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branch wip-gnome3.30 deleted (was c279a8a)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-gnome3.30 deleted (was c279a8a)
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 04:12:53 -0400 (EDT)

rekado pushed a change to branch wip-gnome3.30
in repository guix.

       was  c279a8a   gnu: gnome-shell: Update to 3.30.2.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  c279a8a   gnu: gnome-shell: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  aed5089   gnu: mutter: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  d5efb84   gnu: gtksourceview: Update to 4.0.3.
  discards  49c5e9f   gnu: gnome-maps: Update to
  discards  d1b4901   gnu: gnome-online-accounts: Update to 3.30.0.
  discards  11bbc7c   gnu: evolution-data-server: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  9604788   gnu: libgnome-games-support: Update to 1.4.2.
  discards  3825e21   gnu: yelp-xsl: Update to 3.30.1.
  discards  6356783   gnu: yelp: Update to 3.30.0.
  discards  76a24c4   gnu: epiphany: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  bb4e4b9   gnu: eog: Update to 3.28.4.
  discards  3e4a527   gnu: colord: Update to 1.4.3.
  discards  eb947c4   gnu: gnome-tweak-tool: Update to 3.30.1.
  discards  7dcc134   gnu: nautilus: Update to 3.30.4.
  discards  a91a159   gnu: gvfs: Update to 1.38.1.
  discards  0b192c0   gnu: libgdata: Update to 0.17.9.
  discards  c03d44b   gnu: libdazzle: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  7faeb77   gnu: network-manager-applet: Use meson build system.
  discards  4650a09   gnu: network-manager: Update to 1.14.4.
  discards  a27b973   gnu: gnome-settings-daemon: Update to
  discards  8773342   gnu: gnome-keyring: Add missing input.
  discards  d23fe78   gnu: gdm: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  e7dac2c   gnu: network-manager-applet: Update to 1.8.18.
  discards  072681d   gnu: gnome-calculator: Update to 3.30.1.
  discards  8108bcd   gnu: gnome-system-monitor: Update to 3.30.0.
  discards  9f5583b   gnu: pangomm: Update to 2.42.0.
  discards  4f623ad   gnu: atkmm: Update to 2.28.0.
  discards  35f1cf9   gnu: gtkmm: Update to 3.24.0.
  discards  1d0f926   gnu: glib: Install m4 macros.
  discards  60543ba   gnu: gnome-terminal: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  19f3edd   gnu: gnome-sudoku: Update to 3.30.0.
  discards  95ca543   gnu: gnome-mines: Update to
  discards  3b8bfd1   gnu: five-or-more: Update to 3.30.0.
  discards  120f772   gnu: vte: Update to 0.54.2.
  discards  e99f573   gnu: vala: Update to 0.42.3.
  discards  2bd1d6f   gnu: seahorse: Update to 3.30.
  discards  23e93b6   gnu: libwnck: Update to 3.30.0.
  discards  9666f5c   gnu: libgnomeprintui: Update to 2.18.6.
  discards  40eb332   gnu: libgnomeprint: Update to 2.18.8.
  discards  331f935   gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 3.30.1.
  discards  7ed2cee   gnu: gsettings-desktop-schemas: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  335887d   gnu: evince: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  4094547   gnu: gnome-disk-utility: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  420006c   gnu: gnome-desktop: Update to 3.30.2.
  discards  1a87e38   gnu: glibmm: Update to 2.58.0.
  discards  58595d0   gnu: gmime: Update to 3.2.3.
  discards  d7c1214   gnu: gobject-introspection: Update to 1.58.1.
  discards  50b0ee0   gnu: glib: Update to 2.58.1.

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