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[Guile-commits] 14/27: Golf in srfi-4.h

From: Daniel Llorens
Subject: [Guile-commits] 14/27: Golf in srfi-4.h
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2020 11:00:07 -0400 (EDT)

lloda pushed a commit to branch wip-vector-cleanup
in repository guile.

commit 53b9d678a639403a51e3c582c84f4f80c46c2bcc
Author: Daniel Llorens <address@hidden>
AuthorDate: Wed Feb 5 17:35:57 2020 +0100

    Golf in srfi-4.h
    Will make it easier to move the array_handle functions somewhere else.
 libguile/srfi-4.h | 212 ++++++++----------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 30 insertions(+), 182 deletions(-)

diff --git a/libguile/srfi-4.h b/libguile/srfi-4.h
index bbbff2b..b519dfc 100644
--- a/libguile/srfi-4.h
+++ b/libguile/srfi-4.h
@@ -26,191 +26,39 @@
 SCM_API SCM scm_make_srfi_4_vector (SCM type, SCM len, SCM fill);
 /* Specific procedures.
-SCM_API SCM scm_u8vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_u8vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_u8vector (uint8_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u8vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u8vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u8vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u8vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u8vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_u8vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_u8vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const uint8_t *scm_array_handle_u8_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API uint8_t *scm_array_handle_u8_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API const uint8_t *scm_u8vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API uint8_t *scm_u8vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s8vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_s8vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_s8vector (int8_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s8vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s8vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s8vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s8vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s8vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_s8vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_s8vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const int8_t *scm_array_handle_s8_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API int8_t *scm_array_handle_s8_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API const int8_t *scm_s8vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API int8_t *scm_s8vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u16vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_u16vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_u16vector (uint16_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u16vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u16vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u16vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u16vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u16vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_u16vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_u16vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const uint16_t *scm_array_handle_u16_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API uint16_t *scm_array_handle_u16_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
-SCM_API const uint16_t *scm_u16vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API uint16_t *scm_u16vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s16vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_s16vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_s16vector (int16_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s16vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s16vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s16vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s16vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s16vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_s16vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_s16vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const int16_t *scm_array_handle_s16_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API int16_t *scm_array_handle_s16_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
-SCM_API const int16_t *scm_s16vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API int16_t *scm_s16vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u32vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_u32vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_u32vector (uint32_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u32vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u32vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u32vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u32vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_u32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_u32vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const uint32_t *scm_array_handle_u32_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API uint32_t *scm_array_handle_u32_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
-SCM_API const uint32_t *scm_u32vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API uint32_t *scm_u32vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s32vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_s32vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_s32vector (int32_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s32vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s32vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s32vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s32vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_s32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_s32vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const int32_t *scm_array_handle_s32_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API int32_t *scm_array_handle_s32_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
-SCM_API const int32_t *scm_s32vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API int32_t *scm_s32vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u64vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_u64vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u64vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u64vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u64vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_u64vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_u64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_u64vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_u64vector (uint64_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API const uint64_t *scm_array_handle_u64_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API uint64_t *scm_array_handle_u64_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
-SCM_API const uint64_t *scm_u64vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API uint64_t *scm_u64vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s64vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_s64vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s64vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s64vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s64vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_s64vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_s64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_s64vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_s64vector (int64_t *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API const int64_t *scm_array_handle_s64_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API int64_t *scm_array_handle_s64_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
-SCM_API const int64_t *scm_s64vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API int64_t *scm_s64vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f32vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_f32vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_f32vector (float *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f32vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f32vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f32vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f32vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_f32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_f32vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const float *scm_array_handle_f32_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API float *scm_array_handle_f32_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API const float *scm_f32vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API float *scm_f32vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f64vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_f64vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_f64vector (double *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f64vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f64vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f64vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_f64vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_f64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_f64vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const double *scm_array_handle_f64_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API double *scm_array_handle_f64_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API const double *scm_f64vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API double *scm_f64vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c32vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_c32vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_c32vector (float *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c32vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c32vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c32vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c32vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_c32vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_c32vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const float *scm_array_handle_c32_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API float *scm_array_handle_c32_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API const float *scm_c32vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API float *scm_c32vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c64vector_p (SCM obj);
-SCM_API SCM scm_make_c64vector (SCM n, SCM fill);
-SCM_API SCM scm_take_c64vector (double *data, size_t n);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c64vector_length (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c64vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c64vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value);
-SCM_API SCM scm_c64vector_to_list (SCM uvec);
-SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_c64vector (SCM l);
-SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_c64vector (SCM obj);
-SCM_API const double *scm_array_handle_c64_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API double *scm_array_handle_c64_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle *h);
-SCM_API const double *scm_c64vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
-SCM_API double *scm_c64vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
+#define SCM_SRFI4_DECL(tag, type)                                       \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_##tag##vector_p (SCM obj);                            \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_make_##tag##vector (SCM n, SCM fill);                 \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_take_##tag##vector (type *data, size_t n);            \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_##tag##vector (SCM l);                                \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_##tag##vector_length (SCM uvec);                      \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_##tag##vector_ref (SCM uvec, SCM index);              \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_##tag##vector_set_x (SCM uvec, SCM index, SCM value); \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_##tag##vector_to_list (SCM uvec);                     \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_list_to_##tag##vector (SCM l);                        \
+  SCM_API SCM scm_any_to_##tag##vector (SCM obj);                       \
+  SCM_API const type *scm_array_handle_##tag##_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
*h); \
+  SCM_API type *scm_array_handle_##tag##_writable_elements (scm_t_array_handle 
*h); \
+  SCM_API const type *scm_##tag##vector_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp); \
+  SCM_API type *scm_##tag##vector_writable_elements (SCM uvec, size_t *lenp);
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (u8, uint8_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (s8, int8_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (u16, uint16_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (s16, int16_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (u32, uint32_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (s32, int32_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (u64, uint64_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (s64, int64_t)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (f32, float)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (f64, double)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (c32, float)
+SCM_SRFI4_DECL (c64, double)
+#undef SCM_SRFI4_DECL
 SCM_INTERNAL void scm_init_srfi_4 (void);

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