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Re: [Guile-git-devel] [ANN] Guile-Git version 0.2.0 released

From: Amirouche Boubekki
Subject: Re: [Guile-git-devel] [ANN] Guile-Git version 0.2.0 released
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 17:53:46 +0100


Le mer. 2 janv. 2019 05:39, Erik Edrosa <address@hidden> a écrit :

Hello everyone,

Guile-Git version 0.2.0 has been released.

Guile-Git[0] is a GNU Guile library providing an API to create and
interact with git repositories by using libgit2[1].

Guile-Git is free software and is licensed under GPLv3+.

* Download

  Here is the release tarball:

* Changes in 0.2.0 (since 0.1.0)

** New Functionality

*** Add (git submodule) module

Add some initial bindings to libgit2's submodule functions. These
include ~git_submodule_name~, ~git_submodule_path~,
~git_submodule_owner~, ~git_submodule_head_id~,
~git_submodule_lookup~, ~git_submodule_init~, ~git_submodule_reload~,
~git_submodule_add_setup~, ~git_submodule_add_finalize~,
~git_submodule_add_to_index~, ~git_submodule_set_branch~, and

** Bug fixes

*** Fix experience in REPL

When in the ~(git)~ module, you can use ~,use~ and ~,apropos~ in the
Guile REPL to get module and bindings in the module.

*** Correctly export ~repository-working-directory~

~(git repository)~ was exporting the incorrectly named


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