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Re: [ANN] guile-file-names 0.1, a file-name abstraction module

From: Alex Sassmannshausen
Subject: Re: [ANN] guile-file-names 0.1, a file-name abstraction module
Date: Thu, 09 May 2019 17:41:08 +0100
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Brandon Invergo writes:

> I'm happy to announce the first release of guile-file-names, a file-name
> abstraction module for Guile.
> The (file-names) module provides methods for manipulating file names
> (aka file paths, but for GNU Coding Standards reasons, the module
> doesn't refer to "paths"[1]).  The module was built based on the idea that
> doing anything more than a non-trivial modification of a file name
> string is a pain (making sure all slashes are present and accounted for,
> resolving '.' and '..', etc).  Inevitably, you have to break the string
> up into chunks and operate on that list of components.  This module
> takes care of that for you.

OMG, I've been waiting for someone to write this thing without me
knowing that I've been waiting for it.

Thanks for sharing!  Fairly sure I'll be an early adopter ;-)


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