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syntax error near unexpected token `3.0'

From: Marius Ghita
Subject: syntax error near unexpected token `3.0'
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 18:09:04 +0200

I'm trying to build guile-reader from source, but I get the following error during ./configure

checking for gperf... /usr/bin/gperf
./configure: line 9741: syntax error near unexpected token `3.0'
./configure: line 9741: `GUILE_PKG(3.0 2.2 2.0 1.8)'

I have installed guile 3.0.5 also from source, and I know from building other guile-* packages that I might need to specify custom PKG_CONFIG/LD_LIBRARY path env vars. But I'm not familiar enough with the build tools to know the source of the error I'm seeing.

GrepingĀ for GUILE_PKG I only found two matches, in and configure. Is there something else I need to setup beforehand?

As the INSTALL file seems to contain generic content, I just ran "autoreconf -vif" before. Do I need to pass in some additional arguments to autoreconf?

Thanks in advance.

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