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Re: [guile-reader-devel] _scm_to_make_reader_flag

From: tantalum
Subject: Re: [guile-reader-devel] _scm_to_make_reader_flag
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2019 09:29:28 +0000
User-agent: Posteo Webmail

i get the same warning. compilation finishes though and the result works with examples from the manual.

looks like scm_c_issue_deprecation_warning_fmt is used only once, in src/compat.c, and only if the macro SCM_ENABLE_DEPRECATED is defined. i cant find any definition of that macro. scm_c_issue_deprecation_warning_fmt seems to only be called when trying to use a default vector reader on deprecated uniform vector syntax like #u() instead of #u32() or similar.

On 2019-01-02 10:33, Catonano wrote:
Il giorno mer 2 gen 2019 alle ore 09:38 Catonano <address@hidden>
ha scritto:

Now there's this new one (on the current master)

make all-am
make[3]: ingresso nella directory
CC reader.lo
CC token-readers.lo
CC reader-lib.lo
CC compat.lo
compat.c: In function ‘tag_to_type’:
compat.c:239:2: warning: implicit declaration of function
‘scm_c_issue_deprecation_warning_fmt’; did you mean
CCLD [1]

the tests in make check all pass though


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