112  gnu: snap: Update to 6.3.7.
     add 23e2cd1  guix: self: Add guile-semver as a depenedency.
     add bea3b17  import: utils: 'recursive-import' accepts an optional version 
     add 269c1db  import: crate: Use guile-semver to resolve module versions.
     add d9feb23  import: crate: Memorize crate->guix-package.
     add 50fbb3f  import: crate: Parameterized importing of dev dependencies.
     add 9a48e35  import: utils: Trim patch version from names.
     add 4558406  import: crate: Trim version for names after left-most 
non-zero part.
     add 054e308  import: crate: Use existing package satisfying semver 
     add 266d570  gnu: icedove: Update to 78.5.1 [fixes CVE-2020-26970].
     add 3526028  gnu: Add monolith.
     add 71cb686  gnu: tdlib: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 003367b  gnu: emacs-telega: Update to 0.7.1.
     add 7f75686  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.9.12.
     add 59c5996  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.81.
     add 130b302  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.161.
     add ec21e07  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.210.
     add 494760e  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.247.
     add a5de731  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.247.
     add 6b7c483  gnu: google-brotli: Update to 1.0.9 (Fixes CVE-2020-8927).
     add d986544  gnu: libsoup: Patch docbook-xml references.
     add 58e1d0e  gnu: monolith: Make description more neutral.
     add 4c57883  gnu: Add rust-form-urlencoded-1.
     add 4c024bd  gnu: rust-url-2: Update to 2.2.0.
     add c050bef  gnu: rust-openssl-0.10: Update to 0.10.30.
     add 9cf531f  images: Add novena-image-type, novena-barebones-raw-image, 
     add 295aa49  images: novena: Replace agetty-service by term-auto.
     add 75b11d6  gnu: lisp-repl-core-dumper: Update to 0.3.0.
     add 2dff3ad  gnu: sbcl-cl-webkit: Update to 20201203.
     add 846e524  ci: Build novena-barebones-raw-image.
     add 1d03543  gnu: sbcl-cl-webkit: Update hash.
     add 720e87f  gnu: guile-semver: Switch to Guile 3.0.
     add fbb380a  self: Factorize package dependency enumeration.
     add 918a643  gnu: chicken: Add 'CHICKEN_REPOSITORY_PATH' search path spec.
     add 64f032d  build-system: Add chicken-build-system.
     add a0e2a3e  gnu: Use qualified license names in chicken.scm instead of 
selective import.
     add 7dd7bab  gnu: Add chicken-test.
     add f0f133d  gnu: Add chicken-srfi-1.
     add c84f0c4  gnu: Add chicken-srfi-69.
     add bb1b37d  gnu: Add chicken-iset.
     add 59fbfcf  gnu: Add chicken-datatype.
     add 5422c71  gnu: Add chicken-srfi-14.
     add eee037e  gnu: Added chicken-agrep.
     add b5a6edd  doc: Tweak wording of 'chicken-build-system' material.
     add 41fb3d5  nls: Update 'fr' translation of the manual.
     add 0d5d1bd  gnu: libmp3splt: Support splitting FLAC files.
     add 8bc5ca5  linux-container: Correct test for unprivileged user namespace 
     add 7776fc4  doc: Correct spelling of 'discover?' .
     add c5df560  gnu: GnuTLS: Update replacement to 3.6.15 [fixes 
     add 7177411  gnu: gnutls-dane: Inherit from newer GnuTLS.
     add 19f1307  gnu: uBlock Origin: Update to 1.31.2.
     add d18a437  gnu: poetry: Fix a problem with a dependency.
     add 1d4a266  doc: Give references and examples for services-to-restart.
     add f5ba25d  gnu: utox: Update to 0.18.0.
     add 4f7698b  gnu: utox: Update home-page and description.
     add 88c6edb  gnu: scintilla: Update to 4.4.6.
     add 4496e03  gnu: geany: Update to 1.37.1.
     add 00fb397  gnu: Add novena-eeprom.
     add 68fa8fb  gnu: libgit2: Update to 1.1.0
     add 6cf7b5e  gnu: python-pygit2: Update to 1.4.0.
     add 2e9b7a2  gnu: emacs-yasnippet-snippets: Resolve void function error.
     add a6805ad  gnu: mumi: Update to 0.0.1-3.6fd49e9.
     add a689c85  import/cran: Fix calls to CRAN->GUIX-PACKAGE.
     add 2bbe6b3  import/cran: Do not attempt to generate definitions for 
failed imports.
     add d378d0c  gnu: mumi: Update to 0.0.1-3.8c82c8f.
     add aa51460  gnu: Add rust-open-1.
     add 2973c74  gnu: rust-hex-0.4: Update to 0.4.2.
     add 83de7ee  image: Fix ISO image production.
     add 133414a  gnu: Add rust-linkify-0.4.
     add a67b824  tests: pack-relocatable: Ensure commands can run in the 
current namespace.
     add 069eec9  gnu: rust-thiserror-impl-1.0: Update to 1.0.22.
     add 393d124  gnu: rust-thiserror-1: Update to 1.0.22.
     add d31540b  gnu: Add rust-proc-macro-error-attr-1.
     add a67118e  gnu: Add rust-proc-macro-error-1.
     add a59aaad  gnu: Add rust-proc-macro-crate-0.1.
     add 79fd9f4  scripts: substitute: Fix discover option.
     add fafbb6d  gnu: Add rust-strum-macros-0.18.
     add 2875600  gnu: Add rust-strum-0.18.
     add 0146a62  gnu: rust-anyhow-1.0: Update to 1.0.34.
     add 9d012dd  gnu: rust-x11-2: Update to 2.18.2.
     add 0962bb5  gnu: rust-rustdoc-stripper-0.1: Update to 0.1.16.
     add e9eac58  gnu: Add rust-system-deps-1.
     add 58b5e1a  gnu: rust-syn-1: Update to 1.0.53.
     add 530000b  gnu: rust-gtk-rs-lgpl-docs-0: Update to 0.1.18.
     add 1fb21c4  gnu: rust-proc-macro-error-attr-1: Do not skip build.
     add 582a15e  gnu: rust-strum-macros-0.18: Do not skip build.
     add 3184c10  gnu: rust-strum-0.18: Do not skip build.
     add 2209965  gnu: rust-system-deps-1: Do not skip build.
     add abb0d83  gnu: rust-proc-macro-error-1: Do not skip build.
     add 8d7c413  gnu: rust-quote-1: Update to 1.0.7.
     add 576c47f  gnu: rust-proc-macro-crate-0.1: Do not skip build.
     add e3065ec  import: crate: Skip tests when Guile-Semver is missing.
     add 4435999  doc: Mention Guile-Semver dependency.
     add 988a49c  etc: snippets: Fix name extraction.
     add cae3e92  gnu: guix: Update to 1.2.0-4.4435999.
     add 39e8bc2  etc: snippets: Fix name extraction.
     add c235233  gnu: rust-form-urlencoded-1: Do not skip build.
     add 611ae31  bash completion: Complete file names after '-f' and '-l'.
     add cde3a69  git: 'reference-available?' handles short commit IDs.
     add 6dfe26b  gnu: ruby-parser: Update to
     add 86d635b  gnu: ruby-regexp-parser: Update to 2.0.0.
     add 4cf3734  gnu: git-open: Remove unnecessary propagated input.
     add c952a93  scripts: discover: Check for cache file existence.
     add 005609c  images: novena: Make boot settings and RTC accessible.
     add 0ed6c74  gnu: guix: Update to 1.2.0-5.c952a93.
     add 6920ffd  gnu: Add rust-glib-sys-0.10.
     add e3d4fb7  gnu: Add rust-gobject-sys-0.10.
     add 0b1e39b  gnu: Add rust-glib-macros-0.10.
     add aca8767  gnu: Add rust-glib-0.10.
     add eb6d797  gnu: Add rust-pango-sys-0.10.
     add 5af6136  gnu: Add rust-pango-0.9.
     add 44dea49  gnu: Add rust-atk-sys-0.9.
     add e4af004  gnu: Add rust-atk-0.8.
     add a2f1943  gnu: Add rust-cairo-sys-rs-0.10.
     add 11f6a34  gnu: Add rust-gdk-sys-0.10.
     add 500e6af  gnu: Add rust-cairo-rs-0.9.
     add 72e5286  gnu: Add rust-gio-sys-0.10.
     add e878244  gnu: Add rust-gio-0.9.
     add 8bf089c  gnu: Add rust-gdk-pixbuf-sys-0.10.
     add 8b657f3  gnu: Add rust-gdk-pixbuf-0.9.
     add d283d54  gnu: Add rust-gdk-sys-0.9.
     add 81756b7  gnu: Add rust-gdk-0.12.
     add 16597f2  gnu: Add rust-gtk-sys-0.9.
     add 979e770  gnu: Add rust-gtk-0.8.
     add 50e9f56  gnu: Add rust-gdk-0.13.
     add b970c0e  gnu: Add rust-core-foundation-sys-0.8.
     add 0b36bd0  gnu: Add rust-core-foundation-0.9.
     add d4d4bf3  gnu: Add rust-security-framework-sys-2.
     add 5f9d9d0  gnu: Add rust-security-framework-2.
     add fa24775  gnu: rust-native-tls-0.2: Update to 0.2.6.
     add 1ab631d  gnu: Add castor.
     add 031fbeb  gnu: cl-asdf: Improve priorities of configuration file search.
     add 623a98a  gnu: ccl: Use system ASDF instead of bundled one.
     add c32a7b3  gnu: clisp: Use system ASDF instead of bundled one.
     add f62982d  gnu: ecl: Simplify 'replace-asdf' phase.
     add 4354dac  gnu: sbcl: Simplify 'replace-asdf' phase.
     add 65d3fab  gnu: Add cl-log.
     add cebfb29  gnu: Add zs3.
     add 4d0b61a  pull: Accept no non-option arguments.
     add a81258c  ui: Handle multiword and empty $PAGER values.
     add a715e17  gnu: rust-predicates-1: Update to 1.0.5.
     add e4800bb  gnu: Add rust-plist-1.
     add 9cc9123  gnu: Add rust-wild-2.
     add 00987a2  gnu: Add rust-fancy-regex-0.3.
     add 7b81e7a  gnu: Add rust-shell-words-1.
     add 162ee32  gnu: Add rust-semver-parser-0.10.
     add 42acc95  gnu: Add rust-semver-0.11.
     add bbb25c9  gnu: Add rust-path-abs-0.5.
     add 8faddef  gnu: Add rust-content-inspector-0.2.
     add 210406c  gnu: Add rust-console-0.13.
     add a027077  gnu: Add rust-dirs-3.
     add e0c2800  gnu: Add rust-onig-sys-69.6.
     add 733c489  gnu: Add rust-onig-6.
     add 975b158  gnu: Add rust-syntect-4.
     add 57c88ee  gnu: Add rust-libgit2-sys-0.12.
     add 6f0b8ea  gnu: Add rust-git2-0.13.
     add 4e811f5  gnu: Add bat.
     add 1cb91eb  gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 87.0.4280.88-0.b78cb92 
[security fixes].
     add c52f025  gnu: python-yq: Fix texinfo markup.
     add 013cf93  gnu: scotch: Update to 6.1.0
     add 38dd27e  gnu: combinatorial-blas: Adjust AWPM headers for library use.
     add 705af54  gnu: superlu-dist: Update to 6.4.0.
     add 32a3367  gnu: Add diff-so-fancy.
     add 1e4266d  gnu: guile-prometheus: Update to 0-3.2549c48.
     add 4b423e2  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-9.49c0596.
     add 635fefa  gnu: bat: Remove duplicate Cargo input.
     add 937bc58  gnu: Add libexpected.
     add 063f6df  gnu: rust-libgit2-sys-0.12: Remove bundled library.
     add 8e73bf7  services: nix: Move nix.conf generation to etc-service-type.
     add 4fcff59  gnu: knot-resolver: Update to 5.2.0.
     add 74e3c37  gnu: knot-resolver: Move manual, examples to separate "doc" 
     add 34734b9  gnu: emacs-ebib: Update to 2.27.2.
     add c1e7ec0  gnu: emacs-emacsql-sqlite3: Update to 1.0.2.
     add d9d6203  gnu: emacs-zenburn-theme: Update to 2.7.0.
     add 8b3b1f3  gnu: Add guile-email-latest.
     add 8bc7015  gnu: mumi: Use latest unreleased guile-email.
     add ee00b7c  gnu: bat: Fix build.
     add dc60e1c  gnu: emacs-info-plus: Update to 0-3.29811ed.
     add e8528f0  gnu: emacs-hyperbole: Condensate description.
     add 23be018  file-systems: Fix ‘bcachefs fsck’ exit value logic.
     add 10defc5  linux-initrd: Add bcachefs support.
     add 0c68fff  gnu: Sort module imports in (gnu packages fontutils).
     add 0d59aec  gnu: Add tllist.
     add 25e08f3  gnu: Add fcft.
     add 3f35b09  gnu: Add foot.
     add 329fa5b  Revert "linux-container: Correct test for unprivileged user 
namespace support."
     add 7306c67  gnu: guile-lib: Support cross-compilation.
     add eb0b29f  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Support cross-compilation.
     add bca3220  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-10.79e28fb.
     add 50c24bb  gnu: freecad: Fix compilation flags.
     add 383f087  gnu: freecad: Update to 0.18.5
     add ce3b5e5  services: mpd: Make /var/run/mpd/USER user-owned.
     add 7f13e8d  doc: Add note on the importance of bootstrapping.
     add 6374a25  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.19.
     add 9b5ed03  gnu: fio: Update to 3.25.
     add 6a84fdd  gnu: pam-mount: Update to 2.17.
     add 71efb62  gnu: ropgadget: Update to 6.4.
     add c24d1f2  gnu: nsd: Update to 4.3.4.
     add a79e05f  gnu: libopenmpt: Update to 0.5.4.
     add ac50633  gnu: hplip: Update to 3.20.11.
     add c73b125  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.12.07.
     add 4a6cc1b  gnu: mutt: Update to 2.0.3.
     add c7fcd24  gnu: zabbix-agentd: Update to 5.2.2.
     add a889e6a  doc: Document Guix System F2FS root support.
     add 8f80565  gnu: Add the Glimpse Image Editor.
     add 1db5432  gnu: python-transient: Update to 0.12.
     add 4ad5ce4  gnu: ghc-yesod-core: Update to
     add 2e77bb4  gnu: Add ghc-yesod-test.
     add fd076ae  gnu: Add ghc-wai-app-static.
     add 4cb7802  gnu: Add ghc-cryptonite-conduit.
     add 8bbb759  gnu: Add ghc-hjsmin.
     add 90eae23  gnu: Add ghc-yesod-static.
     add 3601777  gnu: Add ghc-wai-handler-launch.
     add 897f47b  gnu: Add ghc-wai-cors.
     add 0c86b24  gnu: Add hledger-web.
     add c8ea851  gnu: diffoscope: Update to 162.
     add f15cc2f  gnu: Add emacs-counsel-jq.
     add cbd33c0  gnu: Add rust-aom-sys-0.2.
     add b536f3b  gnu: Add rust-nasm-rs-0.2.
     add 928bedc  gnu: rav1e: Update to 0.3.4.
     add 502cb3f  services: prometheus-node-exporter: Neaten up.
     add 6574298  prometheus-node-exporter: Add user and group.
     add fa0975a  services: prometheus-node-exporter: Use a log file.
     add 6eba27f  doc: Remove redundant node exporter configuration from the 
     add fd14385  prometheus-node-exporter: Enable the textfile collector.
     add 92f7c11  prometheus-node-exporter: Support extra options.
     add e461d3b  service: Add shepherd discover action.
     add 6555519  gnu: emacs-with-editor: Update to 3.0.2.
     add f48cd01  gnu: minimap2: Prepare for cross compilation.
     add 3832704  gnu: minimap2: Fix build on aarch64-linux.
     add 27cf238  Revert "gnu: vim: Run more tests."
     add b3f21eb  doc: Fix incorrect GUIX_PROFILE value for 'guix pull'.
     add f5d952c  profiles: Remove duplicates in manifest transactions.
     add 07340cb  profiles: Delete duplicate manifest entries in 
     add 859b362  services: hurd-vm: Avoid circular dependency with (gnu system 
images hurd).
     add aecd2a1  services: openssh: Warn about 'password-authentication?' 
     add d8ae785  tests: lint: Add origin patch file name test cases.
     add 9087af0  ci: Add evaluation field to build record.
     add 1d229a3  ci: Add "evaluation" method.
     add 985570a  gnu: Add emacs-modus-themes.
     add 08d8c2d  gnu: emacs-moody: Update to 0.5.4.
     add 88a26bf  gnu: thermald: Update to 2.4.1.
     add 36e80e3  gnu: libmanette: Update to 0.2.6.
     add 8c0d6a5  gnu: feh: Update to 3.6.1.
     add 1385ac5  gnu: yapet: Update to 2.5.
     add 5fb085d  gnu: yapet: Omit duplicate licence files.
     add df11cf2  gnu: qutebrowser: Update to 1.14.1.
     add d2ff593  gnu: bombadillo: Update to 2.3.3.
     add 476f19f  gnu: xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: Fix installed shell script.
     add c46b969  doc: Document about xfce4-panel plugins.
     add 906fc91  gnu: Add glmark2.
     add f6b1288  gnu: grammalecte: Update to 2.0.0.
     add ac3af8f  gnu: imapfilter: Update to 2.7.5.
     add 608113c  gnu: Add gita.
     add 63be1a7  gnu: qca: Correct license.
     add 627b70e  gnu: qoauth: Fix build failure.
     add adf0eda  gnu: qoauth: Minor cosmetic improvements.
     add 403dda2  gnu: shadowsocks: Build against openssl.
     add fedf7d5  gnu: Add emacs-map.
     add b5e52d8  gnu: Add emacs-burly.
     add dcf8dd2  gnu: gita: Install shell completions.
     add 53cd301  gnu: scummvm: Update source URL.
     add 836428c  gnu: go-github-com-gorilla-mux: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 33504d4  gnu: Add go-github-com-felixge-httpsnoop.
     add d2a42ce  gnu: Add go-github-com-gorilla-handlers.
     add 4368b9b  gnu: Add go-github-com-gorilla-securecookie.
     add 2d0716e  gnu: Add go-github-com-gorilla-csrf.
     add 2d9acf6  gnu: Add go-gopkg-in-natefinch-lumberjack.v2.
     add 2d8deaa  gnu: trezord: Update to 2.0.30.
     add b5c51ae  gnu: Add tiny-bignum.
     add ab58b2c  gnu: Add cjson.
     add 2dd4f38  gnu: cuirass: Update to 0.0.1-56.697fa14.
     add 770fb65  services: cuirass: Add queue-size option.
     add ad6cf3d  gnu: Add xcb-imdkit.
     add aa5cfb3  gnu: Add fcitx5.
     add 2d07803  gnu: Add fcitx5-lua.
     add 69d3419  gnu: Add libime.
     add 4394d37  gnu: Add fcitx5-qt.
     add d4aca38  gnu: Add fcitx5-gtk.
     add 9a23698  gnu: Add fcitx5-chinese-addons.
     add ac1c753  gnu: Add fcitx5-configtool.
     add af34f75  gnu: Add fcitx5-material-color-theme.
     add 4e110f6  guix: opam: Remove stray `pk'.
     add 59873d9  guix: opam: Filter implicit inputs.
     add 15ee1b8  guix: opam: Pass default repository to recursive importer.
     add a8dccd4  guix: opam: Add --repo argument to importer.
     add ccc4d28  guix: opam: Add coq support in the importer.
     add adbb62f  gnu: fcitx5-material-color-theme: Add source file-name.
     add e1d3b07  gnu: isync: Use OpenSSL 1.1.
     add c9c3569  gnu: libmypaint: Update to 1.6.1.
     add 8a55a39  gnu: Add mypaint.
     add 2d1a621  gnu: mruby: Update to 2.1.2.
     add 20e5658  gnu: ocaml-menhir: Update to 20200211.
     add e9edaf3  database: Remove unnecessary module imports.
     add 4a98735  gnu: autotools: Add version 2.70.
     add 2e30823  daemon: 'Agent' constructor takes a list of environment 
     add 79c6614  daemon: Use 'Agent' to spawn 'guix substitute --query'.
     add a618a8c  daemon: Factorize substituter agent spawning.
     add 711df9e  daemon: Run 'guix substitute --substitute' as an agent.
     add 5ff5214  substitute: Cache and reuse connections while substituting.
     add bfe4cdf  daemon: Raise an error if substituter doesn't send the 
expected hash.
     add 799f066  import: opam: Adjust test to latest 'opam->guix-package' 
     add 456421f  gnu: guix: Update to 799f066.
     add 02b21f3  gnu: OpenSSL: Update to 1.1.1i [fixes CVE-2020-1971].
     add 54f777c  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.9.13.
     add 66b1b55  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.82.
     add a2eae5e  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.162.
     add 2b0185a  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.211.
     add f7c2896  gnu: Add go-github-com-go-sql-driver-mysql.
     add 016501a  gnu: Add go-github-com-jmespath-go-jmespath.
     add 9941036  gnu: Add go-github-com-aws-sdk.
     add 8e2aad2  gnu: Add lemonbar-xft.
     add 5560bd7  gnu: monero: Update to
     add 53c4800  gnu: monero-gui: Update to
     add 533935c  services: science.scm: Add missing copyright headers.
     add 0a79b24  import: cran: Update the Bioconductor version to 3.12.
     add 25f4e65  gnu: r-ideoviz: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 5ef637d  gnu: r-coverageview: Update to 1.28.0.
     add a3e2e53  gnu: r-cummerbund: Update to 2.32.0.
     add 70ab990  gnu: r-biocversion: Update to 3.12.0.
     add aa311ea  gnu: r-biocgenerics: Update to 0.36.0.
     add c472549  gnu: r-affycomp: Update to 1.66.0.
     add fa2d16c  gnu: r-affycompatible: Update to 1.50.0.
     add 3e82f9c  gnu: r-affycontam: Update to 1.48.0.
     add a92219b  gnu: r-affycoretools: Update to 1.62.0.
     add 8e6a2c3  gnu: r-affxparser: Update to 1.62.0.
     add 7d56302  gnu: r-annotate: Update to 1.68.0.
     add fa7578b  gnu: r-hpar: Update to 1.32.1.
     add d1ff360  gnu: r-regioner: Update to 1.22.0.
     add c03c763  gnu: r-reportingtools: Update to 2.30.0.
     add d72c4c9  gnu: r-geneplotter: Update to 1.68.0.
     add 464df5c  gnu: r-oligoclasses: Update to 1.52.0.
     add 9af6fdf  gnu: r-oligo: Update to 1.54.0.
     add e9b60a2  gnu: r-qvalue: Update to 2.22.0.
     add a0df9b9  gnu: Add r-rcppnumerical.
     add 3b399e5  gnu: Add r-apeglm.
     add a7f4a8b  gnu: Add r-invgamma.
     add deda231  gnu: Add r-etrunct.
     add 755d16a  gnu: Add r-mixsqp.
     add c84762c  gnu: Add r-ashr.
     add 6e396c4  gnu: Add r-greylistchip.
     add 341ebaa  gnu: r-diffbind: Update to 3.0.7.
     add 1e6920c  gnu: r-multtest: Update to 2.46.0.
     add f519b4d  gnu: r-graph: Update to 1.68.0.
     add d068d96  gnu: r-chippeakanno: Update to 3.24.0.
     add 6e6c627  gnu: r-marray: Update to 1.68.0.
     add ee052d0  gnu: r-cghbase: Update to 1.50.0.
     add 7240003  gnu: r-cghcall: Update to 2.52.0.
     add 3b64840  gnu: r-qdnaseq: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 63572b0  gnu: r-bayseq: Update to 2.24.0.
     add 03b655c  gnu: r-riboprofiling: Update to 1.20.0.
     add 3813c9f  gnu: r-riboseqr: Update to 1.24.0.
     add d27dfbf  gnu: r-ctc: Update to 1.64.0.
     add c97bcfb  gnu: r-goseq: Update to 1.42.0.
     add 3dab457  gnu: r-glimma: Update to 2.0.0.
     add 0ef40b2  gnu: r-rots: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 1c9bdfc  gnu: r-plgem: Update to 1.62.0.
     add 41d6b41  gnu: r-inspect: Update to 1.20.0.
     add 874a774  gnu: r-dnabarcodes: Update to 1.20.0.
     add a55b162  gnu: r-ruvseq: Update to 1.24.0.
     add bbae34a  gnu: r-biocneighbors: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 4217307  gnu: r-destiny: Update to 3.4.0.
     add 967fc58  gnu: r-savr: Update to 1.28.0.
     add ff4d080  gnu: r-chipexoqual: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 43d8db0  gnu: r-copynumber: Update to 1.30.0.
     add 850f4c2  gnu: r-dnacopy: Update to 1.64.0.
     add 939c888  gnu: r-ebseq: Update to 1.30.0.
     add 37da451  gnu: r-karyoploter: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 378d67c  gnu: r-lpsymphony: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 95b1f35  gnu: r-ihw: Update to 1.18.0.
     add e26b5ee  gnu: r-icobra: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 532b106  gnu: r-mast: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 38bc0bf  gnu: r-monocle: Update to 2.18.0.
     add 8396c45  gnu: r-noiseq: Update to 2.34.0.
     add bde9dc5  gnu: r-scone: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 5c4edee  gnu: r-geoquery: Update to 2.58.0.
     add e89966e  gnu: r-illuminaio: Update to 0.32.0.
     add 0fd830f  gnu: r-siggenes: Update to 1.64.0.
     add 50c5fee  gnu: r-bumphunter: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 37e0961  gnu: r-linnorm: Update to 2.14.0.
     add 2a1a6d7  gnu: r-ioniser: Update to 2.14.0.
     add 67837d4  gnu: r-varianttools: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 9813d24  gnu: r-heatplus: Update to 2.36.0.
     add b2084e4  gnu: r-gosemsim: Update to 2.16.1.
     add 33c905b  gnu: r-anota: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 7dabc62  gnu: r-sigpathway: Update to 1.58.0.
     add d68a9ff  gnu: r-fgsea: Update to 1.16.0.
     add aeb1d56  gnu: r-dose: Update to 3.16.0.
     add b7d1ea7  gnu: Add r-shadowtext.
     add eb3d17e  gnu: r-enrichplot: Update to 1.10.1.
     add 3fd84a4  gnu: r-clusterprofiler: Update to 3.18.0.
     add 4f82931  gnu: r-mlinterfaces: Update to 1.70.0.
     add c47a8cd  gnu: r-a4core: Update to 1.38.0.
     add fa51705  gnu: r-a4classif: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 85155e2  gnu: r-a4preproc: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 2fb8298  gnu: r-a4reporting: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 564d427  gnu: r-a4base: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 68efaaf  gnu: r-a4: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 8816139  gnu: r-abseqr: Update to 1.8.0.
     add d5dcf1b  gnu: r-bacon: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 41071ed  gnu: r-rgadem: Update to 2.38.0.
     add a2bae16  gnu: r-motifdb: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 301e549  gnu: r-motifbreakr: Update to 2.4.0.
     add 4b4cd2b  gnu: r-motifstack: Update to 1.34.0.
     add 3928061  gnu: r-genomicscores: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 2ba61c6  gnu: r-atacseqqc: Update to 1.14.4.
     add c3b69d6  gnu: r-gofuncr: Update to 1.10.0.
     add 8a7f711  gnu: r-abaenrichment: Update to 1.20.0.
     add bc12a4b  gnu: r-annotationfuncs: Update to 1.40.0.
     add 5779154  gnu: r-annotationtools: Update to 1.64.0.
     add 85c6636  gnu: r-allelicimbalance: Update to 1.28.0.
     add ff8b915  gnu: r-aucell: Update to 1.12.0.
     add ba0bf98  gnu: r-ebimage: Update to 4.32.0.
     add 65ba4ba  gnu: r-yamss: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 0836ef6  gnu: r-gtrellis: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 36f3a19  gnu: r-somaticsignatures: Update to 2.26.0.
     add 3d41f0c  gnu: r-gcrma: Update to 2.62.0.
     add 48aaef2  gnu: r-simpleaffy: Update to 2.66.0.
     add 94dee0a  gnu: r-yaqcaffy: Update to 1.50.0.
     add 72476ad  gnu: r-roar: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 7f71341  gnu: r-xbseq: Update to 1.22.0.
     add f4e19e6  gnu: r-massspecwavelet: Update to 1.56.0.
     add 1e536c3  gnu: Update r-msnbase to 2.16.0.
     add fa2201c  gnu: Add r-mscoreutils.
     add a3af40e  gnu: r-xcms: Update to 3.12.0.
     add dc7c636  gnu: r-wrench: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 397bcd2  gnu: r-wiggleplotr: Update to 1.14.0.
     add ba53681  gnu: r-widgettools: Update to 1.68.0.
     add d176ad3  gnu: r-webbioc: Update to 1.62.0.
     add 59fafa1  gnu: r-zfpkm: Update to 1.12.0.
     add 9834d1a  gnu: r-rbowtie2: Update to 1.12.0.
     add d115db7  gnu: r-progeny: Update to 1.12.0.
     add 0067589  gnu: r-arrmnormalization: Update to 1.30.0.
     add e65e81d  gnu: r-biocfilecache: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 4bc0675  gnu: r-iclusterplus: Update to 1.26.0.
     add ea86d93  gnu: r-rbowtie: Update to 1.30.0.
     add ca0271c  gnu: r-sgseq: Update to 1.24.0.
     add c36d888  gnu: r-rhisat2: Update to 1.6.0.
     add 1b4c271  gnu: r-quasr: Update to 1.30.0.
     add d8a7bf7  gnu: r-rqc: Update to 1.24.0.
     add 979b1ed  gnu: r-birewire: Update to 3.22.0.
     add e78e04d  gnu: r-multidataset: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 59daf6e  gnu: r-ropls: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 26e4170  gnu: r-biosigner: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 458aa44  gnu: r-annotatr: Update to 1.16.0.
     add d764f1e  gnu: r-rsubread: Update to 2.4.2.
     add d361222  gnu: r-flowutils: Update to 1.54.0.
     add a49024e  gnu: r-consensusclusterplus: Update to 1.54.0.
     add c6ccd4f  gnu: r-cytolib: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 3f0e93b  gnu: r-flowcore: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 2cd7813  gnu: r-flowmeans: Update to 1.50.0.
     add eac1eaa  gnu: r-ncdfflow: Update to 2.36.0.
     add d5a53ab  gnu: r-flowviz: Update to 1.54.0.
     add 33c5b6d  gnu: r-flowclust: Update to 3.28.0.
     add 5bab0b7  gnu: r-rprotobuflib: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 7f940bd  gnu: Add r-aws-signature.
     add ffa42c7  gnu: Add r-aws-s3.
     add 1b34781  gnu: r-flowworkspace: Update to 4.2.0.
     add fd11c7b  gnu: r-flowstats: Update to 4.2.0.
     add 5abf0a0  gnu: r-opencyto: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 63033b1  gnu: r-cytoml: Update to 2.2.1.
     add 1f7ddaf  gnu: r-flowsom: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 0e78ce3  gnu: r-mixomics: Update to 6.14.0.
     add fafaeab  gnu: r-depecher: Update to 1.6.0.
     add 6481357  gnu: r-rcistarget: Update to 1.10.0.
     add 7954fe1  gnu: r-cicero: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 5d1bd61  gnu: r-genie3: Update to 1.12.0.
     add e7b61ba  gnu: r-roc: Update to 1.66.0.
     add a50779b  gnu: r-gdsfmt: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 42e00c0  gnu: r-seqbias: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 0c53f27  gnu: r-reqon: Update to 1.36.0.
     add fd7e23b  gnu: r-wavcluster: Update to 2.24.0.
     add 87f704b  gnu: r-timeseriesexperiment: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 45ea773  gnu: r-variantfiltering: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 44ecd5f  gnu: r-variancepartition: Update to 1.20.0.
     add 949626f  gnu: r-htqpcr: Update to 1.44.0.
     add fa7e242  gnu: r-unifiedwmwqpcr: Update to 1.26.0.
     add fad5da3  gnu: r-bgmix: Update to 1.50.0.
     add 3cebe27  gnu: r-bgx: Update to 1.56.0.
     add 2219bef  gnu: r-bhc: Update to 1.42.0.
     add 4ec6656  gnu: r-bicare: Update to 1.48.0.
     add d57be63  gnu: r-bifet: Update to 1.10.0.
     add 3320f04  gnu: r-rsbml: Update to 2.48.0.
     add 294fd58  gnu: r-hypergraph: Update to 1.62.0.
     add 249b703  gnu: r-hyperdraw: Update to 1.42.0.
     add 0f94a9e  gnu: r-biggr: Update to 1.26.0.
     add e80f826  gnu: r-bigmemoryextras: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 1e28867  gnu: r-bigpint: Update to 1.6.0.
     add 95ef268  gnu: r-chemminer: Update to 3.42.0.
     add 2f36b04  gnu: r-bioassayr: Update to 1.28.0.
     add 95e30d8  gnu: r-biobroom: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 26224e0  gnu: r-graphite: Update to 1.36.0.
     add a4f4a55  gnu: r-reactomepa: Update to 1.34.0.
     add b0f3bfe  gnu: r-ebarrays: Update to 2.54.0.
     add 7dced9a  gnu: r-bioccasestudies: Update to 1.52.0.
     add abc18fc  gnu: r-biocgraph: Update to 1.52.0.
     add 49a7285  gnu: r-experimenthub: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 13d0b78  gnu: r-multiassayexperiment: Update to 1.16.0.
     add e29b15e  gnu: r-bioconcotk: Update to 1.10.0.
     add 072f722  gnu: r-biocor: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 6a5d8ca  gnu: r-biocpkgtools: Update to 1.8.0.
     add ff4834c  gnu: Add r-biocio.
     add feb0cbf  gnu: r-biocset: Update to 1.4.0.
     add 7891c83  gnu: r-biocworkflowtools: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 15be98c  gnu: r-biodist: Update to 1.62.0.
     add 7a24204  gnu: r-rgreat: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 126846a  gnu: r-m3c: Update to 1.12.0.
     add 3cacc3b  gnu: r-icens: Update to 1.62.0.
     add e5b2c80  gnu: r-fourcseq: Update to 1.24.0.
     add 8fa30df  gnu: r-preprocesscore: Update to 1.52.0.
     add b6348b0  gnu: r-rgraphviz: Update to 2.34.0.
     add 724b770  gnu: r-xvector: Update to 0.30.0.
     add 7105658  gnu: r-fithic: Update to 1.16.0.
     add ed44a72  gnu: r-hitc: Update to 1.34.0.
     add 5782047  gnu: r-s4vectors: Update to 0.28.0.
     add cf6033e  gnu: r-iranges: Update to 2.24.0.
     add 47f6fd8  gnu: Add r-ggalluvial.
     add c8da013  gnu: Add r-matrixgenerics.
     add fafa94b  gnu: r-delayedarray: Update to 0.16.0.
     add 5992c25  gnu: r-hdf5array: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 79cb6af  gnu: r-rhdf5lib: Update to 1.12.0.
     add c5ae5c1  gnu: r-rhdf5lib: Fix build.
     add b58c4e7  gnu: r-cytolib: Fix r-rhdf5libs linking.
     add 26cf5eb  gnu: r-hdf5array: Fix r-rhdf5libs linking.
     add ece564f  gnu: r-flowworkspace: Fix r-rhdf5libs linking.
     add 2b224f9  gnu: r-cytoml: Fix r-rhdf5libs linking.
     add 0022e9f  gnu: r-ncdfflow: Fix r-rhdf5libs link.
     add fe4ce29  gnu: r-beachmat: Update to 2.6.1.
     add 64cf667  gnu: r-genefilter: Update to 1.72.0.
     add 936227f  gnu: r-deseq2: Update to 1.30.0.
     add a323c1e  gnu: r-dexseq: Update to 1.36.0.
     add 4451918  gnu: r-annotationforge: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 7a57b22  gnu: r-rbgl: Update to 1.66.0.
     add 03312f0  gnu: r-gseabase: Update to 1.52.0.
     add afbc8e1  gnu: r-category: Update to 2.56.0.
     add 74204b4  gnu: r-gostats: Update to 2.56.0.
     add a05bb42  gnu: r-shortread: Update to 1.48.0.
     add 5598f53  gnu: r-systempiper: Update to 1.24.2.
     add 16a4822  gnu: r-grohmm: Update to 1.24.0.
     add 182a080  gnu: r-biocviews: Update to 1.58.0.
     add 1160c83  gnu: r-biocstyle: Update to 2.18.0.
     add 2ae3b7d  gnu: r-bioccheck: Update to 1.26.0.
     add cde7fce  gnu: r-genomeinfodb: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 5996929  gnu: r-edger: Update to 3.32.0.
     add d972ab6  gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.46.0.
     add 7641dba  gnu: r-genomicranges: Update to 1.42.0.
     add 9103041  gnu: r-biobase: Update to 2.50.0.
     add f517365  gnu: r-annotationdbi: Update to 1.52.0.
     add 4fac3fe  gnu: r-biomart: Update to 2.46.0.
     add 444b101  gnu: r-biocparallel: Update to 1.24.1.
     add 5d60273  gnu: r-biostrings: Update to 2.58.0.
     add 9168ab0  gnu: r-rsamtools: Update to 2.6.0.
     add 8607a53  gnu: r-summarizedexperiment: Update to 1.20.0.
     add 3ca5b05  gnu: r-variantannotation: Update to 1.36.0.
     add 077e813  gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 92377e7  gnu: r-rtracklayer: Update to 1.50.0.
     add 26e2184  gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.42.1.
     add 6a7de43  gnu: r-topgo: Update to 2.42.0.
     add e2e11f0  gnu: r-bsgenome: Update to 1.58.0.
     add a180744  gnu: r-impute: Update to 1.64.0.
     add 44bf116  gnu: r-seqpattern: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 2a70c96  gnu: r-genomation: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 329879b  gnu: r-seqlogo: Update to 1.56.0.
     add b0d85e3  gnu: r-zlibbioc: Update to 1.36.0.
     add 7283696  gnu: r-rhtslib: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 2c15a1c  gnu: r-bamsignals: Update to 1.22.0.
     add a823a74  gnu: r-rcas: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 6d5a4dd  gnu: r-mutationalpatterns: Update to 3.0.1.
     add ec0050c  gnu: r-tximport: Update to 1.18.0.
     add cad3eb4  gnu: r-annotationfilter: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 36fd725  gnu: r-chipseq: Update to 1.40.0.
     add 2ed79a0  gnu: r-copywriter: Update to 2.22.0.
     add 99bd4f2  gnu: r-methylkit: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 858eb98  gnu: r-sva: Update to 3.38.0.
     add 4d9e168  gnu: r-protgenerics: Update to 1.22.0.
     add badb467  gnu: r-mzr: Update to 2.24.1.
     add 471ceb5  gnu: r-mzr: Fix linking.
     add d6750c6  gnu: r-affyio: Update to 1.60.0.
     add 6a6f38b  gnu: r-affy: Update to 1.68.0.
     add 75bdab8  gnu: r-vsn: Update to 3.58.0.
     add b47560c  gnu: r-mzid: Update to 1.28.0.
     add 2ed937e  gnu: r-pcamethods: Update to 1.82.0.
     add e520c68  gnu: Add r-msmseda.
     add 16f16b5  gnu: Add r-msmstests.
     add 971f3a3  gnu: r-msnid: Update to 1.24.0.
     add 8db8a68  gnu: r-aroma-light: Update to 3.20.0.
     add 8e55b9f  gnu: r-edaseq: Update to 2.24.0.
     add 3becce3  gnu: r-interactivedisplaybase: Update to 1.28.0.
     add a9dc755  gnu: r-annotationhub: Update to 2.22.0.
     add b6dd072  gnu: r-fastseg: Update to 1.36.0.
     add 143437c  gnu: r-keggrest: Update to 1.30.0.
     add 78cadd0  gnu: r-gage: Update to 2.40.0.
     add 0fde2f9  gnu: r-genomicfiles: Update to 1.26.0.
     add 4ef1e37  gnu: r-complexheatmap: Update to 2.6.2.
     add 8962a13  gnu: r-dirichletmultinomial: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 06fe3b7  gnu: r-ensembldb: Update to 2.14.0.
     add 6e182c2  gnu: r-organismdbi: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 3c6eecd  gnu: r-biovizbase: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 74a11b2  gnu: r-ggbio: Update to 1.38.0.
     add 6e33890  gnu: r-snpstats: Update to 1.40.0.
     add 494010a  gnu: r-erma: Update to 1.6.0.
     add 0a8d08e  gnu: r-ldblock: Update to 1.20.0.
     add 717e53f  gnu: r-gviz: Update to 1.34.0.
     add 83129ed  gnu: r-gwascat: Update to 2.22.0.
     add e707820  gnu: r-sushi: Update to 1.28.0.
     add aca4ebe  gnu: r-annaffy: Update to 1.62.0.
     add a23310f  gnu: Add r-bluster.
     add 5e71998  gnu: Add r-sparsematrixstats.
     add 60ad3c7  gnu: r-genomationdata: Update to 1.22.0.
     add 35dae95  gnu: r-interactionset: Update to 1.18.0.
     add dd9341f  gnu: r-genomicinteractions: Update to 1.24.0.
     add 798ec28  gnu: r-biocsingular: Update to 1.6.0.
     add d0db04f  gnu: r-yapsa: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 4ef898d  gnu: r-singlecellexperiment: Update to 1.12.0.
     add 86fccee  gnu: Add r-rhdf5filters.
     add 53affb3  gnu: r-rhdf5: Update to 2.34.0.
     add 10c87ec  gnu: r-delayedmatrixstats: Update to 1.12.0.
     add 0e60dda  gnu: Add r-scuttle.
     add d4b5d18  gnu: r-scater: Update to 1.18.3.
     add b03c955  gnu: r-scran: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 9709842  gnu: r-biocviews: Update to 1.58.1.
     add 1174317  gnu: r-pcatools: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 3f04b81  gnu: r-chipcomp: Update to 1.20.0.
     add b856a48  gnu: r-scdd: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 43bf50e  gnu: r-ggcyto: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 45dfb75  gnu: Add r-catalyst.
     add e5a4198  gnu: r-minfi: Update to 1.36.0.
     add 0b7dd44  gnu: r-methylumi: Update to 2.36.0.
     add 4eeaa15  gnu: r-lumi: Update to 2.42.0.
     add adf6edc  gnu: r-quantro: Update to 1.24.0.
     add 8db36c1  gnu: r-yarn: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 9f6e2bf  gnu: r-watermelon: Update to 1.34.0.
     add 64f9fb3  gnu: r-bigmelon: Update to 1.16.0.
     add 6a48187  gnu: r-gqtlbase: Update to 1.21.1.
     add cde035e  gnu: r-gqtlstats: Update to 1.21.3.
     add 7601015  gnu: r-delayedmatrixstats: Update to 1.12.1.
     add 4617cc7  gnu: r-rhtslib: Propagate zlib.
     add ebf11de  gnu: r-diffbind: Update to 3.0.8.
     add 59a6780  services: avahi: Depend on 'user-processes'.
     add f066e65  services: guix-publish: Depend on 'avahi-daemon' when needed.
     add 69a0440  doc: Document 'advertise?' for 'guix-publish-configuration'.
     add 3d85c3e  gnu: pciutils: Fix compilation error on GNU/Hurd.
     add 5103459  gnu: emacs-debbugs: Update to 0.27.
     add a294eec  gnu: Add emacs-helm-switch-to-repl.
     add 44308c8  gnu: Add libzim.
     add acbf47a  gnu: Add kiwix-lib.
     add 5f6a001  gnu: Add kiwix-desktop.
     add e36291e  gnu: Add r-restrserve.
     add 2a23e3f  gnu: dealii: Update to 9.2.0.
     add eaca440  gnu: python-llfuse: Update to 1.3.8.
     add bd5f751  gnu: Add r-brio.
     add 24cf213  gnu: Add r-diffobj.
     add 71a732c  gnu: Add r-waldo.
     add 9c3f5b2  gnu: Add r-gitcreds.
     add 73545fd  gnu: Add r-parallelly.
     add feb7c4f  gnu: Add r-ash.
     add 14caba7  gnu: Add r-hdrcde.
     add 6279d2b  gnu: Add r-rainbow.
     add f0862a3  gnu: Add r-fds.
     add 8d15940  gnu: Add r-gamm4.
     add fab4966  gnu: Add r-optimx.
     add d106e3e  gnu: Add r-projpred.
     add 18ddbd4  gnu: r-d3r: Update to 0.9.1.
     add 6c148ea  import/utils: Fix conditional.
     add 00a275f  gnu: r-magrittr: Update to 2.0.1.
     add 3e337d9  gnu: r-rticles: Update to 0.17.
     add d856813  gnu: r-v8: Update to 3.4.0.
     add 17fa095  gnu: r-ggalluvial: Update to 0.12.3.
     add 9bf316f  gnu: r-ggpmisc: Update to 0.3.7.
     add 2b1abb4  gnu: r-vegan: Update to 2.5-7.
     add 0415a46  gnu: r-shinyfiles: Update to 0.9.0.
     add 327167b  gnu: r-colorspace: Update to 2.0-0.
     add b1ad80e  gnu: r-ps: Update to 1.5.0.
     add bd69b54  gnu: r-circlize: Update to 0.4.11.
     add 07cb317  gnu: r-distillery: Update to 1.2.
     add 882d699  gnu: r-extremes: Update to 2.1.
     add 89088dc  gnu: r-inline: Update to 0.3.17.
     add 54dd6ce  gnu: r-fitdistrplus: Update to 1.1-3.
     add 1d8b531  gnu: r-lava: Update to
     add 9597dc0  gnu: r-generics: Update to 0.1.0.
     add cfd8779  gnu: r-recipes: Update to 0.1.15.
     add 55a090d  gnu: r-mice: Update to 3.12.0.
     add 841c3ed  gnu: r-hardyweinberg: Update to 1.6.9.
     add 86572c3  gnu: r-cli: Update to 2.2.0.
     add d4e67f3  gnu: r-processx: Update to 3.4.5.
     add bb70fae  gnu: r-vctrs: Update to 0.3.5.
     add e0c8fc4  gnu: r-pillar: Update to 1.4.7.
     add d2be197  gnu: r-tinytex: Update to 0.27.
     add 514848a  gnu: r-ifultools: Update to 2.0-22.
     add 114a0fb  gnu: r-quantmod: Update to 0.4.18.
     add e836f28  gnu: r-tseries: Update to 0.10-48.
     add 964d8a8  gnu: r-radiant-data: Update to 1.3.12.
     add df6c02d  gnu: r-renv: Update to 0.12.3.
     add bc08f4f  gnu: r-rbibutils: Update to 2.0.
     add e0c6ecf  gnu: r-rdpack: Update to 2.1.
     add 624d388  gnu: r-officer: Update to 0.3.15.
     add 2ed2e1d  gnu: r-insight: Update to 0.11.1.
     add 7b5443d  gnu: r-flextable: Update to 0.6.1.
     add f836bc8  gnu: r-doby: Update to 4.6.8.
     add e99a124  gnu: r-blockfest: Update to 1.8.
     add 925b72f  gnu: r-slam: Update to 0.1-48.
     add f76cc34  gnu: r-raster: Update to 3.4-5.
     add e0ba249  gnu: r-magick: Update to 2.5.2.
     add 2424da9  gnu: r-multcomp: Update to 1.4-15.
     add 2c9a5c0  gnu: r-bayestestr: Update to 0.8.0.
     add 5af35b3  gnu: r-performance: Update to 0.6.0.
     add 620c01b  gnu: r-ggeffects: Update to 1.0.0.
     add 2ccaac5  gnu: r-effectsize: Update to 0.4.1.
     add 5f68a11  gnu: r-gh: Update to 1.2.0.
     add a2a6466  gnu: r-rcppannoy: Update to 0.0.17.
     add 7fc054b  gnu: r-tiff: Update to 0.1-6.
     add 7e205be  gnu: r-tm: Update to 0.7-8.
     add c148d5a  gnu: r-flare: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 68b720e  gnu: r-rnifti: Update to 1.3.0.
     add 319a408  gnu: r-rmpfr: Update to 0.8-2.
     add c91d1a7  gnu: r-epi: Update to 2.42.
     add d1d42fa  gnu: r-globals: Update to 0.14.0.
     add bb9e686  gnu: r-future: Update to 1.20.1.
     add d5204d6  gnu: r-tensora: Update to 0.36.2.
     add e3d0662  gnu: r-deldir: Update to 0.2-3.
     add 77eb821  gnu: r-rms: Update to 6.1-0.
     add 91e1961  gnu: r-ggraph: Update to 2.0.4.
     add a80b912  gnu: r-ggvis: Update to 0.4.7.
     add c1ba4ad  gnu: r-clue: Update to 0.3-58.
     add 9b398a0  gnu: r-dae: Update to 3.1-32.
     add 8d459d2  gnu: r-refmanager: Update to 1.3.0.
     add e458d7b  gnu: r-umap: Update to
     add b71e934  gnu: r-uwot: Update to 0.1.9.
     add 010deb2  gnu: r-leiden: Update to 0.3.6.
     add 2213fe7  gnu: r-patchwork: Update to 1.1.0.
     add af3385c  gnu: r-parameters: Update to 0.10.1.
     add 98d69d6  gnu: r-sysfonts: Update to 0.8.2.
     add 6ad24c2  gnu: r-showtext: Update to 0.9-1.
     add 3e44c41  gnu: r-abtest: Update to 0.2.2.
     add b937197  gnu: r-r-filesets: Update to 2.14.0.
     add 5a4b3d6  gnu: r-fda: Update to 5.1.7.
     add cdbe38c  gnu: r-isocodes: Update to 2020.12.04.
     add fccc5ac  gnu: r-stopwords: Update to 2.1.
     add b192303  gnu: r-loo: Update to 2.4.0.
     add 2847297  gnu: r-isoband: Update to 0.2.3.
     add f694850  gnu: r-brms: Update to 2.14.4.
     add aa486bb  gnu: r-hardhat: Update to 0.1.5.
     add 80a279b  gnu: r-spatstat-data: Update to 1.5-2.
     add 94ebe64  gnu: r-cpp11: Update to 0.2.4.
     add 29ebaf0  gnu: r-tune: Update to 0.1.2.
     add 48504a2  gnu: r-tidymodels: Update to 0.1.2.
     add 1f2ceac  gnu: r-diversitree: Update to 0.9-15.
     add 5977164  gnu: r-codetools: Update to 0.2-18.
     add ff34dbb  gnu: r-testthat: Update to 3.0.0.
     add 0bc87a5  gnu: r-rlang: Update to 0.4.9.
     add 348c21e  gnu: r-dbplyr: Update to 2.0.0.
     add aed99e0  gnu: r-data-table: Update to 1.13.4.
     add e4ce584  gnu: r-backports: Update to 1.2.0.
     add 48af6aa  gnu: r-rstudioapi: Update to 0.13.
     add da29023  gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to
     add 5d0ccf8  gnu: r-rprojroot: Update to 2.0.2.
     add 3ffc551  gnu: r-hmisc: Update to 4.4-2.
     add 31a6a60  gnu: r-gplots: Update to 3.1.1.
     add 61d2417  gnu: r-mclust: Update to 5.4.7.
     add d6d2984  gnu: r-fpc: Update to 2.2-9.
     add d0c7b9f  gnu: r-lme4: Update to 1.1-26.
     add 52e14cb  gnu: r-lubridate: Update to
     add 371ba7b  guix: Add globstar support.
     add 4714787  gnu: r-biocneighbors: Update to 1.8.2.
     add 7cda2d4  gnu: r-biosigner: Update to 1.18.2.
     add 589ac42  gnu: r-cicero: Update to 1.8.1.
     add eed7289  gnu: r-beachmat: Update to 2.6.2.
     add 3872153  gnu: r-scuttle: Update to 1.0.3.
     add baeaa02  gnu: r-biocstyle: Update to 2.18.1.
     add 4745f0d  gnu: r-genomeinfodb: Update to 1.26.2.
     add 48f77ec  gnu: r-keggrest: Update to 1.30.1.
     add 15c4e13  gnu: Remove Attic.
     add ec2eccb  gnu: Remove python-llfuse-0.41.
     add 11456ba  gnu: emacs-chess: Update to 2.0.5.
     add 1781d35  gnu: emacs-dash-docs: Update to 1.4.0-2.dafc8fc.
     add ef24052  gnu: Add emacs-org-pretty-table.
     add 38b05e7  gnu: emacs-company-emoji: Update to 2.6.0.
     add 71dd1be  gnu: emacs-lsp-ivy: Update to 0.4.
     add 0faef87  avahi: Ignore local services.
     add 3fdb01f  gnu: guile-prometheus: Update to 0-4.f661edf.
     add 8e344e3  gnu: singularity: Update command substitutions.
     add 793713d  gnu: exim: Enable authenticators.
     add 3138e4a  gnu: stumpwm-with-slynk: Fix build error.
     add d4e3527  gnu: visidata: Update to 2.1.
     add 6409843  gnu: nfs-utils: Fix location of external util-linux binaries.
     add 77667e2  gnu: guile-prometheus: Update to 0-5.35dc26c.
     add 73817f7  gnu: qoauth: Fix wrong URL in comment.
     add d677f3d  etc: Add more SELinux permissions for the daemon.
     add e530fb4  gnu: Add virtaal.
     add f3bfeef  gnu: Add emacs-smart-hungry-delete.
     add 72e3614  gnu: emacs-elpher: Mention gemini in synopsis and description.
     add f765577  gnu: Add emacs-webpaste.
     add 8f330ae  gnu: busybox: Update to 1.32.0.
     add f769ad1  gnu: toybox: Cross compile.
     add 2639a99  gnu: fcitx5-lua: Remove stale build steps.
     add 91e35e3  gnu: fcitx5-chinese-addons: Remove stale build steps.
     add edc2acb  gnu: guile-simple-zmq: Update to 0.0.0-5.f8b7d81.
     add dbdae9f  maint: Avoid macros obsolete in Autoconf 2.70.
     add 26b1030  maint: Remove unused 'NIX_VERSION' macro.
     add d805155  Revert "services: openssh: Warn about 
'password-authentication?' default."
     add fd24754  build: 'script/guix' uses our own 'guile' executable.
     add 459f0d0  self: Move Guile early in the module search path.
     add d20665e  guix: 'guile' executable ignores GUILE_LOAD_PATH during 
     add 41d01b4  self: Remove the empty string from '%load-extensions'.
     add 382e0fe  gnu: Add hsetroot.
     add eee3af8  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.21.
     add 4a084c7  gnu: Add simple-neural-network.
     add 6e301c3  gnu: sbcl-geco: Update to 2.1.1.
     add 703cdbb  gnu: Add cl-autowrap.
     add 2ae3033  gnu: Add cl-abnf.
     add 6ca66f6  gnu: ecl-lparallel: Disable never ending tests.
     add 8361817  install: Discover local substitute servers.
     add 7eb9203  gnu: knot-resolver: Update to 5.2.1.
     add 482b8ae  import/cran: Abort with error message when recursive import 
     add 6718ce4  news: Add 'es' translation.
     add 92d99bf  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.9.14.
     add 0fae079  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.83.
     add a3a81a8  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.163.
     add 4c327e0  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.212.
     add b7b9ee7  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.248.
     add ea50795  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.248.
     add b828057  gnu: KDE: Fix old cgit home-pages.
     add 2a951e8  gnu: pygame-sdl2-for-renpy: Drop generated sources in snippet.
     add 1592491  gnu: renpy: Use system fribidi and drop generated sources.
     add 6760578  gnu: GnuCash: Update to 4.2.
     add f98e3ad  gnu: emacs-guix: Update to
     add b52d37d  gnu: synapse: Update to 1.24.0.
     add f49746c  gnu: Add wlr-randr
     add f53c100  gnu: Add guile-sodium.
     add 208cb96  gnu: Add guile-eris.
     add 18de9e3  gnu: r-rmarkdown: Add missing propagated input.
     add f765b88  gnu: gnucash: Make SWIG a native input.
     add 853c579  gnu: emacs-fountain-mode: Update to 3.3.3.
     add 7ae66d9  gnu: python-onnx: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 5f40ad9  gnu: sleef: Update to 3.5.1.
     add 4060df2  gnu: python-parse: Update to 1.18.0.
     add 036df74  gnu: emacs-list-utils: Suppress warning "Package cl is 
     add e799da3  gnu: emacs-bluetooth: Add dbus to inputs
     add e1da617  gnu: libredwg: Update to 0.11.1.
     add 3a87b29  gnu: Add rust-hashbrown-0.1.
     add cd0ce4a  gnu: Add rust-escargot-0.3.
     add 14819a7  gnu: Add rust-predicates-core-0.9.
     add aa2da2a  gnu: Add rust-predicates-tree-0.9.
     add eb6064a  gnu: Add rust-normalize-line-endings-0.2.
     add 05bec9f  gnu: Add rust-predicates-0.9.
     add 3faab12  gnu: Add rust-assert-cmd-0.9.
     add 9bc75a2  gnu: Add rust-automod-1.
     add 46ab6c4  gnu: Add rust-bincode-0.8.
     add 44d233d  gnu: Add rust-bindgen-0.46.
     add 4964b17  gnu: Add rust-cachedir-0.1.
     add fb7f184  gnu: Add rust-cfg-if-1.
     add 24e6f5a  gnu: rust-chrono-0.4: Update to 0.4.19.
     add 5ef65f0  gnu: rust-derive-more-0.99: Update to 0.99.11.
     add 799a91f  gnu: Add rust-dirs-sys-next-0.1.
     add 70f3d89  gnu: Add rust-dirs-next-1.
     add f431cad  gnu: Add rust-directories-next-1.
     add 59eb35f  gnu: Add rust-exitfailure-0.5.
     add 33b11ea  gnu: Add rust-float-cmp-0.4.
     add 95f55fe  gnu: Add rust-pure-rust-locales-0.5.
     add bc49b00  gnu: python-httpx: Update to 0.16.1.
     add f334033  gnu: setzer: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 18918eb  gnu: Add openfortivpn
     add 8f2656f  services: pcscd-shepherd-service: Fix PID file location.
     add 4c9a407  gnu: Add ebook-tools.
     add 7a8d455  gnu: Add kdegraphics-mobipocket.
     add fdfa25e  gnu: Add libkexiv2.
     add 0313617  gnu: veusz: Update to 3.3.1.
     add a4cd86f  gnu: htop: Update to 3.0.3.
     add 593b3a9  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.12.12.
     add 9faee1e  gnu: openntpd: Update to 6.8p1.
     add 4de58a4  download: Update ImageMagick mirror list.
     add 9e78ec5  gnu: multipath-tools: Use the latest json-c.
     add 38438ea  gnu: Remove python2-babel@2.6.
     add ddeec8c  gnu: postgresql: Add 13.1.
     add 1adeb74  gnu: cURL: Update replacement to 7.74.0 [security fixes].
     add 8cdf2b3  gnu: rnnoise: Update to 0.91.
     add e86ed84  gnu: python-arrow: Update to 0.17.0.
     add f42e54d  gnu: Add cl-command-line-arguments.
     add 4764046  gnu: noisetorch: Update to 0.8.3.
     add 90db72d  gnu: python-license-expression: Update to 1.2.
     add 1f49ab6  scripts: discover: Remove file locks.
     add 19c782b  gnu: gp2c: Update to 0.0.12.
     add 11c3744  gnu: cataclysm-dda: Update to 0.E-3.
     add 1565794  gnu: josm: Update to 17329.
     add d434320  gnu: emacs-matrix-client: Update to 0.0.0-6-d2ac552.
     add 584c602  gnu: monero: Update to
     add 6a012dd  gnu: monero-gui: Update to
     add 9a4d197  gnu: patchwork: Update to 2.2.3.
     add d110c28  gnu: purescript: Update patch for Purescript 0.13.8.
     add ce8c83d  gnu: purescript: Update to 0.13.8.
     add e28ca84  gnu: icu4c: Add 68.1.
     add 37ec5df  gnu: mozjs: Add 78.
     add 41807eb  gnu: python-language-server: Update to 0.36.2.
     add 9f3cb56  gnu: alsa-modular-synth: Update to 2.2.0.
     add 5fe87ef  gnu: Add python-3.9.
     add f06f569  doc: Link to "Pattern Matching" in Guile.
     add bff6e01  gnu: python-dnspython: Fix indentation.
     add 7a8a4fd  gnu: python-dnspython: Update to 2.0.0.
     add 5cac753  gnu: b4: Update to 0.6.1.
     add 4427f36  gnu: emacs-helm-switch-to-repl: Update to 0.1.1.
     add e3f5389  gnu: ecl: Return #t in wrap phase.
     add 20a9641  gnu: ecl: Remove build-stamp to improve reproducibility.
     add f6afc63  gnu: pies: Update to 1.5.
     add 76d59ab  gnu: emacs-ivy-posframe: Update to 0.5.4.
     add 8f351e3  gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.4.2.
     add 3ef808b  gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Update to 20201213.
     add 80ebcdd  maint: Only run `make authenticate` when pushing commits.
     add 153b279  gnu: kitty: Update to 0.19.2.
     add db785b7  gnu: kitty: Re-order inputs and native-inputs alphabetically.
     add 48cccf0  doc: Note different texlive-tiny & texline-union natures.
     add 03fb57f  gnu: grub: Fix unicode font loading when booting over TFTP.
     add bd740f7  gnu: emacs-transmission: Update to 0.12.2.
     add 795f654  gnu: Add r-decon.
     add 6b5c040  gnu: Add r-locpol.
     add 1c67894  gnu: Add r-lpme.
     add 3385920  gnu: Add kanshi.
     add 8071877  gnu: Add python-contextvars.
     add 56cfef4  gnu: Add python-aiofiles.
     add 0386f3a  gnu: Add python-hstspreload.
     add f5de08f  gnu: Add python-pyre-extensions.
     add 83ade5b  gnu: Add python-nbsphinx.
     add cfdad65  gnu: Add python-dataclasses.
     add 6655b97  gnu: Add python-pywatchman.
     add 7ae4571  gnu: Add python-pytest-sanic.
     add e779dc8  gnu: Add python-sanic.
     add 54d8326  gnu: ffmpeg-4.2: Remove extraneous input rav1e.
     add c33df8a  gnu: ffmpeg-2.8: Remove extraneous inputs.
     add 980013c  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.23.
     add d07d68b  gnu: Add rust-handlegraph-0.3.
     add f18f86c  gnu: rust-cblas-sys-0.1: Don't skip build.
     add 7d9d474  gnu: Add rust-ndarray-0.12.
     add 8c07515  gnu: iproute: Fix cross compiling.
     add 954e4cf  offload: Print warning in context.
     add 1962c6b  gnu: maven-wagon-http: Disable a failing test.
     add 1901873  gnu: Add ocaml-reactivedata.
     add 7a28971  Revert "gnu: grub: Fix unicode font loading when booting over 
     add 465d2cb  serialization: 'fold-archive' notifies about directory 
processing completion.
     add ed7d02f  serialization: 'restore-file' sets canonical timestamp and 
     add 2718c29  nar: Deduplicate files right as they are restored.
     add 7b8d239  store-copy: 'populate-store' resets timestamps.
     add 0f15fd5  image: 'register-closure' assumes already-reset timestamps.
     add dea1ee1  database: Remove #:reset-timestamps? from 'register-items'.
     add 6a060ff  store-copy: 'populate-store' can optionally deduplicate files.
     add 2aa512e  image: 'register-closure' leaves it up to the caller to 
     add 0793833  database: Remove #:deduplicate? from 'register-items'.
     add cd6c5dd  guix system: 'init' copies, resets timestamps, and 
deduplicates at once.
     add 0682cc5  database: Remove #:deduplicate? and #:reset-timestamps? from 
     add 1574bd8  system: 'init' does not recompute the hash of each store item.
     add 3169c93  database: Remove 'register-path'.
     add 9e6fe0e  database: Honor 'SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH'.
     add 7530e49  deduplicate: Create the '.links' directory lazily.
     add aeb1175  gnu: emacs-ivy-posframe: Update to 0.5.5.
     add 740c0f3  gnu: youtube-dl: Avoid using pre-generated code.
     add 359f841  gnu: gobject-introspection: Restore a comment.
     add a531055  gnu: yelp-tools: Restore a comment.
     add a0c40af  gnu: icecat: Update to 78.6.0-guix0-preview1 [security fixes].
     add a387cba  gnu: Add Okular.
     add d88ff09  services: 'references-file' depends on Guile-Gcrypt.
     add cf066b7  gnu: foo2zjs: Fix installation.
     add 0510ca1  gnu: Add cfunge.
     add f14bb29  import: cran: Use CRAN’s canonical URL as home-page.
     add 3f5db46  gnu: emacs-telega: Update to 0.7.1-1.
     add 9581440  gnu: emacs-telega: Update homepage.
     add 9bbb4fa  gnu: Add bootterm.
     add c7ed031  gnu: Add libcaption.
     add 831af1f  gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.30.4.
     add 18f372b  gnu: obs: Update to 26.1.0.
     add b358a94  gnu: python-internetarchive: Fix typo.
     add 6bbcfb7  gnu: emacs-org-caldav: Update to 0.0.0-2-8569941.
     add ab15547  gnu: emacs-org-caldav: Make description a full sentence.
     add c81a21a  gnu: Add emacs-xref.
     add 2eb3b91  gnu: Add emacs-project.
     add 47c8a9d  gnu: icedove: Update to 78.6.0.
     add 2b5eaf0  gnu: Add python-myhdl.
     add aa02c6f  gnu: bind: Update to 9.16.10.
     add 8eb06cc  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.9.15.
     add b97a533  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.84.
     add 15fba3b  doc: Add Emacs packaging guidelines.
     add d6dd120  gnu: emacs-org-super-agenda: Update to 1.2 and enable tests.
     add 93d2cf1  gnu: Add emacs-with-simulated-input.
     add ca11bbc  gnu: emacs-org-ql: Update to 0.5.
     add cfc2ad0  gnu: emacs-org-sidebar: Update to 0.3.2.
     add a728de2  gnu: Add emacs-elegant-agenda-mode.
     add eea7cc3  doc: Emacs Packages: Fix typos.
     add 9855781  gnu: emacs-xref: Update to 1.0.4.
     add 66e6840  gnu: emacs-project: Update to 0.5.3.
     add 749dc55  gnu: emacs-slime: Update to 2.26.1.
     add 492826e  gnu: Add nvc.
     add aed2f9d  gnu: Add rust-tabwriter-1.
     add 49e5c2d  gnu: Add rust-size-format-1.
     add f80ddc6  gnu: Add rust-nom-2.
     add 46c2cf6  gnu: lmdb: Install pkg-config file.
     add f8896b3  gnu: Add rust-lmdb-rkv-sys-0.11.
     add f309298  gnu: Add rust-lmdb-rkv-0.14.
     add 4175e2c  gnu: Add rust-libsqlite3-sys-0.18.
     add 6e69201  gnu: Add rust-serde-stacker-0.1.
     add 43a8209  gnu: rust-serde-json-1: Update to 1.0.60.
     add 7c0539d  gnu: rust-indexmap-1: Update to 1.6.1.
     add a54b067  gnu: Add rust-rusqlite-0.23.
     add 1391959  gnu: Add rust-packed-simd-2-0.3.
     add 7ea4127  gnu: rust-sleef-sys-0.1: Adjust inputs.
     add 4c45509  gnu: Add rust-rkv-0.10.
     add 2c0fc86  gnu: rust-encoding-rs-0.8: Update to 0.8.26.
     add 3c6aa9d  gnu: rust-encoding-rs-0.8: Don't skip build.
     add 1b02b12  gnu: rust-lzma-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.17.
     add eb2f1a7  gnu: Add r-gagedata.
     add 7395458  gnu: Add r-kegggraph.
     add e4b0794  gnu: Add r-pathview.
     add 04a0594  gnu: Add r-org-eck12-eg-db.
     add 17d9568  gnu: r-coverageview: Move from "experiment" to "package" 
     add 1abb6a2  gnu: r-cummerbund: Move from "experiment" to "package" 
     add 30a4bd3  gnu: r-bluster: Move from "annotation" to "package" section.
     add e5610fd  gnu: r-genelendatabase: Move from "annotation" to 
"experiment" section.
     add cc54848  gnu: r-ideoviz: Move from "annotation" to "package" section.
     add e7fa79f  gnu: r-pasilla: Move from "annotation" to "experiment" 
     add eb3c105  gnu: r-deconstructsigs: Move from "annotation" to "package" 
     add 17235ec  gnu: r-nmf: Move from "annotation" to "package" section.
     add 785a0f7  gnu: okular: Tweak synopsis and description.
     add 5f998a5  gnu: Add aws-c-common.
     add 4c66a8d  gnu: Add aws-checksums.
     add ddab524  gnu: Add aws-c-event-stream.
     add 5686f5d  gnu: Add aws-sdk-cpp.
     add 885fe92  gnu: glpk: Update to 5.0.
     add 9a6cf55  gnu: glpk: Don't build static library.
     add b2adea6  gnu: go-github-com-kr-pretty: Update to 0.2.1.
     add b6fa545  gnu: go-github-com-kr-pretty: Improve synopsis.
     add 0435891  gnu: go-github-com-magiconair-properties: Update to 1.8.4.
     add 687ef47  gnu: go-github-com-emicklei-go-restful: Update to 3.4.0.
     add 22e0629  gnu: python-httpcore: Upgrade to 0.12.2.
     add 5fbc149  gnu: python-sanic: Relax httpx version requirement.
     add 4aaa84d  gnu: fet: Update to 5.48.1.
     add 2958156  gnu: Iosevka fonts: Update to 4.0.3.
     add 996d897  gnu: Add font-iosevka-curly-slab.
     add a8754f8  gnu: Add font-iosevka-curly.
     add e93ee25  gnu: font-google-roboto: Update to 2.138.
     add a69c432  gnu: knot: Update to 3.0.3.
     add bf12868  gnu: bcachefs-tools: Update to 0.1-2.db931a4.
     add 59d97bb  gnu: bcachefs-tools: Provide a mount.bcachefs helper.
     add 2072f61  linux-boot: Fix noresume argument parsing.
     add b450a17  gnu: font-fira-code: Update to 5.2.
     add 43c1c4b  gnu: Add emacs-evil-goggles.
     add fcf1702  gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.4p1.
     add c2e2107  gnu: Add emacs-airline-themes.
     add 1ec393f  gnu: emacs-ivy-posframe: Fix source URL.
     add 1a79d59  gnu: emacs-datetime: Install .extmap files.
     add fed30fd  gnu: emacs-logview: Add missing emacs-extmap input.
     add ec4a9ca  Revert "gnu: font-google-roboto: Update to 2.138."
     add 1ced837  gnu: emacs-sudo-edit: Update to commit 0e2c32b, fix tests.
     add 14c00ab  gnu: Add cl-asdf-finalizers.
     add 1963a61  gnu: sbcl-ironclad: Update to 0.53.
     add 3a3211d  gnu: sbcl-cl-octet-streams: Update to 1.1.
     add 8ecec73  gnu: sbcl-lzlib: Update to 1.1-1.c347026.
     add 7c16406 Replace tabs with spaces.
     add b4a1252 Add variable quoting in 
     add 1f4e878 Adjust variable use in guix_get_bin_list().
     add d253231 Add variable quoting and curly-bracketing.
     add b129b43  import: elpa: Support working with MELPA.
     add 45c5851  gnu: Add libticables2.
     add 98ff729  gnu: Add libticonv.
     add b823d4e  gnu: Add libtifiles2.
     add e5bbb46  gnu: Add libticalcs2.
     add d613c17  status: Do not emit ANSI escapes when stderr is not a tty.
     add 8837bb2  gnu: chez-scheme: Update to 9.5.4.
     add 2be6323  gnu: chez-scheme: Patch more hard-coded paths.
     add b136f7c  gnu: emacs-erc-status-sidebar: Correct license.
     add bf51c1a  gnu: Add kicad-doc.
     add c4c059e  gnu: kactivities: Use qt-build-system.
     add d3f1ef3  gnu: breeze: Split from breeze-icons.
     add 66016b1  gnu: kdenlive: Add breeze-icons.
     add 454fc1a  gnu: emacs-eglot: Update to 1.7.
     add c431366  gnu: emacs-graphql-mode: Fix version.
     add 5f9bfe9  gnu: emacs-docker-compose-mode: Add missing input.
     add 04b0636  gnu: inxi-minimal: Update to 3.2.01-1.
     add 9c4910c  gnu: simple-scan: Update to 3.38.2.
     add faa736b  gnu: xarchiver: Update to
     add af2fd7f  gnu: radeontop: Update to 1.3.
     add 81641a9  gnu: ethtool: Update to 5.10.
     add 48effda  gnu: rgbds: Update to 0.4.2.
     add 62fb068  gnu: facter: Update to 4.0.47.
     add 1b66116  gnu: kexec-tools: Update to 2.0.21.
     add 69b9826  gnu: dehydrated: Update to 0.7.0.
     add 13d532a  gnu: emacs-helm-selector: Update to 0.4.
     add ff0725f  gnu: java-antlr4-runtime: Update home page.
     add 2f4dcff  gnu: arb: Use HTTPS home page URI.
     add b27013d  gnu: babl: Use HTTPS home page URI.
     add ef7eaee  gnu: fpc: Use HTTPS home page URI.
     add 1e47854  gnu: freedroid: Use HTTPS home page URI.
     add dd4dff0  gnu: sbcl-cl-octet-streams: Update to 1.2.
     add bfe2f67  gnu: sbcl-lzlib: Update to 1.1-2.cad10f5.
     add b8d4568  gnu: sbcl-nibbles: Update to 0.14-1.8e6b9b4.
     add 10c0696  gnu: Add cl-qmynd.
     add 66b5bc3  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.1.
     add 20d35ea  gnu: ltrace: Build with elfutils instead of libelf.
     add f899532  gnu: perl-common-sense: Update to 3.75.
     add 4f9fa27  gnu: perl-cpanel-json-xs: Update to 4.25.
     add ce7b188  gnu: perl-json-maybexs: Update to 1.004003.
     add 4c4d1f6  gnu: llvm: Update download URI.
     add 3e83e8f  gnu: perl-pod-simple: Update to 3.42.
     add ae7033f  gnu: python-scipy-documentation: Add a file name for 
     add f6f6e1e  gnu: serf: Build with Python 3.
     add 6d955f1  tests: Check the build trace for hash mismatches on 
     add 9dfa20a  daemon: Let 'guix substitute' perform hash checks.
     add 77a1efe  tests: Check the mtime and permissions of substituted items.
     add 15cf28f  daemon: Do not reset timestamps and permissions on 
substituted items.
     add 3c799cc  tests: Make sure substituted items are deduplicated.
     add c7c7f06  daemon: Delegate deduplication to 'guix substitute'.
     add 4f621a2  maint: Require Guile >= 2.2.6.
     add e03552d  gnu: guix: Update to 4f621a2.
     add f997834  avahi: Remove poll timeout when possible.
     add ee94cd2  scripts: discover: Remove previous cache file.
     add caee6ec  gnu: komikku: Update to 0.24.0.
     add 53b51b4  gnu: vim: Automatically find vim plugins.
     add 36e4706  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.24.
     add 79fdae1  gnu: emacs-helm-selector: Update to 0.5.
     add 096606d  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.12.14.
     add 63728e6  gnu: youtube-viewer: Update to 3.8.0.
     add fee91b8  gnu: straw-viewer: Update to 0.1.2.
     add 04d50f0  gnu: protonvpn-cli: Update to 2.2.6.
     add 33c140e  gnu: lighttpd: Update to 1.4.57.
     add db72ba8  gnu: openvpn: Update to 2.4.10.
     add 30a9ece  gnu: nginx: Update to 1.19.6.
     add 8a35209  gnu: nginx-documentation: Update to 1.19.6-2636-a0824dab33ff.
     add 58f0256  gnu: kitty: Update to 0.19.3.
     add a037248  gnu: xcb-util-errors: Build with Python 3.
     add 7982e25  gnu: cppunit: Update to 1.15.1.
     add 4ed96d6  gnu: dtc: Update to 1.6.0.
     add ca27b0e  gnu: kentutils: Add a file name for the "samtabix" input.
     add 6203b8e  gnu: kentutils: Build with OpenSSL 1.1.
     add d0abf45  gnu: rtmpdump: Update to 2.4-0.c5f04a5 [security fixes].
     add 9de990b  gnu: john-the-ripper-jumbo: Build with OpenSSL 1.1.
     add c84c0db  gnu: p11-kit: Update to 0.23.22.
     add cc3e600  gnu: pd: Update to 0.51-3.
     add 5cc109c  gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.4p2.
     add 9c3dd42  gnu: wireshark: Update to 3.4.2.
     add 9ed4600  gnu: p11-kit: Fix source hash.
     add 8b46a7e  gnu: volk: Update to 2.4.1.
     add a0cebd1  gnu: spdlog: Update to 1.8.2.
     add b6d96be  gnu: bear: Update to 3.0.4.
     add 0717ab7  gnu: straw-viewer: Move youtube-dl to propagated inputs.
     add cfee860  gnu: libaom: Update to 2.0.1.
     add 0cbebc6  gnu: emacs-diff-hl: Update to 1.8.8.
     add e8e9a78  gnu: emacs-js2-mode: Update to 20201220.
     add 7eaa2f2  gnu: libffi: Add unreleased patch to fix float128 on 
     add e6ea02f  gnu: emacs-nov-el: Update to 0.3.3.
     add 045f478  gnu: python2-configargparse: Remove package.
     add 2fdb070  gnu: python-configargparse: Update to 1.2.3.
     add e4cc19c  gnu: python-oslo.i18n: Fix indentation.
     add 66cb421  gnu: python-oslo.config: Fix indentation.
     add f8b6d18  gnu: Add python-dpkt.
     add 67166aa  gnu: python2-werkzeug: Remove package.
     add 1598369  gnu: python2-pytest-httpbin: Remove package.
     add 3e205ae  gnu: python2-flask-httpauth: Remove package.
     add f597352  gnu: python2-flask-principal: Remove package.
     add 8ea0bbb  gnu: python2-flask-script: Remove package.
     add e765fc9  gnu: python2-flask-restful-swagger: Remove package.
     add fed863b  gnu: python-werkzeug: Update to 1.0.1.
     add 2ecdf42  gnu: python2-greenlet: Remove package.
     add f3c568d  gnu: python2-pynvim: Remove package.
     add 0f9cb9b  gnu: python2-eventlet: Remove package.
     add 9ce7098  gnu: bpython2: Remove package.
     add 5662220  gnu: python2-gpic: Remove package.
     add 01bc200  gnu: python2-graphql-relay: Remove package.
     add 5ee8fcd  gnu: python2-openstackdocstheme: Remove package.
     add d4245cc  gnu: python2-oslo.context: Remove package.
     add 48ca8db  gnu: python-gevent: Update to 20.9.0.
     add 6e6b157  gnu: python2-gevent: Remove package.
     add 7e822d9  gnu: python2-pykka: Remove package.
     add 82a5c26  gnu: python2-pykafka: Remove package.
     add 575902e  gnu: python2-graphene: Remove package.
     add 95a6945  gnu: python2-gdrivefs: Remove package.
     add dce0939  gnu: python2-mox3: Remove package.
     add ed6da8a  gnu: python-greenlet: Update to 0.4.17.
     add 5684d65  gnu: python2-geventhttpclient: Remove package.
     add fd3d328  gnu: python2-oslo.i18n: Remove package.
     add 9b0991c  gnu: python2-reno: Remove package.
     add a5c8aff  gnu: python-geventhttpclient: Update to 1.4.4.
     add 5795f56  gnu: Add python-locust.
     add 5ecc0b1  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-11.9128f96.
     add 9608f40  tests: Fix malformed JSON.
     add 5275512  tests: Check the effect of '--without-tests' on implicit 
     add f3e0dc6  gnu: gnome-builder: Disable jedi plugin.
     add 29e91f0  gnu: Add μCsim.
     add 25b2d83  gnu: sdcc: Remove bundled μCsim.
     add c626e28  gnu: sdcc: Move to embedded.scm.
     add 1fd317d  gnu: sdcc: Specify complete set of licenses.
     add 20ba865  gnu: sdcc: Revise synopsis and description.
     add c369a90  gnu: sdcc: Correct name of phase.
     add c11fedf  gnu: sdcc: Expand comment regarding GPUTILS and PIC ports.
     add 0b8c90b  gnu: sdcc: Update to 4.0.0.
     add 0127e68  gnu: httpstat: Update to 1.3.0.
     add f00e68a  system: Allow separated /boot and encrypted root.
     add 8bcbad7  gnu: unbound: Update to 1.13.0.
     add a83866e  gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 1.10.1.
     add 3bb6d84  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.2.
     add f497adb  gnu: linux-libre 5.9: Update to 5.9.16.
     add b53968a  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.85.
     add c072887  gnu: Add cl-mustache.
     add 2e7c2dc  gnu: nyxt: Update to 2-pre-release-5.
     add d7d5bca  gnu: Add spdlog@1.7.
     add 8bcbbda  gnu: waybar: Fix build.
     add 9ff57f3  gnu: fcft: Update to 2.3.2.
     add 0ca4778  gnu: samba: Update to 4.13.3.
     add 56734df  gnu: ceph: Update to 14.2.16.
     add 6cf05d8  gnu: yadifa: Update to 2.4.1.
     add 9a006e7  gnu: ndctl: Update to 71.
     add 4904d31  gnu: acpica: Update to 20201217.
     add 8c66ac7  gnu: rtl8812au-aircrack-ng-linux-module: Update to
     add 08c4dd5  gnu: Add cl-zstd.
     add 5f5e387  import/cran: Add input style "specification".
     add 9e36859  gnu: Add pamtester.
     add 53a9c46  gnu: Add emacs-simple-modeline.
     add d6d590c  gnu: uBlock Origin: Update to 1.32.0.
     add 20cf7f7  gnu: octave, octave-cli: Update to 6.1.0.
     add b9ab9fe  gnu: intel-mpi-benchmarks: Update to 2019.6.
     add 46a3913  gnu: lollypop: Add dependency on glib-networking.
     add fc21e1b  gnu: lollypop: Update to 1.4.6.
     add aa6d437  gnu: kdevelop: Update to 5.6.1.
     add 06de9ca  gnu: perl-geo-ip: Remove package.
     add 3581d4b  gnu: fc-host-tools: Update to 14.
     add 4d1459d  gnu: Add r-metafor.
     add 6d1160d  gnu: Add r-altmeta.
     add 8980994  gnu: man-pages: Update to 5.10.
     add 3b2cee7  gnu: htop: Update to 3.0.4.
     add 315b3d5  gnu: lttoolbox: Update to 3.5.3.
     add 6bd9980  gnu: electron-cash: Update to 4.2.3.
     add 75abc3b  gnu: xtl: Update to 0.6.23.
     add ad48ffb  gnu: libfprint: Update to 1.90.6.
     add 726d2df  gnu: wesnoth: Update to 1.14.15.
     add f6167cf  gnu: goxel: Update to 0.10.7.
     add 783461b  gnu: ipset: Update to 7.10.
     add 2246538  gnu: sysstat: Update to 12.4.2.
     add 13e5d3b  gnu: grass: Update to 7.8.5.
     add 93a81f5  gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.4.4.
     add 9f813f2  scripts: Fix typo in crate importer help message.
     add 5420db3  import: crate: Change updater name from "crates" to "crate".
     add af67e8d  doc: cookbook: Fix "fiction-less" typo.
     add 3895b47  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.26.
     add fa23813  gnu: xfce4-terminal: Update to 0.8.10.
     add 4bad5f6  gnu: xfce4-calculator-plugin: Update to 0.7.1.
     add 8742f55  gnu: xfce4-screenshooter: Update to 1.9.8.
     add c2e49ea  gnu: xfce4-genmon-plugin: Update to 4.1.0.
     add 80bb9d9  gnu: mousepad: Update to 0.5.1.
     add ab40e86  gnu: ruby-pg: Update to 1.2.3.
     add 78e93c2  gnu: xournalpp: Update to 1.0.20.
     add 032a26d  gnu: Add emacs-svg-tag-mode.
     add 769a7e4  gnu: patchwork: Update to 3.0.0.
     add be5a75e  substitute: Reuse connections for '--query'.
     add 7624ebb  ssh: Use 'guix repl' instead of 'guile'.
     add dadabaf  gnu: guix: Update to 7624ebb.
     add 81c7f13  gnu: Add go-github-com-nwidger-jsoncolor.
     add 39488ed  gnu: go-github-com-mattn-go-colorable: Update to 0.1.8.
     add a7adc54  gnu: Add gron.
     add d6b0d21  etc: snippets: Add new build systems to package snippet.
     add 4994e1f  gnu: Add uriparser.
     add 5540159  gnu: gita: Update to 0.11.9.
     add 9bc00fb  Revert "gnu: gita: Update to 0.11.9."
     add 4cf262e  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-12.c33d3f5.
     add 0084f7e  gnu: freeciv: Update to
     add 4f9e077  gnu: openttd-engine: Update to 1.10.3.
     add 20a687b  gnu: emacs-chronometrist: Update to 0.5.6.
     add f6e06e8  gnu: opensmtpd: Update to 6.8.0p1.
     add c9120aa  gnu: opensmtpd: Update to 6.8.0p2.
     add fcdf4b4  gnu: Add libinih.
     add 9325171  gnu: xfsprogs: Update to 5.10.0.
     add b6ad608  gnu: memtester: Update to 4.5.0.
     add e43a8d7  gnu: lxc: Update to 4.0.5.
     add b2b77d8  gnu: ansible: Update to 2.9.16.
     add ac45640  gnu: f2fs-tools: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 789f31e  gnu: picom: Update to 8.2.
     add 8879588  gnu: plantuml: Update to 1.2020.24.
     add bcfa8b4  gnu: protonvpn-cli: Stop propagating inputs.
     add 07ac1c9  gnu: emacs-ebib: Update to 2.29.
     add bb6873c  gnu: emacs-ssh-agency: Update to 0.4.1.
     add df7ef1b  gnu: awscli: updating to version 1.18.203.
     add 66f1090  gnu: libavif: Update to 0.8.4.
     add 430c17c  gnu: libavif: Add support for rav1e.
     add 7f81a0f  gnu: darktable: Update to 3.4.0.
     add adaf577  gnu: darktable: Enable tests.
     add 9302c28  gnu: emacs-auctex: Update to 13.0.0.
     add 7be871b  gnu: seahorse-adventures: Update to 1.3.
     add 4969b51  gnu: cmake: Update to 3.19.2.
     add 2941220  gnu: Add Linux-Libre-LTS.
     add bd200d3  gnu: libzim: Update to 6.3.0.
     add 5364daa  gnu: kiwix-desktop: Fix typo.
     add 2af4966  gnu: kiwix-lib: Update to 9.4.1.
     add 999d403  gnu: kiwix-desktop: Add missing input.
     add 91d5424  gnu: memcached: Update to 1.6.9.
     add eb0c1e7  gnu: gauche: Update to 0.9.10.
     add 7f35162  gnu: gauche: Add slib support.
     add 7bcd1f9  gnu: qjackctl: Update to 0.9.0.
     add 77a48a4  gnu: miredo: Fix to use iproute2 from the store.
     add 0190c9b  gnu: Add fennel.
     add 2f84a58  gnu: gtksheet: Update to 4.3.5.
     add 3d5806e  gnu: powertabeditor: Update to 2.0.0-alpha14.
     add 63ebc38  gnu: ir: Fix build.
     add 649786f  import/print: package->code: Fix branching.
     add 5aae614  import/utils: alist->package: Handle SPDX license names only 
as fallback.
     add be0a06e  gnu: baobab: updating to version 3.38.0.
     add a016a45  maint: Remove unused '--with-nix-prefix' configure option.
     add 32568f5  gnu: Add Guile-zstd.
     add 72861d8  gnu: rottlog: Fix mail reporting.
     add 4688c9f  gnu: Add hunspell-dict-it-it.
     add e38d90d  transformations: Add '--with-patch'.
     add d21f251  news: Add entry for '--with-patch'.
     add 2cb4ff0  gnu: Add emacs-svg-icon.
     add 14e89ae  gnu: emacs-focus: Update to 1.0.0-1.5f3f20e.
     add 1f0f5d0  gnu: lepton-eda: Update to 1.9.13-20201211.
     add 551167d  news: Add ‘de’ translation.
     add b000a0b  gnu: cppcheck: Update to 2.3.
     add 25aac38  gnu: radicale: Update to 3.0.6.
     add b4db113  services: Add radicale-service-type.
     add 81b53ca  gnu: rpm: Update to
     add 7de292e  gnu: java-bouncycastle: Update to 1.67.
     add 668fa5a  gnu: Add emacs-org-fancy-priorities.
     add 14e6819  gnu: libid3tag: Install pkg-config file.
     add 83afa4e  gnu: libmad: Install pkg-config file.
     add 64af916  gnu: portmidi: Install pkg-config file.
     add fc5f56e  gnu: lame: Install pkg-config file.
     add 3e6c114  gnu: audacity: Update to 2.4.2.
     add 67a6084  gnu: Add guile-r6rs-protobuf.
     add 40afc2f  gnu: Add ruby-rugged.
     add f9e1baa  gnu: guile-json: Update to 4.4.1.
     add fdb90e9  gnu: libffi: On powerpc64le, patch using --force.
     add 662e7e2  gnu: libffi: On powerpc, patch with --force.
     add af196f3  gnu: Add python-stone.
     add c0f65f0  gnu: python-userspacefs: Update to 2.0.2.
     add ad68e30  gnu: python-dropbox: Update to 11.0.0.
     add 78fd422  gnu: dbxfs: Update to 1.0.48.
     add 98471d5  .guix-authorizations: Add leoprikler.
     add a942ab1  gnu: Add python-qtpy.
     add ef5df15  gnu: Add python-helpdev.
     add 51ad28a  gnu: Add python-qdarkstyle.
     add 57bba2e  gnu: Add python-bitstring.
     add c47e551  gnu: Add python-socks.
     add f108984  gnu: python-aiohttp-socks: Update to 0.5.5.
     add 90f5020  gnu: libsecp256k1: Update to 20200615-1-dbd41db.
     add 8a2a5ad  gnu: electrum: Update to 4.0.9.
     add 9779d08  gnu: python-helpdev: Enable tests.
     add 3742c7f  gnu: pythonbitstring: Run tests.
     add 14efb2f  gnu: Add cl-uax-15.
     add 069ee21  gnu: txr: Update to 245.
     add 4e342a5  gnu: ant: Update to 1.10.9.
     add a099d83  gnu: f2fs-tools-static: Fix build after f2fs-tools update.
     add 2341480  gnu: tilda: Update to 1.5.4.
     add 477649c  gnu: dialog: Update to 1.3-20201126.
     add 38076e3  gnu: dialog: Enable tests.
     add 04172e9  gnu: desktop-file-utils: Update to 0.26.
     add 44a395c  gnu: doctest: Update to 2.4.4.
     add 1a86305  gnu: enchant: Update to 2.2.15.
     add 1d16592  gnu: mpg123: Update to 1.26.4.
     add 1be0da2  gnu: whois: Update to 5.5.7.
     add cd11f6a  gnu: emacs-org: Work around missing version number.
     add 4aa4971  gnu: Add emacs-roguel-ike.
     add 25c3ce9  gnu: Add emacs-org-fragtog.
     add bb1efe4  gnu: Add emacs-keycast.
     add d482569  gnu: Add emacs-org-drill-table.
     add 6462330  gnu: whois: Fetch from upstream repository.
     add 3d395e3  utils: Add pkg-config-for-target.
     add f6c106b  gnu: whois: Fix cross compiling.
     add 30db113  gnu: Add meanwhile.
     add e5eb4db  gnu: Add silc-toolkit.
     add 4b8aa08  gnu: Add libgadu.
     add 2d20b23  gnu: Add libgnt.
     add 423228d  gnu: rosegarden: Update to 20.12.
     add d980e6e  gnu: u-boot: Fix freeze on boot with u-boot-rockpro64-rk3399.
     add ea1f76e  gnu: Add rust-typed-headers-0.1.
     add 257ff75  gnu: Add rust-serde-urlencoded-0.5.
     add eff3e79  gnu: Add rust-ct-logs-0.6.
     add 38cb4c4  gnu: rust-regex-syntax-0.6: Update to 0.6.21.
     add 0e868e9  gnu: rust-regex-1: Update to 1.4.2.
     add 6d19b50  gnu: rust-clap-2: Update to 2.33.3.
     add 18635f4  gnu: rust-ryu-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add ddce98e  gnu: Add rust-serde-urlencoded-0.7.
     add f3e63ff  gnu: rust-pin-project-lite-0.1: Update to 0.1.11.
     add 095153d  gnu: Add rust-pin-project-lite-0.2.
     add 3bc9e0b  gnu: rust-js-sys-0.3: Update to 0.3.46.
     add db9a051  gnu: Add rust-cfg-if-1.
     add 7a7c875  gnu: rust-pin-utils-0.1: Update to 0.1.0.
     add bd3997e  gnu: Add rust-sval-derive-0.5.
     add c67f7b3  gnu: Add rust-sval-0.5.
     add c242f9a  gnu: rust-log-0.4: Update to 0.4.11.
     add c8220d7  gnu: rust-proc-macro-hack-0.5: Update to 0.5.19.
     add 06f2b1e  gnu: rust-futures-core-preview-0.3: Update to 0.3.0-alpha.19.
     add 76ed409  gnu: rust-futures-select-macro-preview-0.3: Update to 
     add 4ed3f7e  gnu: Add rust-futures-join-macro-preview-0.3.
     add ef2ec32  gnu: rust-futures-io-preview-0.3: Update to 0.3.0-alpha.19.
     add 448ab6e  gnu: rust-futures-channel-preview-0.3: Update to 
     add 8d26d67  gnu: rust-futures-sink-preview-0.3: Update to 0.3.0-alpha.19.
     add 78d9597  gnu: rust-futures-util-preview-0.3: Update to 0.3.0-alpha.19.
     add 5cba847  gnu: rust-futures-executor-preview-0.3: Update to 
     add c173771  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-shared-0.2: Update to 0.2.69.
     add 5c75f87  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-backend-0.2: Update to 0.2.69.
     add 5442128  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-macro-support-0.2: Update to 0.2.69.
     add ec8820b  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-macro-0.2: Update to 0.2.69.
     add b370a77  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-test-macro-0.3: Update to 0.3.19.
     add e98b8b7  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-test-0.3: Update to 0.3.19.
     add 4887dc7  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-futures-0.4: Update to 0.4.19.
     add c1c40f1  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-0.2: Update to 0.2.69.
     add 8e09487  gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-0.2: Update dependencies.
     add 5bb943f  gnu: rust-futures-core-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 7a0ddf4  gnu: rust-futures-sink-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add c56bedd  gnu: rust-futures-channel-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 6c97562  gnu: rust-futures-task-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 17e2ce2  gnu: rust-futures-io-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 4e3c1c6  gnu: rust-futures-macro-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 3f63125  gnu: Add rust-pin-project-auxiliary-macro-0.0.
     add 2040d52  gnu: Add rust-pin-project-internal-1.
     add 6a52e6f  gnu: Add rust-pin-project-1.
     add 943f67c  gnu: rust-futures-util-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add 6a7f675  gnu: rust-futures-executor-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add ea436a0  gnu: rust-futures-0.3: Update to 0.3.8.
     add f4a687e  gnu: rust-trust-dns-openssl-0.19: Fix build.
     add 354190b  gnu: Add rust-tokio-socks-0.3.
     add e7094e9  gnu: rust-reqwest-0.10: Update to 0.10.10.
     add bb8cf4d  gnu: rust-libc-0.2: Update to 0.2.81.
     add 023ede8  gnu: rust-sha2-0.9: Update to 0.9.2.
     add 2283baa  gnu: monolith: Update to 2.4.0.
     add 0b27fdf  gnu: Add emacs-eldev.
     add 1ab6ccb  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.3.
     add 8727870  gnu: Remove linux-libre 5.9.
     add 88205d2  gnu: borg: Update to 1.1.15.
     add 7700f8e  gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.72.
     add c702f5d  gnu: v4l-utils: Update to 1.20.0.
     add a7051a0  gnu: redis: Update to 6.0.9.
     add 3a1cb92  gnu: redis: Unbundle jemalloc & reinstate most of the tests
     add 038e396  gnu: jasper: Update to 2.0.23.
     add d13fe46  gnu: frescobaldi: Update to 3.1.3.
     add f521104  gnu: snap: Update to 6.5.0.
     add 0ed6318  gnu: rust: Remove "i686-linux" from supported systems.
     add 7d440cd  Revert "gnu: u-boot: Fix freeze on boot with 
u-boot-rockpro64-rk3399." because it was applied to the wrong u-boot.
     add 2196129  gnu: u-boot-rockpro64-rk3399: Fix freeze on boot.
     add 142f871  gnu: Add shakespeare-spl.
     add e5c258b  gnu: python-cloudscraper: Drop interpreters at build time.
     add a2d5f9f  gnu: gnome-maps: Patch DBUS service.
     add ac80cbf  gnu: Add js-context-menu.
     add 1d77141  gnu: node: Fix npx shebang.
     add c5092b6  gnu: Add r-lgr.
     add ffe1f20  gnu: Add r-mlr3measures.
     add dd35b58  gnu: Add r-mlr3misc.
     add b32b625  gnu: Add r-paradox.
     add 7ba7881  gnu: Add r-mlr3.
     add 789bf7f  gnu: uBlock Origin: Update to 1.32.4.
     add 838db0d  gnu: r-sushi: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 69a5e06  gnu: r-gwascat: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 2a4322f  gnu: r-gviz: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 9534e7b  gnu: r-gqtlstats: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 8f1237c  gnu: r-ldblock: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 8c2b7c9  gnu: r-erma: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add a2c66d1  gnu: r-homo-sapiens: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 61ec892  gnu: r-snpstats: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 81f481d  gnu: r-gqtlstats: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 610cd6a  gnu: r-ggbio: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 0c8bb20  gnu: r-ldheatmap: Fix missing variable.
     add 03c51c0  gnu: Add ruby-3.0.
     add ae8f61f  gnu: libpeas: Update to 1.28.0.
     add 251e868  gnu: gst-editing-services: Build with introspection.
     add 4f196b0  gnu: Add gst-plugins/selection.
     add 95787bf  gnu: Update and deprecate gst-transcoder.
     add c412900  gnu: Add pitivi.
     add 9810ed3  gnu: kiwix-desktop: Fix program start.
     add 597c5c4  gnu: file-roller: Update to 3.38.0.
     add 595f44d  gnu: libsoup: Update to 2.72.0.
     add 5ea79e1  gnu: Add SVT-VP9.
     add fad9b4b  gnu: SVT-AV1: Update URLs.
     add da28772  gnu: SVT-AV1: It only supports 64-bit Intel-compatible 
     add a7d6e1b  gnu: r-ldheatmap: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
     add 28ccd1e  gnu: rtl8821ce-linux-module: Update to 0.0.0-2.14b536f.
     add 224d30d  gnu: ktouch: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 908e48f  gnu: kblocks: Update to 20.12.0.
     add d4dde66  gnu: kdiamond: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 08b19d7  gnu: kigo: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 092ccbf  gnu: klines: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 5bd901d  gnu: kollision: Update to 20.12.0.
     add f0a9276  gnu: ksnakeduel: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 3cd53b4  gnu: lskat: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 35c87a8  gnu: palapeli: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 6be0b8f  gnu: picmi: Update to 20.12.0.
     add a7ff007  gnu: ktuberling: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 6f85713  gnu: kolf: Update to 20.12.0.
     add f92f7fe  gnu: kfourinline: Update to 20.12.0.
     add b7ab88b  gnu: readosm: Update source hash.
     add 376a467  gnu: python2-pyqt-4: Update to 4.12.3.
     add 89761f0  gnu: python2-pyqt: Don't propagate python-sip.
     add 4697544  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.213.
     add 3a6276e  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.249.
     add 8e128df  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.249.
     add 5b3ec8c  gnu: emacs-auctex: Update to 13.0.1.
     add 2dc0555  gnu: emacs-tramp: Update to 2.5.0.
     add 776c700  gnu: tigervnc-client: Update to 1.11.0.
     add 0c31e86  gnu: timidity++: Update to 2.15.0.
     add e87a2de  gnu: milkytracker: Update to 1.03.00.
     add 50793bd  gnu: kajongg: Wrap binary with pythonpath.
     add 4cd1fac  gnu: libkmahjongg: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 7daf6bc  gnu: kmahjongg: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 455f9ec  gnu: kshisen: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 01497ef  gnu: kajongg: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 8ad4c48  gnu: kbreakout: Update to 20.12.0.
     add d842225  gnu: kmines: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 57c6361  gnu: konquest: Update to 20.12.0.
     add e9d0f4a  gnu: kbounce: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 656cc08  gnu: ksudoku: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 7341ab7  gnu: kgoldrunner: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 2555705  gnu: kblackbox: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 2ab9e58  gnu: knetwalk: Update to 20.12.0.
     add de8f4bc  gnu: bomber: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 2c876ee  gnu: granatier: Update to 20.12.0.
     add ee32e0f  gnu: ksirk: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 4c10278  gnu: kiriki: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 8e36d0c  gnu: kubrick: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 8fd37c7  gnu: kapman: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 2129bf0  gnu: kspaceduel: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 491a6e4  gnu: bovo: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 6dfd1fb  gnu: killbots: Update to 20.12.0.
     add ebae645  gnu: knavalbattle: Update to 20.12.0.
     add c739700  gnu: kreversi: Update to 20.08.3.
     add 189cd35  gnu: ksquares: Update to 20.12.0.
     add 4303e33  gnu: kjumpingcube: Update to 20.12.0.
     add bd15cd5  gnu: leptonica: Update to 1.80.0.
     add c386de0  gnu: Add ksshaskpass.
     add 44a4810  gnu: Add python-migen.
     add d1d092f  gnu: Add sdcv.
     add 77ca156  gnu: Remove ocaml-js-build-tools.
     add adb30e5  gnu: Add ocaml-sexplib0.
     add 55c2851  gnu: Add ocaml-base.
     add 662307c  gnu: Add ocaml-parsexp.
     add 5de771a  gnu: Add ocaml-sexplib.
     add 349699b  gnu: Add ocaml-ounit2.
     add 1a5bca9  gnu: ocaml-tyxml: Update to 4.4.0.
     add ad6a057  gnu: ocaml-markup: Update to 1.0.0.
     add 9e02c4a  gnu: Add ocaml-odoc.
     add c0bfff6  gnu: Add ocaml-version.
     add b135447  gnu: Add ocaml-mdx.
     add f6979a7  gnu: ocaml-yojson: Make dependencies propagated-inputs.
     add 9956857  gnu: Add ocaml-dot-merlin-reader.
     add 8b03692  gnu: Add ocaml-merlin.
     add 4408c4d  gnu: Add js-commander.
     add 2005aa4  gnu: Add js-xmldom-sre.
     add db785e3  gnu: Add r-mlr3learners.
     add debb5ad  gnu: Add r-bbotk.
     add 05c8c4f  gnu: Add r-mlr3tuning.
     add 452cd40  gnu: Add python-caniusepython3.
     add 7e5d56e  gnu: onionshare: Replace pycrypto by pycryptodome.
     add 9587890  gnu: gzochi: Update to 0.13.
     add 775991f  gnu: Add rust-headers-core-0.1.
     add 6cac86c  gnu: Add rust-headers-0.2.
     add 92d03ec  gnu: Add rust-utf8-width-0.1.
     add b129046  gnu: Add rust-byte-unit-4.
     add 114a77f  gnu: Add rust-ndk-macro-0.2.
     add d8b23fa  gnu: Add rust-num-enum-derive-0.4.
     add 72c17e1  gnu: Add rust-derivative-2.
     add a1fae22  gnu: Add rust-ndk-sys-0.2.
     add 72cb721  gnu: Add rust-combine-regex-1-1.
     add e49cd07  gnu: Add rust-combine-3.
     add 46f5b22  gnu: Add rust-bytes-0.6.
     add b239e49  gnu: rust-tracing-core-0.1: Update to 0.1.17.
     add c1ed49d  gnu: rust-tracing-0.1: Update to 0.1.22.
     add 8cd6016  gnu: rust-socket2-0.3: Update to 0.3.18.
     add 5dbaee9  gnu: rust-miow-0.3: Update to 0.3.6.
     add 61830c5  gnu: Add rust-ntapi-0.3.
     add 211da9f  gnu: Add rust-mio-0.7.
     add 98e2a06  gnu: Add rust-cesu8-1.
     add a4efec5  gnu: rust-tokio-0.1: Update to 0.1.22.
     add 6575e5d  gnu: Add rust-tokio-openssl-0.3.
     add 80a3534  gnu: rust-tokio-openssl-0.4: Fix build.
     add 445caff  gnu: Add rust-tokio-tls-0.2.
     add e82c07f  gnu: rust-tokio-tls-0.3: Fix build.
     add e47a571  gnu: Add guile-shapefile.
     add 15122d3  gnu: kdav: Update to 20.04.3.
     add b4b1c64  gnu: qca: Update to 2.3.1.
     add 2223333  gnu: emacs-sly: Update to 1.0.42.
     add 253cd05  gnu: sbcl-slynk: Update to 1.0.42.
     add 32feb2c  gnu: sbcl: Update to 2.1.0.
     add 846e2e6  gnu: Add emacs-sly-stepper.
     add 2919de7  gnu: Add rust-rusty-fork-0.3.
     add 1efcfa0  gnu: Add rust-bit-field-0.10.
     add f35dae5  gnu: Add rust-core-affinity-0.5.
     add 2df2bf8  gnu: Add rust-raw-cpuid-8.
     add f3091f7  gnu: Add rust-x86-0.33.
     add d37f865  gnu: rust-loom-0.3: Update to 0.3.6.
     add 5c06c4f  gnu: Add rust-nix-0.19.
     add 0989959  gnu: Add rust-proptest-0.10.
     add 0f89d63  gnu: Add rust-tokio-0.3 and rust-tokio-test-0.3.
     add 082e8a6  gnu: Add rust-tokio-macros-0.3.
     add 67fc7dc  gnu: rust-tokio-macros-0.2: Remove duplicate package.
     add b8017db  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-openssl-0.6.
     add 78791ed  gnu: rust-trust-dns-native-tls-0.19: Fix build.
     add 011ad30  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-native-tls-0.6.
     add 5791cf7  gnu: rust-data-encoding-2: Update to 2.3.1.
     add 158c1bb  gnu: rust-trust-dns-https-0.19: Disable tests.
     add 44462b1  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-https-0.3.
     add 6aee4aa  gnu: rust-trust-dns-resolver-0.19: Disable tests.
     add 33ebe9f  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-resolver-0.11.
     add b929af8  gnu: Add rust-tokio-rustls-0.10.
     add 6b9741d  gnu: Add rust-hyper-rustls-0.17.
     add ba4627e  gnu: Add rust-reqwest-0.9.
     add 4072980  gnu: rust-cc-1: Update to 1.0.66.
     add dd31176  gnu: grpc: Update to 1.34.0.
     add ca065e6  gnu: Remove python2-pyarrow.
     add 6a69568  gnu: rust-raw-cpuid-8: Shorten synopsis.
     add 50abaf6  gnu: slurm: Update to 20.11.2.
     add 9d6863d  gnu: borg: Install shell completions.
     add d598e43  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.27.
     add 9517fc9  gnu: rust-once-cell-1: Update to 1.5.2.
     add 9aa1930  gnu: rust-vcpkg-0.2: Update to 0.2.11.
     add 0492cc2  gnu: zrythm: Update to 1.0.0-alpha.6.0.1.
     add 13c9a1e  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.4.
     add 19a5ca8  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.86.
     add c6a201b  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.164.
     add dfcd1a8  gnu: Revise comment for Linux-Libre-LTS.
     add 764fbd0  gnu: Add erofs-utils.
     add bffc33d  gnu: librsync: Update to 2.3.1.
     add 9606041  gnu: libupnp: Update to 1.14.0.
     add 093429c  gnu: monero: Update to
     add 67497e2  gnu: monero-gui: Update to
     add 6418033  gnu: rust-libgit2-sys-0.12: Update to 0.12.17+1.1.0.
     add 246adea  gnu: rust-paste-impl-0.1: Update to 0.1.18.
     add c5f9fba  gnu: rust-paste-0.1: Update to 0.1.18.
     add 5556146  gnu: rust-git2-0.13: Update to 0.13.15.
     add fb53356  gnu: rust-toml-0.5: Update to 0.5.8.
     add 5f6216d  build-system/cargo: Use argument "--no-track" in "cargo 
     add c9156e8  gnu: gsasl: Fix cross compiling.
     add 75166b2  gnu: matio: Update to 1.5.19.
     add 63e6f8a  gnu: vips: Update to 8.10.5.
     add 5d99167  gnu: vips: Sort inputs alphabetically.
     add e29432a  gnu: minixml: Update to 3.2.
     add 6af3d85  gnu: sbcl-mcclim: Update to 0.9.7-1.04cc542.
     add 79eee4f  gnu: drumstick: Update to 2.0.0.
     add e3eea17  gnu: vmpk: Update to 0.8.0.
     add f249af3  import/elpa: Abort early on failure to fetch meta data.
     add 51c06d1  import/utils: recursive-import: Fix typo.
     add 3da8b44  gnu: Add emacs-window-purpose.
     add 0faa58f  gnu: emacs-logview: Update to 0.14.
     add 6753228  gnu: emacs-vterm: Update to 0-4.a670b78.
     add 592d695  gnu: libproxy: Update to 0.4.17.
     add 94803ec  gnu: bitcoin-unlimited: Fix time specific test failure.
     add 906fb64  gnu: guile-picture-language: Update to 0.0.1-2.bf4600b.
     add 777ecc1  gnu: guile-studio: Update to 0.0.4-1.84d4e8d.
     add f59bfc1  gnu: Add yakuake.
     add fbbee36  gnu: msmtp: Update to 1.8.14.
     add fdf7095  gnu: java-xstream: Update to 1.4.15.
     add 153151a  Revert "gnu: tigervnc-client: Update to 1.11.0."
     add 0d85401  gnu: tigervnc-client: Update to 1.11.0.
     add 947aed1  gnu: pipewire: Update to 0.3.18.
     add 50812aa  gnu: guile-squee: Update to 0-2.c1497a2.
     add 49ef49a  gnu: emacs-emms: Update to 6.3.
     add 66e6a3d  gnu: emacs-dired-sidebar: Update to 0.1.0-2.da77919.
     add 6908552  gnu: guile-studio: Update to 0.0.4-2.e9f2b46.
     add 05c37c5  gnu: polybar: Update to 3.5.3.
     add ce3b439  gnu: git: Update to 2.30.0.
     add a838475  gnu: bootterm: Update to 0.2.
     add d38e410  gnu: Add perl-eval-withlexicals.
     add 88a4e5f  gnu: txr: Update to 246.
     add 1fc9bae  gnu: Add cl-ixf.
     add d9010a3  gnu: sbcl-cl-fastcgi: Update to 20210121.
     add 7d05575  gnu: brlaser: Update to 6-1.9d7ddda.
     add ef126b9  gnu: alive: Update to 2.0.3.
     add 072abfe  gnu: evisum: Update to 0.5.8.
     add 9853573  gnu: Add bcache-tools.
     add 2d4c1c0  gnu: ndctl: Update to 71.1.
     add da7fde0  gnu: smartmontools: Update to 7.2.
     add ab3fbb27 gnu: oath-toolkit: Update to 2.6.5.
     add 74d8112  gnu: font-gnu-unifont: Update to 13.0.05.
     add d6660ef  gnu: deutex: Update to 5.2.2.
     add e2492f5  gnu: routino: Update to 3.3.3.
     add f50adf0  gnu: lsp-dsp-lib: Update to 0.5.11.
     add 673c58c  gnu: lsp-dsp-lib: Omit static library.
     add 81c7a75  gnu: gnome-tweaks: Update to 3.34.1.
     add 961fdd3  gnu: wavemon: Update to 0.9.3.
     add 8933aba  gnu: gpick: Update to 0.2.6.
     add 48dafe7  gnu: udunits: Update to 2.2.28.
     add 2a7dce4  gnu: udunits: Omit static library.
     add 7431bdb  gnu: brltty: Update to 6.2.
     add 2836936  gnu: mutt: Update to 2.0.4.
     add b7e8863  gnu: mpop: Update to 1.4.12.
     add fe84fac  gnu: synthv1: Update to 0.9.19.
     add 433344c  gnu: drumkv1: Update to 0.9.19.
     add c5cba7d  gnu: samplv1: Update to 0.9.19.
     add 2988968  gnu: padthv1: Update to 0.9.19.
     add a4ca791  gnu: qtractor: Update to 0.9.19.
     add 35d6d33  gnu: highlight: Update to 3.60.
     add 320340e  gnu: b4: Update to 0.6.2.
     add a0ad182  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2020.12.31.
     add 43cb64d  gnu: cifs-utils: Update to 6.12.
     add 3b4bfe8  gnu: lighttpd: Update to 1.4.58.
     add 810c185  gnu: egl-wayland: Update to 1.1.6.
     add e14d29f  gnu: httpstat: Update to 1.3.1.
     add 1da9de5  gnu: notmuch: Update to 0.31.3.
     add eba2c6a  gnu: font-liberation: Update to 2.1.2.
     add 64fc78c  gnu: dash: Update to
     add 434f378  gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.1500.
     add 4052209  gnu: font-jetbrains-mono: Update to 2.221.
     add e9aaa2f  gnu: freeciv: Update to 2.6.3.
     add 0ad41c3  gnu: stellarium: Update to 0.20.4.
     add 7d0e111  gnu: Add Rust 1.47.
     add 402e697  gnu: Add Rust 1.48.
     add 062854d  gnu: Add Rust 1.49.
     add b252db3  gnu: gsasl: Update to 1.10.0.
     add 143a4f0  gnu: libinfinity: Update to 0.7.2.
     add f39ee73  gnu: Add python-pdftotext.
     add c389899  gnu: Register missing patch.
     add 28f15b9  gnu: giac: Update to 1.6.0-41.
     add 2bb3ced  gnu: python-libnacl: Update to 1.7.2.
     add ee375d1  gnu: Update a copyright line.
     add 8f93628  gnu: python-graphql-core: Update to 3.1.2.
     add 461d817  gnu: python-attrs: Update to 20.3.0.
     add 1f7af04  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-13.3a921d4.
     add d3f96ad  gnu: guix-data-service: Update to 0.0.1-22.bd83906.
     add 20d2e1a  gnu: crypto++: Update to 8.3.0.
     add 809b066  gnu: xen: Update to 4.14.1.
     add 20dda76  Revert "gnu: python-attrs: Update to 20.3.0."
     add c369e03  gnu: graphicsmagick: Update to 1.3.36.
     add 18a342b  gnu: icu4c: Update to 68.2.
     add 395489c  gnu: spice-vdagent: Update to 0.20.0.
     add c3e6fcd  gnu: wireguard-linux-compat: Update to 1.0.20201221.
     add 15bffa0  gnu: libshout: Update to 2.4.5.
     add 418de55  gnu: gaupol: Update to 1.9.
     add cea9741  gnu: libinfinity: Omit static libraries
     add cc63996  gnu: libnet6: Omit static library.
     add c2c954a  gnu: obby: Omit static library.
     add db20165  gnu: libressl: Update to 3.1.5 [security fix].
     add c15fee6  gnu: mame: Update to 0.227.
     add f4a8091  gnu: geoclue: Update to 2.5.7.
     add a564ff1  gnu: fetchmail: Update to 6.4.14.
     add dda16f7  gnu: zabbix-agentd: Update to 5.2.3.
     add 868e308  gnu: zabbix-agentd: Enable IPv6.
     add dd8292d  gnu: fldigi: Update to 4.1.17.
     add 78a9cfa  gnu: perl-search-xapian: Update to
     add 55e8865  gnu: librsvg-next: Build with current rust.
     add e43a91a  gnu: librsvg-next: Update to 2.50.2.
     add b40195e  gnu: Add rust-funty-1.
     add b571ce1  gnu: Add rust-radium-0.5.
     add 2c860bf  gnu: Add rust-tap-1.
     add e3cf342  gnu: Add rust-wyz-0.2.
     add 8b9cb0b  gnu: Add rust-bitvec-0.19.
     add e6e350e  gnu: Add rust-nom-6.
     add 2dc2c23  gnu: Add rust-cxx-test-suite-0.0.
     add 77b8a67  gnu: Add rust-cxxbridge-flags-0.5.
     add 7428713  gnu: Add rust-fuzzy-matcher-0.3.
     add 5fea1f5  gnu: Add rust-utf8parse-0.2.
     add 9ef6055  gnu: Add rust-link-cplusplus-1.
     add c79834e  gnu: Add rust-rustyline-derive-0.3.
     add f1d86bf  gnu: Add rust-scratch-1.
     add e5adfba  gnu: Add rust-tuikit-0.2.
     add 6170f0b  gnu: Add rust-timer-0.2.
     add 8d1faae  gnu: Add rust-nix-0.18.
     add 9bceb6d  gnu: Add rust-skim-0.7.
     add a4fa18f  gnu: Add rust-rustyline-6.
     add 684897d  gnu: rust-trybuild-1: Update to 1.0.38.
     add c61ddb6  gnu: Add rust-codespan-reporting-0.9.
     add 69d1b05  gnu: Add rust-cxx-gen-0.6.
     add f42ae2b  gnu: Add rust-cxx-build-0.5.
     add abe4726  gnu: Add rust-cxx-0.5, rust-cxxbridge-macro-0.5.
     add aeb2493  gnu: newsboat: Update to 2.22.
     add f30f9cf  gnu: Add rust-num-enum-0.4.
     add d5bb0e4  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-14.5149e4f.
     add 88c2e72  gnu: guix-data-service: Update to 0.0.1-23.e3878fe.
     add 7617109  gnu: guile-picture-language: Update to 0.0.1-3.7e5982a.
     add e7ff878  gnu: rav1e: Update to 0.3.5.
     add 5e99a02  gnu: graphicsmagick: Add dependency on libwebp.
     add c729a06  gnu: sddm: Update to 0.19.0.
     add 7dd1a21  gnu: sdcv: Add 'STARDICT_DATA_DIR' search path spec.
     add b7f47d2  gnu: ccid: Fix cross-compilation.
     add 6e95e7d  gnu: Add go-github-com-leodido-go-urn.
     add 398f5b4  gnu: Add go-github-com-go-playground-locales.
     add ac7174b  gnu: Add go-github-com-go-playground-universal-translator.
     add 0023c76  gnu: Add go-gopkg-in-go-playground-assert-v1.
     add 19be547  gnu: Add go-gopkg-in-go-playground-validator-v9.
     add dafcf2f  gnu: Add go-github-com-goccy-yaml.
     add 79d5a18  gnu: Add go-github-com-songmu-gitconfig.
     add 0a7d6e8  gnu: Add go-github-com-golangplus-fmt.
     add 0d8f28e  gnu: Add go-github-com-golangplus-testing.
     add da3335b  gnu: Add go-github-com-daviddengcn-go-colortext.
     add 6296c03  gnu: Add go-github-com-motemen-go-colorine.
     add 289385f  gnu: Add
     add 10a8bf0  gnu: Add go-github-com-urfave-cli-v2.
     add 7c037ce  gnu: go-github-com-motemen-go-colorine: Propagate inputs.
     add 2cb5ebf  gnu: Add ghq.
     add 9d34b04  /etc/profile.d/ Add guix pull profile even when absent
     add 60e1fa2  gnu: pidgin: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add 7b1dccf  gnu: pidgin: Re-arrange inputs in alphabetical order.
     add 10f32ae  gnu: pidgin: Add missing inputs.
     add d02ada4  gnu: pidgin: Enable support for mono.
     add 80ecda9  gnu: pidgin: Enable meanwhile.
     add 1b80f67  gnu: pidgin: Enable CAP.
     add 43ba7a9  gnu: pidgin: Enable SILC protocol support.
     add 8235678  gnu: pidgin: Enable support for Tcl.
     add f0e429a  gnu: pidgin: Enable support for Tk.
     add 89f4f0b  gnu: pidgin: Upgrade to 2.14.1.
     add 5541206  gnu: pidgin: Enable Gadu-Gadu protocol support.
     add 3fd4477  gnu: pidgin: Enable MultiMedia and A/V support.
     add 844da71  gnu: libotr: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add d3fb65a  gnu: libotr: Update license.
     add 4f1f518  gnu: pidgin-otr: Make some cosmetic changes.
     add 3fd6fd7  gnu: pidgin-otr: Update license.
     add f2f7395  gnu: pidgin-otr: Add some inputs.
     add 0d72cdc  gnu: Add rust-serial-test-derive-0.5.
     add c1d165e  gnu: Add rust-serial-test-0.5.
     add 7323316  gnu: perl-lwp-protocol-https: Uncomment perl-mozilla-ca input.
     add d944f10  gnu: Add guile2.0-pg.
     add 700ee27  gnu: Add rust-cbindgen-0.16.
     add 8ab0849  gnu: guile-gi: Update to 0.3.1.
     add d414327  gnu: guile-gi: Patch all references to libguile-gi.
     add 326ec73  gnu: rust-scoped-tls-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add e067cc3  gnu: Add rust-loom-0.4.
     add 4c4bac9  gnu: Add rust-bytes-1.
     add eedb511  gnu: rust-loom-0.4: Fix code typo.
     add 98de21a  gnu: rust-autocfg-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add d9e4ccd  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2021.01.03.
     add d7bcee2  gnu: buku: Update to 4.5.
     add aa2e420  gnu: dav1d: Update to 0.8.1.
     add 73023b2  gnu: rust-embed-resource: Update to 1.3.3.
     add 4d047d1  gnu: watchexec: Update to 1.14.1.
     add e5b9bda  gnu: xterm: Update to 363.
     add 9c769ac  gnu: osinfo-db: Update to 20201218.
     add 2fd7987  gnu: libwacom: Update to 1.7.
     add eacffb9  gnu: nix: Update to 2.3.10.
     add f186bfb  gnu: rust-anyhow-1: Update to 1.0.37.
     add f7d3d1c  gnu: rust-anyhow-1: Don't skip build.
     add d76f073  gnu: rust-anyhow-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add 90cb449  gnu: rust-unicode-segmentation-1.6: Drop minor version from 
     add c10829a  gnu: Remove rust-unicode-segmentation-1.3.
     add dfcca5e  gnu: rust-unicode-segmentation-1: Update to 1.7.1.
     add 0e4e918  gnu: Add rust-async-stream-impl-0.3.
     add bc67bc0  gnu: Add rust-async-stream-0.3.
     add c9c6536  gnu: Add rust-tokio-1.
     add 257e0b6  gnu: Add rust-core-foundation-sys-0.2.
     add e689bfe  gnu: Add rust-core-foundation-0.2.
     add 9eb94c2  gnu: Add rust-security-framework-sys-0.1.
     add 7712500  gnu: Add rust-security-framework-0.1.
     add 319e487  gnu: Add rust-cbindgen-0.15.
     add 6958eb5  gnu: Add rust-tokio-util-0.2.
     add a9b521f  gnu: Add rust-async-log-attributes-1.
     add 1f7f45e  gnu: Add rust-async-log-1.
     add a60dca6  gnu: Add rust-femme-1.
     add 02a73fe  gnu: Add rust-kv-log-macro-1.
     add 0f3d491  gnu: Add rust-futures-timer-1.
     add 5b4695f  gnu: Add rust-broadcaster-0.2.
     add 3f87fde  gnu: Add rust-async-task-1.
     add e8cef78  gnu: rust-futures-preview-0.3: Update to 0.3.0-alpha.19.
     add fa660cf  gnu: Add rust-async-macros-1.
     add 7790516  gnu: Add rust-async-attributes-1 and rust-async-std-0.99.
     add 974ba26  gnu: Add rust-femme-2.
     add 168103c  gnu: Add rust-atomic-waker-1.
     add 2e08ae8  gnu: Add rust-waker-fn-1.
     add b5d6591  gnu: Add rust-easy-parallel-3.
     add ed7959b  gnu: Add rust-parking-2.
     add cb0c8d1  gnu: Add rust-fastrand-1.
     add 3fd8fa5  gnu: Add rust-spin-on-0.1.
     add 69d2254  gnu: Add rust-futures-lite-1.
     add 28ba489  gnu: Add rust-cache-padded-1.
     add 316e4ab  gnu: Add rust-concurrent-queue-1.
     add d194a33  gnu: Add rust-event-listener-2.
     add bef4a1f  gnu: Add rust-blocking-0.6.
     add 2cfceef  gnu: Add rust-async-channel-1.
     add b08673d  gnu: rust-once-cell: Improve description.
     add 3e31727  gnu: rust-tokio-0.3: Update to 0.3.6.
     add b9a3720  gnu: guile-cairo: Compile Scheme sources.
     add 8caf793  gnu: guile-rsvg: Compile Scheme files.
     add edf0043  gnu: guile-studio: Update to 0.1.0-1.93622e7.
     add dd450f6  gnu: Add rust-jni-sys-0.3.
     add 0ec523e  gnu: Add rust-jni-glue-0.0.
     add a5d76ec  gnu: Add rust-jni-0.14.
     add 99fdeba  gnu: Add rust-ndk-0.2.
     add 82946b0  gnu: Add rust-android-log-sys-0.1.
     add 52afb2f  gnu: Add rust-android-logger-0.8.
     add 1670de3  gnu: Add rust-ndk-glue-0.2.
     add ad911c8  doc: Running Guix Before It Is Installed: mention ./bootstrap
     add 708a610  gnu: Add coin3D@4.0.0.
     add a5f1370  gnu: Add soqt.
     add ad2469e  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.29.
     add 4a829b2  gnu: Add wyhash.
     add fdfc1c8  gnu: Add nordic-theme.
     add 6f365f7  gnu: elisa: Update to 20.12.0.
     add d005f80  gnu: Add cl-db3.
     add ed63b7f8 guix hash: Honor '-H' when used alongside '-r'.
     add 9158020  substitute: Handle "invalid session" GnuTLS errors on reused 
     add 61d8bd5  machine: ssh: Do not import the host (guix config), really.
     add 0aed31b  environment: Remove unused modules.
     add 729f582  gnu: Add boxes.
     add 08f35b9  gnu: Add nomacs photo lounge.
     add a2da607  gnu: suitesparse: Install libraries into /lib.
     add 223d8fb  gnu: ikiwiki: Fix build.
     add d72a0d4  gnu: dovecot: Update to 2.3.13 [fixes CVE-2020-25275, 
     add 95e7542  gnu: dovecot-pigeonhole: Update to 0.5.13.
     add 9fa21ed  gnu: Add rust-wepoll-sys-3.
     add e4dad3d  gnu: Add rust-polling-2.
     add 24a285a  gnu: Add rust-nb-connect-1.
     add 8c4afe8  gnu: Add rust-vec-arena-1.
     add 3daf1cc  gnu: Add rust-spinning-top-0.2.
     add fd9e53b  gnu: Add rust-getrandom-0.2.
     add cf5fdbf  gnu: Add rust-random-trait-0.1.
     add 9effe70  gnu: Add rust-random-fast-rng-0.1.
     add 4f4f2ed  gnu: Add rust-randomize-4.
     add 8849b7c  gnu: Add rust-nanorand-0.5.
     add aaf637e  gnu: rust-signal-hook-0.1: Update to 0.1.16.
     add 6065b4c  gnu: Add rust-inotify-0.8.
     add 3a720e6  gnu: Add rust-timerfd-1.
     add 6024b04  gnu: Add rust-uds-windows-0.1.
     add ab71cd3  gnu: Add rust-flume-0.10.
     add b5b3690  gnu: Add rust-async-task-4.
     add 7b99671  gnu: Add rust-blocking-1.
     add 5b15b42  gnu: Add rust-async-io-1 and rust-async-net-1.
     add 3bfb1b5  gnu: Add rust-async-executor-1.
     add 9ebf579  gnu: Add rust-async-global-executor-1.
     add e619b4b  gnu: Add rust-wepoll-sys-stjepang-1.
     add 3047a8b  gnu: Add rust-parking-1.
     add 720bb2b  gnu: Add rust-futures-lite-0.1.
     add 9e17c5a  gnu: Add rust-blocking-0.4.
     add 6cb091d  gnu: Add rust-async-task-3.
     add c6e8a56  gnu: Add rust-piper-0.1.
     add e6b2be5  gnu: Add rust-smol-0.1.
     add 56e70c0  gnu: Add rust-futures-intrusive-0.3.
     add 6ede8a1  gnu: Add rust-async-mutex-1.
     add 20e1e22  gnu: Add rust-async-process-1.
     add 6bb9343  gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-utils-0.8.
     add 7144a26  gnu: Add rust-gloo-timers-0.2.
     add 6054b7d  gnu: boxes: Properly wrap hash.
     add bab4e48  gnu: Add python-pivy.
     add ed2e0b1  gnu: FreeCad: Update to 0.18.5-1.7616153.
     add 475c327  gnu: emacsy: Partially unbreak build and switch to Guile 3.0.
     add 6c3690f  guix system: Add '--graph-backend'.
     add fa42774  ui: It's 2021 now!
     add 10612d6  graph: Install JavaScript files.
     add 01b59de  gnu: Add guile-jwt.
     add 84e31f3  gnu: Add guile-udev.
     add f40ddf9  gnu: artanis: Fix typo.
     add 58a5746  gnu: Add stiff.
     add c25285b  gnu: parallel: Update to 20201222.
     add e328165  gnu: smalltalk: Fix integer multiplication overflow.
     add df965a5  gnu: smalltalk: Update to version 3.2.91.
     add 324117c  gnu: crypto++: Update to 8.4.0.
     add effacc2  gnu: visidata: Update to 2.1.1.
     add 957f0c4  gnu: terminator: Update to 1.92.
     add 31651ff  gnu: Add akregator.
     add b684d45  gnu: moreutils: Update to 0.65.
     add a5d82fd  gnu: python-prompt-toolkit: Update to 3.0.9.
     add 08157e1  gnu: Add rust-extend-0.1.
     add 99f7389  gnu: Add rust-assert-json-diff-1.
     add 9cb0167  gnu: Add rust-mockito-0.23.
     add b4161c6  gnu: Add rust-sluice-0.5.
     add c8ffcf7  gnu: Add rust-nanorand-0.4.
     add c221a89  gnu: Add rust-flume-0.9.
     add c0fde71  gnu: Add rust-enum-to-u8-slice-derive-0.1.
     add aeb3c2e  gnu: Add rust-mesalink-1.
     add b14f558  gnu: rust-curl-sys-0.4: Update to 0.4.39+curl-7.74.0.
     add 6d1b9d1  gnu: Add rust-curl-0.4.
     add f7a3216  gnu: Add rust-env-logger-0.8.
     add 48f6705  gnu: Add rust-indicatif-0.15.
     add 9b8b86b  gnu: Add rust-insta-0.12.
     add 3b6e3a5  gnu: Add rust-test-case-1.
     add 3477732  gnu: Add rust-tracing-serde-0.1.
     add 98cff9b  gnu: Add rust-sharded-slab-0.1.
     add daad211  gnu: rust-thread-local-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add 439d39f  gnu: Add rust-tracing-subscriber-0.2.
     add c00874e  gnu: Add rust-isahc-0.9.
     add 1352555  gnu: Add rust-async-native-tls-0.3.
     add 912a34c  gnu: rust-httparse-1: Update to 1.3.4.
     add 5629259  gnu: rust-serde-derive-1: Update to 1.0.118.
     add adb7159  gnu: rust-serde-1: Update to 1.0.118.
     add d54597f  gnu: rust-threadpool-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add b3b4448  gnu: rust-indicatif-0.15: Update dependant crates.
     add e77f7e7  gnu: rust-fuzzy-matcher-0.3: Update dependant crates.
     add 08b12d0  gnu: nomacs: Satisfy guix lint.
     add cf3ca5a  gnu: xfce4-taskmanager: Update to 1.4.0.
     add bd67482  gnu: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: Update to 1.2.0.
     add d33b7a2  gnu: xfce4-verve-plugin: Update to 2.0.1.
     add 4246dea  gnu: xfce4-fsguard-plugin: Update to 1.1.2.
     add f42c6bb  gnu: emacs-vterm: Fix version.
     add cf289d7  Discover extensions via GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH.
     add 0e8ff57  gnu: emacs-csv-mode: Update to 1.14.
     add e5f0ff0  gnu: xfce4-diskperf-plugin: Update to 2.6.3.
     add 0cb029a  gnu: xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: Update to 1.3.0.
     add d636094  gnu: xfce4-mount-plugin: Update to 1.1.5.
     add 47172ca  gnu: xfce4-systemload-plugin: Update to 1.2.4.
     add 218ce8b  gnu: xfce4-xkb-plugin: Update to 0.8.2.
     add 3ad2f73  gnu: xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: Update to 0.5.2.
     add a0e31f3  gnu: xfce4-wavelan-plugin: Update to 0.6.2.
     add 074baed  gnu: xfce4-datetime-plugin: Update to 0.8.1.
     add 12903a5  gnu: lilv: Update to 0.24.10.
     add 853665f  gnu: ispell: Update to 3.4.01.
     add 0eacdd4  gnu: lziprecover: Update to 1.22.
     add c235411  gnu: Add jitterentropy-rngd.
     add e1e42ea  gnu: xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: Update to 2.5.1.
     add acc87fa  gnu: Add turbostat.
     add c811818  gnu: Add tmon.
     add 1bb235c  gnu: tmon: Clarify licence.
     add 4a9103d  gnu: eid-mw: Update to 5.0.11.
     add c3350b9  gnu: eid-mw: Omit static libraries.
     add 333b9c8  gnu: tmon: Clarify some more.
     add 6ef7726  gnu: rcm: Update to 1.3.4.
     add 6b64bba  gnu: moe: Update to 1.11.
     add 91bc4f4  gnu: readymedia: Clean-up origin code.
     add de194a3  gnu: upnp.scm: Use license prefix.
     add 406008a  gnu: readymedia: Update to 1.3.0.
     add 7dfc2d2  gnu: readymedia: Sort inputs alphabetically.
     add 6200fca  gnu: upnp.scm: Sort package module imports alphabetically.
     add 684d27c  gnu: emacs-esxml: Update to 0.3.5.
     add f024a7b  gnu: gpsbabel: Update to 1.7.0.
     add d5ecfb4  gnu: gpsbabel: Unbundle zlib.
     add 3b141f2  gnu: gpsbabel: Enable tests.
     add 32ab454  gnu: cozy: Update to 0.7.8.
     add 5296548  gnu: mu: Update to 1.4.14.
     add caa2209  gnu: Add agnostic-lizard.
     add 0c8abac  gnu: emacs-sly-stepper: Find required Common Lisp dependency.
     add 8480c65  doc: Link to "Keyboard Layout" in "operating-system Reference"
     add 3be8636  gnu: emacs-sly: Update to 20210105 (fixes breaking issues).
     add 5f0cc5f  gnu: emacs-company-math: Update to 1.4.
     add 288fe18  gnu: Add cl-py-configparser.
     add 69c0526  gnu: sbcl-agnostic-lizard: Fix home-page.
     add 74783ba  gnu: directfb: Fix home page.
     add 61ec6dc  gnu: sbcl-ironclad: Update to 0.54.
     add ddb9787  gnu: emacs-anzu: Update to 0.64.
     add 6be2714  gnu: python-cypari2: Update to 2.1.2.
     add 1482996  gnu: emacs-xml-rpc: Update to 1.6.15.
     add 206359a  gnu: emacs-xterm-color: Update to 2.0.
     add f259941  gnu: Add rust-actix-threadpool-0.3.
     add 088bc58  gnu: Add rust-copyless-0.1.
     add f261ff5  gnu: Add rust-actix-macros-0.1 and rust-actix-rt-1.
     add 16acd9a  gnu: Add rust-actix-codec-0.3.
     add ea4b4b4  gnu: Add rust-actix-service-1.
     add d793a0f  gnu: Add rust-actix-utils-2.
     add 88d4cc0  gnu: Add rust-actix-server-1.
     add b6071e7  gnu: Add rust-actix-testing-1.
     add bb9236b  gnu: Add rust-bytestring-0.1.
     add 0122efe  gnu: Add rust-actix-router-0.2.
     add 52cc16b  gnu: Add rust-brotli-sys-0.3.
     add 9cb973e  gnu: Add rust-brotli2-0.3.
     add bed6831  gnu: Add rust-actix-codec-0.2.
     add 4e9dbf6  gnu: Add rust-actix-utils-1.
     add d1a6c1a  gnu: Add rust-actix-tls-1.
     add c6cdfab  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-proto-0.18.
     add 98c4ebe  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-openssl-0.18.
     add 2ff80a9  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-native-tls-0.18.
     add 0d3be91  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-rustls-0.18.
     add eba03b5  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-https-0.18.
     add 0cc9efb  gnu: Add rust-trust-dns-resolver-0.18.
     add 4d5ac43  gnu: rust-trust-dns-rustls-0.19: Fix build.
     add 7d00f7d  gnu: Add rust-actix-connect-1.
     add 7370231  gnu: Add rust-actix-derive-0.5.
     add c859c76  gnu: Add rust-actix-0.10.
     add 03487c3  gnu: Add rust-actix-web-2.
     add c3af32a  gnu: Add rust-infer-0.2.
     add f78b1a6  gnu: rust-csv-1.1: Update to 1.1.5.
     add 6e83fcd  gnu: rust-csv: Do not skip build.
     add 848cfe9  gnu: Add rust-serde-qs-0.7.
     add ddd9471  gnu: Add rust-simple-mutex-1.
     add 29d8b1f  gnu: Add rust-async-dup-1.
     add 3e5c122  gnu: Add rust-byte-pool-0.2.
     add 87c670a  gnu: Add rust-portpicker-0.1.
     add ff1a9f0  gnu: rust-csv-1: Remove minor version from name.
     add 3d3185b  services: kernel-module-loader: Return a single 
     add 4e2a7cc  gnu: python-curtsies: Update to 0.3.4.
     add 1379bb2  gnu: bpython: Update to 0.20.1.
     add 4c69727  gnu: guix: Set GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH.
     add db42ee6  gnu: rust-assert-json-diff-1: Fix syntax error.
     add 8d76613  gnu: guile-curl: Update to 0.7.
     add cdad0a2  gnu: Add guile2.2-curl.
     add e57b978  gnu: guix: Update to 1.2.0-9.db42ee6.
     add 8d3184c  gnu: zfs: Fix build.
     add b793718  import: elpa: Updater gracefully handles missing upstream 
     add 069bb95  upstream: Make the 'updaters' parameter optional.
     add c356c75  gnu: slurm: Add old 20.02 version back.
     add d590913  gnu: texmacs: Install desktop file.
     add 5babdbd  gnu: wlroots: Propagate wayland-protocols.
     add 106c663  gnu: Add cagebreak.
     add 0d3f271  gnu: base: Add keywords to make-glibc-utf8-locales.
     add b509a07  gnu: Add duktape.
     add f2089be  gnu: json-modern-cxx: Install json_fwd.hpp header.
     add ca3d139  gnu: openrct2-objects: Update to 1.0.20.
     add cf7035d  gnu: openrct2: Update to 0.3.2.
     add fc62833  gnu: emacs-sly-stepper: Update to 20200106.
     add e77bb9b  gnu: emacs-sly: Correct version number to 1.0.43.
     add e53dcae  gnu: sbcl-slynk: Update to 1.0.43.
     add d033540  gnu: php: Update to 7.4.14.
     add a0f019b  ui: Fix order of match clauses.
     add ec732a4  gnu: Add screentest.
     add 999279f  gnu: delft-icon-theme: Update to 1.14.
     add 51d3c84  gnu: matcha-theme: Update to 2021-01-01.
     add 67b1ef5  gnu: greybird-gtk-theme: Update to 3.22.13.
     add 0759cde  gnu: papirus-icon-theme: Update to 20210101.
     add 364bc7a  gnu: arc-theme: Move to gnome-xyz.
     add 7ae52dd  gnu: arc-icon-theme: Move to gnome-xyz.
     add 43c8b56  gnu: Move faba-icon-theme and moka-icon-theme to gnome-xyz.scm
     add 579a5ef  gnu: gnome-xyz.scm: Reorder packages.
     add a724148  gnu: Add materia-theme.
     add 4765cf4  gnu: Update copyright line.
     add b17b541  gnu: vtk: Remove some vendored libraries.
     add fac4e4a  gnu: vtk: Sort inputs alphabetically.
     add a675c01  gnu: vtk: Use more system libraries.
     add 84ea98d  gnu: ngircd: Update to 26.1.
     add 91d2e6f  gnu: gtkwave: Update to 3.3.108.
     add 4203024  gnu: perl-test-file: Update to 1.444.
     add d17e6f2  gnu: youtube-viewer: Update to 3.8.1.
     add b974e34  gnu: starfighter: Update to 2.4.
     add b6c4272  gnu: system-config-printer: Update to 1.5.14.
     add df0447b  gnu: obs: Update to 26.1.1.
     add 82a9814  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.5.
     add bf83d3a  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.87.
     add efa773f  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.165.
     add cb09ac5  gnu: Add rust-cipher-0.2.
     add cecd572  gnu: Add rust-cmac-0.5.
     add 91f05b1  gnu: Add rust-ctr-0.6.
     add 7ce8284  gnu: Add rust-dbl-0.3.
     add 7079060  gnu: Add rust-eax-0.3.
     add 5fb1ad6  gnu: Add rust-sha1collisiondetection-0.2.
     add 4c64008  gnu: Add rust-crypto-mac-0.10.
     add beb03fa  gnu: Add rust-pin-utils-0.1.
     add f1676da  gnu: Replace rust-capnp-0.10 by rust-capnp-0.13.
     add d6e63eb  gnu: Replace rust-capnp-futures-0.10 by 
     add d5653a3  gnu: Replace rust-capnp-rpc-0.10 by rust-capnp-rpc-0.13.
     add 2e4bfeb  gnu: Replace rust-capnpc-0.10 by rust-capnpc-0.13.
     add fe9ed31  gnu: Replace rust-win-crypto-ng-0.2 by rust-win-crypto-ng-0.4.
     add e015863  gnu: rust-socket2: Update to 0.3.19.
     add a240686  gnu: sequoia: Update to 1.0.0.
     add b76ae07  gnu: Add cl-dynamic-classes.
     add 375c44d  gnu: Add cl-markdown.
     add f4cc678  gnu: rust-pin-utils-0.1: Deduplicate duplicate definitions.
     add 0a40da6  gnu: Add schmutz.
     add bd089ed  gnu: monero: Update to
     add 9524a28  gnu: monero-gui: Update to
     add 55f71f0  gnu: yoshimi: Update to 1.7.4.
     add bc8ea17  gnu: Add liquidsfz.
     add 789dcf5  gnu: emacs-emms: Fix vorbiscomment path.
     add ddb51f3  gnu: emacs-howm: Update to 1.4.7.
     add 069d2bf  tests: Run 'tests/offload.scm' only when BUILD_DAEMON_OFFLOAD 
is true.
     add a687b99  gnu: guile: Update to 3.0.5.
     add 01fa1cd  gnu: icecat: Update to 78.6.1-guix0-preview1 [fixes 
     add bc66d35  gnu: emacs-scheme-complete: Update to 0.9.9.
     add 0fab032  gnu: guix-build-coordinator: Update to 0-15.b5d998c.
     add b4384e6  gnu: ncmpcpp: Update to 0.9.1.
     add 48632af  gnu: rspamd: Update to 2.7.
     add 65ba20e  gnu: feh: Update to 3.6.2.
     add a779aed  gnu: tomb: Update to 2.9.
     add 341b2d3  gnu: plzip: Update to 1.9.
     add 8b7e84b  gnu: okular: Update to 20.12.1.
     add d15c050  gnu: lvm2: Update to 2.03.11.
     add 5c149f4  gnu: yakuake: Update to 20.12.1.
     add 64baf7f  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2021.01.08.
     add 35e38c6  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.6.
     add 28bf4f7  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.88.
     add 97a6057  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.166.
     add 0ab8850  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.214.
     add 3bef805  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.250.
     add 9f829da  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.250.
     add 4a0a453  gnu: vim: Skip terminal screen-dump tests.
     add df898f7  gnu: Add cl-garbage-pools.
     add 6c1982d  gnu: sbcl-local-time: Update to 1.0.6-2.a177eb9.
     add fa05535  gnu: emacs-auctex: Update to 13.0.3.
     add 3dd93fc  gnu: emacs-websocket: Update to 1.13.
     add 787570e  gnu: emacs-fountain-mode: Update to 3.4.0.
     add 9f48bb3  gnu: emacs-calibredb: Update to 2.8.0.
     add abcd2d2  gnu: julius: Update to 1.6.0.
     add 3af7dc1  gnu: Updated liferea to 1.13.4.
     add 00fb6c9  gnu: emacs-eglot: Add missing dependency.
     add 71ebe52  gnu: Add emacs-org-roam-bibtex.
     add 267d594  gnu: supercollider: Update to 3.11.2.
     add a481c55  gnu: pulseview: Update to 0.4.2.
     add d0fff8f  gnu: pulseview: Fix qt-5.15 compatibility.
     add 808e4c1  gnu: tipp10: Build with qt-5.
     add fcfa049  gnu: augustus: Update to 2.0.1.
     add b6473e5  system: image: Fix root offset on rockchip platforms.
     add 86fec62  gnu: nmap: Downgrade to 7.80.
     add 2dba37e  Revert "gnu: nmap: Update license."
     add f40ae73  gnu: linux: Don't timeout on blob scan.
     add 4738223  gnu: emacs-trashed: Update to 2.1.2.
     add fa6c81b  gnu: rust-crypto-mac-0.8: Fix hash.
     add 8818bb3  gnu: zutils: Update to 1.10.
     add 9b415c0  gnu: llvm: Update to 11.0.1.
     add 8aa66cc  gnu: obs: Update to 26.1.2.
     add 9ec11a5  gnu: polybar: Update to 3.5.4.
     add 8498aee  gnu: Move brlaser to (gnu packages cups).
     add 2a4fdb4  services: cups: Add brlaser extension by default.
     add f45ccea  doc: Add missing cups-filters default extension.
     add 432cb80  gnu: bwm-ng: Update to 0.6.3.
     add 3049097  import: texlive: Produce a partial package definition rather 
than crashing.
     add a25896b  gnu: vigra: Raise max-silent-time timeout value to 2 hours.
     add 205c4ae  gnu: liferea: Add source file-name.
     add 5aa45d3  gnu: newsboat: Update to 2.22.1.
     add 1999934  gnu: glfw: Update to 3.3.2.
     add 458cb25  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.31.
     add bd46b80  gnu: ppp: Update to 2.4.9.
     add b54b3f5  gnu: guile-picture-language: Update to 0.0.1-4.291a746.
     add 21cf0d3  gnu: guile: Fix tests on emulated architectures.
     add 1a1d358  gnu: Add mcg.
     add 58780f8  gnu: xfce4-screensaver: Update to 4.16.0.
     add 8152fd1  packages: Fix 'base32' used before definition warning.
     add a300210  system: Assert, that user and group names are unique.
     add da4b830  gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.5 [fixes CVE-2021-23239 & 
     add 1cf31ee  gnu: Add emacs-consult.
     add a8f8680  gnu: libblockdev: Update to 2.25.
     add bef64a7  gnu: rng-tools: Update to 6.11.
     add 7ece89f  gnu: htop: Update to 3.0.5.
     add 26bd3dc  gnu: erofs-utils: Update to 1.2.1.
     add aec795a  gnu: inxi-minimal: Update to 3.2.02-1.
     add 1f2e96a  gnu: mcelog: Update to 175.
     add 0463f7d  gnu: mcelog: Cross-compile.
     add b226ccf  gnu: mcelog: Don't use unstable tarball.
     add df50d2a  gnu: podofo: Update to 0.9.7.
     add 8153705  gnu: podofo: Omit static library.
     add 103b0ca  gnu: serd: Update to 0.30.8.
     add ca8ac12  gnu: sord: Update to 0.16.8.
     add c261aa2  gnu: skalibs: Update to
     add d7110d3  gnu: execline: Update to
     add 11e4b17  gnu: s6: Update to
     add 1cd45f7  gnu: s6-dns: Update to
     add f5be539  gnu: s6-networking: Update to
     add 089f3ff  gnu: s6-rc: Update to
     add 3edca47  gnu: s6-portable-utils: Update to
     add e2a9f0d  gnu: s6-linux-init: Update to
     add d2199e7  gnu: s6-linux-utils: Update to
     add 81c07be  gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 87.0.4280.141-0.483a1ba.
     add f849b05  gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.5p1 [fixes setuid sudoedit].
     add d766309  gnu: emacs-adaptive-wrap: Update to 0.8.
     add dd0f99c  gnu: Add emacs-anki-editor.
     add ac3041e  gnu: emacs-goto-chg: Update to 1.7.3-2.2af6121.
     add 18c6249  gnu: emacs-evil-matchit: Update to 2.3.10.
     add 10f7545  gnu: Add emacs-marginalia.
     add c577b30  gnu: libebml: Update to 1.4.1.
     add 38d2435  gnu: reuse: Update to 0.12.1.
     add c025573  doc: Use two spaces after full stop.
     add 2c87a25  doc: DNS Services: Fix typography.
     add 68bee13  gnu: neon: Update to 0.31.2.
     add 66c352a  gnu: neon: Don't build static library.
     add 274a639  gnu: libreoffice: Update to
     add 1d8e62b  gnu: python-userspacefs: Update to 2.0.3.
     add 09d800c  gnu: dbxfs: Update to 1.0.50.
     add dd42c52  gnu: scribus: Build with podofo 0.9.6.
     add 79ba12a  services: Add syncthing service.
     add 4e511fc  services: Add keepalived service.
     add f60ef2f  gnu: kdeconnect: Fix wayland compatibility.
     add 3bd8d04  gnu: Add magicffi.
     add 151dff1  gnu: lisp-repl-core-dumper: Update to 0.4.0.
     add b6529e1  ocaml: Add ocaml-ocp-indent.
     add 564cbfd  ocaml: Add ocaml-ocp-index.
     add e3b71ee  ocaml: Add ocaml-down.
     add e55f0aa  gnu: gpgme: Update to 1.15.1.
     add 01dec9e  gnu: skopeo: Update to 1.2.1.
     add 55157c9  gnu: ispell: Update to 3.4.02.
     add bb4e674  installer: Fix crash in parameters menu.
     add 89dbcac  doc: Remove trace of
     add b8c3fa3  gnu: icedove: Update to 78.6.1.
     add 373f808  gnu: Add efi_analyzer.
     add 4de576e  gnu: Fix comment typo.
     add 5aa8163  gnu: redis: Update to 6.0.10.
     add 080d80b  gnu: beets-bandcamp: Fix formatting.
     add 85e97c9  gnu: python-mpd2: Update to 3.0.1.
     add b1cb9e6  gnu: Sonata: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 8488f45  Revert "system: Assert, that user and group names are unique."
     add 645a28e  Reapply "system: Assert, that user and group names are 
     add 8142c55  gnu: Add shlex.
     add dc9c866  gnu: Add cmd.
     add 665030b  gnu: emacs-posframe: Update to 0.8.4.
     add fb65185  gnu: emacs-websocket: Update to 1.13.1.
     add 56bfc71  gnu: gmp-ecm: Update source URI.
     add 87b0001  git: Periodically delete least-recently-used cached checkouts.
     add 9673402  gnu: cmh: Update source code URL.
     add d5a1b0e  substitute: Remove extra 'newline' call.
     add d29e09f  gnu: libredwg: Update to 0.12.
     add 5cdae34  gnu: setzer: Update to 0.3.9.
     add 7c430e8  gnu: Add emacs-helm-slack.
     add 63a0fe4  gnu: Add pinentry-rofi.
     add 61d21a7  gnu: linux-libre 5.10: Update to 5.10.7.
     add c2a594d  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.89.
     add d679a78  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.251.
     add 0dc484e  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.251.
     add 40dc597  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.167.
     add e9f3a80  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.251.
     add 0d22fc8  services: shepherd: 'shepherd-service-type' requires 
     add 0d04658  utils: Remove 'compressed-output-port'.
     add db0cecd  utils: Support zstd compression via Guile-zstd.
     add d288a4d  publish: Add support for zstd compression.
     add 016299d  substitute: Add zstd support.
     add e28d2cd  doc: Mention optional dependency on Guile-zstd.
     add 2386201  tests: Fix JSON syntax error in 'crate.scm'.
     add 872aa11  gnu: crawl: Update to 0.26.0.
     add aeed721  gnu: Add ipxe.
     add ca34b6f  gnu: ipxe: Update to 1.21.1.
     add 296156d  gnu: emacs-ivy-posframe: Fix source URL.
     add 03655f1  self: Add dependency on guile-zstd.
     add a879e35  gnu: guix: Update to 1w6i9z4.
     add 4c21676  news: Add entry for zstd support.
     add 0c0a283  gnu: Add freetds.
     add 88eb537  gnu: Add cl-mssql.
     add a34eafc  gnu: opensp: Move package to (gnu packages xml).
     add de99dc4  gnu: opensp: Add doc output, enable tests and add search path.
     add 1729fb5  gnu: Add openjade.
     add 273cf03  gnu: Add iso-8879-entities.
     add 14ac034  gnu: Add docbook-sgml.
     add 81920e6  gnu: Add docbook-dsssl.
     add b4b6f67  gnu: Add perl-sgmls.
     add 2596099  gnu: Add docbook-sgml-3.1.
     add 2c12d73  gnu: Add texlive-marvosym.
     add 18d4d15  gnu: Add config.
     add 56edfee  gnu: Add texlive-tipa.
     add 7b82508  gnu: Add texlive-jknappen.
     add 0390d78  gnu: Add texlive-courier.
     add 05b2826  gnu: Add texlive-helvetic.
     add 0602047  gnu: Add texlive-wasy.
     add e45dcf4  gnu: texlive-wasysym: Update synopsis and description.
     add 231c70b  gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.101.
     add 21c7421  gnu: system-config-printer: Update to 1.5.15.
     add ee858de  gnu: acpica: Update to 20210105.
     add bcf2f79  gnu: xsettingsd: Update to 1.0.2.
     add 00275ea  gnu: diffstat: Update to 1.64.
     add 1fb0c5a  gnu: perl-net-http: Update to 6.20.
     add 8eb5f09  gnu: lxc: Update to 4.0.6.
     add 526fff3  gnu: elementary-xfce-icon-theme: Update to 0.15.2.
     add f5c9e76  gnu: jucipp: Update to 1.6.2.
     add 45b4712  gnu: lldpd: Update to 1.0.8.
     add 9f60d92  gnu: nano: Update to 5.5.
     add 4f38e0e  gnu: Add lv2-speech-denoiser.
     add 795db9d  gnu: qemu: Fix ioctl(…, SIOCGIFCONF, …) for emulated 64 bit 
     add d88408b  gnu: xfce: Update to 4.16.0.
     add f79f41e  gnu: efi-analyzer: Rename with a hyphen instead of an 
     add a36abbe  gnu: gemma: Update to 0.98.3.
     add daf96e7  gnu: gemma: Add Texinfo markup.
     add f58e491  gnu: Add shunit2.
     add 2051be4  gnu: gemma: Enable tests.
     add db30d6e  gnu: sambamba Update to 0.8.0.
     add 93309e2  gnu: vcflib: Update to 1.0.2.
     add 5b785b2  services: hurd-vm: Respect hurd-vm-configuration's disk-size.
     add c0c747c  gnu: busybox: Update to 1.32.1.
     add 381bc72  gnu: gptfdisk: Update to 1.0.6.
     add 2a0a6f8  gnu: kyotocabinet: Update to 1.2.79.
     add ef448aa  gnu: facter: Update to 4.0.48.
     add 9717250  gnu: sbcl-postmodern: Update to 1.32.6.
     add c03875b  gnu: emacs-helm-sly: Update to 0.6.0.
     add 37d40e4  gnu: Add emacs-crdt.
     add 9867bad  gnu: emacs-calibredb: Patch paths to calibre programs.
     add 884f320  gnu: emacs-dired-hacks: Update to 0.0.1-3.d1a2bda.
     add 74a83af  gnu: Add lrzsz.
     add b52bf66  gnu: ruby-method-source: Remove unnecessary dependency on git.
     add 540893a  gnu: gnome-font-viewer: Fix thumbnail generation.
     add 35e0c0c  substitute: Untangle skipping authentication from 
     add 681af17  guix: Move narinfo code from substitute script to module.
     add 225c5ea  Revert "gnu: llvm: Update to 11.0.1."
     add c544cfb  gnu: Add embree.
     add 2a333f2  gnu: blender: Update to 2.91.0.
     add d4f5ea5  services: qemu-binfmt: 'guix-support?' defaults to #t.
     add 670a79a  gnu: diffoscope: Update to 164.
     add d8fd1c1  gnu: mkvtoolnix: Update to 52.0.0.
     add cde77a8  gnu: thunar: Update to 4.16.2.
     add d08a292  gnu: xfwm4: Update to 4.16.1.
     add e13f905  gnu: xfconf: Install bash completion.
     add 948e5c9  gnu: xfce4-cpufreq-plugin: Update to 1.2.3.
     add fb7fb10  gnu: garcon: Update to 4.16.1.
     add fb3c0d3  gnu: xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: Update to 2.5.2.
     add 181f290  services: openntpd: Remove support for deprecated "-s" option.
     add 539c051  gnu: python-pep517: Update to 0.9.1.
     add e0701ff  gnu: Add markets.
     add c35d230  gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2021.01.16.
     add edd989d  news: Add ‘de’ translation.
     add 23b8af7  gnu: gama: Update to 2.13.
     add 0148455  gnu: Add buildapp.
     add 2f497d9  image: Rename "raw" image-type to "efi-raw".
     add ae018ad  gnu: abcl: Update to 1.8.0.
     add 9b97f39  gnu: gqrx: Update to 2.14.4.
     add 1754439  gnu: rtl-433: Update to 20.11.
     add 3d6c556  gnu: Add simde.
     add 976603b  gnu: filevercmp: Install header files.
     add 3ddeefe8 gnu: multichoose: Install header files.
     add fc9fd54  gnu: freebayes: Update to 1.3.3.
     add 06ab894  gnu: sbcl-cffi: Update to 0.23.0.
     add b57056a  gnu: grub: Use installed unicode font.
     add 476b333  services: cups: reuse lp from %base-groups.
     add e82a713  gnu: php-fpm: Ensure no duplicate group.
     add 99d14e5  gnu: libhandy: Update to 1.0.3.
     add 07928e1  gnu: pd: Update to 0.51-4.
     add f6b03a3  gnu: oil: Update to 0.8.6.
     add ab9f194  gnu: inxi-minimal: Update to 3.2.02-2.
     add a3e549b  gnu: facter: Update to 4.0.49.
     add e48cdbb  gnu: keepassxc: Update to 2.6.3.
     add 976d072  gnu: mblaze: Update to 1.1.
     add 1c33b1b  gnu: nbd: Update to 3.21.
     add 1b2c32d  gnu: Add emacs-org-mime
     add 9aa0a98  gnu: gnuplot: Update to 5.4.1.
     add f5f6420  gnu: wxmaxima: Update to 20.12.2.
     add a1093d7  gnu: ktouch: Update to 20.12.1.
     add e5a806a  gnu: libnftnl: Update to 1.1.9.
     add c65e3c9  gnu: nftables: Update to 0.9.8.
     add ca16ca5  gnu: iptables: Update to 1.8.7.
     add cbc2c28  gnu: xapian, python-xapian-bindings: Update to 1.4.18.
     add 4b3f5be  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.8.
     add 5a74852  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.90.
     add 7cd85da  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.168.
     add 83c99f3  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.216.
     add 2c0f457  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.252.
     add c20eee7  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.252.
     add 9b6cddd  gnu: Add ruby-bio-vcf.
     add 6cb86e2  gnu: ruby-bio-vcf: Rename to bio-vcf.
     add 973a1e5  gnu: musl: Update to 1.2.2.
     add 2d9c654  gnu: mafft: Update to 7.475.
     add c0afd80  gnu: Add r-snapatac.
     add 559feb6  gnu: Add guile-libyaml.
     add eb9d366  gnu: libmad: Add comment justifying the 'install-pkg-config 
     add ac3c4e3  gnu: libid3tag: Add comment justifying the 
'install-pkg-config phase.
     add d34573f  gnu: xpra: Update to 4.0.6.
     add 63806fe  gnu: xpra: Add more encoding options.
     add 7975857  gnu: freebayes: Extend test timeout on slower architectures.
     add d6a8148  gnu: vcflib: Build a shared library.
     add 1bbfe17  gnu: vcflib: Add pkg-config file.
     add 99043ad  gnu: freebayes: Don't include vcflib sources.
     add 1d92fb0  gnu: terminator: Adjust description.
     add b3e39a4  gnu: freebayes: Update source, home-page URIs.
     add cb68ae6  doc: Fix typo.
     add 868c4de  gnu: terminology: Update to 1.9.0.
     add e74baa1  system: Rename 'disk-image' command 'image'.
     add f97ee77  modules: Recognize #:re-export-and-replace.
     add 4d79f07  environment: Fix '--root' option with relative file name.
     add 94b7687  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.32.
     add dc5d514  gnu: motion: Update to 4.3.2.
     add 01b92ba  gnu: xfce4-appfinder: Update to 4.16.1.
     add 30c164e  gnu: rpcbind: Update to 1.2.5.
     add 9ab817b  transformations: Add '--with-latest'.
     add ff34f8a  news: Add entry for '--with-latest'.
     add d485ef5  gnu: elixir: Update to 1.11.3.
     add aa8df16  gnu: erlang: Update to 23.2.1.
     add ba3e25b  gnu: kwayland: Enable test suite.
     add ad6c888  gnu: emacs-flycheck-grammalecte: Update to 1.3.
     add 6340fe6  gnu: musescore: Update to 3.6.
     add 13f5f3a  gnu: libabigail: Update to 1.8.
     add def314d  gnu: vlc: Update to 3.0.12.
     add 1470d2d  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.9.
     add 69a832a  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.91.
     add eb11e1e  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.169.
     add 239af11  shadow: End duplicate warnings with new lines.
     add 6c5112d  services: Do not warn, when duplicate users are eq?.
     add 944aebb  gnu: Add magic-enum.
     add 86a5662  gnu: radare2: Update to 5.0.0.
     add 664ab4a  gnu: cutter: Update to 1.12.0.
     add 4b88e27  gnu: libusb: Update to 1.0.24.
     add b2477b5  gnu: libunwind: Update to 1.5.0.
     add 62f5640  gnu: libxls: Update to 1.6.2.
     add 57b0949  gnu: lzlib: Update to 1.12.
     add 4498894  gnu: synapse: Update to 1.25.0.
     add 16743da  gnu: quaternion: Update to
     add f93d3d4  gnu: xfce4-stopwatch-plugin: Update to 0.5.0.
     add 100a4f8  gnu: Add pgloader.
     add 499ce19  gnu: lisp-repl-core-dumper: Update to 0.5.0.
     add c64adff  tests: install: Fix build.
     add 849e3dd  gnu: zfs: Correct ZFS udev rules.
     add e2fe052  gnu: zfs: update to 2.0.1.
     add 423653b  images: pinebook-pro: Fix default serial port.
     add 8ce42fe  gnu: libmesode: Update to 0.10.1.
     add 94fe015  gnu: profanity: Update to 0.10.0.
     add 093bfc5  gnu: blender-2.79: Fix color management.
     add b9cfa7c  gnu: Add poxml.
     add e4ef47b  gnu: Add kdf.
     add b50a144  gnu: Add cl-claw.
     add ddfcc21 Download po files from weblate.
     add 2a9784f  doc: Replace TP with Weblate mentions.
     add c67ff56  gnu: idris: Update to 1.3.3.
     add 2451621  gnu: Add r-credentials.
     add a9650cc  gnu: Add r-gert.
     add 8eb2a6c  gnu: Add r-lightgbm.
     add e5f7b2c  gnu: Add r-scattermore.
     add 44d6092  gnu: Add r-labelled.
     add 627e15e  gnu: r-foreign: Update to 0.8-81.
     add 81710c8  gnu: r-httpuv: Update to 1.5.5.
     add e8a968f  import/cran: Add more invalid package names to ignore.
     add ec9ea1e  gnu: r-diffobj: Update to 0.3.3.
     add 454b12b  gnu: r-rticles: Update to 0.18.
     add b394dd9  gnu: r-mboost: Update to 2.9-4.
     add 57adb80  gnu: r-jsonlite: Update to 1.7.2.
     add 01e39c1  gnu: r-servr: Update to 0.21.
     add fa9f59e  gnu: r-htmltools: Update to 0.5.1.
     add 9aed220  gnu: r-htmlwidgets: Update to 1.5.3.
     add c132638  gnu: r-crosstalk: Update to 1.1.1.
     add 10697ab  gnu: r-partykit: Update to 1.2-11.
     add d7f2276  gnu: r-pkgbuild: Update to 1.2.0.
     add 6967469  gnu: r-rcpp: Update to 1.0.6.
     add 3f4a3be  gnu: r-circlize: Update to 0.4.12.
     add 4e6eb66  gnu: r-getoptlong: Update to 1.0.5.
     add 4a3fed7  gnu: r-restrserve: Update to 0.4.1.
     add 9da706f  gnu: r-ggally: Update to 2.1.0.
     add 93cbf7b  gnu: r-sp: Update to 1.4-5.
     add 73723bb  gnu: r-squarem: Update to 2021.1.
     add d5ce26c  gnu: r-rmysql: Update to 0.10.21.
     add 0b03081  gnu: r-psych: Update to 2.0.12.
     add f0159b5  gnu: r-broom: Update to 0.7.3.
     add 175e256  gnu: r-ggrepel: Update to 0.9.1.
     add 77d4e7c  gnu: r-hardyweinberg: Update to 1.7.1.
     add 0a8607f  gnu: r-ggridges: Update to 0.5.3.
     add b53c860  gnu: r-xfun: Update to 0.20.
     add 89001e0  gnu: r-vctrs: Update to 0.3.6.
     add 8aba74b  gnu: r-tinytex: Update to 0.28.
     add 6251deb  gnu: r-expm: Update to 0.999-6.
     add 73ca708  gnu: r-vim: Update to 6.1.0.
     add 1463ad0  gnu: r-renv: Update to 0.12.5.
     add 4758473  gnu: r-factominer: Update to 2.4.
     add 0804420  gnu: r-fansi: Update to 0.4.2.
     add 7bb510c  gnu: r-officer: Update to 0.3.16.
     add d7e7393  gnu: r-profilemodel: Update to 0.6.1.
     add 59593db  gnu: r-insight: Update to 0.12.0.
     add a2d7b63  gnu: r-sjmisc: Update to 2.8.6.
     add dc27771  gnu: r-moonbook: Update to 0.2.4.
     add 75f6c55  gnu: r-deriv: Update to 4.1.2.
     add 9a2fc8f  gnu: r-proc: Update to
     add e260481  gnu: r-ggstance: Update to 0.3.5.
     add ac02095  gnu: r-mosaiccore: Update to 0.9.0.
     add fe5c6d5  gnu: r-ggformula: Update to 0.10.1.
     add dcfeae7  gnu: r-mosaicdata: Update to 0.20.2.
     add 0ba6b55  gnu: r-magick: Update to 2.6.0.
     add 90586b4  gnu: r-emmeans: Update to 1.5.3.
     add c01047a  gnu: r-libcoin: Update to 1.0-7.
     add 9021827  gnu: r-coin: Update to 1.4-0.
     add c60fe48  gnu: r-bayesplot: Update to 1.8.0.
     add c614701  gnu: r-sjstats: Update to 0.18.1.
     add 6ca0925  gnu: r-performance: Update to 0.6.1.
     add 1c2d463  gnu: r-ggeffects: Update to 1.0.1.
     add b7c40c5  gnu: r-effectsize: Update to 0.4.3.
     add bf9e5db  gnu: r-sjplot: Update to 2.8.7.
     add 0f0cf17  gnu: r-usethis: Update to 2.0.0.
     add 9376d85  gnu: r-summarytools: Update to 0.9.8.
     add 949b2b3  gnu: r-mvabund: Update to 4.1.6.
     add 1ea8c0e  gnu: r-afex: Update to 0.28-1.
     add 1727f6b  gnu: r-rcppannoy: Update to 0.0.18.
     add d4d1c31  gnu: r-rgl: Update to 0.104.16.
     add 05039f1  gnu: r-speedglm: Update to 0.3-3.
     add 3252447  gnu: r-tractor-base: Update to
     add 9f7ec0f  gnu: r-gmp: Update to 0.6-2.
     add 824f59f  gnu: r-spam: Update to 2.6-0.
     add fde312d  gnu: r-parallelly: Update to 1.23.0.
     add 06a6c77  gnu: r-future: Update to 1.21.0.
     add 70cf726  gnu: r-future-apply: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 289271e  gnu: r-compositions: Update to 2.0-1.
     add a780508  gnu: r-msir: Update to 1.3.3.
     add 1c6cc30  gnu: r-pbdzmq: Update to 0.3-4.
     add 4cefa5a  gnu: r-seqinr: Update to 4.2-5.
     add 8188fc2  gnu: r-deldir: Update to 0.2-9.
     add 3d7c6fc  gnu: r-sf: Update to 0.9-7.
     add 2ea077e  gnu: r-sampling: Update to 2.9.
     add dd725cb  gnu: r-gridgraphics: Update to 0.5-1.
     add a8ee51a  gnu: r-sctransform: Update to 0.3.2.
     add ba6210f  gnu: r-blme: Update to 1.0-5.
     add 8e1c497  gnu: r-batchtools: Update to 0.9.15.
     add 99ccf36  gnu: r-xgboost: Update to
     add 2cce04d  gnu: r-uwot: Update to 0.1.10.
     add 99d9a72  gnu: r-patchwork: Update to 1.1.1.
     add 2fda946  gnu: r-parameters: Update to 0.11.0.
     add 3ebc2c3  gnu: r-rgdal: Update to 1.5-19.
     add d05b222  gnu: r-sysfonts: Update to 0.8.3.
     add 5ccf0b2  gnu: r-showtext: Update to 0.9-2.
     add af672c7  gnu: r-r-devices: Update to 2.17.0.
     add ce20432  gnu: r-hdrcde: Update to 3.4.
     add 1ab88a9  gnu: r-fda: Update to 5.1.9.
     add 8d5f8f9  gnu: r-activityindex: Update to 0.3.7.
     add 079b99d  gnu: r-actuar: Update to 3.1-0.
     add 3442505  gnu: r-semtools: Update to 0.5-4.
     add 48cab17  gnu: r-stanheaders: Update to 2.21.0-7.
     add 31180c6  gnu: r-loo: Update to 2.4.1.
     add da7887e  gnu: r-aws: Update to 2.5-1.
     add 52b3fba  gnu: r-mstate: Update to 0.3.1.
     add d7e5ab5  gnu: r-directlabels: Update to 2021.1.13.
     add 59f4eaf  gnu: r-shapforxgboost: Update to 0.1.0.
     add fdd4eff  gnu: r-spatstat-utils: Update to 1.20-2.
     add a2d9fb6  gnu: r-spatstat-data: Update to 1.7-0.
     add 6c04722  gnu: r-cpp11: Update to 0.2.5.
     add 9bc39d8  gnu: r-config: Update to 0.3.1.
     add f7642d2  gnu: r-hunspell: Update to 3.0.1.
     add 501e18e  gnu: r-tidytext: Update to 0.3.0.
     add e45c3ac  gnu: r-parsnip: Update to 0.1.5.
     add 53963d5  gnu: r-infer: Update to 0.5.4.
     add 8f7e204  gnu: r-qtl: Update to 1.47-9.
     add a0f9ce9  gnu: r-qtl2: Update to 0.24.
     add 6dacb2e  gnu: r-seurat: Update to 3.2.3.
     add 958b735  gnu: r-calculus: Update to 0.3.0.
     add cf40cb0  gnu: r-lgr: Update to 0.4.2.
     add 8eee252  gnu: r-mlr3measures: Update to 0.3.1.
     add 5f40f3e  gnu: r-mlr3misc: Update to 0.7.0.
     add 33184ef  gnu: r-matrix: Update to 1.3-2.
     add 1e1edda  gnu: r-nlme: Update to 3.1-151.
     add a7c2712  gnu: r-ggplot2: Update to 3.3.3.
     add aed08f6  gnu: r-gdtools: Update to 0.2.3.
     add 132c91c  gnu: r-dbi: Update to 1.1.1.
     add a76d4f1  gnu: r-bh: Update to 1.75.0-0.
     add cee5a27  gnu: r-testthat: Update to 3.0.1.
     add 521b7db  gnu: r-rlang: Update to 0.4.10.
     add d266d87  gnu: r-tibble: Update to 3.0.5.
     add 3204b48  gnu: r-dplyr: Update to 1.0.3.
     add 8900079  gnu: r-data-table: Update to 1.13.6.
     add bf3979c  gnu: r-backports: Update to 1.2.1.
     add e25b88a  gnu: r-git2r: Update to 0.28.0.
     add 1a1dfc9  gnu: r-withr: Update to 2.4.0.
     add 6dda661  gnu: r-hms: Update to 1.0.0.
     add 0ae1c85  gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to
     add b6958fd  gnu: r-catools: Update to 1.18.1.
     add 7a5adb9  gnu: r-rmarkdown: Update to 2.6.
     add a28aa53  gnu: r-rsqlite: Update to 2.2.2.
     add 27edbea  gnu: r-segmented: Update to 1.3-1.
     add 770cf07  gnu: r-dt: Update to 0.17.
     add ef921c3  gnu: r-glmnet: Update to 4.1.
     add 8bcffe0  gnu: r-hexbin: Update to 1.28.2.
     add 04de103  gnu: r-plotly: Update to 4.9.3.
     add 376f322  gnu: r-sfsmisc: Update to 1.1-8.
     add 98794aef gnu: r-cowplot: Update to 1.1.1.
     add 4f8bfe2  gnu: r-robustbase: Update to 0.93-7.
     add 125c65d  gnu: r-vgam: Update to 1.1-5.
     add 1ebff06  gnu: r-rcppeigen: Update to
     add 0d04f1e  gnu: r-quantreg: Update to 5.82.
     add d964fb5  gnu: r-pbkrtest: Update to 0.5-0.1.
     add ee3bae2  gnu: r-fdrtool: Update to 1.2.16.
     add f866d59  gnu: Add solarus.
     add 60f0ab5  gnu: solarus: Remove ".git" suffix from URL.
     add 166ccae  archive: Note service type in ACL hint.
     add 2ec3060  gnu: Add solarus-quest-editor.
     add 6831541  gnu: lisp-repl-core-dumper: Patch path to `cat'.
     add 41134f9  gnu: libnode: Fix regression in unused phases.
     add 3d43b7a  import, swh: Adjust to Guile-JSON 4.5.x unspecified value 
     add 074a201  inferior: Add 'inferior-eval-with-store' tests.
     add 98d3abe  repl: Fix exception handling for interpreted code.
     add d4a562b  Revert "substitute: Remove extra 'newline' call."
     add 708d3ec  gnu: Mutt: Fix CVE-2021-3181.
     add c92590c  gnu: Add emacs-jsonnet-mode.
     add 3bdd380  gnu: bind: Update to 9.16.11.
     add a181947  gnu: dnsmasq: Update to 2.83 [security fixes].
     add 1278b15  gnu: guix: Update to d4a562b.
     add 5f7f4e1  gnu: guile-json: Update to 4.5.1.
     add 5225732  swh: Test proper handling of null visit snapshot URL.
     add 55b4120  gnu: shepherd: Remove guild warnings.
     add 3c0f7dc  gnu: guile2.2-shepherd: Add missing input.
     add dbd94d9  gnu: guile2.0-shepherd: Fix build.
     add 578856f  gnu: magic-enum: Declare a source file-name.
     add ef9c524  gnu: Add cl-claw-utils.
     add 07ef129  doc: cookbook: Add "Guix System Image API" section.
     add 4fce867  news: Add ‘de’ translation.
     add 833d220  gnu: Add ppath.
     add 55e097e  doc: Properly close sentences ending with an upper-case 
     add 399beec  gnu: komikku: Update to 0.25.1.
     add 5d03ef7  nls: Update 'fr' translation.
     add 211a503  system: Fix typo in docstring.
     add 7df3ab0  store: Add 'find-roots' RPC.
     add dd98872  gnu: guix: Add search path spec for 'SSL_CERT_DIR'.
     add 02e5c95  Revert "nls: Update 'fr' translation."
     add 7c424b3  gnu: genimage: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
     add f96a65e  gnu: sbcl-cl-gobject-introspection: Update to 20210121.
     add 30ec5e5  gnu: sbcl-trivial-mimes: Update to 20200615.
     add 7f29d77  gnu: sbcl-cmd: Update to 20210117.
     add 9a062ce  gnu: giac: Update to 1.6.0-47.
     add d265809  gnu: emacs-chronometrist: Update to 0.6.3.
     add 3e5a902  gnu: emacs-helm-selector: Update to 0.6.
     add bd40832  gnu: Add rust-logtest-2.
     add ecd0781  gnu: Add rust-juniper-0.14.
     add 5f55832  gnu: Add rust-route-recognizer-0.2.
     add be65476  gnu: rust-async-trait-0.1: Update to 0.1.42.
     add 6dc7dfe  gnu: rust-byteorder-1: Update to 1.4.2.
     add c07313c  gnu: Add rust-combine-4.
     add 1f2cca5  gnu: Add rust-jni-0.18.
     add ea7728a  gnu: rust-xdg-2: Drop minor version from variable name.
     add 40d8f55  gnu: Add rust-app-dirs2-2.
     add ba0cda7  gnu: Add rust-tectonic-xdv-0.1.
     add c7a9d96  gnu: Add rust-tectonic-cfg-support-0.1.
     add baa47f0  gnu: Add tectonic
     add fb51912  gnu: Add drill.
     add 60528f9  gnu: sbcl-cmd: Remove dead code.
     add b4e58e6  gnu: cl-cmd: Use sbcl-package->cl-source-package.
     add 52ee15f  gnu: cl-ppath: Use sbcl-package->cl-source-package.
     add 0288e21  gnu: Add nanovna-saver.
     add 490f538  gnu: emacs-auctex: Update to 13.0.4.
     add 041b121  gnu: emacs-eshell-syntax-highlighting: Update to 0.3.
     add 7ee917d  gnu: Add Trigger Rally.
     add 51bcc29  gnu: trigger-rally: Fix license field.
     add a2ebd7b  gnu: Add rust-unic-common-0.9.
     add 15281c9  gnu: Add rust-unic-ucd-version-0.9.
     add 590314e  gnu: Add rust-unic-char-range-0.9.
     add 5434a70  gnu: Add rust-unic-char-property-0.9.
     add 3ef0502  gnu: Add rust-unic-ucd-segment-0.9.
     add f5559b8  gnu: Add rust-unic-segment-0.9.
     add e4675c7  gnu: Add rust-deunicode-0.4.
     add f71c71c  gnu: Add rust-slug-0.1.
     add b7b7f95  gnu: Add rust-rand-hc-0.3.
     add 2f3206f  gnu: Add rust-rand-core-0.6.
     add aab1c03  gnu: Add rust-rand-chacha-0.3.
     add 5e85434  gnu: Add rust-rand-0.8.
     add 0b0e023  gnu: rust-globwalk-0.8: Update to 0.8.1.
     add d5e57fc  gnu: Add rust-parse-zoneinfo-0.3.
     add b674205  gnu: Add rust-chrono-tz-0.5.
     add 0e8bbfc  gnu: Add rust-tera-1.
     add 908cfe8  gnu: rust-yaml-rust-0.4: Update to 0.4.5.
     add a74dc3e  gnu: rust-unindent-0.1: Update to 0.1.7.
     add 8c95725  gnu: Add rust-indoc-1.
     add 545606f  gnu: rust-serde-yaml-0.8: Update to 0.8.15.
     add ac1fc8c  gnu: rust-serde-json-1: Update to 1.0.61.
     add 8a83c55  gnu: rust-regex-syntax-0.6: Update to 0.6.22.
     add 51137c7  gnu: rust-regex-1: Update to 1.4.3.
     add 190e906  gnu: rust-parking-lot-0.11: Update to 0.11.1.
     add dea2f09d gnu: rust-parking-lot-0.11: Shorten synopsis.
     add acd15ff  gnu: rust-which-2: Remove minor version from variable name.
     add f756261  gnu: Add rust-bindgen-0.47.
     add d84d42e  gnu: Add rust-num-format-windows-0.3.
     add d3c5d46  gnu: Add rust-num-format-0.4.
     add 6863acc  gnu: rust-same-file-1: Drop minor version from variable name.
     add ea09d5c  gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-channel-0.5.
     add ddd3929  gnu: rust-ignore-0.4: Update to 0.4.17.
     add 96d1dfd  gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-epoch-0.9.
     add 94c301e  gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-deque-0.8.
     add 486ce89  gnu: Add rust-memoffset-0.6.
     add 7a27d5b  gnu: rust-rayon-core-1: Update to 1.9.0.
     add 76d874e  gnu: rust-rayon-1: Update to 1.5.0.
     add f0b9917  gnu: Add rust-dashmap-4.
     add c396ebc  gnu: rust-aho-corasick-0.7: Update to 0.7.15.
     add d94f753  gnu: tokei: Update to 12.1.2.
     add 99e6365  gnu: Add trivial-escapes.
     add 13e18b3  gnu: Add cl-indentify.
     add bc14c6a  gnu: Add concrete-syntax-tree.
     add cdd1023  gnu: Add eclector.
     add 4e0b0bf  gnu: Add jsown.
     add abf21b1  gnu: Add system-locale.
     add 4c51850  gnu: Add language-codes.
     add 773ffd1  gnu: Add multilang-documentation.
     add c2fe94a  gnu: Add trivial-do.
     add cc1c91c  gnu: Add common-lisp-jupyter.
     add dbbf67d  gnu: emacs-evil-collection: Update to 20210124.
     add c95f7dc  gnu: flatpak: Update to 1.10.1.
     add 82fd2ee  gnu: linux-libre: Allow disk encryption by default.
     add cd6763e  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.10.
     add 1482dbc  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.92.
     add 6abde21  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.170.
     add 34bf617  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.217.
     add be3e192  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.253.
     add 898e137  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.253.
     add 4de829a  doc: Clarify that package transformations are preserved 
across upgrades.
     add 9d01749  gnu: qt5: Add source code URLs of mirrors.
     add fc68f61  gnu: guix-jupyter: Update to 0.2.0.
     add e1af6c0  gnu: Add emacs-counsel-bbdb.
     add e330a31  gnu: catimg: Update to 2.7.0.
     add 486e797  gnu: tokei: Remove duplicate Cargo inputs.
     add 9abac0d  gnu: Add emacs-repology.
     add ffd5ec0  gnu: sbcl-periods: Update to 20210125.
     add d49b033  gnu: fennel: Update to 0.8.0.
     add 547bd69  gnu: fennel: Satisfy guix-lint.
     add 064a7ea  gnu: sbcl-uax-15: Update to 0.1.1.
     add 82a9ed3  gnu: sbcl-postmodern: Update to 1.32.8.
     add 40edcda  gnu: emacs-helm-sly: Update to 0.7.0.
     add 60021f2  gnu: emacs-helm-selector: Update to 0.6.1.
     add 18a5125  gnu: fennel: Install manpage.
     add 209d94f  gnu: fennel: Cross-build.
     add 3080a6e  gnu: fennel: Always run tests.
     add 90a6ce0  gnu: guix-jupyter: Update to 0.2.1.
     add f9bd462  gnu: inkscape-1.0: Update to 1.0.2.
     add 906155e  gnu: Add libpasastro.
     add b2d6f12  gnu: Add sextractor.
     add 0219cd5  gnu: MPD: Update to 0.22.4.
     add 3f0af15  gnu: ncmpcpp: Update to 0.9.2.
     add 13ff47c  gnu: ldc-bootstrap: Update to 0.17.6.
     add 4796219  gnu: gnuastro: Update to 0.14.
     add 608ca22  gnu: Add python-eradicate.
     add 59c03bd  gnu: Mutt: Update to 2.0.5.
     add ead6099  gnu: Add spglib.
     add daa4728  gnu: Add mmtf-cpp.
     add 58dd110  gnu: Add molequeue.
     add 68dabe3  gnu: Add libmsym.
     add 1d41f77  gnu: Add avogadrolibs.
     add cf31ee0  gnu: Add avogadro2.
     add f39d8d2  gnu: Add cl-modularize.
     add 538d911  gnu: Add cl-trivial-arguments.
     add 582bc6a  gnu: Add cl-ubiquitous.
     add 51418c3  gnu: Add eye.
     add b965b2f  gnu: pybind11: Update to 2.6.1.
     add ffd0e54  gnu: mercurial: Update to 5.6.1.
     add 631e1f3  gnu: python-wheel: Update to 0.36.2.
     add 3142dac  gnu: python-setuptools: Update to 52.0.0.
     add f85722d  gnu: Add python-setuptools-scm/next.
     add 832f27b  gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.5p2 [fixes CVE-2021-3156].
     add d039d80  gnu: bind: Edit synopsis & description.
     add 5b4239b  gnu: krita: Update to 4.4.2.
     add 8f90c74  gnu: gparted: Update to 1.2.0.
     add 7685929  gnu: Add python-pikepdf.
     add 1a4f1ea  gnu: pdfarranger: Update to 1.7.0.
     add 6d80e26  gnu: Add img2pdf.
     add f63b897  gnu: pdfarranger: Complete and arrange inputs.
     add 4d8837c  gnu: folly: Update to 2021.01.25.00.
     add 5e163ba  gnu: guile-gcrypt: Add libgcrypt to 'native-inputs'.
     add 181444f  gnu: guile-gcrypt: Build sequentially and reproducibly.
     add cf5e0b2  gnu: icecat: Update to 78.7.0-guix0-preview1 [security fixes].
     add fa34614  gnu: icedove: Update to 78.7.0 [fixes CVE-2020-15685].
     add 3968722  gnu: guile-redis: Update to 2.0.0.
     add f048c4f  gnu: guile-redis: Remove guild warnings.
     add 82f4d5d  gnu: Add cl-modularize-hooks.
     add 3420075  gnu: Add cl-modularize-interfaces.
     add eccdc91  gnu: sbcl-modularize-hooks: Fix synopsis.
     add 1aee32a  gnu: Add missfits.
     add 09bba54  gnu: sbcl-slynk: Fix version number check.
     add bde77a8  gnu: emacs-helm-sly: Update to 0.7.1.
     add dbcd205  gnu: python-xyz: Move a few modules to (gnu packages 
     add 3ab7e15  gnu: Add python-pypa-build.
     add d8aa444  gnu: Add ugrep.
     add 886302f  system: tests: Add a Btrfs RAID system test.
     add 78cb279  gnu: mame: Update to 0.228.
     add dbf4561  gnu: python-wheel: Update to 0.36.2 (again)
     add 9d5ed93  gnu: Add libjcat.
     add 20a39cc  gnu: emacs-cider: Update to 1.0.0.
     add 046474c  gnu: emacs-pulseaudio-control: Update to 0.0.1-4.a931533.
     add 2c24aa2  gnu: Add emacs-templatel.
     add 192cb79  gnu: Add libsmbios.
     add 6be6945  gnu: Add shapelib
     add aee72ed  gnu: Add qsstv.
     add cd80e11  gnu: pinentry-tty: Update to 1.1.1.
     add a04b0e4  gnu: pinentry-efl: Tweak description.
     add c45a821  gnu: guile-gcrypt: Refer to the right libgcrypt when 
     add 0f20b3f  inferior: Memoize entries in 
     add 37cbc95  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.11.
     add 5ce0e19  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.93.
     add 3ad10e4  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.171.
     add a929ede  gnu: liferea: Disable static libraries.
     add ff0ff69  gnu: liferea: Add missing inputs.
     add a38d0b0  services: postgresql: Use Guile datatypes.
     add 6c06792  services: postgresql: Add socket directory support.
     add fe4b882  services: postgresql: Add log directory support.
     add 33687aa  services: postgresql: Wrap long lines.
     add ec145a2  services: postgresql: Add postgresql-role-service-type.
     add 0f01493  service: cuirass: Update it.
     add 189e62f  services: cuirass: Add remote build support.
     add f58d071  tests: Add cuirass test.
     add 1e1e6eb  gnu: tsukundere: Update to 0.2.3.
     add 3364856  gnu: Add skymaker.
     add a19b688  services: cuirass: Add systems argument.
     add 4e89e8b  gnu: emacs-modus-themes: Update to 1.1.1.
     add a6b50a1  gnu: Add python-pywal.
     add c2245ac  gnu: Add emacs-theme-magic.
     add 049e06b  gnu: pinentry-rofi: Update to 2.0.2.
     add fc4834f  gnu: Add systemc.
     add 1a0907a  gnu: Add Verilator.
     add b9650f7  gnu: Add extractpdfmark.
     add 09ab0d4  guix: Fix typo.
     add 6d3cafa  gnu: Add trf.
     add 446c711  guix: Add Open Software License 2.1.
     add 61342f2  gnu: Add perl-text-soundex.
     add 04b1a1f  gnu: Add repeat-masker.
     add 95852b3  ui: Look up extensions before built-in commands.
     add eb9aded  services: cuirass: Fix workers argument.
     add eff8071  services: cuirass: Add log-file support.
     add b7389f0  gnu: musescore: Update to 3.6.1.
     add 8d8bbe7  services: cuirass: Fix syntax error.
     add 5ba7e82  services: cuirass: Create remote-server cache directory.
     add c13bd9b  gnu: cuirass: Update to 0.0.1-59.68532ae.
     add 96c183b  gnu: guile-sqlite3-dev: Remove it.
     add db74cc6  gnu: libsmbios: Use osl2.1 license variable.
     add c891e7c Normalize downloaded po files.
     add b911654 Add check-po rule.
     add a00af77  nls: Update 'fr' translation.
     add ca5a791  gnu: emacs-flycheck-grammalecte: Fix hash.
     add 33a61d6  gnu: emacs-flycheck-grammalecte: Fix build.
     add 34861ac  gnu: Add tpm2-tss.
     add c02cad6  gnu: libbpf: Update to 0.1.1.
     add c2538db  gnu: bcc: Update to 0.16.0.
     add 7495843  gnu: git-annex: Update to 8.20210127.
     add 8a488d6  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.36.
     add 8ee5b42  gnu: libfprint: Update to 1.90.7.
     add 1649d0f  gnu: libgdiplus: Update to 6.0.5.
     add 79c1174  gnu: dnsmasq: Update to 2.84.
     add 00809fc  gnu: xfce4-genmon-plugin: Update to 4.1.1.
     add 8000d22  gnu: libcap-ng: Update to 0.8.2.
     add 5bf1e85  gnu: gusb: Update to 0.3.5.
     add 441b93c  gnu: fcitx5-configtool: Fix indentation.
     add e07d78b  gnu: xcb-imdkit: Update to 1.0.2.
     add ce7a550  gnu: libime: Update to 1.0.3.
     add bcfab93  gnu: fcitx5: Update to 5.0.4.
     add 3a94ccb  gnu: fcitx5-lua: Update to 5.0.2.
     add 2db7f8f  gnu: fcitx5-chinese-addons: Update to 5.0.3.
     add 249ab27  gnu: fcitx5-gtk: Update to 5.0.3.
     add 249cfe6  gnu: fcitx5-qt: Update to 5.0.2.
     add 00a04b8  gnu: fcitx5-configtool: Update to 5.0.2.
     add c2739c0  gnu: rdma-core: Update to 33.1.
     add aa108f2  gnu: libfabric: Update to 0.11.2.
     add 2ac4428  gnu: xfce4-panel: Update to 4.16.1.
     add d889c96  gnu: xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin: Update to 0.2.3.
     add c4a2cbe  gnu: Add r-demultiplex.
     add 4a48014  doc: Fix mapped devices example in the manual.
     add 5c8765e  gnu: emacs-repology: Update to 1.1.0.
     add b54523a  ci: Raise max-silent-time to 3600.
     add c21ad76  gnu: Add stuff.
     add fe058ff  gnu: Add swarp.
     add a80d489  gnu: Add weightwatcher.
     add df656c1  tests: cuirass: Add Cuirass remote test.
     add d7db383  tests: cuirass: Increase delay.
     add 7cfd789  inferior: Speed up 'cached-channel-instance' for cache hits.
     add dcb5943  gnu: Add emacs-scad-mode.
     add bb91875  gnu: Add python-inotify-simple.
     add cbbac83  gnu: Add python-typer.
     add cd1ed88  gnu: vkd3d: Update to 1.2.
     add 6a77596  gnu: wine: Update to 6.0.
     add b9a54aa  gnu: python-pikepdf: Update to 2.5.0.
     add 037615c  gnu: python2-testresources: Remove package.
     add dccaf68  gnu: python2-pylint: Remove package.
     add 16038b0  gnu: python2-behave-web-api: Remove package.
     add 171b4aa  gnu: python2-os-testr: Remove package.
     add dbf0190  gnu: python2-stevedore: Remove package.
     add 3794aff  gnu: python2-oslotest: Remove package.
     add 3c816ac  gnu: python2-falcon: Remove package.
     add 5bc0c8f  gnu: python2-falcon-cors: Remove package.
     add 97f1895  gnu: python2-cachecontrol: Remove package.
     add 7fd4404  gnu: python2-mwclient: Remove package.
     add a92a3cca gnu: python2-apache-libcloud: Remove package.
     add 25a57cd  gnu: python2-xenon: Remove package.
     add a1df629  gnu: python2-fasteners: Remove package.
     add 10784fc  gnu: python2-honcho: Remove package.
     add 8c9259a  gnu: python2-debtcollector: Remove package.
     add 8a1e375  gnu: python2-os-client-config: Remove package.
     add 0c52aff  gnu: python2-git-review: Remove package.
     add 5048eb3  gnu: python2-requests-oauthlib: Remove package.
     add 710c5c7  gnu: python2-lockfile: Remove package.
     add e86c670  gnu: python2-pathpy: Remove package.
     add 27915b4  gnu: python2-tox: Remove package.
     add cefe8d6  gnu: python2-requests-mock: Remove package.
     add d8b8860  gnu: python2-testrepository: Remove package.
     add b0020da0 gnu: python2-subunit: Remove package.
     add a59cdc1  gnu: python2-testscenarios: Remove package.
     add a215577  gnu: python2-testtools: Remove package.
     add 674391d  gnu: python2-fixtures: Remove package.
     add 64c8f49  gnu: python2-pbr: Remove package.
     add aa0d1e3  gnu: python2-virtualenv: Remove package.
     add de8dc90  gnu: syncthing-gtk: Switch source to use Debian's Python 3 
     add 23a5dcc  gnu: grocsvs: Remove package.
     add 4200826  gnu: Remove avogadro.
     add 784048c  doc: Update guidance about Rust package naming.
     add e41f892  gnu: Add nq.
     add 9c8ed43  gnu: Add cl-out123.
     add 91bfb6d  gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 88.0.4324.104-0.4e2679c.
     add 034abb7  gnu: foot: Update to 1.6.2.
     add 229f944  gnu: uBlock Origin: Update to 1.33.0.
     add f415986  gnu: picocom: Fix cross-compilation.
     add 495bd70  gnu: cuirass: Update to 0.0.1-60.1e8d075.
     add 537de15  gnu: rust-expat-sys-2: Drop minor version from name.
     add b934f6c  gnu: rust-downcast-rs-1.1: Remove variable.
     add abad76c  gnu: rust-downcast-rs-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add 880e633  gnu: rust-dirs-2: Drop minor version from name.
     add 0f27a97  gnu: rust-embed-resource-1: Drop minor version from name.
     add a23b384  build-system/julia: Enable tests.
     add ba093a6  build-system/julia: Don't rely on file name to set module 
     add 54721e7  gnu: julia-compat: Set file name according to standards.
     add f7a98af  gnu: julia-compat: Update to 3.25.0.
     add eccd448  gnu: Add julia-orderedcollections.
     add 6545cef  gnu: Add julia-datastructures.
     add 50f99cc  gnu: Add julia-fixedpointnumbers.
     add c0c21d7  gnu: Add julia-parsers.
     add 20767b9  gnu: Add julia-adapt.
     add fb634a0  gnu: Add julia-offsetarrays.
     add dae521a  gnu: Add julia-json.
     add 95f72dc  services: shepherd: Allow custom 'shepherd' package.
     add b841524  guix system: Test 'extension-graph' and 'shepherd-graph'.
     add f4a32c5  gnu: cuirass: Update to 0.0.1-61.6838ec2.
     add deda702  gnu: alacritty: Fix build.
     add e629d72  gnu: blender: Fix build.
     add ede4a81  guix system: Adjust 'upgrade-shepherd-services' to shepherd 
service change.
     add a2a17c3  gnu: blender-2.79: Fix build.
     add 9008e0e  gnu: parallel: Update to 20210122.
     add ebf88ff  gnu: slurm: Update note about slurm versions.
     add 8d7bc79  gnu: slurm: Update to 20.11.3.
     add 2667156  gnu: slurm-19.05: Update to 19.05.8.
     add eb6b061  gnu: slurm-18.08: Update to 18.08.9.
     add ed55728  gnu: cmst: Update to 2020.11.01.
     add db432ce  gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.10.12.
     add de3c1ef  gnu: linux-libre 5.4: Update to 5.4.94.
     add 6d8b5e0  gnu: linux-libre 4.19: Update to 4.19.172.
     add 15f2bb6  gnu: linux-libre 4.14: Update to 4.14.218.
     add b0c7ae3  gnu: linux-libre 4.9: Update to 4.9.254.
     add a20b4f0  gnu: linux-libre 4.4: Update to 4.4.254.
     add 6bacfa6  gnu: Add c++-gsl.
     add 7152d75  gnu: Add fcitx-qt5.
     add eb8c32f  gnu: libappindicator: Propagate some inputs as per .pc file.
     add 823b27d  gnu: Add libchewing.
     add 677cb21  gnu: Add hime.
     add 83299e5  gnu: Add nimf.
     add 79389ac  gnu: Add cmake-shared.
     add 75bdc9a  gnu: Add materialdecoration.
     add a5f4d39  gnu: Add range-v3.
     add 179e97d  gnu: Add rlottie.
     add 6a3ec5c  gnu: Add qt5ct.
     add a84399e  gnu: Add webrtc-for-telegram-desktop.
     add cda5fb4  gnu: Add rlottie-for-telegram-desktop.
     add 27fa484  gnu: Add libtgvoip-for-telegram-desktop.
     add edfbb1d  gnu: Add telegram-desktop.
     add 191ad9d  gnu: rust-png-0.16: Update to 0.16.8.
     add 91d3daa  gnu: Add rust-dispatch-0.2.
     add 58b30a5  gnu: Add rust-core-graphics-0.21.
     add feea5f4  gnu: Add rust-cocoa-0.22.
     add bd5f593  gnu: Add rust-metal-0.18.
     add dc7912c  gnu: Add rust-core-graphics-0.19.
     add bc5f82f  gnu: rust-core-video-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.4.
     add 9cef662  gnu: Add rust-winit-0.24.
     add 8ae5fb1  gnu: Add rust-wayland-egl-0.28.
     add 721a6d6  gnu: rust-glutin-wgl-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.5.
     add 48c2a30  gnu: rust-glutin-glx-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.7.
     add 501d109  gnu: rust-glutin-gles2-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.5.
     add 2c13905  gnu: rust-glutin-emscripten-sys-0.1: Update to 0.1.1.
     add 0b00d06  gnu: Add rust-core-graphics-types-0.1.
     add bd879c6  gnu: Add rust-cocoa-foundation-0.1.
     add 38dbe80  gnu: Add rust-cocoa-0.23.
     add 1d127cc  gnu: Add rust-glutin-0.26.
     add eb3e535  gnu: Add rust-servo-fontconfig-sys-5.
     add 5d533d9  gnu: Add rust-servo-fontconfig-0.5.
     add dc97101  gnu: Add rust-freetype-sys-0.13.
     add 23ce3b9  gnu: Add rust-freetype-rs-0.26.
     add c9d502d  gnu: Add rust-wio-0.2.
     add 1edd63b  gnu: Add rust-dwrote-0.11.
     add 43c1952  gnu: Add rust-core-text-19.
     add af2e9b4  gnu: Add rust-crossfont-0.2.
     add 330377c  gnu: Add rust-x11-clipboard-0.5.
     add 06c16ee  gnu: Add rust-wayland-commons-0.28.
     add 5a6c7b8  gnu: Add rust-wayland-server-0.28.
     add fa8fb91  gnu: Add rust-wayland-protocols-0.28.
     add ebd3bf0  gnu: Add rust-xcursor-0.3.
     add 224358d  gnu: Add rust-wayland-cursor-0.28.
     add ce42526  gnu: Add rust-wayland-scanner-0.28.
     add 318c2db  gnu: Add rust-wayland-sys-0.28.
     add b3de00f  gnu: Add rust-wayland-client-0.28.
     add cf8c49f  gnu: Add rust-memmap2-0.1.
     add 347b541  gnu: Add rust-calloop-0.6.
     add d21bf67  gnu: Add rust-ttf-parser-0.6.
     add 2c551e7  gnu: Add rust-owned-ttf-parser-0.6.
     add 7c76647  gnu: Add rust-ab-glyph-rasterizer-0.1.
     add ce345ed  gnu: Add rust-rusttype-0.9.
     add 2341678  gnu: Add rust-andrew-0.3.
     add d958b8d  gnu: Add rust-smithay-client-toolkit-0.12.
     add 48792fe  gnu: Add rust-smithay-clipboard-0.6.
     add b619e9b  gnu: Add rust-lazy-bytes-cast-5.
     add ecd46ae  gnu: Add rust-clipboard-win-3.
     add 36e8952  gnu: Add rust-copypasta-0.7.
     add d7d8fe3  gnu: Add rust-core-graphics-0.22.
     add dd94c3d  gnu: Add rust-cocoa-0.24.
     add 0c4aa2c  gnu: Add rust-vte-generate-state-changes-0.1.
     add d8bfc89  gnu: Add rust-vte-0.10.
     add 6ee85bc  gnu: Add rust-alacritty-config-derive-0.1.
     add 63ef731  gnu: Add rust-alacritty-terminal-0.12.
     add a45d8cf  gnu: rust-libloading-0.6: Do not enable unstable features.
     add 3e10f0e  gnu: alacritty: Update to 0.7.1.
     add e11055f  gnu: sbcl-cl-online-learning: Update to 0.5-1.87fbef8.
     add e05a36a  gnu: sbcl-puri: Update to 1.5.7-2.4bbab89.
     add f7174a2  gnu: Add cl-piping.
     add 67793f3  gnu: Add cl-verbose.
     add b41d8a7  gnu: Add cl-mpg123.
     add f8d8109  gnu: sbcl-deploy: Update to 1.0.0-2.9b20e64.
     add ae416e8  gnu: Add indi.
     add b4fdbdf  gnu: emacs-tramp: Update to
     add dcfe271  gnu: python-pikepdf: Update to 2.5.1.
     add 639ef1a  gnu: wireshark: Update to 3.4.3.
     add 9953c4f  gnu: esbuild: Update to 0.8.37.
     add 5c11188  ci: Remove the package version from the job name.
     add 3d72867  gnu: Add python-threadpoolctl.
     add d6f79bc  gnu: teeworlds: Fix audio.
     add 232a10f  gnu: Add licenseheaders.
     add d09831f  installer: Edit desktop selection prompt.
     add 3eb84a4  gnu: emacs-adaptive-wrap: Update source URI.
     add f43a652  gnu: sshpass: Update to 1.09.
     add 63c237d  gnu: libchewing: Disable parallel tests.
     add 041a946  guix: channels: Introduce 
     add 9c81565  gnu: opendoas: Update to 6.8.1 [fixes CVE-2019-25016].
     add 8574c82  gnu: privoxy: Update to 3.0.31 [fixes OVE-20210130-0001, 
     add f936f07  gnu: utox: Update to 0.18.1.
     add a6250b6  gnu: mousepad: Update to 0.5.2.
     add 4ea5767  gnu: python-sympy: Update to 1.7.1.
     add 246c0c6  ci: Add missing imports.
     add a0b6a7e  gnu: autoconf: Update to 2.71.
     add 9c4869f  database: Remove workarounds unnecessary with guile-sqlite3 
     add 13a7d2a  database: Validate #:nar-size and #:time when registering 
store items.
     add 8d2465f  gnu: emacs: Make strip-double-wrap more robust
     add be84fc6  gnu-maintenance: Fix error handling.
     add 460e7d8  import: gnu: Mention package name upon failure.
     add 6094725  scripts: import: json: Fix error handling.
     add 85243d0  gnu: dump: Update to 0.4b47.
     new 936b2d3  Merge master into wip-ppc64le.
     new dcaf49b  gnu: bootstrap: Add support for powerpc64le-linux.

The 2 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .dir-locals.el                                     |     1 +
 .guix-authorizations                               |     2 +                                        |    88 +-
 NEWS                                               |    25 +-                                   |     3 +-                                       |    32 +-
 doc/contributing.texi                              |    75 +-
 doc/guix-cookbook.texi                             |   219 +-
 doc/guix.texi                                      |  1035 +-
 etc/completion/bash/guix                           |    24 +-
 etc/git/pre-push                                   |    33 +-
 etc/                             |    39 +-
 etc/                                |    45 +-
 etc/news.scm                                       |   216 +-
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-package              |    10 +
 .../text-mode/guix-commit-message-add-cl-package   |    15 +
 .../text-mode/guix-commit-message-add-package      |     6 +-
 .../text-mode/guix-commit-message-update-package   |     8 +-
 gnu/bootloader/grub.scm                            |    47 +-
 gnu/build/file-systems.scm                         |    14 +-
 gnu/build/image.scm                                |    16 +-
 gnu/build/install.scm                              |     3 +-
 gnu/build/linux-boot.scm                           |     5 +-
 gnu/build/linux-initrd.scm                         |    16 +-
 gnu/build/vm.scm                                   |    14 +-
 gnu/ci.scm                                         |    27 +-
 gnu/installer.scm                                  |     9 +-
 gnu/installer/newt.scm                             |     5 +
 gnu/installer/newt/keymap.scm                      |    21 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/services.scm                    |     7 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/substitutes.scm                 |    43 +
 gnu/installer/proxy.scm                            |     6 +-
 gnu/installer/record.scm                           |     3 +
 gnu/installer/{proxy.scm => substitutes.scm}       |    20 +-
 gnu/installer/utils.scm                            |    11 +-
 gnu/                                       |    97 +-
 gnu/machine/ssh.scm                                |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/accessibility.scm                     |    12 +-
 gnu/packages/admin.scm                             |   269 +-
 gnu/packages/algebra.scm                           |    38 +-
 gnu/packages/animation.scm                         |   130 +-
 gnu/packages/aspell.scm                            |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/assembly.scm                          |    39 +-
 gnu/packages/astronomy.scm                         |   313 +-
 gnu/packages/audio.scm                             |   244 +-
 gnu/packages/authentication.scm                    |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/autotools.scm                         |    87 +-
 gnu/packages/aux-files/guile-launcher.c            |    46 +-
 gnu/packages/aux-files/guix.vim                    |     7 +
 .../linux-libre/{5.9-arm.conf => 5.10-arm.conf}    |   230 +-
 .../{5.9-arm64.conf => 5.10-arm64.conf}            |   268 +-
 .../linux-libre/{5.9-i686.conf => 5.10-i686.conf}  |   205 +-
 .../{5.9-x86_64.conf => 5.10-x86_64.conf}          |   222 +-
 gnu/packages/avahi.scm                             |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/backup.scm                            |    82 +-
 gnu/packages/base.scm                              |    51 +-
 gnu/packages/benchmark.scm                         |    84 +-
 gnu/packages/bioconductor.scm                      |  2326 +-
 gnu/packages/bioinformatics.scm                    |  1784 +-
 gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm                        |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/bootloaders.scm                       |   185 +-
 gnu/packages/bootstrap.scm                         |    38 +-
 gnu/packages/browser-extensions.scm                |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/build-tools.scm                       |    44 +-
 gnu/packages/busybox.scm                           |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/c.scm                                 |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/calendar.scm                          |    12 +-
 gnu/packages/certs.scm                             |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/check.scm                             |   228 +-
 gnu/packages/chemistry.scm                         |   274 +-
 gnu/packages/chez.scm                              |    31 +-
 gnu/packages/chicken.scm                           |   218 +-
 gnu/packages/chromium.scm                          |   154 +-
 gnu/packages/ci.scm                                |    67 +-
 gnu/packages/cluster.scm                           |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/cmake.scm                             |   102 +-
 gnu/packages/commencement.scm                      |     6 +
 gnu/packages/compression.scm                       |   166 +-
 gnu/packages/compton.scm                           |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/connman.scm                           |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/cpp.scm                               |   180 +-
 gnu/packages/cran.scm                              |  1989 +-
 gnu/packages/crates-graphics.scm                   |   840 +-
 gnu/packages/crates-gtk.scm                        |   864 +-
 gnu/packages/crates-io.scm                         | 12682 ++++++++--
 gnu/packages/cross-base.scm                        |     3 +-
 gnu/packages/crypto.scm                            |    21 +-
 gnu/packages/cups.scm                              |   134 +-
 gnu/packages/curl.scm                              |    79 +-
 gnu/packages/cybersecurity.scm                     |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/databases.scm                         |   317 +-
 gnu/packages/datastructures.scm                    |    27 +-
 gnu/packages/dav.scm                               |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/debian.scm                            |   122 +-
 gnu/packages/dictionaries.scm                      |    67 +-
 gnu/packages/diffoscope.scm                        |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/digest.scm                            |    36 +
 gnu/packages/disk.scm                              |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/display-managers.scm                  |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/djvu.scm                              |   361 +-
 gnu/packages/dlang.scm                             |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/dns.scm                               |    76 +-
 gnu/packages/docbook.scm                           |   163 +
 gnu/packages/docker.scm                            |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/ebook.scm                             |    42 +-
 gnu/packages/education.scm                         |    44 +-
 gnu/packages/efi.scm                               |    41 +-
 gnu/packages/electronics.scm                       |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/elf.scm                               |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/elixir.scm                            |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs-xyz.scm                         |  2463 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs.scm                             |    48 +-
 gnu/packages/embedded.scm                          |   109 +-
 gnu/packages/emulators.scm                         |   179 +-
 gnu/packages/enchant.scm                           |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/engineering.scm                       |   460 +-
 gnu/packages/enlightenment.scm                     |    23 +-
 gnu/packages/erlang.scm                            |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/esolangs.scm                          |    96 +
 gnu/packages/fcitx.scm                             |    66 +-
 gnu/packages/fcitx5.scm                            |   452 +
 gnu/packages/file-systems.scm                      |   131 +-
 gnu/packages/finance.scm                           |   219 +-
 gnu/packages/flashing-tools.scm                    |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/fonts.scm                             |    90 +-
 gnu/packages/fontutils.scm                         |    83 +-
 gnu/packages/fpga.scm                              |   186 +-
 gnu/packages/freedesktop.scm                       |    41 +-
 gnu/packages/game-development.scm                  |   149 +-
 gnu/packages/games.scm                             |   808 +-
 gnu/packages/gd.scm                                |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/gdb.scm                               |    23 +-
 gnu/packages/genimage.scm                          |     3 +-
 gnu/packages/geo.scm                               |   119 +-
 gnu/packages/gimp.scm                              |   114 +-
 gnu/packages/gl.scm                                |    92 +-
 gnu/packages/glib.scm                              |    61 +-
 gnu/packages/gnome-xyz.scm                         |   417 +-
 gnu/packages/gnome.scm                             |   374 +-
 gnu/packages/gnucash.scm                           |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/gnunet.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/gnupg.scm                             |   159 +-
 gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm                          |   168 +-
 gnu/packages/gobby.scm                             |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/golang.scm                            |   806 +-
 gnu/packages/gpodder.scm                           |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/gps.scm                               |    50 +-
 gnu/packages/graph.scm                             |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/graphics.scm                          |   120 +-
 gnu/packages/graphviz.scm                          |    23 +-
 gnu/packages/groovy.scm                            |  1404 +-
 gnu/packages/gsasl.scm                             |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/gstreamer.scm                         |   236 +-
 gnu/packages/gtk.scm                               |    95 +-
 gnu/packages/guile-xyz.scm                         |   505 +-
 gnu/packages/guile.scm                             |    61 +-
 gnu/packages/hardware.scm                          |   132 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-apps.scm                      |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-check.scm                     |    32 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-crypto.scm                    |    36 +
 gnu/packages/haskell-web.scm                       |   250 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-xyz.scm                       |    94 +-
 gnu/packages/heads.scm                             |    34 +
 gnu/packages/hunspell.scm                          |    81 +
 gnu/packages/icu4c.scm                             |    16 +
 gnu/packages/idris.scm                             |    12 +-
 gnu/packages/image-processing.scm                  |   117 +-
 gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm                     |    77 +-
 gnu/packages/image.scm                             |   204 +-
 gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm                       |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/inkscape.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/irc.scm                               |    22 +-
 gnu/packages/iso-codes.scm                         |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/java.scm                              |   429 +-
 gnu/packages/javascript.scm                        |   206 +-
 gnu/packages/julia-xyz.scm                         |   181 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-frameworks.scm                    |    68 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-internet.scm                      |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-multimedia.scm                    |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-pim.scm                           |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-plasma.scm                        |    83 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-systemtools.scm                   |    50 +
 gnu/packages/kde-utils.scm                         |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/kde.scm                               |   287 +-
 gnu/packages/kodi.scm                              |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/language.scm                          |   279 +-
 gnu/packages/lean.scm                              |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/libffi.scm                            |    28 +-
 gnu/packages/libphidget.scm                        |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm                       |    22 +-
 gnu/packages/libunwind.scm                         |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/libusb.scm                            |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/license.scm                           |    39 +-
 gnu/packages/linphone.scm                          |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/linux.scm                             |   698 +-
 gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scm                          | 13331 ++++++-----
 gnu/packages/lisp.scm                              |   215 +-
 gnu/packages/llvm.scm                              |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/logging.scm                           |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/loko.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/lsof.scm                              |    77 +-
 gnu/packages/lua.scm                               |    59 +-
 gnu/packages/machine-learning.scm                  |   109 +-
 gnu/packages/mail.scm                              |   125 +-
 gnu/packages/man.scm                               |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/maths.scm                             |   151 +-
 gnu/packages/matrix.scm                            |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/maven.scm                             |     2 +
 gnu/packages/mercury.scm                           |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/messaging.scm                         |   586 +-
 gnu/packages/moe.scm                               |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/monitoring.scm                        |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/mono.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/moreutils.scm                         |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/mp3.scm                               |   116 +-
 gnu/packages/mpd.scm                               |    76 +-
 gnu/packages/mpi.scm                               |    10 +
 gnu/packages/mtools.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/music.scm                             |   250 +-
 gnu/packages/musl.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/nano.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/ncurses.scm                           |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/networking.scm                        |   235 +-
 gnu/packages/nfs.scm                               |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/nicotine.scm                          |    32 +-
 gnu/packages/node.scm                              |    13 +-
 gnu/packages/nss.scm                               |   154 +-
 gnu/packages/ntp.scm                               |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/ocaml.scm                             |   822 +-
 gnu/packages/onc-rpc.scm                           |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/openstack.scm                         |    82 +-
 gnu/packages/package-management.scm                |   102 +-
 gnu/packages/parallel.scm                          |    45 +-
 gnu/packages/pascal.scm                            |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/password-utils.scm                    |    16 +-
 .../patches/alsa-modular-synth-fix-vocoder.patch   |   522 -
 gnu/packages/patches/audacity-add-include.patch    |    15 +
 gnu/packages/patches/avogadro-boost148.patch       |    69 -
 gnu/packages/patches/avogadro-eigen3-update.patch  |   603 -
 .../patches/avogadro-python-eigen-lib.patch        |   161 -
 .../patches/aws-c-event-stream-cmake-prefix.patch  |    13 +
 .../patches/aws-checksums-cmake-prefix.patch       |    13 +
 .../patches/bear-disable-preinstall-tests.patch    |    40 +
 .../busybox-1.31.1-fix-build-with-glibc-2.31.patch |    68 -
 .../patches/c++-gsl-find-system-gtest.patch        |    96 +
 .../patches/cl-asdf-config-directories.patch       |    44 +
 .../patches/clisp-remove-failing-test.patch        |    43 -
 gnu/packages/patches/combinatorial-blas-awpm.patch |   218 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/dbxfs-remove-sentry-sdk.patch |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/dconf-meson-0.52.patch        |    19 -
 .../eigen-remove-openmp-error-counting.patch       |    64 +
 .../emacs-scheme-complete-scheme-r5rs-info.patch   |    14 -
 gnu/packages/patches/freebayes-devendor-deps.patch |   152 +
 gnu/packages/patches/gdb-hurd.patch                |    69 +
 .../patches/gnash-fix-giflib-version.patch         |    17 +
 gnu/packages/patches/gpsbabel-fix-i686-test.patch  |    46 +
 gnu/packages/patches/gpsbabel-minizip.patch        |    13 -
 gnu/packages/patches/gpsbabel-qstring.patch        |    69 -
 .../patches/grim-revert-output-rotation.patch      |    27 -
 ...oom-test.patch => guile-2.2-skip-so-test.patch} |    24 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/hplip-fix-bug-1898438.patch   |    19 -
 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-makeicecat.patch       |     4 +-
 .../icedtea-6-extend-hotspot-aarch64-support.patch |  1831 ++
 ...icedtea-6-hotspot-gcc-segfault-workaround.patch |    42 -
 .../icedtea-7-hotspot-aarch64-use-c++98.patch      |    33 +
 ...icedtea-7-hotspot-gcc-segfault-workaround.patch |    45 -
 gnu/packages/patches/idris-disable-test.patch      |    19 +
 .../patches/ipxe-reproducible-geniso.patch         |    77 +
 .../patches/jamvm-1.5.1-aarch64-support.patch      |   572 +
 ...m-arm.patch => jamvm-1.5.1-armv7-support.patch} |     0
 .../patches/jamvm-2.0.0-aarch64-support.patch      |   645 +
 .../patches/jamvm-2.0.0-opcode-guard.patch         |    35 +
 ...ava-tunnelvisionlabs-antlr-code-too-large.patch |    87 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libcyaml-libyaml-compat.patch |    51 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libdrm-realpath-virtio.patch  |    42 -
 gnu/packages/patches/libexpected-nofetch.patch     |    27 +
 .../patches/libffi-float128-powerpc64le.patch      |    58 +
 .../patches/libsndfile-CVE-2017-12562.patch        |    97 -
 .../libsndfile-CVE-2017-8361-8363-8365.patch       |    77 -
 .../patches/libsndfile-CVE-2017-8362.patch         |    61 -
 .../patches/libsndfile-armhf-type-checks.patch     |    42 -
 .../patches/lsof-fatal-test-failures.patch         |    58 +
 .../patches/mariadb-client-test-32bit.patch        |    37 -
 .../patches/minimap2-aarch64-support.patch         |    52 +
 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-fix-linkage.patch       |    27 +
 gnu/packages/patches/mutt-store-references.patch   |    13 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/nss-pkgconfig.patch           |   225 -
 .../patches/ocaml-cairo2-caml_ba_array-fix.patch   |    68 +
 gnu/packages/patches/openssh-fix-ssh-copy-id.patch |    38 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pam-mount-luks2-support.patch |    51 -
 gnu/packages/patches/pciutils-hurd-fix.patch       |    23 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pidgin-libnm.patch            |    60 -
 gnu/packages/patches/pidgin-vv-gst.patch           |    48 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pinentry-efl.patch            |   798 -
 gnu/packages/patches/podofo-cmake-3.12.patch       |    19 -
 gnu/packages/patches/pulseview-qt515-compat.patch  |   145 +
 .../patches/purescript-relax-dependencies.patch    |    28 +-
 ...-fix-tests.patch => python-3.9-fix-tests.patch} |   169 +-
 .../python-aiohttp-3.6.2-no-warning-fail.patch     |    34 -
 .../patches/python-cairocffi-dlopen-path.patch     |    10 -
 .../python-gst-fix-build-with-python-3.8.patch     |    36 -
 .../patches/python-pydot-regression-test.patch     |    79 +
 .../patches/python-tinycss2-flake8-compat.patch    |    36 -
 ...v.patch => r-httpuv-1.5.5-unvendor-libuv.patch} |     0
 .../patches/renpy-use-system-fribidi.patch         |    52 +
 gnu/packages/patches/rust-1.48-linker-locale.patch |    14 +
 .../patches/rust-ndarray-remove-blas-src-dep.patch |    36 +
 gnu/packages/patches/sbcl-clml-fix-types.patch     |   280 +
 .../patches/sbcl-geco-fix-organism-class.patch     |    13 -
 .../patches/sbcl-graph-asdf-definitions.patch      |    70 -
 .../patches/sdcc-disable-non-free-code.patch       |   721 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/serf-python3.patch            |    29 +
 .../patches/shakespeare-spl-fix-grammar.patch      |    16 +
 .../smalltalk-multiplication-overflow.patch        |   121 +
 gnu/packages/patches/superlu-dist-awpm-grid.patch  |    31 +-
 .../patches/tipp10-disable-downloader.patch        |   165 +
 gnu/packages/patches/tipp10-qt5.patch              |    69 +
 .../patches/transmission-honor-localedir.patch     |    34 +
 .../patches/ungoogled-chromium-system-nspr.patch   |    22 +-
 .../patches/vcflib-use-shared-libraries.patch      |   135 -
 .../patches/weasyprint-library-paths.patch         |    43 -
 gnu/packages/patchutils.scm                        |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/pciutils.scm                          |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/pdf.scm                               |   290 +-
 gnu/packages/perl-check.scm                        |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/perl.scm                              |   118 +-
 gnu/packages/photo.scm                             |    23 +-
 gnu/packages/php.scm                               |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/plotutils.scm                         |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/popt.scm                              |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/pretty-print.scm                      |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/printers.scm                          |    70 -
 gnu/packages/protobuf.scm                          |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/pulseaudio.scm                        |    72 +-
 gnu/packages/purescript.scm                        |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/python-build.scm                      |   160 +
 gnu/packages/python-check.scm                      |   111 +-
 gnu/packages/python-compression.scm                |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/python-crypto.scm                     |    49 +-
 gnu/packages/python-science.scm                    |    26 +
 gnu/packages/python-web.scm                        |   778 +-
 gnu/packages/python-xyz.scm                        |  1883 +-
 gnu/packages/python.scm                            |    25 +
 gnu/packages/qt.scm                                |   358 +-
 gnu/packages/radio.scm                             |    91 +-
 gnu/packages/rcm.scm                               |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/rdf.scm                               |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/re2c.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/regex.scm                             |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/rpc.scm                               |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/rsync.scm                             |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/ruby.scm                              |    75 +-
 gnu/packages/rust-apps.scm                         |   298 +-
 gnu/packages/rust.scm                              |   100 +-
 gnu/packages/sagemath.scm                          |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/samba.scm                             |   103 +-
 gnu/packages/scheme.scm                            |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/scribus.scm                           |    26 +-
 gnu/packages/sdcc.scm                              |    78 -
 gnu/packages/search.scm                            |    72 +-
 gnu/packages/security-token.scm                    |    24 +-
 gnu/packages/sequoia.scm                           |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/shells.scm                            |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/shellutils.scm                        |    47 +-
 gnu/packages/skarnet.scm                           |    39 +-
 gnu/packages/smalltalk.scm                         |    52 +-
 gnu/packages/sphinx.scm                            |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/spice.scm                             |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/ssh.scm                               |    48 +-
 gnu/packages/sssd.scm                              |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/statistics.scm                        |   227 +-
 gnu/packages/storage.scm                           |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/syncthing.scm                         |   115 +-
 gnu/packages/syndication.scm                       |    50 +-
 gnu/packages/telegram.scm                          |   557 +
 gnu/packages/terminals.scm                         |   371 +-
 gnu/packages/tex.scm                               |   187 +-
 gnu/packages/text-editors.scm                      |    68 +-
 gnu/packages/textutils.scm                         |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/time.scm                              |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/tls.scm                               |    51 +-
 gnu/packages/tor.scm                               |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/uml.scm                               |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/upnp.scm                              |    56 +-
 gnu/packages/valgrind.scm                          |    23 +-
 gnu/packages/version-control.scm                   |   284 +-
 gnu/packages/video.scm                             |   362 +-
 gnu/packages/vim.scm                               |    57 +-
 gnu/packages/virtualization.scm                    |   151 +-
 gnu/packages/visidata.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/vnc.scm                               |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/vpn.scm                               |    84 +-
 gnu/packages/vulkan.scm                            |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/web-browsers.scm                      |   131 +-
 gnu/packages/web.scm                               |   382 +-
 gnu/packages/webkit.scm                            |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/wget.scm                              |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/wine.scm                              |    98 +-
 gnu/packages/wm.scm                                |   395 +-
 gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm                           |   138 +-
 gnu/packages/xfce.scm                              |   319 +-
 gnu/packages/xiph.scm                              |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/xml.scm                               |   190 +-
 gnu/packages/xorg.scm                              |    70 +-
 gnu/services.scm                                   |     8 +-
 gnu/services/audio.scm                             |     6 +-
 gnu/services/avahi.scm                             |     4 +-
 gnu/services/base.scm                              |   105 +-
 gnu/services/cuirass.scm                           |   321 +-
 gnu/services/cups.scm                              |    13 +-
 gnu/services/databases.scm                         |   313 +-
 gnu/services/linux.scm                             |    59 +-
 gnu/services/mail.scm                              |    81 +-
 gnu/services/monitoring.scm                        |    85 +-
 gnu/services/networking.scm                        |    65 +-
 gnu/services/nix.scm                               |    61 +-
 gnu/services/science.scm                           |    18 +
 gnu/services/security-token.scm                    |     3 +-
 gnu/services/shepherd.scm                          |    67 +-
 gnu/services/syncthing.scm                         |    89 +
 gnu/services/virtualization.scm                    |    19 +-
 gnu/services/web.scm                               |    27 +-
 gnu/system.scm                                     |    86 +-
 gnu/system/examples/bare-hurd.tmpl                 |     2 +-
 gnu/system/image.scm                               |    22 +-
 gnu/system/images/{pine64.scm => novena.scm}       |    39 +-
 gnu/system/images/pine64.scm                       |     2 +-
 gnu/system/images/pinebook-pro.scm                 |     6 +-
 gnu/system/install.scm                             |    22 +-
 gnu/system/linux-container.scm                     |     7 +-
 gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm                        |    27 +-
 gnu/system/mapped-devices.scm                      |   204 +-
 gnu/system/shadow.scm                              |    46 +-
 gnu/tests/cuirass.scm                              |   276 +
 gnu/tests/databases.scm                            |   117 +-
 gnu/tests/guix.scm                                 |     5 +-
 gnu/tests/install.scm                              |   263 +-
 gnu/tests/monitoring.scm                           |     7 +-
 gnu/tests/web.scm                                  |     7 +-
 guix/avahi.scm                                     |   178 +
 guix/build-system/asdf.scm                         |    31 +-
 guix/build-system/{go.scm => chicken.scm}          |   105 +-
 guix/build-system/haskell.scm                      |     5 +-
 guix/build-system/julia.scm                        |     6 +-
 guix/build-system/r.scm                            |     2 +-
 guix/build/asdf-build-system.scm                   |   177 +-
 guix/build/cargo-build-system.scm                  |    25 +-
 guix/build/cargo-utils.scm                         |     5 +-
 guix/build/chicken-build-system.scm                |   133 +
 guix/build/julia-build-system.scm                  |    58 +-
 guix/build/lisp-utils.scm                          |   245 +-
 guix/build/store-copy.scm                          |   133 +-
 guix/cache.scm                                     |     9 +-
 guix/channels.scm                                  |    14 +-
 guix/ci.scm                                        |    52 +-
 guix/cpio.scm                                      |    33 +-
 d3.v3.js => guix/d3.v3.js                          |     0
 guix/download.scm                                  |    21 +-
 guix/gexp.scm                                      |    15 +-
 guix/git.scm                                       |    52 +-
 guix/glob.scm                                      |    15 +
 guix/gnu-maintenance.scm                           |     5 +-
 graph.js => guix/graph.js                          |     0
 guix/graph.scm                                     |     6 +-
 guix/http-client.scm                               |    12 +-
 guix/import/cpan.scm                               |     3 +-
 guix/import/cran.scm                               |    56 +-
 guix/import/crate.scm                              |   153 +-
 guix/import/elpa.scm                               |   240 +-
 guix/import/gem.scm                                |    11 +-
 guix/import/gnu.scm                                |    16 +-
 guix/import/hackage.scm                            |    14 +-
 guix/import/opam.scm                               |    64 +-
 guix/import/print.scm                              |     3 +-
 guix/import/pypi.scm                               |     8 +-
 guix/import/stackage.scm                           |    13 +-
 guix/import/texlive.scm                            |    28 +-
 guix/import/utils.scm                              |    92 +-
 guix/inferior.scm                                  |   116 +-
 guix/licenses.scm                                  |    17 +-
 guix/lint.scm                                      |    87 +-
 guix/modules.scm                                   |     4 +-
 guix/monads.scm                                    |    15 +-
 guix/nar.scm                                       |     8 +-
 guix/narinfo.scm                                   |   326 +
 guix/packages.scm                                  |    38 +-
 guix/profiles.scm                                  |    52 +-
 guix/progress.scm                                  |    76 +-
 guix/repl.scm                                      |     8 +-
 guix/scripts.scm                                   |     4 +-
 guix/scripts/archive.scm                           |     6 +-
 guix/scripts/build.scm                             |    13 +-
 guix/scripts/challenge.scm                         |     2 +
 guix/scripts/deploy.scm                            |    33 +-
 guix/scripts/discover.scm                          |   142 +
 guix/scripts/environment.scm                       |     6 +-
 guix/scripts/graph.scm                             |     5 +-
 guix/scripts/hash.scm                              |     5 +-
 guix/scripts/import/cran.scm                       |    46 +-
 guix/scripts/import/crate.scm                      |    15 +-
 guix/scripts/import/elpa.scm                       |    19 +-
 guix/scripts/import/json.scm                       |    10 +-
 guix/scripts/import/opam.scm                       |    10 +-
 guix/scripts/install.scm                           |     2 +
 guix/scripts/lint.scm                              |    15 +-
 guix/scripts/offload.scm                           |    15 +-
 guix/scripts/pack.scm                              |   262 +-
 guix/scripts/package.scm                           |     2 +
 guix/scripts/processes.scm                         |   152 +-
 guix/scripts/publish.scm                           |    97 +-
 guix/scripts/pull.scm                              |   110 +-
 guix/scripts/substitute.scm                        |   706 +-
 guix/scripts/system.scm                            |   135 +-
 guix/scripts/system/reconfigure.scm                |     9 +-
 guix/scripts/upgrade.scm                           |    16 +-
 guix/scripts/weather.scm                           |    37 +-
 guix/self.scm                                      |    64 +-
 guix/serialization.scm                             |    58 +-
 guix/ssh.scm                                       |    91 +-
 guix/status.scm                                    |     4 +
 guix/store.scm                                     |    24 +-
 guix/store/database.scm                            |   105 +-
 guix/store/deduplication.scm                       |   199 +-
 guix/swh.scm                                       |     3 +-
 guix/transformations.scm                           |   128 +-
 guix/ui.scm                                        |   121 +-
 guix/upstream.scm                                  |    44 +-
 guix/utils.scm                                     |    29 +-
 m4/guix.m4                                         |     4 +-
 nix/libstore/                              |   209 +-
 nix/libstore/                        |   170 +-
 nix/libstore/local-store.hh                        |    25 +-
 nix/libutil/                                |     6 +-
 nix/libutil/util.hh                                |     7 +-
 nix/nix-daemon/                      |    21 +
 po/doc/                           | 22918 ++++++++++---------
 po/guix/                                |     2 +
 po/guix/fr.po                                      |  3371 ++-
 po/packages/fr.po                                  | 16523 ++++---------
 scripts/                                    |     2 +-
 tests/boot-parameters.scm                          |    30 +-
 tests/challenge.scm                                |     2 +-
 tests/crate.scm                                    |   591 +-
 tests/cve-sample.json                              |     2 +-
 tests/elpa.scm                                     |     3 +-
 tests/gexp.scm                                     |    20 +-
 tests/glob.scm                                     |     8 +-
 tests/                              |     4 +-
 tests/                          |     8 +-
 tests/                                 |     3 +-
 tests/                     |     2 +-
 tests/                               |    13 +-
 tests/import-utils.scm                             |    40 +-
 tests/inferior.scm                                 |    34 +-
 tests/lint.scm                                     |   121 +-
 tests/nar.scm                                      |    21 +-
 tests/networking.scm                               |     3 +-
 tests/opam.scm                                     |    67 +-
 tests/profiles.scm                                 |    38 +
 tests/publish.scm                                  |    16 +
 tests/store-database.scm                           |    57 +-
 tests/store-deduplication.scm                      |    20 +-
 tests/store.scm                                    |    95 +-
 tests/substitute.scm                               |   155 +-
 tests/swh.scm                                      |    39 +-
 tests/transformations.scm                          |    50 +-
 tests/utils.scm                                    |    49 +-
 567 files changed, 81890 insertions(+), 50523 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/text-mode/guix-commit-message-add-cl-package
 create mode 100644 gnu/installer/newt/substitutes.scm
 copy gnu/installer/{proxy.scm => substitutes.scm} (75%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/aux-files/guix.vim
 copy gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{5.9-arm.conf => 5.10-arm.conf} (98%)
 copy gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{5.9-arm64.conf => 5.10-arm64.conf} 
 copy gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{5.9-i686.conf => 5.10-i686.conf} (98%)
 copy gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{5.9-x86_64.conf => 5.10-x86_64.conf} 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/esolangs.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/fcitx5.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/hunspell.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/alsa-modular-synth-fix-vocoder.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/audacity-add-include.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/avogadro-boost148.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/avogadro-eigen3-update.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/avogadro-python-eigen-lib.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/aws-c-event-stream-cmake-prefix.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/aws-checksums-cmake-prefix.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/bear-disable-preinstall-tests.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/c++-gsl-find-system-gtest.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/cl-asdf-config-directories.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/clisp-remove-failing-test.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/dconf-meson-0.52.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/freebayes-devendor-deps.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gdb-hurd.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gnash-fix-giflib-version.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gpsbabel-fix-i686-test.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gpsbabel-minizip.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gpsbabel-qstring.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/grim-revert-output-rotation.patch
 copy gnu/packages/patches/{guile-2.2-skip-oom-test.patch => 
guile-2.2-skip-so-test.patch} (51%)
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/hplip-fix-bug-1898438.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/idris-disable-test.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ipxe-reproducible-geniso.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jamvm-1.5.1-aarch64-support.patch
 rename gnu/packages/patches/{jamvm-arm.patch => 
jamvm-1.5.1-armv7-support.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jamvm-2.0.0-aarch64-support.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jamvm-2.0.0-opcode-guard.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libcyaml-libyaml-compat.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libdrm-realpath-virtio.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libexpected-nofetch.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libffi-float128-powerpc64le.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libsndfile-CVE-2017-12562.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libsndfile-CVE-2017-8362.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libsndfile-armhf-type-checks.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lsof-fatal-test-failures.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mariadb-client-test-32bit.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/minimap2-aarch64-support.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mupdf-fix-linkage.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/nss-pkgconfig.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ocaml-cairo2-caml_ba_array-fix.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openssh-fix-ssh-copy-id.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pam-mount-luks2-support.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pciutils-hurd-fix.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pidgin-libnm.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pidgin-vv-gst.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pinentry-efl.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/podofo-cmake-3.12.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pulseview-qt515-compat.patch
 copy gnu/packages/patches/{python-3-fix-tests.patch => 
python-3.9-fix-tests.patch} (77%)
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-cairocffi-dlopen-path.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-pydot-regression-test.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-tinycss2-flake8-compat.patch
 rename gnu/packages/patches/{r-httpuv-1.5.4-unvendor-libuv.patch => 
r-httpuv-1.5.5-unvendor-libuv.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/renpy-use-system-fribidi.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rust-1.48-linker-locale.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rust-ndarray-remove-blas-src-dep.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/sbcl-clml-fix-types.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/sbcl-geco-fix-organism-class.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/sbcl-graph-asdf-definitions.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/serf-python3.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/shakespeare-spl-fix-grammar.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/smalltalk-multiplication-overflow.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/tipp10-disable-downloader.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/tipp10-qt5.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/transmission-honor-localedir.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/vcflib-use-shared-libraries.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/weasyprint-library-paths.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/python-build.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/sdcc.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/telegram.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/services/syncthing.scm
 copy gnu/system/images/{pine64.scm => novena.scm} (62%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/tests/cuirass.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/avahi.scm
 copy guix/build-system/{go.scm => chicken.scm} (57%)
 create mode 100644 guix/build/chicken-build-system.scm
 rename d3.v3.js => guix/d3.v3.js (100%)
 rename graph.js => guix/graph.js (100%)
 create mode 100644 guix/narinfo.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/scripts/discover.scm

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