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branch wip-texlive deleted (was 43b092f)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-texlive deleted (was 43b092f)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 08:22:00 -0400 (EDT)

rekado pushed a change to branch wip-texlive
in repository guix.

       was  43b092f   WIP texlive-tlpdb: Init

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  43b092f   WIP texlive-tlpdb: Init
  discards  dd25eb5   gnu: Add texlive-ae.
  discards  686b23f   gnu: texlive-fonts-ec: Update license URL.
  discards  07b586a   gnu: Replace uses of texlive-*-amsfonts.
  discards  587f038   gnu: Add texlive-amsfonts.
  discards  8335bae   gnu: texlive-latex-base: Simplify.
  discards  be934da   gnu: texlive-dvips: Limit source files.
  discards  8d8ce0a   gnu: texlive-bin: Include scripts.
  discards  90f71c4   gnu: Add texlive-kpathsea.
  discards  9c30d2d   gnu: Add texlive-etoolbox.
  discards  c938859   gnu: Add texlive-doi.
  discards  fa991d0   gnu: Add texlive-seminar.
  discards  859034a   gnu: Add texlive-pstool.
  discards  0b42338   gnu: Add texlive-filemod.
  discards  cd4768d   gnu: Add texlive-url.
  discards  7ccdcd8   gnu: texlive-latex-graphics: Simplify.
  discards  787eec5   gnu: Add texlive-graphics-cfg.
  discards  989ab90   gnu: Add texlive-graphics-def.
  discards  761a902   gnu: Add texlive-epsf.
  discards  ccfdec2   gnu: Add texlive-lm.
  discards  53ac577   gnu: texlive-fontname: Simplify.
  discards  ed52aaf   gnu: Add texlive-cm-super.
  discards  d80de03   gnu: Add texlive-mflogo-font.
  discards  4bf137c   gnu: Add texlive-fontinst.
  discards  f2ea6bf   gnu: Add texlive-docstrip.
  discards  446ad29   gnu: Add texlive-latexconfig.
  discards  d874e83   gnu: Add texlive-etex.
  discards  31a8463   gnu: Add texlive-ruhyphen.
  discards  7ae0b70   gnu: Add texlive-ukrhyph.
  discards  aa163cb   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-welsh.
  discards  2293e0b   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-uppersorbian.
  discards  36f63a0   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-ukrainian.
  discards  a7c1496   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-turkmen.
  discards  9d5787d   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-turkish.
  discards  301e4a3   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-thai.
  discards  aeef1b5   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-swedish.
  discards  8efe95e   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-spanish.
  discards  f1531c2   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-slovenian.
  discards  3d39c7c   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-slovak.
  discards  1a318c1   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-serbian.
  discards  4ef335a   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-sanskrit.
  discards  b4fbf06   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-russian.
  discards  3aec4a9   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-romansh.
  discards  02cb672   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-romanian.
  discards  6af0952   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-portuguese.
  discards  0687d06   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-polish.
  discards  92210ff   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-piedmontese.
  discards  a5e1915   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-occitan.
  discards  213af03   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-norwegian.
  discards  1b9b22d   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-mongolian.
  discards  c8167e9   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-lithuanian.
  discards  236010e   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-latvian.
  discards  520fec4   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-latin.
  discards  cbe6b47   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-kurmanji.
  discards  fc05631   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-italian.
  discards  3d0177a   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-irish.
  discards  143d396   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-interlingua.
  discards  8d341c3   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-indonesian.
  discards  5089155   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-indic.
  discards  96ed571   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-icelandic.
  discards  4c669ac   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-hungarian.
  discards  0c7153a   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-greek.
  discards  293c299   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-german.
  discards  098ab74   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-georgian.
  discards  7bcc527   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-galician.
  discards  4cdf208   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-friulan.
  discards  0368eb1   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-french.
  discards  1fe463c   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-finnish.
  discards  8f4f5d2   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-ethiopic.
  discards  0aeaeea   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-estonian.
  discards  8977114   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-esperanto.
  discards  a7c1484   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-english.
  discards  22b3c3f   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-dutch.
  discards  629d4cd   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-danish.
  discards  078bfaf   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-czech.
  discards  0cf019b   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-croatian.
  discards  d130578   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-coptic.
  discards  823fade   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-churchslavonic.
  discards  cbca226   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-chinese.
  discards  03dd743   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-catalan.
  discards  0dec8e0   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-bulgarian.
  discards  6e8e86b   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-belarusian.
  discards  1acfafb   gnu: Add texlive-mkpattern.
  discards  c0af659   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-basque.
  discards  edfb735   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-armenian.
  discards  c522fc0   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-ancientgreek.
  discards  3c6d856   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-afrikaans.
  discards  924db70   gnu: Add texlive-tex-ini-files.
  discards  01a8585   gnu: texlive-fonts-cm: Use simple-texlive-package.
  discards  4ef07ec   gnu: texlive-fonts-cm: Remove cm-type1.
  discards  a044662   gnu: texlive-dvips: Implement with simple-texlive-package.
  discards  b7b67b5   gnu: Add texlive-dehyph-exptl.
  discards  be763b9   gnu: Add texlive-hyph-utf8.
  discards  09b929d   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-base.
  discards  1adf894   gnu: Add texlive-unicode-data.
  discards  e47dedb   gnu: Add texlive-hyphen-package.
  discards  39fdf14   gnu: Add hyph-utf8-scripts.
  discards  1d5e7aa   gnu: Add simple-texlive-package.
  discards  3c36a1a   build-system/texlive: Add texlive-origin.
  discards  9b1aa81   guix: Add svn-multi-reference.
  discards  eaec90f   build: svn-fetch: Use "svn export".
  discards  fca2bc2   gnu: texlive-union: Build font maps.

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