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branch core-updates updated (2ca3fdc -> 123bba7)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch core-updates updated (2ca3fdc -> 123bba7)
Date: Wed, 1 May 2019 18:40:23 -0400 (EDT)

mbakke pushed a change to branch core-updates
in repository guix.

      from  2ca3fdc   gnu: shishi: Make shishi keys and database 
      adds  78b3748   guix: dune-build-system: Add a package parameter.
      adds  23c8a97   gnu: ocaml-alcotest: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  112dc8e   gnu: lynis: Update to 2.7.3.
      adds  80a6993   gnu: asunder: Update to 2.9.3.
      adds  920c896   gnu: filezilla: Update to 3.41.2 [security fixes].
      adds  6f565d6   gnu: Add odamex.
      adds  7b7e4e8   tests: Add missing import.
      adds  94aeec0   ui: Bypass Texinfo parsing and rendering for searches.
      adds  9c2e585   tests: Adjust 'guix pack -f squashfs' test.
      adds  b89bb80   gnu: perl-image-exiftool: Downgrade to 11.30.
      adds  4041fab   gnu: Add bennu-game-development.
      adds  24c4b01   gnu: Add bennu-game-development-modules.
      adds  d7d4102   gnu: ocaml-react: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  a1034ea   gnu: ocaml-bos: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  8d135e3   gnu: dune: Fix libdir.
      adds  8fd8978   gnu: ocaml-gsl: Update to 1.24.0.
      adds  edf1ce6   gnu: bennu-game-development: Remove bundled code.
      adds  f0e4cfc   gnu: bennu-game-development: Build against openssl on all 
      adds  e2015de   gnu: tiled: Update to 1.2.3.
      adds  d00a8b8   gnu: physfs: Update to 3.0.2.
      adds  37bf216   gnu: openmw: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  d9f7b11   gnu: ddcutil: Update to 0.9.5.
      adds  b28e4e3   doc: Remove instances of powerpc-linux being a supported 
Guix architecture.
      adds  dff4dcb   gnu: perl-package-stash-xs: Update source tarball URL.
      adds  da4cdc4   gnu: perl-package-stash: Update source tarball URL.
      adds  d378e1a   gnu: r-matrix: Update to 1.2-17.
      adds  adf6107   gnu: r-openssl: Update to 1.3.
      adds  3a41858   gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to 0.9.300.2.0.
      adds  6f2fa03   gnu: r-pls: Update to 2.7-1.
      adds  42e7552   gnu: r-quantmod: Update to 0.4-14.
      adds  3be585c   gnu: r-polynom: Update to 1.4-0.
      adds  104ec4c   gnu: r-getopt: Update to 1.20.3.
      adds  7a73c24   gnu: r-rbgl: Update to 1.58.2.
      adds  adfbda0   gnu: r-gqtlstats: Update to 1.14.1.
      adds  9ebb7f8   gnu: r-phangorn: Update to 2.5.3.
      adds  f98d97c   gnu: Add r-lemon.
      adds  79db3a1   gnu: Add r-wgaim.
      adds  f33cb7a   gnu: Add r-bedr.
      adds  459dcb9   gnu: Add r-partitions.
      adds  761c097   gnu: Add r-brobdingnag.
      adds  c30be23   gnu: Add r-untb.
      adds  37f6289   gnu: avidemux: Update to 2.7.3.
      adds  16360cc   gnu: flatpak: Use glib-or-gtk-build-system.
      adds  8a0e1bb   bootloader: Remove unused 'additional-configuration' 
      adds  91b6873   bootloader: Reindent record type definition.
      adds  db1e252   Add (gnu system keyboard).
      adds  8d058e7   bootloader: Add a 'keyboard-layout' field.
      adds  956607e   services: xorg: Remove unused #:guile parameter.
      adds  b2e5645   services: xorg: Define an <xorg-configuration> record 
      adds  554b860   services: sddm, slim, gdm: Take an <xorg-configuration> 
      adds  598757e   services: xorg: Add a 'keyboard-layout' field in 
      adds  132823c   vm: 'virtualized-operating-system' inherits from the 
user's bootloader config.
      adds  48e595b   gnu: Add loadkeys-static.
      adds  ae7a316   system: Initialize console keyboard layout in the initrd.
      adds  2bbb4ea   doc: Document keyboard layout.
      adds  fab9aa1   gnu: Add xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin.
      adds  64843c6   gnu: perl-time-hires: Update source tarball URL.
      adds  ea87b4e   gnu: Add r-stepwise.
      adds  2a35bb1   gnu: Add r-snpmaxsel.
      adds  011ec1e   gnu: Add udunits.
      adds  7002c44   gnu: Add r-units.
      adds  518c1de   gnu: Add r-classint.
      adds  66c08ff   gnu: Add r-spdata.
      adds  e522827   gnu: Add r-learnbayes.
      adds  dcc5028   gnu: Add r-deldir.
      adds  d884e40   gnu: Add r-sf.
      adds  e371e53   gnu: Add r-spdep.
      adds  49a48c4   gnu: r-acsnminer: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  c4d521b   gnu: r-seqinr: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  91c1fbd   gnu: Add r-adegenet.
      adds  3d2bc81   gnu: Add r-pegas.
      adds  cd977b3   gnu: Add r-rmetasim.
      adds  b15d19a   gnu: perl6-json-class: Remove unsupported syntax from 
      adds  8559df6   gnu: perl6-meta6: Remove unsupported syntax from 
      adds  b9a57fd   gnu: perl-uri-escape: Update source tarball URL.
      adds  70bb83b   services: xorg: Fix cases where 'keyboard-layout' is #f.
      adds  e02b769   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.177.
      adds  eb69d5d   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.165.
      adds  60b223a   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.108.
      adds  be6d271   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.31.
      adds  33b233b   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.4.
      adds  601ddf0   gnu: Add r-genetics.
      adds  5ef7d05   gnu: Add r-snp-plotter.
      adds  6a472af   gnu: Add r-polspline.
      adds  a8c965c   gnu: Add r-rms.
      adds  cd47dcf   gnu: Add r-haplo-stats.
      adds  4518a9d   gnu: icecat: Update to 60.6.1-guix1 [security fixes].
      adds  b58ab15   gnu: Add python-mygpoclient.
      adds  de5ea7d   gnu: Add gPodder.
      adds  bb034ab   gnu: Add emacs-company-lsp.
      adds  6cd504c   gnu: Add emacs-company-cabal.
      adds  5247cd2   gnu: Add emacs-company-auctex.
      adds  13e99cf   gnu: Add emacs-prescient.
      adds  16f6a75   gnu: Add emacs-python-environment.
      adds  06aff73   gnu: Add emacs-jedi.
      adds  1172d91   gnu: Add emacs-company-flow.
      adds  8dc3296   gnu: Add emacs-company-jedi.
      adds  f970946   gnu: fmt: Update to 5.3.0.
      adds  799f484   gnu: perl-object-signature: Update source URL.
      adds  3ed36f3   gnu: perl-file-temp: Update source URL.
      adds  357b694   gnu: perl-log-any: Update source URL.
      adds  fd9fe86   gnu: perl-moosex-emulate-class-accessor-fast: Update 
source URL.
      adds  5ca9cb1   gnu: perl-plack-test-externalserver: Update source URL.
      adds  e68f205   gnu: perl-class-c3-componentised: Update source URL.
      adds  ae61388   gnu: perl-carp-clan: Update source URL.
      adds  83617ae   gnu: perl-datetime-calendar-julian: Update source URL.
      adds  a7da909   gnu: perl-base: Update source URL.
      adds  a4876fb   gnu: perl-class-accessor-grouped: Update source URL.
      adds  2db3b2d   gnu: perl-carp: Update source URL.
      adds  587f764   gnu: perl-mouse: Update source URL.
      adds  034eae9   gnu: perl-class-date: Update source URL.
      adds  c3b5c80   gnu: perl-svg: Update source URL.
      adds  bffb582   gnu: Add r-bqtl.
      adds  73fcd22   gnu: Add r-ibdreg.
      adds  d4a255a   gnu: Add r-dlmap.
      adds  1cdd9f0   gnu: Add r-ldheatmap.
      adds  b8fea3c   gnu: Add r-hwde.
      adds  7cd4ff2   gnu: Add r-tdthap.
      adds  469fb43   gnu: r-sparql: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  0ef062b   gnu: r-bookdown: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  72a216a   gnu: r-optparse: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  c5a2b51   gnu: r-wgcna: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  bac0ca3   gnu: r-kernlab: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  80eb01c   gnu: r-gkmsvm: Move to (gnu packages bioconductor).
      adds  ab7f1eb   gnu: Add brightnessctl.
      adds  a0583c0   gnu: Add r-hierfstat.
      adds  3080b81   gnu: Add r-hapassoc.
      adds  8a5460b   gnu: Add r-triform.
      adds  c538bcd   gnu: Add r-varianttools.
      adds  3e41919   gnu: Add r-heatplus.
      adds  c04f230   gnu: Add r-gosemsim.
      adds  9d0f794   gnu: Add r-anota.
      adds  a6d867f   gnu: Add r-sigpathway.
      adds  6bdce94   gnu: r-gsl: Update to 2.1-6.
      adds  7166b77   gnu: Add r-sampling.
      adds  4f8b1fb   gnu: Add r-r2html.
      adds  3f6e6e9   gnu: Add r-rjava.
      adds  b9b177b   gnu: Add r-svmisc.
      adds  b283d5f   services: SDDM: Specify absolute path to the X server.
      adds  cdfb69b   gnu: nano: Update to 4.0.
      adds  516f6f5   gnu: docker: Use fewer modprobes.
      adds  cde08a5   gnu: guix: Update to f970946.
      adds  3191b5f   installer: Set the system's 'keyboard-layout' field.
      adds  abd4d6b   records: Allow thunked fields to refer to 'this-record'.
      adds  cf848cc   accounts: Add default value for the 'home-directory' 
field of <user-account>.
      adds  69cae3d   system: Add 'essential-services' field to 
      adds  6c177f6   gnu: gzdoom: Update to 3.7.2.
      adds  e6301fb   packages: Adjust to new calling convention for "thunked" 
      adds  5e00dcc   gnu: docker: Add comment.
      adds  ceab612   gnu: docker: Use disjunct temp directories for probing.
      adds  df42e0f   gnu: armagetronad: Rename package to armagetron-advanced.
      adds  973bd8a   gnu: cataclysm-dda: Rename package to 
      adds  c97e4d8   gnu: gnubg: Rename package to gnubackgammon.
      adds  c91ed48   gnu: abbaye: Rename package to l-abbaye-des-morts.
      adds  375cb94   gnu: wesnoth: Rename package to the-battle-for-wesnoth.
      adds  ecdb134   gnu: wesnoth-server: Rename package to 
      adds  184f5c8   gnu: starfighter: Rename package to project-starfighter.
      adds  6639295   gnu: kiki: Rename package to kiki-the-nano-bot.
      adds  8b6e2bc   gnu: fillets-ng: Rename package to fish-fillets-ng.
      adds  36a0b5b   gnu: crawl: Rename package to dungeon-crawl-stone-soup.
      adds  24a67ae   gnu: crawl-tiles: Rename package to 
      adds  f6a21d6   gnu: tome4: Rename package to tales-of-maj-eyal.
      adds  b1aee9f   gnu: btanks: Rename package to battle-tanks.
      adds  f95e33a   gnu: edgar: Rename package to the-legend-of-edgar.
      adds  6994e67   etc: Add "rename" snippet.
      adds  24d6498   gnu: python-xopen: Update to 0.5.0.
      adds  9ac17c6   gnu: cutadapt: Update to 2.1.
      adds  fdc316f   gnu: trim-galore: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  8c9372c   gnu: python-anndata: Update to 0.6.18.
      adds  28d3281   gnu: python-scanpy: Update to 1.4.
      adds  863519f   gnu: current-guix: Delay effectful bits.
      adds  ec8bc4a   build-self: Disable position recording.
      adds  8a9922b   environment: Use (gnu build accounts) for /etc/passwd 
      adds  952afb6   environment: Create /etc/group in containers.
      adds  bd4b6f4   gnu: Add pjproject.
      adds  915829e   gnu: Add pjproject-jami.
      adds  1bfcb19   gnu: Add libring.
      adds  b630967   gnu: Add libringclient.
      adds  c771b79   gnu: Add jami-client-gnome.
      adds  7b67bb1   gnu: 0ad: Use INVOKE.
      adds  27cd31e   gnu: open-adventure: Use INVOKE.
      adds  4b81d5c   gnu: ldc-bootstrap: Use INVOKE.
      adds  68631e0   gnu: ldc: Use INVOKE.
      adds  7cdc7e5   gnu: fritzing: Update to 0.9.3b.
      adds  de6be02   gnu: python-django-contact-form: Use INVOKE.
      adds  dd2f0cd   gnu: python-django-overextends: Use INVOKE.
      adds  4dcf221   gnu: qjackctl: Re-enable xunique.
      adds  4fee5ec   gnu: Add adanaxis-mush and adanaxisgpl.
      adds  fc64504   gnu: grantlee: Delete broken tests.
      adds  733b3c5   gnu: r-gtable: Update to 0.3.0.
      adds  a7332d1   gnu: r-caret: Update to 6.0-82.
      adds  a12c527   gnu: r-hdf5r: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  3b6c774   gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.34.7.
      adds  dfe420e   gnu: r-rhdf5lib: Update to 1.4.3.
      adds  9286c0f   gnu: hdf-java: Use INVOKE.
      adds  64dc8b0   gnu: hdf-java: Fix build.
      adds  2a50988   gnu: hdf-java: Adjust indentation.
      adds  5f1e310   gnu: trim-galore: Fix test for Python.
      adds  58d8225   gnu: trim-galore: Add pigz.
      adds  37099f5   gnu: Add emacs-webfeeder.
      adds  54043bf   installer: Emit 'bootloader' field before 'swap-devices'.
      adds  50247be   installer: Produce an 'initrd-modules' field if needed.
      adds  c73e554   installer: Ask for confirmation before formatting 
      adds  1c155ec   installer: Use the (service …) form for MATE.
      adds  ee05cc7   services: Deprecate 'gnome-desktop-service'.
      adds  391e0d6   services: Deprecate 'xfce-desktop-service'.
      adds  45c0d1d   vm: Ask QEMU for more RAM in the VM that makes ISO9660 
      adds  9e5f206   scripts: Skip 'guix pull' suggestion when running code 
from a checkout.
      adds  18c51cf   gnu: Add r-xyz.
      adds  1ee3d2d   upstream: 'package-update' returns the <upstream-source> 
      adds  42314ff   refresh: Update the source code URL.
      adds  06013a4   gnu: emacs-debbugs: Update to 0.17.
      adds  81df4e1   gnu: Add r-rttf2pt1.
      adds  b6933ea   gnu: Add r-extrafontdb.
      adds  2331bf2   gnu: Add r-extrafont.
      adds  2d70460   gnu: Add r-xkcd.
      adds  0d50d0d   gnu: Add r-msigdbr.
      adds  af26c7a   gnu: Add r-fgsea.
      adds  f8a5af4   gnu: Add r-do-db.
      adds  585d5ae   gnu: Add r-gridgraphics.
      adds  1c59ec7   gnu: Add r-farver.
      adds  e258288   gnu: Add r-ggplotify.
      adds  85431ca   gnu: Add r-triebeard.
      adds  91e06be   gnu: Add r-tweenr.
      adds  09dde7f   gnu: Add r-polyclip.
      adds  d4ff09a   gnu: Add r-urltools.
      adds  83f4328   gnu: Add r-ggforce.
      adds  b5b0a2f   gnu: Add r-europepmc.
      adds  11f226e   gnu: Add r-ggraph.
      adds  305050b   gnu: Add r-dose.
      adds  9c30cf6   gnu: Add r-enrichplot.
      adds  f8295ee   gnu: Add r-clusterprofiler.
      adds  c881ed8   gnu: Add emacs-zones.
      adds  24540c3   gnu: Add emacs-relint.
      adds  1d7022f   gnu: r-feather: Update to 0.3.3.
      adds  3d17dc5   gnu: r-geometry: Update to 0.4.1.
      adds  8f4dccf   gnu: font-adobe-source-han-sans: Don't use unstable 
      adds  c2426db   gnu: font-fira-sans: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1f07550   gnu: font-tamzen: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1e90e4b   gnu: font-google-material-design-icons: Don't use 
unstable tarball.
      adds  c6abe90   gnu: font-open-dyslexic: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3cf9a85   gnu: emacs-ag: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b4f96f3   gnu: emacs-autothemer: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  39a46a1   gnu: emacs-calfw: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  2c19ff1   gnu: emacs-direnv: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  49464d2   gnu: emacs-google-maps: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8cd07b7   gnu: emacs-mmm-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d3f6617   gnu: emacs-mmm-mode: Remove unnecessary phase.
      adds  b762dde   gnu: emacs-mmm-mode: Update to 0.5.7.
      adds  0f8ff55   gnu: emacs-tablist: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d8de2c0   gnu: emacs-emmet-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d98fb56   gnu: hpcguix-web: Fix indentation.
      adds  d5640c5   gnu: googletest: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1aa662b   gnu: ogre: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1c0c4b5   gnu: Add r-varselrf.
      adds  aae0b86   gnu: Add r-pamr.
      adds  fe3fb4e   gnu: Add r-rda.
      adds  8473597   gnu: Add r-ggvis.
      adds  d59df33   gnu: Add r-gbm.
      adds  efba561   gnu: Add r-threejs.
      adds  74cada8   gnu: Add r-mlbench.
      adds  409a13f   gnu: Add r-mpm.
      adds  ce77562   gnu: Add r-mlinterfaces.
      adds  a793e88   gnu: Add r-annaffy.
      adds  0ec0a5e   gnu: Add r-a4core.
      adds  9ae3758   gnu: Add r-a4classif.
      adds  b8d13e2   gnu: Add r-a4preproc.
      adds  8e15f86   gnu: Add r-a4reporting.
      adds  dbfe337   gnu: Add r-a4base.
      adds  84ad024   gnu: Add r-a4.
      adds  642b195   gnu: gzdoom: Limit supported architectures.
      adds  29e3fd3   gnu: emacs-dired-hacks: Update to 0.0.1-1.2c12345.
      adds  6da31b3   gnu: dvdisaster: Use archived source and home page.
      adds  01307bb   gnu: reptyr: Update to 0.7.0.
      adds  cf9ab49   gnu: dropbear: Update to 2019.78.
      adds  40d59c4   gnu: dropbear: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d2df92e   gnu: Add emacs-link-hint.
      adds  2418853   gnu: reptyr: Enable support for aarch64-linux.
      adds  e8cfce4   gnu: php: Disable failing tests on armhf.
      adds  f2bf040   packages: Reintroduce 'find-newest-available-packages'.
      adds  9f4169f   pull: Factorize pretty-printing for new/upgraded package 
      adds  539af7f   pull: Truncate the list of packages displayed on 
      adds  c9711f9   gnu: ratpoison: Provide a .desktop file with an absolute 
file name.
      adds  971e656   system: Fix typo in desktop example.
      adds  357b287   services: desktop: Switch to GDM.
      adds  69a0717   gnu: project-starfighter: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  c0c0995   gnu: armagetron-advanced: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  0922354   gnu: cowsay: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  7c8ed74   gnu: freedoom: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9303b09   gnu: freedoom: Re-indent.
      adds  dd0369f   gnu: ltris: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  a544817   gnu: nethack: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  96848ec   gnu: pipewalker: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  a8a96bb   gnu: prboom-plus: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  feb50ac   gnu: l-abbaye-des-morts: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  aa5a425   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.166.
      adds  8ea1d2b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.109.
      adds  4bdf98f   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.32.
      adds  fa3c2aa   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.5.
      adds  00a82e8   gnu: mars: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  0717827   gnu: fizmo: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  2e5a069   gnu: openrct2: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1d6c047   gnu: powwow: Remove redundant FILE-NAME.
      adds  339c136   gnu: rust: Refactor in order to prepare for newer Rust 
      adds  586d30c   gnu: rust: Fix test setup.
      adds  bb7c071   gnu: red-eclipse: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  c41b2ff   gnu: grue-hunter: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  d8f4aef   gnu: warzone2100: Update source URI.
      adds  e464bd6   gnu: chromium-bsu: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  631b20f   gnu: red-eclipse: Use GIT-FETCH for data sources.
      adds  3e40318   gnu: Add faiss.
      adds  51a9971   gnu: Add python-faiss.
      adds  c91ecf2   gnu: Add python-annoy.
      adds  e9d4409   gnu: Add python-bbknn.
      adds  22da44e   gnu: laby: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  ed9bcf5   gnu: mrrescue: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  a01aea7   gnu: hyperrogue: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  146a445   gnu: no-more-secrets: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  30b8b20   gnu: lugaru: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  a6ac8e0   gnu: fortune-mod: Don't use NAME in source COMMIT.
      adds  e2c9f9d   gnu: frotz: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  98e27db   gnu: frotz-dumb-terminal: Merge strings in URI.
      adds  5b35bda   gnu: libmanette: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  4959856   gnu: quadrapassel: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  07de94d   gnu: hyperrogue: Don't use NAME in hyperrogue-data.
      adds  e040413   gnu: r-cairo: Update to 1.5-10.
      adds  4e43e31   gnu: Add openclonk.
      adds  d8a2833   gnu: Add r-ggcorrplot.
      adds  d2aa2d2   gnu: r-png: Move to (gnu packages cran).
      adds  f084e41   gnu: Add r-flexdashboard.
      adds  59d331f   gnu: Add r-abseqr.
      adds  d656aea   gnu: zynaddsubfx: Update to 3.0.4.
      adds  45aba23   gnu: stepmania: Fix loading of gtk module.
      adds  47131eb   gnu: Stellarium: Update to 0.19.0.
      adds  4774677   gnu: stepmania: Fix all instances of accessing 
application data.
      adds  3776dc0   gnu: faiss: Fix building on non-Intel architectures.
      adds  8339cca   gnu: python-faiss: Fix building on non-Intel 
      adds  46fc7ca   doc: Fix invalid uses of @ref.
      adds  9398152   gnu: php: Fix typo.
      adds  41aab7d   gnu: Add r-bacon.
      adds  c54ab33   gnu: Add r-preseqr.
      adds  051e8e1   gnu: Add r-rgadem.
      adds  229f97c   gnu: Add r-motiv.
      adds  2a72ef5   gnu: Add r-motifstack.
      adds  e5bff30   gnu: Add r-genomicscores.
      adds  32e0f90   gnu: Add r-atacseqqc.
      adds  1fab2cf   gnu: Add r-mapplots.
      adds  692bce1   gnu: Add r-abadata.
      adds  3972cfc   gnu: Add r-gofuncr.
      adds  9bf4bb1   gnu: Add r-abaenrichment.
      adds  0b91b7b   gnu: Add r-annotationfuncs.
      adds  adf7d81   gnu: Add r-annotationtools.
      adds  f31e10f   gnu: Add r-allelicimbalance.
      adds  ffe7029   gnu: Add r-aucell.
      adds  5cfa4bf   gnu: Add r-ebimage.
      adds  51e98f7   gnu: Add r-yamss.
      adds  785747a   gnu: font-iosevka: Update to 2.2.0.
      adds  c948cf9   gnu: Add font-iosevka-slab.
      adds  bc91562   gnu: gtk+: Graft upstream fix for crashes in Emacs and 
      adds  9563dd5   gnu: Add r-pmcmr.
      adds  398c4a9   gnu: Add r-gtrellis.
      adds  2809841   gnu: Add r-somaticsignatures.
      adds  303f2ed   gnu: Add r-yapsa.
      adds  e99380d   gnu: Add r-gcrma.
      adds  4675b3c   gnu: Add r-simpleaffy.
      adds  f562c90   gnu: Add r-yaqcaffy.
      adds  8d1990d   gnu: Add r-downloader.
      adds  59cf262   gnu: Add r-quantro.
      adds  98a2af3   gnu: Add r-yarn.
      adds  a6e1eb1   gnu: Add r-roar.
      adds  50d9177   gnu: Add r-xbseq.
      adds  c831005   gnu: Add r-massspecwavelet.
      adds  ec12e53   gnu: Add r-xcms.
      adds  d2be7e3   records: Support custom 'this' identifiers.
      adds  adb6462   packages: Define 'this-package' and 'this-origin'.
      adds  d8bead6   system: Define 'this-operating-system'.
      adds  03a33ee   gnu: wine-staging: Update to 4.5.
      adds  29a9eb9   gnu: Add emacs-counsel-projectile.
      adds  14c297f   gnu: gnome-online-accounts: Split off 'lib' output.
      adds  da43d1c   gnu: evolution-data-server: Add 'libedataserverui' output.
      adds  398747f   gnu: gnome-shell: Remove gnome-control-center from inputs.
      adds  528ea99   gnu: Use 'this-package' as a native input instead of 
      adds  329c3c3   gnu: guile: Remove version 2.0.13.
      adds  a7646bc   packages: Remove 'self-native-input?' field.
      adds  154f1f0   packages: Remove 'maintainers' field.
      adds  e23f2ff   gnu: Rename "gnubackgammon" back to "gnubg".
      adds  6e1f91d   gnu: khal: Update to 0.10.0.
      adds  6d3e149   gnu: dovecot: Update to [fixes CVE-2019-7524].
      adds  ad4f644   gnu: Add flare.
      adds  cd9ca20   gnu: znc: Update to 1.7.3.
      adds  36a4366   gnu: Fix descriptions to not use quotes.
      adds  ccbaeba   gnu: python-language-server: Update to 0.26.1.
      adds  d7d3bdc   gnu: rust: Update to 1.32.0.
      adds  e73ded3   services: Open vSwitch: Provide a default configuration.
      adds  ad7c77f   gnu: leveldb: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5cc013f   gnu: leveldb: Update to 1.21.
      adds  5089ebc   gnu: GnuPG: Update to 2.2.15.
      adds  32deef2   gnu: libssh2: Update to 1.8.2.
      adds  4f0464c   gnu: whois: Update to 5.4.2.
      adds  3b3fd90   gnu: elogind: Update to 241.2.
      adds  fa542ee   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 3.4.6.
      adds  1e3c711   gnu: python-markdown: Update to 3.1.
      adds  ee74a07   gnu: pcsc-lite: Update to 1.8.25.
      adds  a02d390   gnu: mbedtls-apache: Update to 2.16.1.
      adds  3725865   gnu: SDDM: Update to 0.18.1.
      adds  799aebd   gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Enable VA-API on x86_64-linux 
      adds  105fa9f   gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 73.0.3683.86-0.4c7fb6d 
[security fixes].
      adds  631a6e6   doc: Document 'gdm-service-type'.
      adds  bab7a49   services: slim-configuration: Adapt exported getter 
      adds  7a352f7   gnu: gpodder: Build reproducibly.
      adds  f125c5a   gnu: emacs-zones: silence byte-compiler.
      adds  6bc30a5   gnu: openmw: Update to 0.45.0.
      adds  cce9e37   gnu: flatpak: Update to 1.2.4 [fixes CVE-2019-10063].
      adds  413f612   gnu: Add mlucas.
      adds  0e55864   gnu: go-github-com-burntsushi-toml: Update to 0.3.1.
      adds  2472cde   gnu: gnome-shell: Store absolute file name of 
      adds  d6fda4d   gnu: gnome-shell: Add dependency on libgnomekbd.
      adds  c97ad2f   gnu: Add emacs-evil-numbers.
      adds  ba907ae   gnu: faudio: Update to 19.04.
      adds  6ee4809   gnu: Add python-louvain.
      adds  b4a3387   gnu: python-scanpy: Add python-louvain to inputs.
      adds  82cc117   gnu: pigx-chipseq: Update to 0.0.40.
      adds  dc112a0   gnu: Add python-loompy-for-pigx-scrnaseq.
      adds  cbe40b8   gnu: pigx-scrnaseq: Use older loompy.
      adds  36d69ac   nls: Update 'de' translation of the manual.
      adds  af76c02   linux-container: Make the guest UID and GID a parameter.
      adds  1ccc0f8   environment: '-C' creates namespaces where the user is 
not root.
      adds  4a13653   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-sys-cpu.
      adds  9c1b431   gnu: Go standard crypto library: Update to 
0.0.0-3.b7391e9 [security fixes].
      adds  2951975   gnu: Syncthing: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  a6f9f18   gnu: livemedia-utils: Update to 2019.03.06.
      adds  932d6e2   gnu: wxmaxima: Update to 19.03.1.
      adds  44e06f9   gnu: Add brlaser.
      adds  8b493c7   gnu: mate-common: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  80e8305   gnu: mate-icon-theme: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  b465500   gnu: mate-themes: Update to 3.22.19.
      adds  2dc975d   gnu: mate-desktop: Update to 1.22.2.
      adds  595abe8   gnu: libmatewether: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  27d4e82   gnu: mate-terminal: Update to 1.22.0
      adds  bc96f8c   gnu: mate-session-manager: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  541dfa4   gnu: mate-settings-daemon: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  660aa5d   gnu: libmatemixer: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  a628389   gnu: libmatekbd: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  45bafe5   gnu: mate-menus: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  e568d83   gnu: mate-panel: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  75a9f76   gnu: mate-applets: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  da5ef2a   gnu: mate-media: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  296c42b   gnu: caja: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  cca6216   gnu: marco: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  98b81c2   gnu: atril: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  4373626   gnu: caja-extensions: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  0e4c492   gnu: mate-control-center: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  59c410d   gnu: mate-user-guide: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  d96a83b   gnu: mate-calc: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  9c688de   gnu: backgrounds: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  5150ba6   gnu: mate-netbook: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  d3440c5   gnu: mate-screensaver: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  24eee2c   gnu: mate-utils: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  b85d568   gnu: eom: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  56689aa   gnu: engrampa: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  b3dcbc0   gnu: pluma: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  4e5b122   gnu: mate-system-monitor: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  1e4999d   gnu: mate-polkit: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  8079008   gnu: gnu-mate-icon-theme-faenza: Update to 1.20.0.
      adds  8830664   gnu: Add r-wrench.
      adds  b9b8b44   gnu: Add r-wiggleplotr.
      adds  7b5101c   gnu: Add r-widgettools.
      adds  6b12f21   gnu: Add r-webbioc.
      adds  9800d85   gnu: Add r-zfpkm.
      adds  8354678   gnu: r-rcas: Add upstream name.
      adds  2bdc88f   gnu: Add r-rbowtie2.
      adds  5622628   gnu: Add r-progeny.
      adds  b50c966   gnu: Add r-arrmdata.
      adds  307586c   gnu: Add r-arrmnormalization.
      adds  bfac636   gnu: mate-session-manager: Provide absolute file name in 
'.desktop' file.
      adds  1dbb930   gnu: Add linux-libre-arm-veyron.
      adds  96c9047   gnu: Add configuration for depthcharge bootloader.
      adds  df2a961   gnu: Add example system configuration for asus-c201.
      adds  5a6e04c   self: Ship all the (gnu bootloader …) modules.
      adds  412342d   gnu: Add python-sphinxcontrib-svg2pdfconverter.
      adds  0337034   gnu: mame: Update to 0.208.
      adds  7d807d8   gnu: emacs-xr: Update to 1.10.
      adds  cdd962e   gnu: emacs-relint: Update to 1.6.
      adds  ec89877   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.2.3.
      adds  c4cea85   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Update to 20190402.
      adds  4906a0b   gnu: asymptote: Update to 2.49.
      adds  5427db0   gnu: giac-xcas: Update to 1.5.0-49.
      adds  6d01a7f   gnu: ntfs-3g: Fix CVE-2019-9755.
      adds  8957ae0   gnu: python-duniterpy: Update to 0.53.0.
      adds  ce8964b   gnu: Add kdeconnect.
      adds  8186620   gnu: glm: Update to
      adds  78891d0   gnu: re2: Update to 2019-04-01.
      adds  136d3e0   gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 4.1.3.
      adds  d7a8612   gnu: httpd: Update to 2.4.39 [security fixes].
      adds  660e0050  gnu: Add meritous.
      adds  a7ad450   build: Always ship the (gnu installer …) modules.
      adds  804744b   gnu: Add (gnu packages haskell-apps).
      adds  c786dff   gnu: java-jgit: Move to java.scm.
      adds  aea505a   gnu: Move ghc-hxt & co. to haskell-web.scm.
      adds  c44667c   gnu: ghc-tls: Move to haskell-crypto.scm.
      adds  bfccae4   gnu: raincat: Move to haskell-apps.scm.
      adds  b48a7e4   gnu: Mov ghc-sdl2 & co. to haskell-apps.scm.
      adds  aff0cce   gnu: Move nss & co. to nss.scm.
      adds  a31174e   gexp: 'compiled-modules' loads modules before compiling 
      adds  c1ef50a   gexp: Remove workarounds for <>.
      adds  985730c   scripts: More commands default to verbosity level 1.
      adds  55a604d   gnu: asymptote: Fix info file location.
      adds  d320f25   gnu: Update copyright line.
      adds  325a2e3   gnu: asymptote: Fix direntry in info file.
      adds  60e1668   gnu: MPD: Update to 0.21.7.
      adds  9fa2910   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 0.33.0.
      adds  a779689   gnu: php: Update to 7.3.4.
      adds  54c9d7b   gnu: emacs-matrix-client: Add missing require.
      adds  9859800   gnu: ledger: Update to 3.1.3.
      adds  06effaf   gnu: entr: Update to 4.2.
      adds  1749979   gnu: flashrom: Update to 1.0.1.
      adds  21c6c52   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.178.
      adds  e22c31d   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.167.
      adds  aba41c0   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.110.
      adds  68bf799   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.33.
      adds  6e5ecbf   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.6.
      adds  2beca2a   gnu: flac: Fix CVE-2017-6888.
      adds  4354569   gnu: subversion: Update to 1.10.4 (fixes CVE-2018-11803).
      adds  208946e   gnu: emacs-cider: Update to 0.21.0.
      adds  b68f650   services: dbus: Add 'wrapped-dbus-service'.
      adds  f63861b   gnu: Add localed, extracted from systemd.
      adds  aa071ca   services: dbus: 'wrapped-dbus-service' accepts a list of 
      adds  607fcc7   services: Add 'localed' service type and have GDM extend 
      adds  305a732   services: xorg: Add 'set-xorg-configuration'.
      adds  a31af2b   doc: Explain how to change the keyboard layout at run 
      adds  3a66563   services: console-keymap: Deprecate.
      adds  3dbd240   gnu: Add emacs-undohist-el.
      adds  37aaf9a   gnu: emacs-undohist-el: Apply 
      adds  0cf981a   services: gdm: Properly handle empty extensions lists.
      adds  3ef3bdf   services: localed: Properly handle lack of a 
      adds  1361584   services: localed: Do nothing for unconfigured keyboards.
      adds  177bc62   services: wpa-supplicant: Log to syslog.
      adds  3b5671a   gnu: python-certifi: Update to 2019.3.9.
      adds  4519740   gnu: r-cluster: Update to 2.0.8.
      adds  6b56ce6   gnu: r-mass: Update to 7.3-51.3.
      adds  f1434d8   gnu: r-survival: Update to 2.44-1.1.
      adds  fa7e82a   gnu: r-rlang: Update to 0.3.3.
      adds  0a2c188   gnu: r-gdtools: Update to 0.1.8.
      adds  0b8ef65   gnu: r-httpuv: Update to 1.5.1.
      adds  b15c5c0   gnu: r-circlize: Update to 0.4.6.
      adds  5686da7   gnu: r-distillery: Update to 1.0-6.
      adds  987b080   gnu: r-extremes: Update to 2.0-10.
      adds  a2befb3   gnu: r-xfun: Update to 0.6.
      adds  20a4857   gnu: r-network: Update to 1.15.
      adds  55a3da9   gnu: r-insight: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  30918ce   gnu: r-flextable: Update to 0.5.2.
      adds  9e896d3   gnu: r-rspectra: Update to 0.14-0.
      adds  3c18fb1   gnu: r-bedr: Update to 1.0.7.
      adds  24be014   gnu: r-spdep: Update to 1.1-2.
      adds  b85a5f3   gnu: r-optparse: Update to 1.6.2.
      adds  f2f89e9   gnu: r-rjava: Update to 0.9-11.
      adds  8f30d38   gnu: r-ensembldb: Update to 2.6.8.
      adds  f613f9a   gnu: r-ldblock: Update to 1.12.1.
      adds  bb94f72   gnu: r-inspect: Update to 1.12.2.
      adds  2da8588   gnu: r-mlinterfaces: Update to 1.62.1.
      adds  31b898e   gnu: sbcl: Update to 1.5.1.
      adds  cd0a9c9   licenses: Add Lisp Lesser General Public License.
      adds  5914489   gnu: cl-ansi-text: Correct license to LLGPL.
      adds  d1ae5a1   gnu: Add cl+ssl.
      adds  977b0db   gnu: Add trivial-backtrace.
      adds  d213718   gnu: Add rfc2388.
      adds  66c84d2   gnu: Add sbcl-md5.
      adds  610ee80   gnu: Add kmrcl.
      adds  9945a17   gnu: Add cl-base64.
      adds  990724c   gnu: Add chunga.
      adds  a4aefc1   gnu: Add cl-who.
      adds  50fe395   gnu: Add chipz.
      adds  5ceb149   gnu: Add drakma.
      adds  155fc43   gnu: Add hunchentoot.
      adds  47a8aaa   gnu: Add trivial-types.
      adds  85d1c70   gnu: Add cl-syntax.
      adds  7408b21   gnu: Add cl-annot.
      adds  2005104   gnu: Add cl-syntax-annot.
      adds  a7b1ae3   gnu: Add cl-utilities.
      adds  9e00594   gnu: Add map-set.
      adds  5a4b0f6   gnu: Add quri.
      adds  33a5855   gnu: Add myway.
      adds  0eb306d   gnu: r-sandwich: Update to 2.5-1.
      adds  b45acc3   gnu: Add xsubseq.
      adds  1f2dd0d   gnu: Add smart-buffer.
      adds  d75d5dd   gnu: Add fast-http.
      adds  6ae60f0   gnu: Add static-vectors.
      adds  135984e   gnu: Add marshal.
      adds  e7dcdd9   gnu: Add checkl.
      adds  4a290af   gnu: Add fast-io.
      adds  0fecb86   gnu: Add jonathan.
      adds  3f3dfd8   gnu: Keep the 'cl-' name prefix for sbcl packages.
      adds  5ca7143   gnu: Add http-body.
      adds  a2c4a05   gnu: Add circular-streams.
      adds  d98d148   gnu: Add lack-request.
      adds  ffc1d94   gnu: Add local-time.
      adds  fb38366   gnu: Add lack-response.
      adds  3583ba0   gnu: Add lack-component.
      adds  08295e6   gnu: Add lack-util.
      adds  d3da4b3   gnu: Add lack-middleware-backtrace.
      adds  ac99157   gnu: Add trivial-mimes.
      adds  dba5005   gnu: Add lack-middleware-static.
      adds  77a5b9f   gnu: Add lack.
      adds  7e2404a   gnu: Add ningle.
      adds  d3715a3   gnu: Add clack.
      adds  412e639   services: Add 'imap4d-service-type'.
      adds  31d663a   gnu: terminology: Update to 1.4.0.
      adds  32c055f   gnu: terminology: Run test suite.
      adds  1199da0   size: Optimize dependency size computation.
      adds  b596c5f   doc: Fix syntax of cross-manual references.
      adds  04d0aa9   installer: Simplify locale dialogs.
      adds  850ddf9   installer: Move the 'locale' step before the 'welcome' 
      adds  cbd01cf   installer: Use the normalized codeset in the 'locale' 
      adds  d155777   installer: Fix wording for "Internet access."
      adds  e8aa4e9   installer: Remove SLiM-specific instructions.
      adds  7598831   installer: Generalize desktop environments to system 
      adds  7d1030a   installer: Add dialog to select networking services.
      adds  3613ce4   services: dropbear: Add default value.
      adds  71b4974   gnu: address@hidden: Move to ssh.scm.
      adds  8a3bb34   gnu: lcms: Fix CVE-2018-16435.
      adds  93880e5   gnu: guitarix: Update to 0.38.0.
      adds  ecfbc51   gnu: Add clp.
      adds  2e55f37   installer: Offer NM, Connman, and DHCP to non-desktop 
      adds  62b0f04   installer: Internationalize service "names".
      adds  a886eed   installer: Adjust welcome page message.
      adds  6fb6dd1   install: Remove "GuixSD".
      adds  5a663d8   install: Tweak motd.
      adds  f7d011d   gnu: emacs-exwm: Provide absolute file name in '.desktop' 
      adds  b8a5c10   gnu: emacs-js2-mode: Update to 20190219.
      adds  96c822a   gnu: emacs-evil-matchit: Update to 2.2.9.
      adds  48b5824   gnu: emacs-wgrep: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  d6449c3   gnu: Add emacs-erlang.
      adds  d78bfd2   gnu: Add emacs-protobuf-mode.
      adds  8212224   gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 
      adds  e248b10   gnu: samba: Update to 4.10.1.
      adds  6130b97   gnu: miniupnpc: Update to 2.1.20190403.
      adds  0e2b0b0   gnu: openjpeg: Replace with 2.3.1 [security fixes].
      adds  bf5bd51   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.168.
      adds  68f206e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.111.
      adds  4b2cc0b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.34.
      adds  87483b9   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.7.
      adds  bf71ac0   gnu: wireguard: Update to 0.0.20190406.
      adds  6624df5   gnu: guix: Update to d78bfd2.
      adds  4f6172f   gnu: sbcl-trivial-backtrace: Fix 'license' field.
      adds  adb223b   gnu: scalapack: Use 'non-copyleft' as the license.
      adds  b227457   licenses: Remove 'bsd-style'.
      adds  3df69aa   gnu: mpv: Set absolute path to 'youtube-dl'.
      adds  7422f5d   installer: Xfce service uses the 'service' form.
      adds  469e56b   installer: Generate 'set-xorg-configuration' snippet.
      adds  8d75e20   installer: Use 'append' and 'list' instead of 'cons*'.
      adds  857fabc   gnu: mu: Update to 1.2.
      adds  39bb493   gnu: Add gemmlowp-for-tensorflow.
      adds  1eeae57   gnu: Add python-protobuf-next.
      adds  42ef29c   gnu: Add jsoncpp-for-tensorflow.
      adds  697eb65   gnu: Add eigen-for-tensorflow.
      adds  46a7ad4   gnu: zabbix-agentd: Update to 4.2.0.
      adds  799298e   gnu: libopenshot-audio: Update to 0.1.8.
      adds  4994174   gnu: libopenshot: Update to 0.2.3.
      adds  fc83a89   gnu: openshot: Update to 2.4.4.
      adds  a512aa9   gnu: openshot: Use wrap-qt-program.
      adds  2afb793   openshot: Unbundle font.
      adds  36dbad3   gnu: GIMP: Update to 2.10.10.
      adds  356b32b   gnu: Add gnucap.
      adds  50771f5   gnu: guile-email: Update to 0.1.0.
      adds  4df33c3   gnu: python-trezor: Update to 0.11.2.
      adds  52311b5   gnu: python-keepkey: Update to 6.0.3.
      adds  37cff99   gnu: python-trezor-agent: Update to 0.13.1.
      adds  3542266   gnu: electron-cash: Update to 4.0.1.
      adds  23635b2   gnu: weston: Update to 6.0.0.
      adds  1d3acde   build-system/cargo: refactor phases to successfully build
      adds  d851300   gnu: WebKitGTK: Update to 2.24.1 [fixes CVE-2019-6251].
      adds  46d072f   gnu: libsoup: Update to 2.66.1.
      adds  012492a   gnu: samba: Update to 4.10.2 [security fixes].
      adds  bd81002   gnu: miniupnpc: Update to 2.1.20190408.
      adds  6b11da7   gnu: nginx: Update to 1.15.11.
      adds  21b3c0c   guix package: Use absolute file names in search path 
      adds  5c32857   doc: Adjust desktop instructions for GDM.
      adds  95207e7   store: 'with-store' expands to a single procedure call.
      adds  5d9f9ad   Add (guix colors).
      adds  32813e8   ui: Fix i18n for diagnostic messages.
      adds  26a2021   ui: Make diagnostic message prefix translatable.
      adds  cc3697d   ui: Factorize 'print-diagnostic-prefix'.
      adds  4026277   ui: Diagnostic procedures can display error location.
      adds  9e1e046   ui: Colorize diagnostics.
      adds  944d3b4   gnu: Add perl-email-address-xs.
      adds  1a4c9c2   gnu: Add perl-devel-leak.
      adds  46ecacb   gnu: Add perl-filesys-notify-simple.
      adds  c231ffd   gnu: Add perl-sys-syscall.
      adds  49cb1cf   gnu: Add perl-danga-socket.
      adds  9b8df3e   gnu: Add perl-search-xapian.
      adds  b968bf7   gnu: Add perl-plack-middleware-deflater.
      adds  eff3a9b   gnu: Add public-inbox.
      adds  a7ae18b   ui: Colorize hints.
      adds  238589e   ui: Highlight diagnostic format string arguments.
      adds  08d0f95   pull: Remove duplicate '--dry-run' description.
      adds  72eda06   Add (guix store roots).
      adds  bacf980   guix gc: Add '--list-roots'.
      adds  c872b95   profiles: Add 'generation-profile'.
      adds  96b8c2e   guix gc: Add '--delete-generations'.
      adds  9c074f6   scripts: GC hint suggests 'guix gc -d 1m'.
      adds  3e4e74c   gnu: kodi: Allow connecting to HTTPS sources.
      adds  0fe4601   gnu: emacs-js2-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  09be6a5   gnu: git-crypt: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3d78bf0   gnu: python-ghp-import: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  c8c4290   gnu: vcsh: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6a8472d   gnu: gitolite: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  395ee95   gnu: findnewest: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3671b69   gnu: git-annex-remote-hubic: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5c54deb   gnu: git-imerge: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1e2d171   gnu: emacs-d-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  866b23f   gnu: emacs-symon: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1acdb76   gnu: emacs-git-gutter: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  353fea6   gnu: emacs-el-mock: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  09059c1   gnu: emacs-espuds: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f233efa   gnu: emacs-es-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  e2ad36d   gnu: emacs-expand-region: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  35db8f4   gnu: emacs-fill-column-indicator: Don't use unstable 
      adds  5d8e43b   gnu: emacs-grep-a-lot: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  5234760   gnu: emacs-inf-ruby: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0639d6f   gnu: emacs-shut-up: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d8ddc91   gnu: emacs-undercover: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  be7344b   gnu: emacs-paren-face: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  517da53   gnu: emacs-page-break-lines: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8d7c4b6   gnu: emacs-simple-httpd: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9d0cc89   gnu: emacs-skewer-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b6a3009   gnu: emacs-stripe-buffer: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  4ae7e10   gnu: emacs-rich-minority: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ea0194f   gnu: emacs-robe: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  349eb1b   gnu: emacs-rspec: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b3093d1   gnu: emacs-smart-mode-line: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  bf56261   gnu: emacs-shell-switcher: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  a8193ec   gnu: emacs-ob-ipython: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  b4d6107   gnu: emacs-deferred: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  7d41e37   gnu: emacs-butler: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  d98ac61   gnu: emacs-company: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  95903f2   gnu: emacs-irony-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  50c0635   gnu: emacs-flycheck-irony: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  264c773   gnu: emacs-irony-eldoc: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  6859cac   gnu: emacs-company-quickhelp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  976d475   gnu: emacs-multiple-cursors: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d9eaecf   gnu: emacs-typo: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  5d89919   gnu: emacs-scheme-complete: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  f08f741   gnu: emacs-scel: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  fd0ec42   gnu: emacs-constants: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  60306e4   gnu: emacs-tagedit: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  e405f99   gnu: ruby-net-scp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  11df832   gnu: ruby-sass-spec: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f2e3d0a   gnu: emacs-popup: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d4d2492   gnu: emacs-jinja2-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d2cdc59   gnu: emacs-org-bullets: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  2e455d3   gnu: emacs-org-pomodoro: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f5f72d8   gnu: emacs-org-trello: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  e674502   gnu: emacs-zenburn-theme: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d8e9ae6   gnu: emacs-smartparens: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8e71904   gnu: emacs-highlight-symbol: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9273ae2   gnu: emacs-ivy-rich: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5fe2114   gnu: emacs-avy: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d3253d7   gnu: emacs-ace-window: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f646bf1   gnu: emacs-iedit: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  eba7c51   gnu: emacs-clojure-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d95ec77   gnu: emacs-epl: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  45c6a66   gnu: emacs-pkg-info: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  2d965d8   gnu: emacs-sparql-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  bde24d5   gnu: emacs-elfeed: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d57748e   gnu: address@hidden: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  36f7fbc   gnu: ldc: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6a6cfba   gnu: emacs-ivy: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  454866c   gnu: dub: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  c234cf6   gnu: emacs-slime: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  95cf807   gnu: emacs-python-environment: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3610a05   gnu: emacs-writeroom: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  fb2f89b   gnu: emacs-helm: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3abaae5   gnu: emacs-helm-swoop: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b625752   gnu: emacs-helm-projectile: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  4f8fd64   gnu: emacs-monroe: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  4ccf99d   gnu: emacs-nginx-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  76a18a0   gnu: emacs-ht: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  4f37ade   gnu: emacs-log4e: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ecf940e   gnu: emacs-gntp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  09f0c45   gnu: emacs-alert: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  86f18e4   gnu: emacs-mu4e-alert: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  54b29af   gnu: emacs-memoize: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  7896c19   gnu: emacs-linum-relative: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f782bf4   gnu: emacs-idle-highlight: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  aad5c92   gnu: emacs-ox-twbs: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d82680e   gnu: emacs-highlight-sexp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6e46934   gnu: emacs-diminish: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  eb93057   gnu: emacs-htmlize: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0224823   gnu: emacs-xmlgen: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  96a15c6   gnu: emacs-cdlatex: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  64f8e50   gnu: emacs-cnfonts: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  cff1177   gnu: emacs-kv: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  b206798   gnu: emacs-pos-tip: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ef13847   gnu: emacs-pyim-basedict: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ca8ddaa   gnu: emacs-el2org: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  26ff7a3   gnu: emacs-mustache: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  bcee4a0   gnu: emacs-undo-tree: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  c34dda9   gnu: emacs-org2web: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f39c7c4   gnu: emacs-gnuplot: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1f0ea01   gnu: emacs-evil-surround: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ee9ee99   gnu: emacs-evil-commentary: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6c96087   gnu: emacs-ansi: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  c6c677b   gnu: emacs-commander: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  31a324b   gnu: emacs-disable-mouse: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  984a230   gnu: emacs-json-reformat: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5da3df8   gnu: emacs-pyvenv: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  d6c0f1b   gnu: emacs-json-snatcher: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0d0848f   gnu: emacs-json-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5ff1137   gnu: emacs-which-key: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f2e1d46   gnu: emacs-org-edit-latex: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9155630   gnu: emacs-julia-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  64038ed   gnu: emacs-org-mind-map: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  fbd017c   gnu: emacs-tree-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  106fe7e   gnu: emacs-emamux: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d4e3d21   gnu: emacs-git-messenger: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3a3a68e   gnu: emacs-gitpatch: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  53338fa   gnu: emacs-engine-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  556c06d   gnu: emacs-browse-at-remote: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  acbd9f5   gnu: emacs-itail: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  49194b8   gnu: emacs-transmission: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9ee1b41   gnu: eless: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  a30417d   gnu: emacs-yasnippet-snippets: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  5696dc2   gnu: emacs-mocker: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  0b9f426   gnu: emacs-evil-matchit: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  57a07f9   gnu: emacs-evil-smartparens: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3b5d4f7   gnu: emacs-evil-quickscope: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5180dcb   gnu: emacs-websocket: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  135ad93   gnu: emacs-bongo: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  78b035a   gnu: epipe: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b98209b   gnu: emacs-hcl-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  133ebfd   gnu: emacs-terraform-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  c8ab532   gnu: emacs-anzu: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  82cf888   gnu: emacs-pass: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  98c32a1   gnu: emacs-finalize: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  14246b4   gnu: emacs-elisp-slime-nav: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  16469d9   gnu: emacs-graphviz-dot-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  7efe17f   gnu: emacs-bui: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  5719161   gnu: emacs-build-farm: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  7854a8a   gnu: emacs-string-inflection: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  51646a0   gnu: emacs-god-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  c2e0193   gnu: emacs-request: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  dc85897   gnu: emacs-el-x: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  f7f5a40   gnu: emacs-find-file-in-project: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  1dc4c04   gnu: emacs-highlight-indentation: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  64e9f69   gnu: emacs-elpy: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  ad94330   gnu: emacs-helm-make: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  d0deefe   gnu: emacs-evil: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  5b81060   gnu: emacs-evil-collection: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  74ea764   gnu: emacs-danneskjold-theme: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  757ea84   gnu: emacs-helm-bibtex: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  187331e   gnu: emacs-crux: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  ac5b171   gnu: emacs-esup: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  32a804e   gnu: emacs-macrostep: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  81b1bd4   gnu: emacs-mbsync: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  647d258   gnu: emacs-ibuffer-projectile: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  6e215be   gnu: emacs-dedicated: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  a670c3a   gnu: emacs-makey: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  63bca23   gnu: emacs-parsebib: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8219da2   gnu: emacs-biblio: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  40cc188   gnu: emacs-helm-gtags: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5521a3e   gnu: emacs-list-utils: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  afca2f4   gnu: emacs-move-text: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  2b05c9a   gnu: emacs-hierarchy: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  95994b0   gnu: emacs-datetime: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6c4f58a   gnu: emacs-highlight-stages: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  32ce538   gnu: emacs-npm-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  e163d78   gnu: emacs-loop: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1a9a7ad   gnu: emacs-ws-butler: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  cbd18c5   gnu: emacs-elisp-refs: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  006a1da   gnu: emacs-edit-server: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  339eef4   gnu: emacs-sourcemap: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  145d1f3   gnu: emacs-parent-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  df88a39   gnu: emacs-beginend: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5a2e25f   gnu: emacs-hy-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  4550d8d   gnu: emacs-nnreddit: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  3211f45   gnu: emacs-dream-theme: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  a549aaf   gnu: emacs-helm-c-yasnippet: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  2880da9   gnu: emacs-md4rd: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  5cbecbc   gnu: emacs-web-beautify: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  497e491   gnu: emacs-dired-hacks: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  fc13138   gnu: emacs-add-hooks: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  dbbd98b   gnu: emacs-fancy-narrow: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9c5c944   gnu: emacs-know-your-http-well: Don't use unstable 
      adds  f0d3638   gnu: emacs-org-ref: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  bb92686   gnu: emacs-helpful: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f93f4d5   gnu: emacs-logview: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0dac411   gnu: emacs-strace-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  8d7f5c5   gnu: emacs-benchmark-init: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0f5f9ea   gnu: emacs-f3: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  149829e   gnu: emacs-highlight-numbers: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8792f08   gnu: emacs-visual-regexp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  fa8976d   gnu: emacs-highlight-defined: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  609d103   gnu: emacs-parinfer-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f903fa4   gnu: emacs-ido-vertical-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6b746c8   gnu: emacs-wordgen: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d13cee9   gnu: emacs-dashboard: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  7a8cdab   gnu: emacs-slime-company: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  fe7be4d   gnu: emacs-git-auto-commit-mode: Don't use unstable 
      adds  71ff571   gnu: emacs-company-restclient: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d7d1b6f   gnu: emacs-dumb-jump: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6141df6   gnu: emacs-zotxt: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5a6e6f5   gnu: emacs-helm-exwm: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8e65ada   gnu: emacs-helm-mu: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  81a9ab8   gnu: emacs-nix-mode: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3e159dd   import: opam: Add more patterns to opam file parser.
      adds  7b1c7ec   import: opam: Use dune-build-system when possible.
      adds  d1358ab   gnu: Add ocaml-opam-file-format.
      adds  b6bba90   gnu: ocaml-cmdliner: Update to 1.0.3.
      adds  bb338a7   gnu: Add ocaml-extlib.
      adds  718fadb   gnu: Add ocaml-cudf.
      adds  c4262cc   gnu: Add ocaml-mccs.
      adds  ec9d932   gnu: Add ocaml-dose3.
      adds  e9b86fa   gnu: opam: Unbundle dependencies.
      adds  b3a4766   gnu: dovecot-trees: Fix typo.
      adds  8c6d45c   gnu: mupen64plus-audio-sdl: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ef5ef8f   gnu: mupen64plus-input-sdl: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  c4f0c8b   gnu: mupen64plus-rsp-hle: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  052650c   gnu: mupen64plus-rsp-z64: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  2074c8b   gnu: mupen64plus-video-arachnoid: Don't use unstable 
      adds  6253618   gnu: mupen64plus-video-glide64: Don't use unstable 
      adds  e5e7a16   gnu: mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2: Don't use unstable 
      adds  d42d0a0   gnu: mupen64plus-video-rice: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  225157a   gnu: mupen64plus-ui-console: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3e461b7   gnu: nestopia-ue: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  7710b8f   gnu: acpica: Update to 20190405.
      adds  24d459c   gnu: autojump: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0e68435   gnu: autojump: Update to 22.5.3.
      adds  afa4f88   gnu: noice: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  30c9e09   gnu: noice: Update to 0.8.
      adds  10eefb7   gnu: beep: Update to 1.4.4.
      adds  e02ecf5   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2019.04.07.
      adds  1a0a4a6   gnu: cifs-utils: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  89ab360   gnu: cifs-utils: Update to 6.9.
      adds  a35003c   gnu: xcompmgr: Don't use NAME in source tag.
      adds  5b6a159   gnu: xcompmgr: Update to 1.1.8.
      adds  d514bb1   gnu: xcompmgr: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  2188eb7   gnu: duplicity: Update to
      adds  4b9e4ac   gnu: polybar: Update to 3.3.1.
      adds  079db05   gnu: xmobar: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  20d5096   gnu: stunnel: Update to 5.53.
      adds  58d20bf   gnu: surfraw: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  cf287fa   gnu: ansible: Update to 2.7.10.
      adds  5dcd400   gnu: links: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  0437c68   gnu: links: Update to 2.19.
      adds  5e869bd   gnu: Add python-httpretty.
      adds  4b27b09   gnu: hangups: Update to 0.4.9.
      adds  819cba3   gnu: fasm: Update to 1.73.10.
      adds  b4733a1   gnu: clamav: Update to 0.101.2.
      adds  35934ff   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  f714bb3   gnu: gimp: Fix typo in description.
      adds  8886857   gnu: texlive-generic-listofitems: Fix typo in synopsis.
      adds  cfb041a   gnu: emacs-helm-emms: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  de3bb0e   gnu: emacs-helm-flycheck: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  559eb29   gnu: emacs-helm-ls-git: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  76cd615   gnu: emacs-image+: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  106f265   gnu: emacs-package-lint: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  20f28d0   gnu: emacs-mu4e-conversation: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  a287c7f   gnu: emacs-git-annex: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  93b3dc5   gnu: emacs-mkmcc-gnuplot-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  d5dee1d   gnu: address@hidden: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  34f615a   gnu: ocaml-num: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b013398   gnu: ocaml-qcheck: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  e3c7ac7   gnu: ocaml-bisect: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ef59cf9   gnu: ocaml-ppx-tools: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  71117a3   gnu: ocaml4.02-ppx-tools: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f8b8e60   gnu: ocaml-ulex: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  2209b36   gnu: ocaml4.02-ppx-deriving: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f6a99fb   gnu: ocaml-seq: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  07c3711   gnu: ocaml-re: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  21b1845   gnu: ocaml4.02-ezjsonm: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  e4bb29d   gnu: ocaml4.02-uri: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  554d98d   gnu: optcomp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  677a88e   gnu: ocaml-piqilib: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  55f9f9b   gnu: ocaml-jbuilder: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f4f3e8c   gnu: ocaml-zed: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  fd2582b   gnu: ocaml-lambda-term: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  7848205   gnu: ocaml-utop: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5db874d   gnu: gctp: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  d4dcb84   gnu: emacs-download-region: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  ba50c3e   gnu: emacs-academic-phrases: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  88efbab   gnu: emacs-auto-yasnippet: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  830971b   gnu: opencascade-oce: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  ca72dd2   gnu: openlibm: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f4daf25   gnu: libosmium: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  82b47fd   gnu: osm2pgsql: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8f33d05   gnu: tippecanoe: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5c44505   gnu: java-cglib: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  768fea0   gnu: python-gridmap: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8524d13   gnu: python-honcho: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3e3ff8a   gnu: python-tlsh: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1961d18   gnu: python-schematics: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1a04d42   gnu: python-flasgger: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5b77ebe   gnu: python-dukpy: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  8fa2bcc   gnu: python-glob2: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  02fbb5c   gnu: sbcl-fiveam: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  574edcc   gnu: sbcl-flexi-streams: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  eabcf02   gnu: sbcl-cl-ppcre: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  4d2c51d   gnu: stumpwm: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  9769caa   gnu: sbcl-trivial-features: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0471c00   gnu: sbcl-babel: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f86b4b5   gnu: sbcl-trivial-garbage: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0239446   services: sddm: Switch back to using ‘startx’.
      adds  6d511a5   gnu: rust: Update to 1.33.0
      adds  ab0471e   gnu: Add emacs-janpath-evil-numbers.
      adds  eccf816   gnu: Add emacs-evil-exchange.
      adds  f74a90b   gnu: Add emacs-evil-replace-with-register.
      adds  91af509   gnu: Add emacs-evil-indent-plus.
      adds  2feaffb   gnu: Add emacs-evil-text-object-python.
      adds  f89cc6b   gnu: Add emacs-evil-lion.
      adds  6d53111   gnu: Add emacs-evil-expat.
      adds  a99e7f5   gnu: Add emacs-evil-nerd-commenter.
      adds  80955ad   gnu: Add emacs-evil-visual-replace.
      adds  585fb83   gnu: Add emacs-evil-visualstar.
      adds  8b87b1b   gnu: arm-trusted-firmware: Update to 2.1.
      adds  9abfbd7   gnu: neovim: Depend on Lua 5.1, not 5.2.
      adds  ed132a5   gnu: Add httrack.
      adds  e70771f   gnu: httrack: Correct licence prefix.
      adds  ddb5dc0   gnu: Add ocaml-gsl-1.
      adds  b24aaee   gnu: ocaml-mcl: Build with latest OCaml.
      adds  fb168a3   gnu: ocaml-mcl: Do not use unstable tarball.
      adds  36f4f1e   gnu: Add pplacer.
      adds  12327d7   gnu: guitarix: Update to 0.38.1.
      adds  ce63129   Add (guix build-system linux-module).
      adds  6a8c4b9   gnu: Add vhba-module.
      adds  d0a39b9   gnu: make-linux-libre: Install "Module.symvers".
      adds  4fa16c9   gnu: Add tensorflow.
      adds  c2f6f4e   gnu: Add python2-checkm-genome.
      adds  c1df77e   guix gc: '-d' does not attempt to delete non-user-owned 
      adds  2569ef9   colors: Introduce a disjoint type and pre-compute ANSI 
      adds  544265a   colors: Add 'colorize-matches'.
      adds  a6de569   gnu: creduce: Upgrade to 2.8.0.
      adds  c4a50a8   gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.34.8.
      adds  1e0b0a2   gnu: r-rvest: Update to 0.3.3.
      adds  a315d49   gnu: r-ddalpha: Update to 1.3.9.
      adds  1235f0d   gnu: r-broom: Update to 0.5.2.
      adds  a26bd47   gnu: r-tinytex: Update to 0.12.
      adds  3517101   gnu: r-usethis: Update to 1.5.0.
      adds  a108ef6   gnu: r-remotes: Update to 2.0.4.
      adds  4c920fb   gnu: r-summarytools: Update to 0.9.3.
      adds  000b3ef   gnu: r-huge: Update to 1.3.2.
      adds  d1ed092   gnu: r-reinforcelearn: Update to 0.2.1.
      adds  be5385e   gnu: r-wgcna: Update to 1.67.
      adds  9f2a87d   gnu: r-pracma: Update to 2.2.5.
      adds  79d8fdc   gnu: r-nlme: Update to 3.1-139.
      adds  00d14a4   gnu: r-ggplot2: Update to 3.1.1.
      adds  e9437c5   gnu: r-rlang: Update to 0.3.4.
      adds  67c6770   gnu: r-data-table: Update to 1.12.2.
      adds  9fc1cdc   gnu: r-rversions: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  6e95f0e   gnu: r-backports: Update to 1.1.4.
      adds  eacfa68   gnu: r-devtools: Update to 2.0.2.
      adds  c0fcbdf   gnu: r-plotrix: Update to 3.7-5.
      adds  5bd8ad8   gnu: r-plotly: Update to 4.9.0.
      adds  b2521ee   gnu: r-ggthemes: Update to 4.1.1.
      adds  88e13c2   build-system/linux-module: Support module source 
      adds  55548cd   gnu: rust: Enable parallel tests starting with 1.26.
      adds  0b30a1a   build-system/linux-module: Configure module like the 
      adds  a4df9ba   gnu: idris: Upgrade to 1.3.1.
      adds  fb038f3   gnu: Add ghc-libffi.
      adds  e16bc71   gnu: idris: Enable FFI and GMP support.
      adds  89647ff   gnu: idris: Run tests.
      adds  21d56a8   gnu: emacs-direnv: Update to 1.5.0.
      adds  16cb1c5   gnu: fc-host-tools: Fix fc-loadtool.
      adds  96ef856   doc: Strip the "Limitations" section.
      adds  126d4c1   install: Add standalone documentation service.
      adds  c7dc604   installer: Choosing a locale opens the translated manual 
on tty2.
      adds  13fd0a3   install: Use a font with more glyphs on tty2.
      adds  c8e070d   build: Fix typo in conditional.
      adds  7f29098   gnu: r-reticulate: Update to 1.12.
      adds  e768c37   gnu: r-rpart: Update to 4.1-15.
      adds  81343b9   gnu: Fix uri for perl-template-toolkit.
      adds  ee6c4b6   gnu: opam: Update to 2.0.4.
      adds  5069bae   gnu: emacs: Update to 26.2.
      adds  472af99   gnu: Add marble-marcher.
      adds  296ea15   gnu: Add r-rex.
      adds  a27ed8f   nls: Update 'fr' translation.
      adds  1b7436a   gnu: wine-staging: Update to 4.6.
      adds  41c685f   gnu: Add perl-http-tinyish.
      adds  ef9902d   gnu: Add perl-config-gitlike.
      adds  366b76c   gnu: Add perl-cpan-distnameinfo.
      adds  54a5178   gnu: Add perl-tie-handle-offset.
      adds  f73d4b1   gnu: Add perl-io-pager.
      adds  e748fbe   gnu: Add perl-string-formatter.
      adds  9273ebf   gnu: Add perl-template-tiny.
      adds  ce6bea4   gnu: Add perl-uri-nested.
      adds  618d52a   gnu: Add perl-uri-db.
      adds  c1a4e78   gnu: Add perl-test-checkdeps.
      adds  9c5551c   gnu: Add perl-test-dir.
      adds  402cfeb   gnu: Add perl-test-file.
      adds  709a9e9   gnu: Add perl-test-file-contents.
      adds  3840c51   gnu: Add perl-test-version.
      adds  55916fa   gnu: Add perl-mysql-config.
      adds  7b23313   gnu: Add perl-string-shellquote.
      adds  cabe8f1   gnu: Add sqitch.
      adds  df8ab77   gnu: Add openscenegraph-3.4.
      adds  20185e4   gnu: Add simgear.
      adds  cd52894   gnu: Add plib.
      adds  a84510f   gnu: Add flightgear.
      adds  c9776d5   installer: Add wpa-supplicant along with NetworkManager 
and Connman.
      adds  307ec73   tests: separate-store-os: Increase root partition size.
      adds  66ec389   vm: Do not mount /xchg with "cache=loose".
      adds  e22ab6a   gnu: Add emacs-undo-propose-el.
      adds  5b94725   gnu: Add emacs-elisp-docstring-mode.
      adds  83b6da9   gnu: Add emacs-vimrc-mode.
      adds  a8ef7ec   gnu: Add emacs-flycheck-haskell.
      adds  b571a69   gnu: Add emacs-js2-refactor-el.
      adds  c6b384d   gnu: Add emacs-prettier.
      adds  884cc87   gnu: Add emacs-fish-mode.
      adds  ccf220f   gnu: Add emacs-eshell-up.
      adds  6a39740   gnu: Add emacs-tco-el.
      adds  00400e8   gnu: Add emacs-equake.
      adds  568c67e   gnu: Add emacs-vdiff.
      adds  0ff3c6a   gnu: Add emacs-vdiff-magit.
      adds  bb1df81   gnu: Add emacs-all-the-icons-dired.
      adds  e961133   gnu: Add emacs-exwm-edit.
      adds  6746bdd   gnu: Add emacs-ert-async.
      adds  877546b   gnu: Add emacs-prodigy-el.
      adds  8d7da6f   gnu: Add emacs-web-server.
      adds  e626d7e   gnu: Add emacs-markdown-preview-mode.
      adds  e395359   gnu: Add emacs-dotenv-mode.
      adds  fba587b   gnu: Add emacs-add-node-modules-path.
      adds  fa07cf6   gnu: Add emacs-flow-minor-mode.
      adds  226ab1b   gnu: Add emacs-rjsx-mode.
      adds  87b6896   gnu: Add emacs-origami-el.
      adds  df04eee   gnu: Add emacs-peep-dired.
      adds  3b60b5f   gnu: Add emacs-counsel-etags.
      adds  5150c6e   gnu: Add emacs-helm-dash.
      adds  46695db   gnu: Add emacs-counsel-dash.
      adds  a13884d   gnu: Add emacs-el-patch.
      adds  388168b   gnu: Add emacs-info-plus.
      adds  ebc6a59   gnu: Add emacs-eval-sexp-fu-el.
      adds  bbc22b9   gnu: Add emacs-counsel-tramp.
      adds  f446f78   gnu: Add emacs-eacl.
      adds  4a22d71   gnu: Add libmirage.
      adds  ba5c154   gnu: Add cdemu-daemon.
      adds  9a018b9   gnu: Add cdemu-client.
      adds  e74a08f   gnu: docker: Check for error on XFRM.
      adds  a0b419b   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  d5752f6   doc: Fix location of fprintd-service-type.
      adds  10bcd4b   gnu: mupen64plus-core: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  85baeb2   gnu: mupen64plus-video-z64: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  5496aa1   gnu: emacs-s: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  650c155   gnu: emacs-helm-firefox: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  2eb10e8   gnu: emacs-helm-eww: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  3a2b69f   gnu: emacs-helm-company: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  42ce344   gnu: emacs-helm-descbinds: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  fa6b687   gnu: emacs-default-text-scale: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  ceae4b1   gnu: emacs-faceup: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  4fa915b   gnu: emacs-racket-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  60ec1cd   gnu: emacs-grep-context: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  c1e57bc   gnu: emacs-stumpwm-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  c4a8352   gnu: emacs-highlight-escape-sequences: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  9491392   gnu: emacs-eros: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  f615fde   gnu: emacs-stickyfunc-enhance: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  2eca49a   gnu: emacs-noflet: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  d405677   gnu: emacs-dts-mode: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  c9cb0fd   gnu: emacs-daemons: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  8609bee   gnu: emacs-esh-autosuggest: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  fdb4afd   gnu: emacs-desktop-environment: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  06c5205   gnu: emacs-evil-magit: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  3b5edf9   gnu: emacs-evil-multiedit: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  228414c   gnu: emacs-evil-org: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  8ce7520   gnu: burp: Update to 2.3.4.
      adds  2125cf6   gnu: khal: Update to 0.10.1.
      adds  5309c3a   gnu: khal: Use HTTPS home page.
      adds  8b4e762   gnu: linux-libre: Set DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES only 
where needed.
      adds  36c8f1f   gnu: etl: Update to 1.2.2.
      adds  05f6b03   gnu: synfig, synfigstudio: Update to 1.2.2.
      adds  c3ecab0   gnu: python-pygit2: Update to 0.28.0.
      adds  22c88f5   gnu: libgit2: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  a5c72da   gnu: rust: Update to 1.34.0.
      adds  c1c5d68   colors: Add 'highlight'.
      adds  3dae43a   ui: Highlight heading of generation lists.
      adds  6a0287a   installer: Fix snippet for the DHCP client.
      adds  7cd3878   installer: Force user to choose exactly one network 
management method.
      adds  4ce3a32   system: Remove "beta" from GRUB menu entries.
      adds  f6e3f0f   vm: Remove Xorriso "-padding" option.
      adds  8da3f78   gnu: ocamlbuild: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  b42a72b   gnu: ocaml4.02-ezjsonm: Fix tag.
      adds  de957d9   gnu: address@hidden: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  6aade73   gnu: camlp5: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  f541d86   gnu: emacs-tuareg: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  67f1db3   gnu: muparser: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  90cea67   gnu: openspecfun: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  fabcbf3   gnu: hypre: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  be09972   gnu: hypre: Update to 2.15.1.
      adds  0924b5b   gnu: sbcl-cffi-bootstrap: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  0458ec2   gnu: sbcl-hunchentoot: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  a8f52ad   gnu: laby: Fix build.
      adds  e41ddf7   gnu: knot: Update to 2.8.1.
      adds  736dfe3   gnu: conky: Use GIT-FILE-NAME.
      adds  8f61299   gnu: conky: Update to 1.11.3.
      adds  dd93e8a   gnu: connman: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  58065dd   gnu: connman: Update to 1.37.
      adds  4af05b6   gnu: ncdc: Update to 1.21.
      adds  ab45191   gnu: libwacom: Update to 0.33.
      adds  cc58576   gnu: python-acme, certbot: Update to 0.33.1.
      adds  a9203c2   gnu: yubikey-personalization: Update to 1.19.3.
      adds  b6a5eb9   gnu: darktable: Update to 2.6.2.
      adds  edb4265   gnu: highlight: Update to 3.50.
      adds  730ad09   gnu: meld: Update to 3.20.1.
      adds  d2f477b   gnu: quilt: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  eea75c4   gnu: quilt: Update to 0.66.
      adds  facc4cf   gnu: ncmpc: Update to 0.34.
      adds  7c64cc7   gnu: eyed3: Update to 0.8.10.
      adds  0c273c5   gnu: toxic: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  1987f95   gnu: toxic: Update to 0.8.3.
      adds  4c7eeee   gnu: socat: Update to
      adds  ec9ce5c   gnu: musl: Update to 1.1.22.
      adds  bc03fe6   gnu: aj-snapshot: Update to 0.9.9.
      adds  6396829   gnu: fswatch: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  6b4e4f1   gnu: fswatch: Update to 1.14.0.
      adds  33dbb04   gnu: perl-net-dns: Update to 1.20.
      adds  2435642   gnu: kmscon: Remove dependency on MESA.
      adds  2c6c002   gnu: kmscon: Provide source file name.
      adds  3f03a19   system: Add 'label' field to <operating-system>.
      adds  0134ebc   install: Provide a meaningful label.
      adds  cbd059d   doc: Document 'this-package' and 'this-operating-system'.
      adds  4aea820   guix build: Fix relative file name canonicalization for 
      adds  16cdba7   doc: Replace misuses of @var by @code.
      adds  79bd0e4   gnu: Add emacs-ace-jump-mode
      adds  c9c04b2   nls: Update 'fr' translation.
      adds  f254e30   gnu: mate: Add mate-power-manager.
      adds  5dff38d   gnu: mate: Include mate-power-manager.
      adds  c11fcc6   gnu: http-parser: Update to 2.9.1.
      adds  6e36c6e   gnu: openmpi: Update to .
      adds  c66e556   gnu: wireshark: Update to 3.0.1.
      adds  16c92e9   gnu: lm-sensors: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  b744862   gnu: lm-sensors: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  3961edf   store: Memoize 'built-in-builders' call directly in 
      adds  e856177   derivations: Reduce 'valid-path?' RPCs in 
      adds  d1f7748   store: Add "add-data-to-store-cache" profiling component.
      adds  ece7731   gnu: guile-charting: Install .go files in the right place.
      adds  698e91f   gnu: Add libomp.
      adds  e31ece9   gnu: slurm: Configure with a "standard" syslogdir.
      adds  b2c3640   tests: Gracefully skip zlib test when zlib is missing.
      adds  90b9476   gnu: http-parser: Fix build on i686-linux.
      adds  cfcec4a   gnu: Add emacs-ace-link.
      adds  2933182   gnu: sbcl-bordeaux-threads: Update to 0.8.6-1.5dce49f.
      adds  b8b1e4d   gnu: Add sbcl-log4cl, cl-log4cl, and ecl-log4cl.
      adds  afab450   gnu: lm-sensors: Update home page.
      adds  c1469ab   gnu: apfs-fuse: Fix ’file system’ spelling.
      adds  4863773   gnu: bridge-utils: Update to 1.6.
      adds  ea9e91c   gnu: libmbim: Update to 1.18.2.
      adds  5e6c600   gnu: libqmi: Update to 1.22.4.
      adds  75cc535   gnu: python-dask: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  76a2430   gnu: nginx: Update to 1.15.12.
      adds  97b321a   gnu: http-parser: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  a2d2c0b   gnu: spice-gtk: Propagate required inputs.
      adds  fbd2a24   gnu: spice-gtk: Update to 0.36.
      adds  baa7877   gnu: Add lucene++.
      adds  bcfb110   gnu: Add poedit.
      adds  ff6807d   gnu: singular: Update to 4.1.2p1.
      adds  3b31d98   gnu: avrdude: Update to 6.3.
      adds  a1942cf   gnu: avrdude: Use @acronym{} mark-up.
      adds  0e84987   gnu: docker, docker-cli: Update to 18.09.5.
      adds  5b24962   gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.60.
      adds  dd3266e   gnu: epiphany: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  e28ff04   gnu: webkitgtk: Fix build on i686.
      adds  4bee557   gnu: rubberband: Update to 1.8.2.
      adds  881a352   gnu: emacs-irony-mode: Fix typo in description.
      adds  0525864   gnu: bennu-game-development-modules: Fix typos.
      adds  b24ada5   gnu: snd: Update to 19.3.
      adds  18061de   gnu: minetest: Update to 5.0.1.
      adds  564df7e   gnu: dungeon-crawl-stone-soup: Update to 0.23.2.
      adds  067826a   gnu: the-legend-of-edgar: Update to 1.31.
      adds  9b15ef9   gnu: calf: Update to 0.90.2.
      adds  315d7dd   gnu: gtkwave: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  9a8aac1   gnu: csound: Update to 6.12.2.
      adds  11f38e9   gnu: qjackctl: Update to 0.5.7.
      adds  9043c1c   gnu: qsynth: Update to 0.5.6.
      adds  38dd8b6   gnu: gtkwave: Update to 3.3.100.
      adds  0682f08   services: fprintd: Fix service.
      adds  a0158c2   gnu: awesome: Update home page.
      adds  ab77b69   self: Remove unused variable.
      adds  f2d86ed   build: No longer substitute 'LIBGCRYPT'.
      adds  a0e16be   gnu: guix: Don't pass '--with-libgcrypt-prefix'.
      adds  3ad3c55   installer: Desktop environment page now includes window 
      adds  15dca28   gnu: guix: Update to b8b1e4d.
      adds  2d5867a   installer: Change language as soon as it has been chosen.
      adds  7837a57   installer: Display language and territory names natively.
      adds  7cb7be1   installer: Look up timezone name translations in 
      adds  1475582   installer: Sort items with 'string-locale<?'.
      adds  72f749d   pull: '--url', '--commit', and '--branch' apply to the 
'guix' channel.
      adds  c04052e   nls: Update 'de' translation of the manual.
      adds  085e021   nls: Update 'de' translation.
      adds  feaa83a   installer: Translate keyboard layout names.
      adds  818595a   installer: Parse the 'shortDescription' field from 
      adds  9015e63   installer: Sort keyboard layouts according to language 
and translations.
      adds  afcd443   gnu: console-setup: Update to 1.191.
      adds  2ad0310   gnu: rclone: Update to 1.47.0.
      adds  fd6d2fd   gnu: xpra: Update to 2.5.1.
      adds  5d450ab   gnu: nano: Update to 4.1.
      adds  bd5b6ce   gnu: gnuastro: Update to 0.9.
      adds  702c3c7   lint: 'check-github-url' uses our own 
      adds  3fdb9a3   guile-build-system: Support building in parallel.
      adds  e6d7826   gnu: xmlsec: Update to 1.2.28.
      adds  8142ead   gnu: python-zope-interface: Update to 4.6.0.
      adds  431a0d2   gnu: python-hyperlink: Update to 19.0.0.
      adds  e95c983   gnu: python-idna: Update to 2.8.
      adds  bcfb8fa   gnu: python-m2r: Update to 0.2.1.
      adds  919d80a   gnu: python-automat: Update to 0.7.0.
      adds  52ca1c4   gnu: python-twisted: Update to 19.2.0.
      adds  ea43f0d   gnu: Add python-pyrsistent.
      adds  1adde06   gnu: python-jsonschema: Update to 3.0.1.
      adds  c105e50   gnu: python-service-identity: Update to 18.1.0.
      adds  4782a06   gnu: python-send2trash: Properly delay python2 variant.
      adds  cbeb891   gnu: gpgme: Update to 1.13.0.
      adds  20b3fde   gnu: python-send2trash: Really delay Python2 variant.
      adds  f32164a   gnu: python2-send2trash: Don't inherit properties from 
      adds  3525943   gnu: perl-datetime-timezone: Fix missing timezone data.
      adds  f00067d   gnu: klick: Fix build with latest scons.
      adds  664a6bc   gnu: r-caret: Update to 6.0-83.
      adds  8e79d82   gnu: r-clipr: Update to 0.6.0.
      adds  3d60c80   gnu: r-hardyweinberg: Update to 1.6.2.
      adds  5ac82ee   gnu: r-sdmtools: Update to 1.1-221.1.
      adds  f0826fe   gnu: r-rdpack: Update to 0.11-0.
      adds  7015ae6   gnu: r-urltools: Update to 1.7.3.
      adds  9b86fea   gnu: Add r-sctransform.
      adds  296da6e   gnu: r-seurat: Update to 3.0.0.
      adds  ea261de   guix build: Accept multiple '-s' options.
      adds  24963c1   maint: 'release' clears gettext-induced changes in doc/.
      adds  35a09fd   maint: Build all the 'guix' packages in parallel.
      adds  04b5ac2   build: Show completion percentage while building.
      adds  30a6cd7   gnu: ocaml-dose3: Shorten patch file name.
      adds  60ecacd   gnu: linkchecker: Shorten patch file name.
      adds  2613bab   gnu: grammalecte: Update to 1.0.1.
      adds  107850b   gnu: Add r-styler.
      adds  a85190d   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.169.
      adds  3f6b769   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.112.
      adds  5547653   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.35.
      adds  18f8770   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.8.
      adds  1e72a23   gnu: rct: Be more idiomatic.
      adds  b2c6b46   gnu: ibus: Update to 1.5.20.
      adds  811eae1   gnu: ibus-libpinyin: Update to 1.11.0.
      adds  4461303   gnu: libpinyin: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  afabb9e   gnu: ibus-libpinyin: Add missing runtime input.
      adds  a3e6cf9   gnu: Add git-lfs.
      adds  7859191   install: Pass "modprobe.blacklist=radeon".
      adds  833480c   vm: Reset file timestamps in ISO images.
      adds  6901b92   vm: Reset file timestamps of the EFI image in ISO images.
      adds  52b5fe5   gnu: grub: 'grub-mkrescue' honors 
      adds  6058150   vm: Use a fixed FAT serial number for 'efi.img' in ISO 
      adds  5502fbd   gnu: valgrind: Add 3.15.0.
      adds  1b0b165   gnu: mtools: 'mformat' initializes boot sector before 
writing it.
      adds  442a11f   gnu: guile-newt: Update to 0.0.1.
      adds  dbcd503   gnu: guile-parted: Update to 0.0.1.
      adds  17ae31b   gnu: r-hdf5r: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  dc01978   services: fprintd: Use define-configuration.
      adds  9729b6e   gnu: direnv: Remove go references from output.
      adds  33023ba   installer: Fix skip-to-step issue.
      adds  72385c3   gnu: Add dumb.
      adds  d61dcb1   gnu: Add dumb-allegro4.
      adds  f9fee46   gnu: Add alex4.
      adds  60af182   gnu: supertuxkart: Update to 1.0.
      adds  56a4858   gnu: supertuxkart: Simplify unbundling and unbundle enet.
      adds  f465562   gnu: foo2zjs: Update to 20190413.
      adds  34a1690   gnu: dav1d: Update to 0.2.2.
      adds  3671cbe   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2019.04.17.
      adds  50b01dc   gnu: dbacl: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  5df6934   gnu: eid-mw: Update to 4.4.16.
      adds  8dafe89   gnu: parallel: Update to 20190422.
      adds  654563e   gnu: perl-text-csv: Fix build.
      adds  441e6d9   gnu: python-openpyxl: Update to 2.6.2.
      adds  fa9d14a   gnu: python-serpent: Update to 1.28.
      adds  1d3c780   gnu: python-serpent: Tweak description.
      adds  c60b15c   gnu: python-dill: Update to 0.2.9.
      adds  5554155   gnu: password-store: Allow external packages to provide 
      adds  54b41d2   gnu: Add pass-otp.
      adds  c5265a0   pull: Add '--news'.
      adds  a06a95b   pull: Create profile after the store connection has been 
      adds  cfb7aee   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.170.
      adds  689b628   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.113.
      adds  e81148a   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.36.
      adds  6dc4dce   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.9.
      adds  7f221c0   gnu: translate-shell: Update to
      adds  fe74e6a   gnu: memcached: Update to 1.5.13.
      adds  ba18ea5   gnu: python-pyodbc: Update to 4.0.26.
      adds  15357dd   gnu: nsd: Update to 4.1.27.
      adds  1f2f358   gnu: python-sqlalchemy: Update to 1.3.3.
      adds  29cc115   gnu: libabigail: Update to 1.6.
      adds  4dfdcbf   gnu: libabigail: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  a263a97   gnu: python-redis: Update to 3.2.1.
      adds  233eb6c   gnu: ghc-haskell-lexer: Update to 1.0.2.
      adds  fa9e6e8   build-self: Avoid deprecated bindings.
      adds  df12904   gnu: maxima: Return #t from custom 'check' phase.
      adds  ab0c796   gnu: minetest-data: Update to 5.0.1.
      adds  8c064d0   gnu: minetest: Simplify 'freetype' input specification.
      adds  fa61900   gnu: openssh: Update to 8.0p1.
      adds  5582aa8   system: Change default kernel-arguments to '("quiet").
      adds  7611074   installer: Run 'guix system init' with the right locale.
      adds  519177a   install: Pass "quiet" to the kernel.
      adds  70da04c   nls: Add missing installer files.
      adds  ffc8ab7   Revert "build-self: Avoid deprecated bindings."
      adds  83126aa   gnu: emacs-disk-usage: Update to 1.3.3.
      adds  b2e417f   gnu: glslang: Update to 7.11.3188.
      adds  93c5c6d   gnu: spirv-headers: Update to 1.3.7.
      adds  9fb1ca0   gnu: shepherd: Update to 0.6.0.
      adds  95ef8b8   services: shepherd: Support one-shot services.
      adds  051b279   services: account: Make 'user-homes' a one-shot service.
      adds  86b8869   linux-container: Remove '%containerized-shepherd-service' 
      adds  04fa9c6   build-self: Explain why we keep using deprecated bindings.
      adds  5c46e1d   gnu: gifsicle: Update to 1.92.
      adds  645b6c7   gnu: gifsicle: Use HTTPS.
      adds  be59c48   gnu: perceptualdiff: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  44aaf1e   gnu: libmwaw: Update to 0.3.15.
      adds  cb4c99c   gnu: libpagemaker: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  9a4f6ce   gnu: libvisio: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  9148ed7   gnu: libodfgen: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  7b7abb0   gnu: libmwaw: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  ef93b55   gnu: lynis: Update to 2.7.4.
      adds  97f4ff6   gnu: libedit: Update to 20190324-3.1.
      adds  74ee98e   gnu: ocaml-ppx-hash: Fix typo in description.
      adds  9694b44   gnu: notmuch-addrlookup-c: Update to 9.
      adds  30023aa   gnu: xf86-video-intel: Update to 2.99.917-13.6afed33.
      adds  a18581a   gnu: libpng: Replace with 1.6.37 [security fixes].
      adds  8949b64   gnu: fluidsynth: Update to 2.0.5.
      adds  af1d777   gnu: maim: Update to 5.5.3.
      adds  e01bd1a   gnu: libseccomp: Update to 2.4.1.
      adds  af41e50   guix system: Compute 'bootcfg' only for 'init' and 
      adds  06e5c3a   services: connman: Redirect output to a log file.
      adds  6227e1b   doc: Add Spanish translation.
      adds  3b919e0   doc: Add generated es.texi files.
      adds  544cab3   doc: Add zh_CN PO file.
      adds  3068509   nls: Fix guix-manual.zh_CN.po.
      adds  de712e5   doc: Add Simplified Chinese translation.
      adds  f6beefa   doc: Refer to the es and zh_CN translations.
      adds  ca983a2   gnu: python2-sh: Fix build.
      adds  b990f98   gnu: inxi-minimal: Update to 3.0.33-1.
      adds  177d1af   gnu: ristretto: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  7067d5f   gnu: ristretto: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  14ccd8f   gnu: xl2tpd: Update to 1.3.14.
      adds  2834160   gnu: xl2tpd: Don't use NAME in source URI.
      adds  9ca762e   doc: Fix build.
      adds  1c0dd73   gnu: emacs-ledger-mode: Use ledger as input.
      adds  ad377c3   nls: Update 'fr' translation of the manual.
      adds  a504525   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2019.04.24.
      adds  e48c3dd   gnu: rawtherapee: Update to 5.6.
      adds  21e67d0   gnu: gphoto2: Update to 2.5.20.
      adds  5e4ac4d   gnu: pdfpc: Update to 4.3.2.
      adds  e4ea33c   gnu: drumkv1: Update to 0.9.7.
      adds  e39c480   gnu: synthv1: Update to 0.9.7.
      adds  b19392f   gnu: samplv1: Update to 0.9.7.
      adds  cda12aa   gnu: padthv1: Update to 0.9.7.
      adds  5f88d81   gnu: zynaddsubfx: Update to 3.0.5.
      adds  902905c   gnu: r-sys: Update to 3.2.
      adds  d6fc8fe   gnu: r-emmeans: Update to 1.3.4.
      adds  90325bb   gnu: r-splitstackshape: Update to 1.4.8.
      adds  378b5f4   gnu: r-fields: Update to 9.7.
      adds  f1c1bbc   gnu: r-genetics: Update to
      adds  88a39cc   gnu: r-rms: Update to 5.1-3.1.
      adds  a059791   gnu: r-ggforce: Update to 0.2.2.
      adds  8fc6188   gnu: r-pamr: Update to 1.56.1.
      adds  a300ab6   gnu: r-igraph: Update to
      adds  3cc8f66   gnu: r-testthat: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  3a9991e   gnu: r-dbplyr: Update to 1.4.0.
      adds  190dc09   gnu: r-xtable: Update to 1.8-4.
      adds  9374cbd   services: fprintd: Provide polkit policy.
      adds  5511154   install: Add node name in Castellano.
      adds  01ac0e6   system: Add guile-readline and guile-colorized to 
      adds  17503ea   self: Install ''.
      adds  3cc033f   installer: Add missing 'G_' for networking message.
      adds  898677e   installer: Ask for user password and initialize 
      adds  399c31d   installer: 'run-input-page' has a new #:input-flags 
      adds  91a7c49   installer: Ask for the root account password.
      adds  5be7aec   vm: 'system-disk-image' no longer requires the OS to 
define the "/" file system.
      adds  e7c7b73   installer: Preserve order of user accounts.
      adds  ecb33b8   vm: Adjust FAT serial number code to 32-bit Guile.
      adds  5ed72097  gnu: openfst: Update to 1.7.2.
      adds  2cffa2f   gnu: libsvm: Update to 3.23.
      adds  ddfd529   gnu: libimobiledevice: Edit description.
      adds  ac32a45   gnu: perl-filesys-notify-simple: Edit description.
      adds  7ecd176   gnu: bubblewrap: Edit description.
      adds  52beae7   gnu, guix: Yearly ritual purging of the filesystems.
      adds  61985d6   gnu: python-dill: Fix typo in description.
      adds  9b19734   gnu: r-yamss: Fix typo in description.
      adds  0406434   gnu: bind: Update to 9.12.4-P1 [fixes CVE-2018-5743, 
      adds  968e86b   gnu: Add python-pyfakefs and python2-pyfakefs.
      adds  404037f   gnu: Add python-pyscard and python2-pyscard.
      adds  5f7d151   gnu: Add libu2f-host.
      adds  41553c9   gnu: Add public-suffix-list.
      adds  5297e97   gnu: Add python-fido2 and python2-fido2.
      adds  4728806   gnu: Add python-yubikey-manager and 
      adds  453c976   installer: Use FLAG-PASSWORD for the encryption 
passphrase confirmation.
      adds  8f2b7e3   installer: Ask for confirmation of the root password.
      adds  187122b   installer: Ask for confirmation of the user passwords.
      adds  92e1e0e   gnu: fltk: Update to 1.3.5.
      adds  518acc7   nls: Update 'fr' translation.
      adds  9d92774   nls: Update 'de' translation.
      adds  57e2b24   nls: Update 'es' translation.
      adds  ce9a30e   gnu: Add ocaml-bigarray-compat.
      adds  bbe9915   gnu: bap: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  0705f38   gnu: Remove ocaml-jbuilder.
      adds  6e49426   gnu: ocamlify: Downgrade to 0.0.1.
      adds  c3634df   gnu: address@hidden: Remove the package, affected by a 
CVE, and its dependent packages.
      adds  b68aff1   gnu: certbot: Add support for manual plugin.
      adds  ca3cf2d   gnu: tmux: Update to 2.9.
      adds  92eb600   gnu: knot-service: Add includes field in configuration.
      adds  9be9249   gnu: librepcb: Update to 0.1.1.
      adds  8850703   gnu: tmux-xpanes: Update to 4.1.0.
      adds  55036dd   gnu: soundtouch: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  03c443c   gnu: hcxtools: Update to 5.1.4.
      adds  4f7db08   gnu: hcxdumptool: Update to 5.1.4.
      adds  7342923   gnu: wgetpaste: Add and use wget input.
      adds  9ca5ff8   bootstrap: Break automake dependency on generated files.
      adds  504a0fc   accounts: Always honor the configured user account shell.
      adds  538b99f   system: Provide a new VM image configuration.
      adds  6c849cd   installer: Run wrapped program with 'execl', not 'system'.
      adds  9529f78   installer: Take 'guix system init' exit code into account.
      adds  98f0354   installer: Actually reboot when the user presses "Reboot."
      adds  b57dd20   doc: Add 'BASE-URL' variable.
      adds  272db5b   doc: Use for downloads.
      adds  1ac6c33   vm-image: Use the actual file name of the current file.
      adds  94e1439   services: cups-pk-helper: Export.
      adds  a9a0790   gnu: xfdesktop: Stick a Guix logo in the background image.
      adds  d7b0562   vm-image: Remove NetworkManager & co. and add the DHCP 
      adds  5cb40ad   gnu: ocaml-utop: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  22cd6a1   gnu: ocaml-result: Update to 1.3.
      adds  44b8507   gnu: ocaml-octavius: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  b858c5a   gnu: ocaml-ssl: Update to 0.5.7.
      adds  7e49538   gnu: ocaml-fpath: Update to 0.7.2.
      adds  12c3f62   gnu: ocaml-easy-format: Update to 1.3.1.
      adds  273ba25   gnu: ocaml-integers: Update to 0.3.0.
      adds  e379d1b   gnu: dns: Fix configuration formating.
      adds  936a4f4   gnu: mame: Update to 0.209.
      adds  8597aec   gnu: MPD: Update to 0.21.8.
      adds  8caa458   gnu: gdm: Install a placeholder desktop entry.
      adds  7f55904   gnu: Add umi-tools.
      adds  152cbc3   gnu: r-with-tests: Update to 3.6.0.
      adds  3f59ecf   gnu: ocaml-qcheck: Update to 0.9.
      adds  853af25   gnu: ocaml-mtime: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  eddfd11   gnu: ocaml-topkg: Update to 1.0.0.
      adds  09cd92a   gnu: ocaml-zarith: Update to 1.7.
      adds  acb98ad   gnu: ocaml-stringext: Update to 1.5.0.
      adds  1e8439d   gnu: ocaml-pcre: Update to 7.4.1.
      adds  1e5937c   gnu: ocaml-ppx-derivers: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  d9faae6   gnu: ocaml-compiler-libs: Add upstream name.
      adds  c949a4e   gnu: ocaml-ppx-tools-versioned: Add upstream-name.
      adds  f08b235   gnu: ocaml-lwt-log: Add upstream-name.
      adds  d485700   gnu: ocaml-ppx-tools: Add upstream-name.
      adds  ee33e41   gnu: ocaml-frontc: Add upstream-name.
      adds  b7ebcb0   gnu: ocaml-ppx-expect: Update to 0.12.0.
      adds  cf338cc   gnu: ocaml-migrate-parsetree: Add upstream-name.
      adds  b052903   gnu: ocaml-ppxlib: Update to 0.6.0.
      adds  cdb57a8   nls: Update 'zh_CN' translation.
      adds  74685a4   services: file-system: Filter what goes to /etc/fstab.
      adds  aea1a42   system: Add boot file systems to /etc/fstab.
      adds  435551f   services: knot: Fix configuration file generation.
      adds  615b147   nls: Fix wrong include name.
      adds  816014d   gnu: wine-staging: Update to 4.7.
      adds  747c8f2   gnu: mozjs-38: Fix URI.
      adds  9c4f118   gnu: Add r-mitools.
      adds  779174e   gnu: r-ordinal: Update to 2019.4-25.
      adds  7b18fac   gnu: r-survey: Update to 3.36.
      adds  1bbfca1   gnu: r-classint: Update to 0.3-3.
      adds  071390a   gnu: r-sf: Update to 0.7-4.
      adds  aa97fbf   gnu: r-boot: Update to 1.3-22.
      adds  a563e75   gnu: r-mass: Update to 7.3-51.4.
      adds  9fbbe26   gnu: r-rngtools: Update to
      adds  0d32cae   gnu: r-fpc: Update to 2.1-11.2.
      adds  bea8205   gnu: r-caret: Update to 6.0-84.
      adds  ea9d634   gnu: r-quadprog: Update to 1.5-6.
      adds  bf98373   gnu: python-nbxmpp: Update to 0.6.10.
      adds  bdb372a   gnu: gajim: Update to 1.1.3.
      adds  6cd7b1b   gnu: knot: Add configuration fields.
      adds  dbab5eb   maint: Pass '--image-size=30G' to 'guix system vm-image'.
      adds  05b6075   doc: Recommend virtio-blk to access the VM image.
      adds  ea2acfe   doc: Update bit about SSH in the VM.
      adds  5df29aa   vm-image: Add a font to the global profile.
      adds  ff587e0   vm-image: Mention 'info guix' in the MOTD.
      adds  68400df   doc: Suggest 1G of RAM for the VM image.
      adds  6e0521e   vm-image: Allow for password-less sudo.
      adds  ef1f1ca   gnu: bubblewrap: Fix Texinfo markup in description.
      adds  b8e2bd4   gnu: knot: Fix typos.
      adds  0c329bf   tests: Adjust accounts test to shell-as-config change.
      adds  554b30d   self: Rebuild translated manuals.
      adds  f9caa17   gnu: ocaml-spawn: Update to 0.13.0.
      adds  e58d05c   gnu: ocaml-csv: Update to 2.2.
      adds  58c3118   gnu: ocaml-re: Update to 1.9.0.
      adds  bcc718b   gnu: ocaml-ezjsonm: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  e821a64   gnu: ocaml-qtest: Update to 2.9.
      adds  61e41d5   gnu: guix: Update to 0c329bf.
      adds  339586e   doc: Remove outdated paragraph in "Binary Installation".
      adds  7dbdbbf   installer: Add missing i18n in the partitioning pages.
      adds  c4568c5   gnu: Add r-bayestestr.
      adds  711a2f0   gnu: Add r-performance.
      adds  d22d790   gnu: r-sjplot: Update to 2.6.3.
      adds  fc3ebc3   gnu: r-ggbio: Fix build.
      adds  3153ca9   gnu: r-rhtslib: Fix build.
      adds  c5db31d   gnu: gnome-shell: Add gdk-pixbuf+svg to inputs.
      adds  0fa5055   gnu: texlive-bin: Adopt LFS patch.
      adds  0244952   build-system/ruby: Use invoke.
      adds  7c86fdd   Revert "build-system/ruby: Use invoke."
      adds  571fb00   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  3eed550   gnu: Remove gtk+/fixed.
      adds  c112420   gnu: evolution-data-server: Remove obsolete phase.
      adds  41af23d   gnu: tzdata: Update to 2019a.
      adds  b58c754   gnu: ImageMagick: Update to 6.9.10-35.
      adds  6918c6a   gnu: cups-filters: Update to 1.22.3.
      adds  c6deabf   gnu: libinput: Do not propagate any inputs.
      adds  411c27e   gnu: libinput: Update to 1.13.0.
      adds  c531fad   gnu: flac: Fix CVE-2017-6888.
      adds  f19ccdc   gnu: flac: Incorporate graft.
      adds  ba00235   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  0dbb6c2   gnu: libinput: Propagate udev.
      adds  aa07299   gnu: sway: Add missing input.
      adds  db7441e   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  7dc9617   gnu: libdrm: Avoid timeout while running tests.
      adds  0eb01ff   gnu: vulkan-headers: Update to 1.1.106.
      adds  05bb85f   gnu: vulkan-tools: Update to 1.1.106.
      adds  f5961dd   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  0f0a5ef   gnu: Add python-bumpversion.
      adds  13d825f   gnu: Add python-scp.
      adds  b24fd2c   gnu: Add python-deprecated.
      adds  d5a998f   gnu: Add python-pygithub.
      adds  c0c0bb3   gnu: Add python-rellu.
      adds  b979028   gnu: Add python-robotframework.
      adds  c0c64f1   gnu: Add python-robotframework-sshlibrary.
      adds  5b84c12   gnu: Add python-robotframework-lint.
      adds  73326e7   gnu: Add emacs-robot-mode.
      adds  37da4fb   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  cd8dce8   gnu: gnome-shell: Add gdk-pixbuf+svg to inputs.
      adds  7d62fa2   Merge branch 'staging'
      adds  7055407   gnu: kdevplatform: Use INVOKE.
      adds  1ec1782   gnu: make-blis: Always return #T from configure phase.
      adds  cb6f44d   gnu: atlas: Always return #T from build phases.
      adds  32d5360   gnu: z3: Unconditionally return #T from build phases.
      adds  9cd82b1   gnu: jacal: Unconditionally return #T from configure 
      adds  6b1c7ac   gnu: hypre: Unconditionally return #T from build phases.
      adds  cee0612   gnu: Remove unused module reference.
      adds  bf94932   gnu: Add cloud-utils.
      adds  4987e2b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.179.
      adds  a7dad69   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.171.
      adds  4943ddf   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.14.114.
      adds  e9ef345   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.19.37.
      adds  0e09c09   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.0.10.
      adds  9f73ac2   gnu: giac-xcas: Fix documentation.
      adds  6d3896b   gnu: giac-xcas: Add inputs.
      adds  7fc0e3d   gnu: giac-xcas: Rename to "giac" to match upstream name.
      adds  e0f3a4f   gnu: Fix typo.
      adds  0663302   describe: Provide a hint when origin detection fails.
      adds  a4ae05f   vm-image: Add 'nss-certs' to the global package set.
      adds  7dac611   Update NEWS.
      adds  0fe1692   doc: Duplicate recommendation about ''.
      adds  7253c2b   installer: Add #:selection parameter to 
      adds  1d9fcda   installer: Recommended services are pre-selected.
      adds  113bc08   installer: Add 'nss-certs' to the networking services.
      adds  ed5a5d3   installer: Improve layout of the partitioning page.
      adds  43c1c44   installer: User can have a "real name".
      adds  0e8e963   installer: User accounts can now have a "real name."
      adds  ada4aeb   installer: Fix handling of user password mismatches.
      adds  d779de1   installer: Tell the user where the config file is.
      adds  81aa6c7   gnu: direnv: Change to the go-build-system.
      adds  fdb513a   gnu: Fix missing bison package in (gnu packages algebra).
      adds  b901b72   services: slim: Honor the value of slim from 
      adds  c31bec8   gnu: diffoscope: Update to 114.
      adds  772bcb1   installer: Fix typo in docstring.
      adds  245aa0e   gnu: Add font-public-sans.
      adds  4c89dc3   gnu: font-public-sans: Adjust synopsis and description.
      adds  d824cfb   guix package: Add 'install', 'remove', and 'upgrade' 
      adds  20dbd85   doc: Add 'SUBSTITUTE-URL' variable.
      adds  e432ce1   doc: Remove traces of "Guix System Distribution".
      adds  2f8198d   Update NEWS.
      adds  9d30538   file-systems: Support the 'no-atime' flag.
      adds  da56f10   guix package: Add 'guix search' alias.
      adds  6b99afe   gnu: u-boot: Update to 2019.04.
      adds  1a89845   gnu: Add sdl2-net.
      adds  e8a0696   gnu: Add jumpnbump.
      adds  a3d4a63   gnu: Add hedgewars.
      adds  1abe2e2   gnu: Add missing modules in games.scm.
      adds  fdd9ab3   gnu: Add missing module in games.scm.
      adds  373a2a0   gnu: ocaml-yojson: Update to 1.7.0.
      adds  4267481   gnu: Remove scmutils.
      adds  a1570c8   gnu: qemu: Build verbosely.
      adds  2e652ad   gnu: ftgl: Don't build libftgl.a.
      adds  b339f14   gnu: elogind: Update to 241.3.
      adds  06c86f1   gnu: msmtp: Update to 1.8.4.
      adds  05e1534   gnu: kodi: Update to 18.2.
      adds  b6afc35   gnu: Add i3lock.
      adds  0534427   vm: Pass -smp to QEMU to allow use of multiple cores.
      adds  5fce901   gnu: r-ipred: Update to 0.9-9.
      adds  8b96b86   gnu: r-repr: Update to 1.0.0.
      adds  6f7f854   gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to 0.9.400.2.0.
      adds  649220a   gnu: Rename some games to match upstream project name.
      adds  e8c6e77   gnu: gdm: Avoid selecting the placeholder session.
      adds  4ec4252   gnu: awesome: Use absolute paths in session file.
      adds  aa7cdc5   gnu: i3-wm: Use absolute paths in session files.
      adds  6215132   gnu: ocaml-camomile: Install data in the store.
      adds  0cd8efc   gnu: java-plexus-utils: Update to 3.2.0.
      adds  6f737ae   gnu: java-plexus-archiver: Update to 4.1.0.
      adds  b77c8dd   gnu: maven: Update to 3.6.1.
      adds  eea094c   gnu: ruby-rest-client: Fix lost ,s.
      adds  8840131   guix: Fix typo in docstring.
      adds  e13bd30   guix: Fix another typo in another docstring.
      adds  378b8a6   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2019.04.30.
      adds  4fdad3e   gnu: eid-mw: Name checkout.
      adds  45ea12f   gnu: sbcl-cl-base64: Name checkout.
      adds  9e6cce4   gnu: ocaml-ppx-tools: Name checkout.
      adds  e76a972   gnu: ghc-esqueleto: Name checkout.
      adds  e976e19   gnu: sbcl-cl+ssl: Name checkout.
      adds  9b241d4   gnu: python-nose-timer: Update to 0.7.5.
      adds  6f5be83   gnu: u-boot-tools: Only run full test suite on x86_64.
      adds  2ba3dc0   gnu: emacs-zotxt: Name checkout.
      adds  8f4b570   gnu: emacs-helm-pass: Name checkout.
      adds  a97fc9c   gnu: sbcl-myway: Name checkout.
      adds  5924f62   gnu: sbcl-trivial-backtrace: Name checkout.
      adds  fbd08d4   gnu: ocaml-core: Name checkout.
      adds  4a6de00   gnu: ocaml-ppx-enumerate: Name checkout.
      adds  3a75925   gnu: ocaml-ppx-hash: Name checkout.
      adds  7026f6b   gnu: ocaml-ppx-typerep-conv: Name checkout.
      adds  0abf2d9   gnu: sbcl-rfc2388: Name checkout.
      adds  2af4698   gnu: emacs-dired-sidebar: Name checkout.
      adds  ad09f3b   gnu: sbcl-cl-syntax: Name checkout.
      adds  b7a4cb5   gnu: ocaml-opam-file-format: Name checkout.
      adds  8d2d68a   gnu: ocaml-migrate-parsetree: Name checkout.
      adds  9471344   gnu: Remove greenisland.
      adds  af74e43   gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 
      adds  8bc8cea   gnu: r-shinyfiles: Update to 0.7.3.
      adds  0b5b9d6   gnu: r-lmtest: Update to 0.9-37.
      adds  944d4c4   gnu: r-officer: Update to 0.3.4.
      adds  ae66fee   gnu: r-irkernel: Update to 1.0.0.
      adds  bd9d5db   gnu: php: Disable failing tests on armhf.
      adds  ca86b0b   gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Unbundle openjpeg again.
      adds  f99418e   gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Update to 
74.0.3729.131-0.9e33022 [fixes CVE-2019-5824].
      adds  a5006ed   gnu: signify: Don't use unstable tarball.
      adds  15ada26   gnu: signify: Update to 25.
      adds  a550da6   gnu: spice-protocol: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  a0d44bb   gnu: spice: Update to 0.14.2 [fixes CVE-2019-3813].
      adds  03c59a2   gnu: vte-ng: Update to 0.56.2.a.
      adds  14da3da   gnu: termite: Update to 15.
       new  3b458d5   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  c078f1b   gnu: texlive-bin: Adapt to Poppler 0.75.
       new  50943b4   gnu: lcms: Incorporate grafted changes.
       new  de1b5e4   gnu: openjpeg: Incorporate grafted changes.
       new  8de1979   gnu: openjpeg: Don't build 'libopenjp2.a'.
       new  8b5b3ac   gnu: libpng: Remove graft for 1.6.37.
       new  1ec290e   gnu: curl: Update to 7.64.1.
       new  2da9b81   gnu: harfbuzz: Update to 2.4.0.
       new  922fbf8   gnu: jemalloc: Update to 5.2.0.
       new  1f62621   gnu: python-more-itertools: Update to 7.0.0.
       new  f6e25b3   gnu: python: Update to 3.7.3.
       new  46d258c   gnu: pixman: Update to 0.38.4.
       new  3d8f657   gnu: util-linux: Update to 2.33.2.
       new  0a404bd   gnu: libuv: Update to 1.28.0.
       new  f1e9999   gnu: boost: Update to 1.70.0.
       new  56e95d5   gnu: python-pytest: Update to 4.4.1.
       new  123bba7   gnu: python-hypothesis: Update to 4.18.3.

The 17 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .gitignore                                         |     2 +                                        |    33 +-
 NEWS                                               |    84 +-
 bootstrap                                          |    14 +
 build-aux/build-self.scm                           |    13 +-
 build-aux/compile-all.scm                          |    17 +-                                       |     8 -
 doc/                           |  1008 -
 doc/                           |  1005 -
 doc/contributing.texi                              |     7 +-
 doc/                                   | 25126 -------
 doc/                                   | 25303 -------
 doc/guix.texi                                      |   979 +-
 doc/                                       |    22 +-
 etc/completion/bash/guix                           |    11 +-
 .../text-mode/guix-commit-message-rename-package   |    20 +
 gnu.scm                                            |     3 +-
 gnu/bootloader.scm                                 |    43 +-
 gnu/bootloader/depthcharge.scm                     |   107 +
 gnu/bootloader/grub.scm                            |    35 +
 gnu/bootloader/u-boot.scm                          |     2 +-
 gnu/build/accounts.scm                             |     9 +-
 gnu/build/file-systems.scm                         |     2 +
 gnu/build/linux-boot.scm                           |    15 +-
 gnu/build/linux-container.scm                      |    48 +-
 gnu/build/vm.scm                                   |    30 +-
 gnu/installer.scm                                  |    99 +-
 gnu/installer/final.scm                            |    90 +-
 gnu/installer/keymap.scm                           |     8 +-
 gnu/installer/locale.scm                           |    21 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/final.scm                       |    28 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/keymap.scm                      |    45 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/locale.scm                      |    54 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/network.scm                     |     7 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/page.scm                        |    76 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/partition.scm                   |    36 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/services.scm                    |    80 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/timezone.scm                    |     5 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/user.scm                        |    99 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/welcome.scm                     |     8 +-
 gnu/installer/newt/wifi.scm                        |     3 +-
 gnu/installer/parted.scm                           |    55 +-
 gnu/installer/services.scm                         |   158 +-
 gnu/installer/steps.scm                            |    28 +-
 gnu/installer/user.scm                             |    31 +-
 gnu/installer/utils.scm                            |    38 +-
 gnu/                                       |    56 +-
 gnu/packages.scm                                   |    25 +
 gnu/packages/admin.scm                             |   122 +-
 gnu/packages/algebra.scm                           |    96 +-
 gnu/packages/android.scm                           |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/animation.scm                         |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/antivirus.scm                         |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/assembly.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/astronomy.scm                         |    21 +-
 gnu/packages/audio.scm                             |    78 +-
 .../aux-files/linux-libre/5.0-arm-veyron.conf      |  4574 ++
 gnu/packages/backup.scm                            |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/base.scm                              |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/bioconductor.scm                      |  1754 +-
 gnu/packages/bioinformatics.scm                    |   636 +-
 gnu/packages/boost.scm                             |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/bootloaders.scm                       |    65 +-
 gnu/packages/c.scm                                 |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/calendar.scm                          |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/cdrom.scm                             |   130 +-
 gnu/packages/check.scm                             |    81 +-
 gnu/packages/chez.scm                              |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/chromium.scm                          |   163 +-
 gnu/packages/commencement.scm                      |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/compression.scm                       |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/conky.scm                             |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/connman.scm                           |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/cpp.scm                               |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/cran.scm                              |  2409 +-
 gnu/packages/crypto.scm                            |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/cups.scm                              |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/curl.scm                              |    22 +-
 gnu/packages/databases.scm                         |   161 +-
 gnu/packages/dc.scm                                |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/debug.scm                             |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/dictionaries.scm                      |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/disk.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/display-managers.scm                  |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/django.scm                            |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/dlang.scm                             |   185 +-
 gnu/packages/dns.scm                               |    98 +-
 gnu/packages/docker.scm                            |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/dunst.scm                             |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/elf.scm                               |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs-xyz.scm                         |  4058 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs.scm                             |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/embedded.scm                          |     2 +
 gnu/packages/emulators.scm                         |   169 +-
 gnu/packages/engineering.scm                       |   123 +-
 gnu/packages/enlightenment.scm                     |    21 +-
 gnu/packages/entr.scm                              |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/erlang.scm                            |    19 +
 gnu/packages/file-systems.scm                      |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/file.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/finance.scm                           |    36 +-
 gnu/packages/firmware.scm                          |    23 +-
 gnu/packages/flashing-tools.scm                    |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/fltk.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/fonts.scm                             |   156 +-
 gnu/packages/fpga.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/freedesktop.scm                       |   221 +-
 gnu/packages/ftp.scm                               |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/game-development.scm                  |   123 +-
 gnu/packages/games.scm                             |  1388 +-
 gnu/packages/geo.scm                               |    62 +-
 gnu/packages/ghostscript.scm                       |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/gimp.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/gl.scm                                |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/gnome.scm                             |   132 +-
 gnu/packages/gnucash.scm                           |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/gnunet.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/gnupg.scm                             |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm                          |   162 +-
 gnu/packages/golang.scm                            |   341 +-
 gnu/packages/gpodder.scm                           |   105 +
 gnu/packages/graph.scm                             |   180 +-
 gnu/packages/graphics.scm                          |    56 +-
 gnu/packages/gtk.scm                               |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/guile-xyz.scm                         |   175 +-
 gnu/packages/guile.scm                             |    32 +-
 gnu/packages/hardware.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-apps.scm                      |   400 +
 gnu/packages/haskell-check.scm                     |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-crypto.scm                    |    43 +
 gnu/packages/haskell-web.scm                       |   108 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell.scm                           |    64 +-
 gnu/packages/ibus.scm                              |    37 +-
 gnu/packages/idris.scm                             |    36 +-
 gnu/packages/image.scm                             |    79 +-
 gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm                       |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/ipfs.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/java.scm                              |   120 +-
 gnu/packages/jemalloc.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-frameworks.scm                    |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/kde.scm                               |    87 +-
 gnu/packages/kodi.scm                              |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/libedit.scm                           |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/libevent.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm                       |    24 +-
 gnu/packages/libusb.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/linux.scm                             |   223 +-
 gnu/packages/lirc.scm                              |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/lisp.scm                              |  1570 +-
 gnu/packages/llvm.scm                              |    39 +
 gnu/packages/machine-learning.scm                  |   586 +-
 gnu/packages/mail.scm                              |   205 +-
 gnu/packages/mate.scm                              |   188 +-
 gnu/packages/maths.scm                             |   514 +-
 gnu/packages/maven.scm                             |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/messaging.scm                         |    42 +-
 gnu/packages/microcom.scm                          |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/monitoring.scm                        |    12 +-
 gnu/packages/mp3.scm                               |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/mpd.scm                               |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/mpi.scm                               |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/mtools.scm                            |    22 +-
 gnu/packages/music.scm                             |    87 +-
 gnu/packages/musl.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/nano.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/ncurses.scm                           |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/networking.scm                        |   177 +-
 gnu/packages/nss.scm                               |   184 +
 gnu/packages/ocaml.scm                             |  2600 +-
 gnu/packages/openldap.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/package-management.scm                |    40 +-
 gnu/packages/parallel.scm                          |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/password-utils.scm                    |    72 +-
 .../bind-fix-unused-pk11-ecc-constants.patch       |    43 +
 .../patches/docker-use-fewer-modprobes.patch       |   137 +
 gnu/packages/patches/emacs-undohist-ignored.patch  |    27 +
 .../patches/emacs-zones-called-interactively.patch |    43 +
 gnu/packages/patches/flac-CVE-2017-6888.patch      |    29 +
 .../patches/grub-efi-fat-serial-number.patch       |    27 +
 gnu/packages/patches/idris-test-no-node.patch      |    61 +
 .../patches/knot-include-system-lmdb-header.patch  |    34 -
 .../patches/kodi-set-libcurl-ssl-parameters.patch  |    17 +
 gnu/packages/patches/lcms-CVE-2018-16435.patch     |   171 +
 .../patches/ledger-fix-uninitialized.patch         |    27 -
 gnu/packages/patches/libopenshot-fixup-tests.patch |   148 -
 .../libopenshot-tests-with-system-libs.patch       |    95 -
 ...tch => linkchecker-tests-require-network.patch} |     0
 gnu/packages/patches/localed-xorg-keyboard.patch   |   322 +
 .../patches/mtools-mformat-uninitialized.patch     |    20 +
 gnu/packages/patches/ntfs-3g-CVE-2019-9755.patch   |    72 +
 .../patches/ocaml-dose3-Fix-for-ocaml-4.06.patch   |    52 +
 .../patches/ocaml-dose3-Install-mli-cmx-etc.patch  |   133 +
 .../patches/ocaml-dose3-add-unix-dependency.patch  |    25 +
 .../patches/ocaml-dose3-dont-make-printconf.patch  |     9 +
 gnu/packages/patches/openssh-CVE-2018-20685.patch  |    44 -
 .../patches/python-pyfakefs-remove-bad-test.patch  |    23 +
 ...on-robotframework-honor-source-date-epoch.patch |    62 +
 .../patches/quilt-getopt-nondigit-param.patch      |    45 -
 .../patches/quilt-getopt-second-separator.patch    |    58 -
 gnu/packages/patches/quilt-test-fix-regex.patch    |    41 -
 gnu/packages/patches/reptyr-fix-gcc-7.patch        |    38 -
 .../patches/soundtouch-CVE-2018-1000223.patch      |   143 -
 .../patches/soundtouch-CVE-2018-14044-14045.patch  |   138 -
 .../patches/synfigstudio-fix-ui-with-gtk3.patch    |    55 -
 .../patches/texlive-bin-CVE-2018-17407.patch       |   249 +
 .../texlive-bin-luatex-poppler-compat.patch        |   313 +-
 .../texlive-bin-pdftex-poppler-compat.patch        |   188 -
 .../patches/texlive-bin-xetex-poppler-compat.patch |    31 -
 .../u-boot-fix-mkimage-header-verification.patch   |    57 +
 gnu/packages/patches/webkitgtk-sse2.patch          |   202 +
 gnu/packages/patchutils.scm                        |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/pdf.scm                               |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/perl-check.scm                        |   133 +-
 gnu/packages/perl-web.scm                          |    59 +-
 gnu/packages/perl.scm                              |   325 +-
 gnu/packages/perl6.scm                             |    21 +-
 gnu/packages/photo.scm                             |    32 +-
 gnu/packages/php.scm                               |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/plotutils.scm                         |    56 +-
 gnu/packages/poedit.scm                            |    80 +
 gnu/packages/polkit.scm                            |     1 +
 gnu/packages/pretty-print.scm                      |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/printers.scm                          |    56 +
 gnu/packages/protobuf.scm                          |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/python-crypto.scm                     |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/python-web.scm                        |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/python-xyz.scm                        |   615 +-
 gnu/packages/python.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/qt.scm                                |    14 +-
 gnu/packages/rails.scm                             |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/ratpoison.scm                         |    45 +-
 gnu/packages/rdf.scm                               |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/regex.scm                             |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/ruby.scm                              |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/rust.scm                              |   249 +-
 gnu/packages/samba.scm                             |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/scheme.scm                            |   172 -
 gnu/packages/screen.scm                            |    39 +-
 gnu/packages/sdl.scm                               |   109 +-
 gnu/packages/search.scm                            |    30 +-
 gnu/packages/security-token.scm                    |   224 +-
 gnu/packages/serialization.scm                     |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/shellutils.scm                        |    54 +-
 gnu/packages/spice.scm                             |    47 +-
 gnu/packages/ssh.scm                               |    31 +-
 gnu/packages/sssd.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/statistics.scm                        |   176 +-
 gnu/packages/storage.scm                           |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/suckless.scm                          |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/sync.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/syncthing.scm                         |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/telephony.scm                         |   377 +
 gnu/packages/terminals.scm                         |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/tex.scm                               |    48 +-
 gnu/packages/textutils.scm                         |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/tls.scm                               |    56 +-
 gnu/packages/tmux.scm                              |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/upnp.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/valgrind.scm                          |    15 +
 gnu/packages/version-control.scm                   |   475 +-
 gnu/packages/video.scm                             |    84 +-
 gnu/packages/vim.scm                               |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/virtualization.scm                    |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/vpn.scm                               |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/vulkan.scm                            |    80 +-
 gnu/packages/w3m.scm                               |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/web-browsers.scm                      |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/web.scm                               |   168 +-
 gnu/packages/webkit.scm                            |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/wget.scm                              |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/wine.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/wm.scm                                |    67 +-
 gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm                           |    26 +-
 gnu/packages/xfce.scm                              |    80 +-
 gnu/packages/xiph.scm                              |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/xml.scm                               |   114 +-
 gnu/packages/xorg.scm                              |    41 +-
 gnu/services/authentication.scm                    |    16 +-
 gnu/services/base.scm                              |    32 +-
 gnu/services/certbot.scm                           |    40 +-
 gnu/services/dbus.scm                              |    48 +
 gnu/services/desktop.scm                           |    70 +-
 gnu/services/dns.scm                               |    87 +-
 gnu/services/mail.scm                              |    45 +-
 gnu/services/networking.scm                        |    15 +-
 gnu/services/sddm.scm                              |    14 +-
 gnu/services/shepherd.scm                          |    26 +-
 gnu/services/ssh.scm                               |     3 +-
 gnu/services/web.scm                               |     1 -
 gnu/services/xorg.scm                              |   320 +-
 gnu/system.scm                                     |   109 +-
 gnu/system/accounts.scm                            |     7 +-
 .../examples/{bare-bones.tmpl => asus-c201.tmpl}   |    25 +-
 gnu/system/examples/bare-bones.tmpl                |     3 +-
 gnu/system/examples/beaglebone-black.tmpl          |     3 +-
 gnu/system/examples/desktop.tmpl                   |    23 +-
 gnu/system/examples/docker-image.tmpl              |     3 +-
 gnu/system/examples/lightweight-desktop.tmpl       |     3 +-
 gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl                  |   116 +-
 gnu/system/install.scm                             |   131 +-
 gnu/system/keyboard.scm                            |    98 +
 gnu/system/linux-container.scm                     |    68 +-
 gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm                        |    26 +-
 gnu/system/shadow.scm                              |     5 +-
 gnu/system/vm.scm                                  |    57 +-
 gnu/tests.scm                                      |     5 +-
 gnu/tests/install.scm                              |    19 +-
 gnu/tests/networking.scm                           |     4 +-
 guix/build-system/cargo.scm                        |     9 +-
 guix/build-system/dune.scm                         |     2 +
 guix/build-system/linux-module.scm                 |   175 +
 guix/build-system/ocaml.scm                        |    22 -
 guix/build/cargo-build-system.scm                  |   155 +-
 guix/build/clojure-utils.scm                       |     2 +-
 guix/build/dune-build-system.scm                   |    17 +-
 guix/build/go-build-system.scm                     |     4 +-
 guix/build/guile-build-system.scm                  |    98 +-
 guix/build/linux-module-build-system.scm           |    91 +
 guix/build/po.scm                                  |    69 +
 guix/build/ruby-build-system.scm                   |     2 +
 guix/build/syscalls.scm                            |     4 +-
 guix/channels.scm                                  |     1 +
 guix/colors.scm                                    |   188 +
 guix/                                 |     4 -
 guix/derivations.scm                               |     5 +-
 guix/download.scm                                  |     8 +-
 guix/gexp.scm                                      |    47 +-
 guix/import/opam.scm                               |   102 +-
 guix/licenses.scm                                  |    16 +-
 guix/packages.scm                                  |    31 +-
 guix/profiles.scm                                  |    15 +
 guix/records.scm                                   |    54 +-
 guix/scripts.scm                                   |    13 +-
 guix/scripts/build.scm                             |   109 +-
 guix/scripts/describe.scm                          |     8 +-
 guix/scripts/environment.scm                       |    64 +-
 guix/scripts/gc.scm                                |    71 +-
 guix/scripts/install.scm                           |    80 +
 guix/scripts/lint.scm                              |    10 +-
 guix/scripts/pack.scm                              |     8 +-
 guix/scripts/package.scm                           |    21 +-
 guix/scripts/pull.scm                              |   138 +-
 guix/scripts/refresh.scm                           |     6 +-
 guix/scripts/remove.scm                            |    77 +
 guix/scripts/search.scm                            |    67 +
 guix/scripts/size.scm                              |    14 +-
 guix/scripts/system.scm                            |     5 +-
 guix/scripts/upgrade.scm                           |    88 +
 guix/self.scm                                      |   138 +-
 guix/status.scm                                    |    50 +-
 guix/store.scm                                     |   103 +-
 guix/store/deduplication.scm                       |     4 +-
 guix/store/roots.scm                               |   120 +
 guix/ui.scm                                        |   258 +-
 guix/upstream.scm                                  |    68 +-
 po/doc/                           | 41311 ++++++------
 po/doc/{ =>}    | 67560 ++++++++++---------
 po/doc/                           | 36074 +++++-----
 po/doc/{ => guix-manual.zh_CN.po} | 45211 +++++++------
 po/doc/                                    |     8 +-
 po/guix/                                |     6 +
 po/guix/de.po                                      |  2222 +-
 po/guix/es.po                                      |  4193 +-
 po/guix/fr.po                                      |  2185 +-
 po/packages/es.po                                  | 13533 ++--
 po/packages/fr.po                                  |  9494 +--
 tests/accounts.scm                                 |    10 +-
 tests/containers.scm                               |    11 +
 tests/                                |    14 +
 tests/                |    27 +-
 tests/                                   |     6 +-
 tests/                      |    60 +
 tests/pack.scm                                     |     8 +-
 tests/records.scm                                  |    58 +
 tests/scripts.scm                                  |     1 +
 tests/store-roots.scm                              |    53 +
 tests/zlib.scm                                     |     7 +-
 377 files changed, 151772 insertions(+), 163401 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 doc/
 delete mode 100644 doc/
 delete mode 100644 doc/
 delete mode 100644 doc/
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/text-mode/guix-commit-message-rename-package
 create mode 100644 gnu/bootloader/depthcharge.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/5.0-arm-veyron.conf
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/haskell-apps.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/nss.scm
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/docker-use-fewer-modprobes.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/emacs-undohist-ignored.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/emacs-zones-called-interactively.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/flac-CVE-2017-6888.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/grub-efi-fat-serial-number.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/idris-test-no-node.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/knot-include-system-lmdb-header.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/kodi-set-libcurl-ssl-parameters.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/lcms-CVE-2018-16435.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ledger-fix-uninitialized.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libopenshot-fixup-tests.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 => linkchecker-tests-require-network.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/localed-xorg-keyboard.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/mtools-mformat-uninitialized.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ntfs-3g-CVE-2019-9755.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ocaml-dose3-Fix-for-ocaml-4.06.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ocaml-dose3-Install-mli-cmx-etc.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ocaml-dose3-add-unix-dependency.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/ocaml-dose3-dont-make-printconf.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openssh-CVE-2018-20685.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-pyfakefs-remove-bad-test.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/quilt-getopt-nondigit-param.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/quilt-getopt-second-separator.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/quilt-test-fix-regex.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/reptyr-fix-gcc-7.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/soundtouch-CVE-2018-1000223.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/soundtouch-CVE-2018-14044-14045.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/synfigstudio-fix-ui-with-gtk3.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/texlive-bin-CVE-2018-17407.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/texlive-bin-pdftex-poppler-compat.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/texlive-bin-xetex-poppler-compat.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/webkitgtk-sse2.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/poedit.scm
 copy gnu/system/examples/{bare-bones.tmpl => asus-c201.tmpl} (69%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/system/keyboard.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build-system/linux-module.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build/linux-module-build-system.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build/po.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/colors.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/scripts/install.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/scripts/remove.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/scripts/search.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/scripts/upgrade.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/store/roots.scm
 copy po/doc/{ =>} (56%)
 copy po/doc/{ => guix-manual.zh_CN.po} (63%)
 create mode 100644 tests/
 create mode 100644 tests/store-roots.scm

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