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guile-gdbm 0.1.0 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile-gdbm 0.1.0 available
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 03:49:14 +0200

this is the first release after transfer from Martin Grabmueller, the
original author of guile-gdbm (thanks Martin!).  tested w/ guile, patches for other versions welcome.  NEWS excerpt below.
tarball in:

if you are a current user of guile-gdbm and are happy w/ it, there is
probably no need to install this release (only installation changes, no
functionality changes).

future plans for guile-gdbm in a nutshell: make sure everything declared
in gdbm.h is reflected to scheme (see comment at end of README); release
version 1.0; enter low-effort maintenance mode for 1.x.



  - guile-gdbm 0.1.0
    - installation change: compiled module only
        Previously, the module (database gdbm) was implemented as scheme
        code that dynamically linked a shared object library installed
        in ${libdir}.  Since Guile can recognize certain shared object
        libraries as modules and load them directly, the scheme code
        wrapper is not required and thus is now no longer distributed.
        Instead, "make install" places the shared object library and its
        support files in directory:
        The value of ${guilelibsitedir} is determined by the `configure'
        script based on the result of running the command: "guile-config
        re-prefix-info pkglibdir".  Related to this change, if the
        program "guile-tools make-module-catalog" is available,
        installation invokes it for the ${guilelibsitedir} directory.
        Note that the module's name, interface and functionality have
        not changed; the module can be used as before by evaluating the
                (use-modules (database gdbm))

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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