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persistent memory for Guile

From: Terence Kelly
Subject: persistent memory for Guile
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 03:02:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Colleagues,

An ongoing thread in the gnu-prog-discuss mailing list is discussing persistent memory for GNU projects. Circa late February, Jacob Bachmeyer suggested on that list that Guile might benefit from persistent memory. After consulting the Guile manual, I'm writing now to outline what this might mean and to invite interested persons in the Guile community to discuss further.

First, a note on terminology: By "persistent memory" I do *not* mean newfangled non-volatile memory hardware, e.g., Intel Optane or NVDIMMs. Instead, "persistent memory" here refers to a purely software abstraction that can be implemented on conventional hardware --- ordinary computers with volatile DRAM memory and conventional block storage (HDDs, SSDs).

The easiest way to vividly explain the possibilities for Guile might be to point out the persistent memory feature recently added to the GNU AWK (gawk) interpreter. The new persistent memory feature of gawk is called "pm-gawk." When you run an AWK script in the gawk interpreter, you may activate pm-gawk by specifying a file containing a persistent heap where pm-gawk will hold AWK variables and functions. AWK scripts themselves are *not* modified in any way to activate pm-gawk. A persistent heap lives in a file on disk and hangs around until deleted. It may be re-used by subsequent runs of the same AWK script or by completely different AWK scripts, i.e., it's a way to pass variables and functions between unrelated scripts. As a side effect, pm-gawk gives AWK (the moral equivalent of) a REPL. The Persistent Memory Gawk User Manual explains the details; see the Quick Start section for a succinct concrete illustration of use:

If Guile did something similar, the details might differ from pm-gawk, but the benefits would hopefully be the same: Efficient, transparent, and nearly effortless persistence-to-disk for arbitrary Scheme code, at the cost of small and fairly easy changes to Guile. Implementing pm-gawk was remarkably easy --- under 100 lines of code added/changed in the initial proof-of-concept prototype, most of which was integrating a malloc-compatible persistent memory library into the gawk interpreter:

Another precedent for persistence in Scheme is a project that used an older persistent heap of mine to retrofit persistence onto a Scheme interpreter:

If you think that a similar persistence capability might be useful for Guile, let's talk.

Thank you.

Terence Kelly

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