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Re: [PATCH] webkit: New library.

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: [PATCH] webkit: New library.
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 02:19:37 -0300

Hello Jan,

Sorry for the late answer. 

> As discussed on irc, find a minimal webkit1gtk patch included.  Also
> available on `wip' here:

> I have only wrapped two header files, enough to create a new web browser
> and load an url.  I'm planning to include this for inclusion in Guix.

I am glad you solved the g-wrap/guile-gnome problems you were referring to last 
we talked about it on irc.

I personally don't want to work on 'new things' for Guile-Gnome though, at this
point, I prefer to concentrate and work on G-Golf, but feel free to ask for 
right' to Guile-Gnome on Savannah, to Andy (*).


(*)     then you may patch (the devel branch first, I would say), further work 
        it if necessary, add tests if needed, some doc maybe (**), ... update 
        website, merge to master, and ... release :)

(**)    mind you auto doc, reusing the gnome individual lib doc, does not work
        anymore, it's been a while now, there is a bug which I never found the
        time/wish to track and fix, I don't recall what the bug is about 
exactly ... 

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