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[Guile-commits] branch wip-exception-truncate updated (b05d2ce -> 8d109f

From: Daniel Llorens
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-exception-truncate updated (b05d2ce -> 8d109f9)
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2019 08:38:54 -0500 (EST)

lloda pushed a change to branch wip-exception-truncate
in repository guile.

  discards  b05d2ce   (wip) give a handle into format used in exceptions
      adds  c248ea1   Remove all deprecated code
      adds  b2c0e01   Update effective version to 3.0
      adds  1f560bc   Remove support for legacy syntax objects.
      adds  67b35bb   Update uri? documentation.
      adds  5b5acba   guile.m4 fix for 3.0 prereleases
      adds  cfe2279   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.2'
      adds  95f66b1   GOOPS instance migration implemented in Scheme
      adds  5c8bb13   Change name of "static" flag indicating static slot 
      adds  4898959   Implement class redefinition on top of fixed structs
      adds  7e91ff6   Remove indirection in structs
      adds  ee5994a   remove self field of vtables
      adds  78d587c   Remove "redefined" class slot
      adds  ed549da   Document class redefinition change
      adds  2f9ad7d   Merge stable-2.2 into master
      adds  d354962   Remove support for tail arrays and self slots
      adds  7f61d5f   Remove SCM_UNBOUND
      adds  b036422   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  28d5e81   Remove <int-slot>, <float-slot>, <double-slot>
      adds  e26652b   Merge 'stable-2.2'
      adds  6e477b1   Merge 'stable-2.2'
      adds  b7d88bf   Remove opaque slots
      adds  0f14a9e   Fix bootstrap slot permissions for <class>
      adds  5870188   Replace "pr" struct fields with "pw" fields
      adds  9211981   Inline struct-ref etc definitions in the VM.
      adds  84259f5   Merge 'stable-2.2'
      adds  760662f   Remove unboxed case from vm struct accessors
      adds  c3a8112   Fix GOOPS class redefinition type error.
      adds  f32500a   Add new vtable reserved unboxed field
      adds  214e887   Struct vtables store bitmask of unboxed fields
      adds  8080000   Add support for C16_C16 instruction words
      adds  a7f9c32   Add new-style test and branch instructions
      adds  38c6f6f   Add (system base types internal).
      adds  258c59b   Add assembler and disassembler support for new 
      adds  3d848f2   First step towards emitting new instructions: "j" instead 
of "br"
      adds  2ca8878   Type inference distinguishes &fixnum and &bignum types
      adds  cd947a1   Model all special immediates under one type bit (with 
      adds  0a9fa88   Refactor (system base types internal) to use more macros
      adds  6dd3092   Use tag visitors to generate assemblers, disassembly 
      adds  1139c10   Heap type predicates preceded by heap-object?
      adds  29b8e32   Emit new instructions for heap object type tests
      adds  e3c062d   Emit char? instead of br-if-char
      adds  c74b225   Use new instructions for null?, nil?
      adds  c119623   Simplify $branch to always take a $primcall
      adds  056914b   Emit new eq? instruction
      adds  f8ac680   Use new instructions for less-than, etc
      adds  8a96b5d   Use new instructions for u64 comparisons.
      adds  9d1235a   Use new instructions for f64 comparisons
      adds  3ae245b   Minor optimization compiling 'and'
      adds  b4db708   Rename "number" tag to "heap-number"
      adds  587842d   Simplify lowering of branching primcalls to CPS
      adds  c2fa345   Add missing compiler support for heap-object? primcall et 
      adds  73d1502   Lower eqv? and equal? to new instructions.
      adds  79a2748   Add compiler support for s64 comparisons.
      adds  31e7f44   Add compiler support for fixnum? primcall predicate
      adds  c9ec866   Add untag-fixnum instruction
      adds  f34abbc   Add hacks around lack of allocation sinking
      adds  6bb0a96   Inline u64/scm comparisons
      adds  d1c69b5   Remove compiler support for u64-scm comparisons
      adds  0d42f54   Lower logtest branches to instead be 'zero? logand'
      adds  5fb9b7d   Remove assembler exports for old-style predicates and 
      adds  7aff0ff   Fix argument type of arguments<=? instruction
      adds  c92b80b   Emit new instructions in function preludes
      adds  9d62724   Remove disassembler support for old-style jump 
      adds  9ceab99   Simplify special immediate predicate inferrer.
      adds  17cb321   RTL test uses new instructions
      adds  4267a8b   Remove old branching instructions from VM
      adds  2d8c75f   Remove scm_generalized_vector_get_handle
      adds  c54c151   $primcall has a "param" member
      adds  4fb538e   cache-current-module, etc use immediate primcall 
      adds  6be0468   load-f64, etc take immediate parameters
      adds  2f45cfc   free-ref, free-set take immediate parameters
      adds  f9b8763   Immediate variants of vector-ref, etc use immediate param
      adds  d7ecf35   Immediate parameter for struct-ref et al
      adds  56d639b   builtin-ref takes immediate parameter
      adds  cc1b23f   Remaining /immediate instructions take primcall imm param
      adds  1160690   reify-primitives reifies constants for out-of-range imm 
      adds  e8b8830   Tweak optimization order
      adds  ecff426   (system base types) uses target's idea of max size_t
      adds  5457f28   Specialize primcalls more aggressively
      adds  dea84a4   Earlier conversion to /imm primcalls
      adds  17bd5a8   Add lsh, rsh instructions
      adds  cf48670   error, scm-error primcalls expand to `throw'
      adds  f96a670   Add new "throw" VM ops
      adds  375eab5   Fix effects analysis bug introduced with primcall param
      adds  8b32587   Refactor numeric comparison bytecode emission
      adds  7a7f71d   Canonicalize <=, >=, and > primcalls to <
      adds  9da0313   Specialize comparisons to SCM as s64
      adds  b27065f   Closure conversion uses immediate variants of vector 
      adds  7bfdd46   Use immediate primcalls when unfolding constructors
      adds  8b5f964   Add tag-fixnum instruction
      adds  a268c02   Compiler uses target fixnum range
      adds  b331ea3   Convert "ash" to "lsh"/"rsh" when lowering to CPS
      adds  e8226be   Type folding has "macro reduction" phase
      adds  107f70a   Add missing lsh/immediate, rsh/immediate type inferrers
      adds  83a03a3   Specialize rsh/lsh, not ash
      adds  b97321d   Add srsh, srsh/immediate instructions
      adds  a88614f   Slot allocation allows s64/u64 representations of same var
      adds  dae0004   Better range inference
      adds  7e79a32   Better untagging of fixnums
      adds  4a0a930   Don't fold comparisons that might contain a NaN.
      adds  294dbaa   Add support for comparisons against integer immediates
      adds  0951551   Compiler specializes comparisons to immediate integers
      adds  8ce6f35   ursh, ursh/immediate, etc only residualized if count < 64
      adds  83c0400   Revert specialization of fixnum phi variables
      adds  5fbd4b8   Better support for unboxed signed arithmetic
      adds  b0081ac   Specialize-numbers reifies instructions that type-check
      adds  a48735f   Fix s64->scm reducer
      adds  0721886   Separate u64 and s64 type inferrers now that ops are 
      adds  c22e61a   Fix u64/s64 typesafety around fixnum (un)tagging
      adds  5c38643   Revert "Slot allocation allows s64/u64 representations of 
same var"
      adds  908d5ea   Fix logand type inference
      adds  aa22f1f   Fix unboxed immediate range comparison type inference
      adds  73a636e   Specialize fixnum and s64 phis
      adds  2f2e31e   Remove effects-analysis exports that were undefined
      adds  700ec79   Minor compile-cps refactor
      adds  b2dc53a   Fix type check elision for branches
      adds  a3173d1   DCE eliminates effect-free branches to the same 
      adds  bd2c690   intmap-remove returns empty-intmap if appropriate
      adds  6866cbd   Add support for bignum? CPS primitive.
      adds  72c3107   Remove thunk?, integer? simple predicate inferrers
      adds  980de88   Add exact-integer? as interesting Tree-IL effect-free 
      adds  6a11fb1   Add &exact-number helper definition
      adds  6f3ae92   Improve type and range inference on bignums
      adds  e79de9d   Fix inference of generic < on NaN values
      adds  3169100   Minor refactoring to type inference on < and =
      adds  cdd51d0   Declare bignum? as effect-free
      adds  695362a   Better type folding for = on exact numbers
      adds  3ae2a88   Better unboxing for logand over s64 values
      adds  5c93980   Add integer devirtualization pass.
      adds  3600dbf   Refactor to finish the primcalls-take-parameters work
      adds  8d30643   DCE of branches punches through dead terms
      adds  7d71d9b   Optimize check-urange in assembler.scm
      adds  bc1fdf7   Refactor aux definition fabrication in CSE pass
      adds  aeb7c18   Add fabricated expressions for u64-s64 conversion
      adds  abd5d2e   Fix arity of slsh/immediate inferrer
      adds  96d1cff   Tighten up untag-fixnum range
      adds  16ed2ae   Enable lsh/immediate, rsh/immediate specialization
      adds  b077e80   Add nullary intmap and intset folders
      adds  39520f8   Simplify live variable computation for graphs without 
      adds  f85d3c0   Merge until e0bcda4ad940c4e15679cc2b229838b33acdd36c from 
      adds  a723f41   Merge until badcbd0fe955e0477ae98ed743b3f274d6e6f22d from 
      adds  5c2da3a   Merge until dc8dda77e0c937abae42a76ea88c6e7995adbd9a from 
      adds  82b57d1   Merge until 81d2e352663bc5f80734312fec90f250b1fbe2e4 from 
      adds  e10999b   Merge until 2fe9a852fb3c6aaeef5dc9d12df3a9150eeb232a from 
      adds  b6762f5   Merge until 83d4c4d622b406ec0bc9d8139ec8182fa72b5720 from 
      adds  bfe70b1   Merge until 8e2314c46dc3aa98574d380a2c7cb782da643913 from 
      adds  1575c86   Minor CSE run-time optimization
      adds  eb85b41   Add compute-clobber-map to effect analysis
      adds  2ab8910   Improve CSE complexity
      adds  5675e46   -O1 disables call precoloring
      adds  67901cd   Allow integer devirtualization to be disabled
      adds  4002849   Avoid generating arity-adapting continuations if not 
      adds  0cbba8e   Avoid generating arity-adapting zero-value conts where 
      adds  bcfadf0   Mark throw, throw/value, etc as having fallthrough
      adds  8c37cf0   Refactor number specialization to reduce duplication
      adds  40dac99   Integer comparison folding refactors
      adds  64acf24   Fix NaN handling in <= and >=
      adds  9db628e   Bailouts can continue directly to tail
      adds  315dd36   Add scm-ref, etc instructions for generic heap object 
field access
      adds  f84474e   CPS conversion residualizes undefined? predicate
      adds  dd8bf6a   Re-mark "throw" et al as not having fallthrough
      adds  eed4e09   Assignment conversion uses unchecked memory accessors
      adds  52e28fd   Fix DCE over primcall setters with params
      adds  4dca2c5   Support closure annotations to scm-ref et al
      adds  da7144d   Use unchecked scm-ref/set in closure conversion
      adds  a5dfbf5   Fix stack effect/clobber parsing for calls
      adds  f75d0ad   Fix mismatch between CPS and Scheme "complex?" predicate
      adds  8e7170a   Refactor boxing/unboxing primcall args/results
      adds  1f460cb   Reify-primitives removes "/unlikely" ephemeral 
      adds  b918784   Remove compile-bytecode cases for ephemeral primitives
      adds  7dbc571   Refactor reify-primitives pass
      adds  140b69d   Refactor list->seq to make return arity apparent
      adds  549ad3c   Flesh out compile-bytecode for all heap objects
      adds  36e6a3d   Refactor lowering of Tree-IL primcalls to CPS
      adds  9111f8c   CPS conversion expands "list"
      adds  7f7cbe8   Inline "elide-values" optimization into CPS conversion
      adds  c9efff3   CPS conversion avoids residualizing unknown primcalls
      adds  cf1611e   Contification also inlines "elide-values" pass
      adds  0b4c1e2   Remove inline-constructors pass
      adds  bc5a599   Unknown primcalls convert as calls
      adds  108ade6   Re-add support for logbit?
      adds  afb0a92   $branch is now a distinct CPS term type
      adds  454f2ee   Fix sandbox
      adds  29fee39   Variable renaming in type-fold.scm
      adds  ee15ca1   $prompt is now its own kind of CPS term.
      adds  de5c81b   Fix add-prompt-control-flow-edges for terms with no 
      adds  ad55ee8   $throw is a new kind of CPS term
      adds  8248649   Simplify prompt slot allocation now that bailouts can't 
      adds  118f516   $primcall always continues to $kargs
      adds  16db934   Add (system base optimize) module
      adds  51fd595   Disable resolve-primitives pass below -O2
      adds  e4e02d8   Prevent LICM of memory accesses guarded by effect-free 
      adds  3e271f1   Allow peeling loops with bailouts
      adds  6fdbd3b   Instruction explosion for vector-{length,ref,set!}
      adds  a821042   Allow peval to gnaw on string->symbol, symbol->string
      adds  7486806   Improve compilation of make-vector without init
      adds  fa4cb21   Add resolve-primitives pass back to bootstrap
      adds  d4502db   Fix verify.scm for call-thunk/no-inline
      adds  7162c75   Fix specialization of the allocate-words family of 
      adds  d4addf3   Bug-fix to devirtualize-integers pass
      adds  ef23e51   Make integer devirtualization less eager
      adds  1bb44a1   Minor optimization in loop peeling
      adds  7ef48c4   Fix primitive reification for scm-set! / word-set!.
      adds  c766a88   Instruction explosion for make-vector
      adds  f488bc5   Instruction explosion for /immediate variants of vector 
      adds  06cf66d   Mark word-ref and word-ref/immediate as producing U64 
      adds  6e100c9   CPS pass now expects exploded vector primitives
      adds  5dde0e4   Remove "ash" instruction.
      adds  94f8f70   Remove now-unused make-vector et al instructions
      adds  3cedc10   Add CPS compilation support for mutable-vector?
      adds  8009359   Fix bug in struct-ref effects analysis
      adds  9b3c461   CPS type analysis support for mutable vs immutable vectors
      adds  8ed5d9f   Re-add compiler backend support for immutable vectors
      adds  ee84af1   Compiler frontend support for vector mutability checks
      adds  9a1d2d8   Minor compile-cps refactor for cons
      adds  49fa498   Expand pair-related primcalls
      adds  abfe048   Remove special optimizer and backend support for pairs
      adds  798f633   Remove pair-related instructions
      adds  5e1109a   Better compilation of vector constructors and initializers
      adds  55a8483   Improve make-vector compilation for known big sizes
      adds  b294a1e   Sync IP before allocating closures
      adds  e2a0624   Save VM compare result before calling out to hooks
      adds  97301ef   Remove obsolete rtl tests
      adds  24f998e   Lower box, box-ref, box-set! primcalls
      adds  02e52a4   Remove box instructions
      adds  c7b3379   Instruction explosion for struct-vtable
      adds  9222e4d   Add support for raw gc-managed pointer locals
      adds  d355b42   Add optimizer and backend support for gc-pointer-ref
      adds  13cafca   Add raw u8-ref, etc instructions
      adds  73f55cb   Rename gc-pointer-ref to pointer-ref
      adds  535d6fa   Custom bv-u8-ref lowering procedure
      adds  0270d23   Instruction explosion for integer bytevector ref 
      adds  1b955b0   Add f32-ref, f64-ref lowering procs
      adds  94fdc5c   Instruction explosion for bytevector setters
      adds  4829cb3   Add assume-u64 and assume-s64 dataflow restrictions
      adds  42837e9   Instruction explosion for bv-length
      adds  8573d94   Remove optimizer and backend support for bv-u8-ref et al
      adds  310c34e   Remove bytevector instructions from the VM.
      adds  557acdb   Instruction explosion for struct-ref, struct-set!
      adds  5084fa4   Introduce make-struct/simple
      adds  91bf9b1   Lower "make-struct/simple" to CPS
      adds  dd203e5   Remove optimizer and backend support for struct ops
      adds  fcea9ee   Remove VM struct-ref, etc instructions
      adds  b09bbfe   Remove free-ref, free-set!
      adds  3f736c4   Remove unneeded assembly shuffle routines.
      adds  5fcc761   Use make-struct/simple in psyntax
      adds  98fc9c0   Use make-struct/simple in tree-il
      adds  4d530a9   Add instrinsics to runtime
      adds  1f6f282   Compile some generic arithmetic to intrinsic calls
      adds  bb1ff0e   Remove specific instructions for add, etc from VM
      adds  39fb7e5   CPS conversion lowers string-length
      adds  91d0db1   Add VM ops needed for string-ref
      adds  7a109dd   Lower string-ref in CPS conversion
      adds  33b038b   Remove now-unused string-length, string-ref
      adds  0ae1e94   Add string-set! intrinsic
      adds  2964aba   Explode "string-set!"
      adds  f1fe521   Remove string-set! VM op
      adds  880d68e   Instruction explosion for integer->char
      adds  9355985   Remove integer->char op
      adds  21d5897   Instruction explosion for char->integer
      adds  644875c   Remove char->integer from VM
      adds  3047bca   Remove dead code in CPS converter
      adds  70e3a4a   Add load-label instruction
      adds  9f98b4a   Add $code CPS expression type
      adds  b064178   Remove unused make-closure opcode.
      adds  1c49c14   string->number, etc intrinsics
      adds  51736fd   Remove string->number, etc opcodes
      adds  d1ed64d   Add string->number etc as macro instructions to 
      adds  954bfad   Class-of is intrinsic
      adds  3073199   Remove class-of opcode
      adds  59f1f5a   Remove load-typed-array, make-array opcodes
      adds  b9f7621   Add scm->f64 intrinsic
      adds  41689ed   Slim heap-allocated flonums
      adds  c109fa7   Add reifier for fadd/immediate.
      adds  997ecae   Instruction explosion for f64->scm
      adds  b285226   Disable f64->scm instruction
      adds  2db7c2d   Remove scm->f64, f64->scm implementations
      adds  dd88fc5   scm->u64, scm->s64, scm->u64/truncate intrinsics
      adds  1457f4e   Remove scm->u64, etc implementations
      adds  7e386bb   u64->scm, s64->scm intrinsics
      adds  b2c01e5   Remove implementations of obsolete s64->scm, u64->scm 
      adds  25a0fe8   logsub is intrinsic
      adds  b32d3cc   Remove implementation of logsub VM op
      adds  dff85f6   Explode atomic box ops to new atomic instructions
      adds  0ae3d62   Remove implementation of atomic box ops
      adds  79ba396   Remove unused macros in vm-engine
      adds  c927ca7   Fix width of operands to intrinsic call instructions
      adds  4779a10   Add support for dynamic-state-related intrinsics
      adds  2eb9c75   Intrinsics for dynamic state instructions
      adds  89fda6d   push and pop dynamic state via intrinsics
      adds  e014bf3   Remove old VM ops for fluid-ref et al
      adds  1532b57   lsh, rsh etc are intrinsics
      adds  84cb7c4   Remove implementation of lsh, rsh instructions
      adds  41bc989   VM calls out to heap-numbers-equal? through intrinsics
      adds  0a8a7e9   VM calls "<?" through intrinsic.
      adds  007fcf6   VM calls =? through intrinsic
      adds  ed8b1ad   Remove unused macros in VM
      adds  ad96291   Mark call-scm<-scm-u64 as defining a result
      adds  16a996f   Add scm_maybe_resolve_module
      adds  fb344a2   Add intrinsics for module operations
      adds  f6de1b0   Add cache-ref, cache-set! macro-instructions
      adds  3edf02c   Instruction explosion for cached-module-box
      adds  667d808   Instruction explosion for cache-current-module, 
      adds  77e7bea   Remove backend support for cached-module-box et al.
      adds  ceffb5e   Compile "define!" via intrinsic
      adds  76eac85   Use intrinsics for top-level refs outside captured scopes
      adds  601d0ea   Remove implementations of now-unused toplevel-box et al 
      adds  dbe5a7e   Remove unused macro in vm-engine
      adds  3b46351   Remove unused vm_error_unbound
      adds  ceaf782   Call out to expand_stack through new VM intrinsic
      adds  83584ef   Fix libguile subcomponent headers not to include 
      adds  791341b   Move some definitions out of _scm.h
      adds  2f39771   Simplify definition of SCM_SYSCALL.
      adds  f6ec873   Move "min" and "max" macros out of _scm.h
      adds  418a7d7   Remove #ifdef cases for VMS and Cray.
      adds  b2515e6   Remove unused getters for register backing store base
      adds  574f67d   Add configure check for auxiliary stacks
      adds  f84ce54   Refactor handling of auxiliary stacks and setjmp/longjmp
      adds  5176db7   Move syscall-related private defines to their own header
      adds  5159a15   More _scm.h refactoring
      adds  ba26559   Remove _scm hack to undefine HAVE_STRUCT_TIMESPEC
      adds  ea3c5cf   Refactor regarding internal detection of ia64
      adds  7b4ab08   Inline definition of SIZEOF_SCM_T_BITS
      adds  5c511be   Remove _scm.h inclusion of config.h
      adds  68d9780   Remove errno.h include from _scm.h.
      adds  cd8c1f7   Remove _scm.h verify.h inclusion
      adds  e48567f   Remove alignof.h inclusion from _scm.h
      adds  63e5eaf   Assume that if we have GCC, we have GCC >= 3.0.
      adds  08fd826   Require C99 to build Guile
      adds  03c6485   Remove error.h include from _scm.h.
      adds  f5cc012   Remove _scm.h print.h include
      adds  87896eb   Move core validate macros to error.h
      adds  d10c3aa   Move number validators to numbers.h.
      adds  bdd66fd   Move more number validators to numbers.h.
      adds  cd292b3   Remove unused macros
      adds  82d5662   Move list validators to list.h
      adds  eb5e1b8   Remove public SCM_VALIDATE_NIM
      adds  be18b50   Move pair, null, nil, and boolean validators out of 
      adds  8a6f46e   More validate.h devolution
      adds  6f294ec   Devolve more validate macros
      adds  5f50309   Remove includes of validate.h.
      adds  69990c4   Deprecate libguile/validate.h
      adds  4605521   Remove list.h from _scm.h
      adds  1a99bd1   Devolve boolean.h include.
      adds  730cfd8   Devolve pairs.h
      adds  2b95d6f   Devolve gc.h
      adds  b646287   Move gsubr.h include to snarf.h
      adds  27df594   Devolve procs.h include from _scm.h.
      adds  1913dea   Remove gc.h from inline.h
      adds  6e71da6   Remove threads.h from inline.h
      adds  ff003ac   Move array-handle.h include out from inline.h
      adds  7bdd546   Remove bytevectors.h include form ports.h
      adds  1abc528   Move struct.h include out of ports.h
      adds  c2b927d   Remove threads.h include from ports.h
      adds  123ba3e   Devolve vectors.h include from ports.h
      adds  05f3977   Remove <string.h> include from ports.h.
      adds  1e792c6   Remove <stdio.h> from ports.h
      adds  73cf7b0   Remove <unistd.h> from ports.h
      adds  e56d221   Remove ports.h from inline.h
      adds  111da53   Remove numbers.h from inline.h
      adds  aa896ac   Remove error.h from inline.h
      adds  d3cfabd   Devolve numbers.h from _scm.h.
      adds  cedab6e   Move scm_tc7_pointer snarfer out to foreign.h
      adds  c376e99   Move symbol snarfers to symbols.h
      adds  bf15afa   Move subr snarfing macros to gsubr.h.
      adds  8f8e450   Deprecate SCM_STATIC_DOUBLE_CELL snarf macro
      adds  93dcc55   Move string-related snarfers to strings.h
      adds  af32bf8   Devolve keyword-snarfing macros
      adds  5ee73e7   Devolve variable snarfers
      adds  1d77492   Remove mutex snarfers
      adds  ad4fbeb   Devolve smob snarfers
      adds  092896c   Simplify SCM_IMMUTABLE_CELL macros
      adds  fb7ec6b   Remove snarf.h from _scm.h
      adds  3c48c87   Devolve variable.h from _scm.h.
      adds  d340a97   Shuffle around inline C function implementation
      adds  b64941f   Define scm_t_wchar in one place
      adds  1ddf42d   Devolve threads.h from _scm.h.
      adds  f043d0c   Remove modules.h from _scm.h.
      adds  a7bcd66   Devolve symbols.h from _scm.h
      adds  e2470e6   Devolve foreign.h from _scm.h
      adds  a2411c3   Devolve programs.h from _scm.h.
      adds  38385d1   Devolve strings.h
      adds  40ade08   Remove _scm.h
      adds  5534c28   Remove useless "classes: h_files" from Guile headers.
      adds  c495b44   Remove Emacs local variables comments in Guile source
      adds  d04ff27   Remove unneeded memmove.c and strerror.c files
      adds  2b4ecaf   Move SCM_C_INLINE_KEYWORD definition to inline.h
      adds  e605b51   Fix include in test-ffi-lib
      adds  2eb8fa1   Use stdint.h limit macros
      adds  55317a5   Fix missing includes in tests.
      adds  51c164a   Deprecate pre-stdint.h limit macros
      adds  6a9f73f   Remove crufty support for 16-bit architectures.
      adds  716d9aa   Move SCM_TICK definition to __scm.h.
      adds  6e51f89   Move SCM_ARG1, etc definitions to error.h
      adds  32d94b6   Minor __scm.h reformatting
      adds  d9eafa3   Inline tags.h into __scm.h
      adds  97cc65f   Rename __scm.h to scm.h
      adds  51e3632   Rationalize guile-readline includes
      adds  3068bc7   Make libguile header inclusion consistent within libguile 
c files
      adds  b8d7577   Rationalize include order in C files
      adds  dd8add2   Make .c copyright headers uniform
      adds  791eb0c   Remove (C) from copyright statements
      adds  c836c28   libguile header files have uniform format for copyright 
      adds  1234bb1   Update license notices in all C files
      adds  5e5afde   Start to use C99 stdint in gen-scmconfig
      adds  16879ca   Replace uses of scm_t_int8, scm_t_uintmax, etc with 
stdint types
      adds  6ad1fc9   Use ptrdiff_t instead of scm_t_ptrdiff
      adds  38e2c2c   Deprecate scm_t_uint8 and similar typedefs
      adds  aad5bfe   Add __scm.h placeholder
      adds  2480761   Inline struct scm_vm into struct scm_i_thread
      adds  7f71698   Eagerly initialize thread VM; remove scm_the_vm
      adds  eecb727   VM gets VP from thread
      adds  150f347   Fix intrinsics copyright line and include guards
      adds  6ceb33e   expand_stack intrinsic takes thread
      adds  8e5755e   Move VM keyword argument parsing to happen via an 
      adds  08bf4ab   Add push-interrupt-frame VM intrinsic
      adds  4a2d78b   Give multiple-values objects a tc7
      adds  5448e5a   Add intrinsic for foreign-call
      adds  3b6bf20   Most header files use forward decl for union 
      adds  5e8e816   Reinstating undelimited continuations uses intrinsic
      adds  185d19d   Foreign-call intrinsic boxes errno
      adds  51e3515   Refactor continuation capture in VM
      adds  5804c97   Rename scm_i_thread to scm_thread
      adds  ba23bc1   Add intrinsic for call/cc
      adds  b4553db   compose-continuation uses an intrinsic
      adds  03a9b71   Add rest-arg-length intrinsic.
      adds  e7778c6   abort-to-prompt uses an intrinsic
      adds  770360e   Refactors to abort-to-prompt implementation
      adds  bf66fdc   Optimize abort-to-prompt to avoid alloca
      adds  51e71a4   Allow abort_to_prompt to avoid a longjmp
      adds  0ce9a1f   VM throw uses intrinsics
      adds  6eb4735   Add intrinsics for error conditions (wrong num args etc)
      adds  adf8d93   Remove mention of vm-error from test suite
      adds  1735cc1   Apply-non-program is an intrinsic
      adds  7883290   Inline handling of non-program apply
      adds  0faa414   allocate-words intrinsic
      adds  8918165   Compile current-module as intrinsic call
      adds  85ab5f0   Remove dedicated current-module instruction.
      adds  294e627   Intrinsic for "prompt"
      adds  7e11c99   bind-rest inst uses cons-rest intrinsic
      adds  fd4eb14   Use CALL_INTRINSICS helper in VM
      adds  18431e6   Refactor handling of active VM registers
      adds  154a5de   Minor scm_thread refactoring
      adds  64d1148   Intrinsics take registers from thread
      adds  9c8c406   Remove "resume" arg from vm engine
      adds  19cff78   Minor optimizations to debug hook dispatch
      adds  2a8d72f   Microoptimizations to hook dispatch
      adds  593e2db   Refactor hook dispatch in VM
      adds  b5dcdf2   Revert "Refactor hook dispatch in VM"
      adds  3b4c061   initial import
      adds  a72bbf2   add .gitignore
      adds  ba5044a   big merge
      adds  bee3ed0   fix for out-of-srcdir build
      adds  50a74cf   use autoheader like every other package in this world
      adds  f8dfee6   fix ppc tests
      adds  32abbe4   fix testfp to pass on ppc
      adds  7101c65   fixes to sparc floating point
      adds  d28b591   add autotools-generated files
      adds  8bf8476   add more autotools-generated files
      adds  c0bff90   include sys/mman.h under Linux/i386
      adds  d36aa43   remove unused variable.
      adds  7ce057e   add JC/JNC
      adds  33bc19d   update FSF address
      adds  ca858a5   fix heading in ppc/fp.h and sparc/fp.h
      adds  4dc7a6e   Fix comments in git-archimport-id: 
      adds  9b5e364   fix PPC jit_ldxi_* with big displacement
      adds  2c42ac6   don't use __func__ nor __FUNCTION__ if not compiling with 
      adds  0c06836   fix mprotect for i386
      adds  50b6e40   fix PPC modi
      adds  e193b09   clarify bundling documentation and improve autoconf macro
      adds  4e40815   one more tweak to fix distribution
      adds  f2cae06   fix `make dist' bug and prepare for releasing 1.2a
      adds  2c1b6b9   bump version, add ldxi test case
      adds  65f4527   upgrade to autoconf 2.60
      adds  d94eae6   fix i386 syntax error
      adds  065bc52   Fix assertion failures in i386 movs and movz opcodes
      adds  1f7feaf   first merge of x86-64 backend and related configury 
      adds  147efb8   cherrypick from ludovic courtes
      adds  e2cb4af   added ret test and clarified JIT_RET documentation
      adds  e700058   prepare for automatic variables support
      adds  54c573d   fix powerpc jit_bms
      adds  4290adb   add jit_allocai for SPARC
      adds  be415cc   finish jit_allocai implementation
      adds  82d90f4   remove pushr/popr from testsuite
      adds  f748b3c   update manual for jit_allocai
      adds  197d20a   fix x86-64 builds
      adds  24794b0   add JIT_NEED_PUSH_POP and merge correct implementation of 
push/pop for SPARC
      adds  76e49b1   merge 64-bit cleanliness changes from mzscheme
      adds  2534af6   checkin rewrite of i386 assembler
      adds  c1725c9   x86-64 now passes test suite
      adds  b34aa5a   add an underscore to macros without a parameter [x86]
      adds  bdbb8ff   give credit to whom credit is due
      adds  3a04a40   merge some bugfixes, give right meaning to jit_retval_[fd]
      adds  58c4dce   add floating-point for x86-64
      adds  67d0c9a   merge from ludovic
      adds  36a3ae9   refine ludovic's doc patch
      adds  19f163b   use CVTT instruction, fix lightning/
      adds  b07a8d4   add clean-local target to lightning/
      adds  4ffa292   fix imprecisions in the ChangeLog
      adds  1551f5a   switch to GPLv3
      adds  d0d493b   improve set* encoding for i386, add testcase
      adds  f4500a8   fix -I flags for opcode subdirectory
      adds  329b8a8   add 3to2 test and fix bug
      adds  0f828ae   add Matthew Flatt to THANKS file
      adds  950b2ce   fix i386 floating-point sub(a,0,a)
      adds  07379b8   don't truncate function pointers on amd64
      adds  889d7fb   use CALLsr, not CALLLsr
      adds  f47b23a   add --with-lightning-prefix option to lightning.m4
      adds  9f2179f   don't use _VOID symbol, reserved by newlib (cygwin)
      adds  3b4343e   avoid redefinition of _r1
      adds  a369fa1   commit source files for separate using/porting manuals
      adds  d369edf   Fix stxr_c(_EAX, _EBX, _ESI).
      adds  15a23d2   avoid "value computed is not used" in jit_allocai
      adds  ec2d8b3   fix some problems (not all) with lightningize
      adds  3a19952   warning patrol (allocai.c, ppc)
      adds  ef5a3ab   add underscores around __unused__ attribute
      adds  1598681   cast memory address to long for JCCim
      adds  ee99e52   implement long mul/div/mod for x86-64
      adds  91cfad4   add _s32P
      adds  90e08b1   add missing x86-64 memory operations
      adds  9a188c1   misc. x86-64 bugfixes
      adds  00f73f1   add LEAQmr for x86-64
      adds  f4bf06a   add long boolean operations for x86-64
      adds  1014c9b   fix uses of jit_qop_ with 4 parameters
      adds  4865ed3   fix several load/store patterns for x86-64.
      adds  beb5fa1   add .gitattributes file
      adds  5ab8cdd   avoid CRLF issues on mingw
      adds  1e90006   fix jit_replace8 for case when one of the operands is 
      adds  4bc1260   fix C++ incompatibility in i386 back-end
      adds  e346195   fix stack alignment for Apple 32-bit ABI
      adds  ef7eb77   use MOVLir directly to implement i386 32-bit jit_movi_p
      adds  66aef1c   detect 32-/64-bit variant of i386 back-end at include 
time (not configure time)
      adds  2409054   move x86-64 JIT_V1/JIT_V2 in R12/R13
      adds  297ed20   add (void) casts for C++ compatibility
      adds  0b67637   fix x86-64 jit_movi_l (x, 0) and 16-byte stack alignment 
in the prolog
      adds  6ee7c12   rewrite x86-64 argument passing to support up to 6 
      adds  8b2f055   move JIT_R1/JIT_R2 to R10/R11 for the x86_64 backend
      adds  aa56a6b   fix _rN vs. _rR
      adds  66c8a68   fix IMULQir and IMULQirr
      adds  b3817a1   fix miscellaneous PPC-32 back-end bugs
      adds  da92a86   fix installation bug
      adds  f87b2f6   subtract 1 from the final byte being flushed in PPC 
      adds  a76f19c   fix problems with i386 32-bit floating point branches
      adds  d671ec7   another fix to jit_fp_btest
      adds  e6c352b   fix blunder in operand order (i386)
      adds  7179d22   fix x86 shifts
      adds  ef7d11d   always set and replace lightning_frag
      adds  21ece8c   always set and replace lightning_frag
      adds  2ecf6a2   fix jit_movbrm in the i386 backend
      adds  128ad6a   fix i386 jit_replace and x86_64 jit_movi_f
      adds  5ea118e   add ldst test
      adds  5cef649   fix two bugs in load/store for i386
      adds  ceaf1b0   fix jit_extr_f_d and jit_extr_d_f for x86-64
      adds  64ccd05   fix 64-bit load with sign extension
      adds  e19b41c   ldst test update
      adds  7e19a3d   fix -D_ASM_SAFETY compilation of beqr_d and bne_d
      adds  688e75a   fix x86_64 jit_bner_{f,d}
      adds  9564132   more fixes to fp branches
      adds  fb86d49   Change jit_getarg_{c,uc,s,us,i,ui} to extr_l to sign 
extend on 64 bits.
      adds  adc42ad   Define extra SSE2 xmmN registers and set JIT_FPTMP to the 
topmost one.
      adds  58043d7   Add safety check on number of integer and float arguments 
on x86_64.
      adds  3eb42b4   Change JIT_REXTMP, JIT_R, JIT_V to use 64-bit registers
      adds  ec36c13   Change JIT_REXTMP to not clobber 6th argument.
      adds  100fbd1   Change JIT_FPR_NUM to 7 to prevent clobber of JIT_FPR(7)
      adds  d04cfb0   Change jit_finish to work with varargs functions in 
      adds  fe9f114   Implement x86_64 support for multiple integer and float 
      adds  67e1051   Account stack alignment on jit functions with odd number 
of arguments.
      adds  d4a2a1b   Correct branches and several ALU operations with 64 
      adds  8665ce1   Change _ASM_SAFETY register width check to accept valid 
alternate values.
      adds  7b330c8   Define some extra fp-common macros when sizeof(long) == 
      adds  3749bc7   Correct ALU add and sub operations with 64 bit immediate 
      adds  d2239c2   Revert change aliasing jit_movi_p to jit_movi_ul.
      adds  e98ff58   Also reset alloca_slack after jit_prolog in i386.
      adds  0469f16   fix multiplication on x86_64
      adds  7d3321d   Cleanup on preparation for lightning rework.
      adds  75d99be   Extra cleanup before update to new codebase.
      adds  7a1c455   Big merge with new lightning semantics aiming for 
lightning 2.0.
      adds  cb6a2c5   Remove previous macro files as they are no longer used.
      adds  22cc2ad   Add make rule to build test case dependencies.
      adds  51b2cee   Add proper make clean rule to the check subdir.
      adds  b7c8db4   Add extra files implementing different jit backends.
      adds  90a187a   Correct integer multiplication and add extra test case.
      adds  e6f1df7   Correct make distcheck.
      adds  712877a   Correct implementation problems on ix86.
      adds  1c9088b   Update code to build and pass test cases in the arm port.
      adds  01be83d   Make mips backend compile on a qemu image.
      adds  760fab8   Correct mips backend implementation to pass initial tests.
      adds  aa7c823   Implement sqrt codes in mips.
      adds  f59fceb   Add new test cases to exercise memory load/store.
      adds  91244b1   Correct test cases in i586 build.
      adds  66cb445   Make current test cases pass in armv7l.
      adds  ee0fab1   Correct testcases in the mips backend.
      adds  e7e5596   Add new ldst variant test cases to check base/index 
register clobber.
      adds  d1c0bc8   Add new test case for int/float to/from conversion.
      adds  e255b76   Add several arithmetic and branch tests cases.
      adds  a3fbc5d   Correct test cases in the mips backend.
      adds  7e3d863   Add better ppc support code, but still not functional.
      adds  a04df96   Make all current test cases pass in Darwin PowerPC.
      adds  0b89a17   Add jit_ellipis and remove jit_prepare argument.
      adds  6227bf5   Add new varargs test and correct related test case 
failures in all ports.
      adds  0740564   Remove most type casts and compile test tool silently 
with -Wall
      adds  03559bb   Make it clear stdarg like abstraction is not supported.
      adds  0e83b52   Correct test cases to work with x87 in ix86.
      adds  d05538b   Add support to test different/alternate code generation 
      adds  d7389bf   Simplify listing of test cases with alternate jit 
generation options
      adds  b43ea1f   Add two extra test cases for float operations.
      adds  a74318a   Add new test case to check stack integrity on complex 
stack frames.
      adds  2751320   Correct stack.tst test case on ppc. Now all tests pass in 
all backends.
      adds  38770ec   Correct bogus logic caused by wrong optimizations.
      adds  59255a4   Add new register clobber detection test case.
      adds  adc854f   Correct regressions with --with-float={soft,softfp} in 
the arm backend
      adds  374f58b   Add missing jit_htonr to ppc backend.
      adds  afd665d   Add new carry test case.
      adds  3ee09ec   Add simple test case to test argument and return values.
      adds  1287a2d   Correct extra regressions found by the call.tst test case.
      adds  2e6c680   Change type of return of jit_arg* and argument to 
      adds  6eab5be   Add new extensive float comparison and conversion test 
      adds  537c85b   Correct wrong and confusing reverse float comparison logic
      adds  d7f9437   Test and correct test cases in all current backends.
      adds  9d2566e   Add the new ccall test case to test interleaved C and jit 
function calls
      adds  4fe4794   Rework {get,push}arg{,i,r}_{f,d} to a more descriptive 
name and usage.
      adds  a34410e   Add filename and line number annotation abstraction.
      adds  39afbe1   Correct off by one label/note name and add align argument 
to jit_data
      adds  c5421a8   Make JIT_RET, JIT_FRET and JIT_SP private.
      adds  9e86ef1   Add the new jit_name call to mark function boundaries
      adds  2da31e8   Correct reference to dangling pointer and better note 
bounds checking
      adds  16d18f1   Update texinfo documentation to match current 
      adds  44d4fa5   Add heuristic code to estimate space and resize if 
required jit buffer.
      adds  7c7908c   Correct C sequence point problem.
      adds  708cca9   Correct description of the jmpi instruction.
      adds  d91b25d   Implement the qmul and qdiv instructions.
      adds  7b2c9cf   Correct qmul and qdiv in ppc.
      adds  60c1c54   Implement the "live" code to explicitly tell a register 
is live.
      adds  6039794   Store all annotation information in the read only data 
      adds  8f020fe   Add code to release all memory used by the jit state.
      adds  12c35b7   Correct regression with float arguments in arm hardp
      adds  610a569   Add framework for sparc port.
      adds  e304bc8   Pass all but the (not yet implemented) qmul and qdiv 
tests in sparc
      adds  e6a14a6   Finish sparc port.
      adds  678e724   Add updated sparc example from lightning 1.2c 
      adds  da4c3f3   Correct SPARC optimized assembly example in documentation
      adds  f39eee6   Make code and data buffer readonly.
      adds  9afca85   Rework to better describe what is used only during jit 
      adds  5d60ba7   Minor updates when testing on a prototype, quadcore 
Loongson mips.
      adds  19123ba   Add missing __ppc__ definition.
      adds  7ef8060   Adapt PowerPC port to work in Darwin 32 bit and Linux 64 
      adds  f341d91   Remove non optional gmp dependency.
      adds  be9068f   Correct wrong shift value for 32 bit
      adds  c39def9   Add a simple memory management wrapper.
      adds  51c96f9   Do not start over jit generation if can safely grow 
buffer size.
      adds  066db58   Ensure the end argument of __clear_cache is page aligned.
      adds  7bdd22b   Make it simpler to add support for more than 64 registers.
      adds  c2e4eb6   Add basic Itanium port infrastructure.
      adds  89f1e2f   Properly split instruction groups for predicate registers.
      adds  746f3bb   Correct jit implementation to pass several test cases.
      adds  b663d29   Correct race condition if register is written more than 
      adds  caeb6d6   Implement fpr register arguments and minor extra fixes.
      adds  2475ae8   Correct float division and LX with stop code generation.
      adds  f52b976   Correct all ldst test cases.
      adds  119ea1e   Correct the cvt.tst test case on Itanium.
      adds  cee4ccb   Correct remaining test cases, but not yet ones with stack 
      adds  6ef03b0   Finish Itanium port, correcting remaining failing test 
      adds  e80b244   Remove remaining ia64 port debug code.
      adds  3356b9d   Add functional hppa port. All tests pass.
      adds  ce6ab1f   Prepare for the first alpha release of lightning 2.0.
      adds  3e5a12f   Adjust lightning to work on ppc AIX.
      adds  e82e5be   Build and pass all test cases on a multiprocessor HP-UX.
      adds  443b746   Remove redundancy in the hppa cache synchronization code.
      adds  7807aab   Update ia64 port to work on HP-UX.
      adds  af92c5a   Correct build and pass all tests on Solaris Sparc.
      adds  dbe0fb9   Correct build and pass all tests on Solaris x86.
      adds  d6110f6   Build and pass all tests on big endian Irix mips using 
the n32 abi.
      adds  8b28150   Correct mips o32 abi that was broken when adding n32 abi 
      adds  4f9b9d9   Second alpha release 1.99a
      adds  89a0b7a   New aarch64 port built on the Foundation v8 emulator.
      adds  e99c157   Cosmetic removal of unused macros.
      adds  ab7d15d   Properly check tests output.
      adds  a3891ad   Do not assume cast of nan or inf double to float always 
      adds  f6ee396   New s390x port built on the hercules emulator and fedora 
16 image.
      adds  c078a97   Cosmetic removal of white spaces in end of lines.
      adds  19e227e   Correct off by one bug on s390x subi.
      adds  b5763c4   Correct license to properly advertise LGPLv3 and not 
      adds  aa1e0be   GNU lightning 2.0.0 release
      adds  32b3d7a   Correct build on FreeBSD/amd64
      adds  7f677a6   Correct build and make check on gcc111 - AIX 7.1.
      adds  ecf753f   Correct build and check on NetBSD amd64.
      adds  bc0786e   test for zlib in
      adds  ba182b1   Avoid possible problem if built with gcc 4.8 or newer.
      adds  b877005   Correct wrong test and update of arm thumb offset 
      adds  b279feb   Add fallback logic instead of error if cannot figure 
      adds  c6ced66   Add missing jit_clear_state to documentation sample.
      adds  183ed91   IA64: Correct code to save/restore r2 used as lightning 
      adds  4552376   HPPA: Correct bogus logic when calling function pointers.
      adds  13d521b   S390X: Correct values of float registers saved on stack.
      adds  15a3ec2   Use the logic to workaround float NaN and Inf Hercules 
bug conditional
      adds  a62f405   Add the jit_callee_save_p interface and extra register 
      adds  5a2df00   Correct wrong example and mt unsafe code in the arm 
      adds  948315f   Make jit_get_note a public interface.
      adds  95e3fbc   Add the new jit_pointer_p predicate interface.
      adds  b768fab   Add code to calculate code buffer size based on devel 
time information.
      adds  2e209eb   GNU lightning 2.0.1 release
      adds  ae6101f   IA64: Correct some wrong checks value range checks.
      adds  0ad5e08   ARM: Correct build when disassembler is disabled.
      adds  ff73547   IA64: Force sync of instructions in get-jit-size build 
      adds  1bd169c   X86: %r12 may be used as an index register.
      adds  f42a251   Correct misplaced check for already visited blocks
      adds  565c3a0   MIPS: Correct abi detection.
      adds  36a60d7   Correct wrong dates in ChangeLog
      adds  4855845   Correct source of the self test case and a missed check 
      adds  52bfc67   MIPS: Build and pass all test cases on mips64.
      adds  0e94048   Rerun tests on supported backends after bogus self test 
      adds  72f3e65   ARM: Correct wrong offset for load/store of floats.
      adds  2d4bac4   ARM: Do not use ldrt/strt by default
      adds  fe3aee2   PPC: Correct wrong ldxi_l simplification in 64 bit mode
      adds  a264cce   Add assertion to detect double patching.
      adds  f65ceb6   GNU lightning 2.0.2 release
      adds  67d994c   Sync after regenerating version.texi.
      adds  6fa5123   ARM: Minor changes that should allow building on non 
      adds  479c2ed   x86: Use aligned offset for x87 to/from sse move.
      adds  4e5368d   Correct wrong call in ldi_f if address does not fit in 32 
      adds  c162b9d   x86: Correct wrong x87 float indexed store code 
      adds  0b0d63d   x86: Ensure the x87 stack is empty when calling a 
      adds  8567d28   x86: Correct wrong x87 optimization.
      adds  b1d3217   GNU lightning 2.0.3 release
      adds  6e75c03   Rewrite jit_regset_scan1 for easier optimization.
      adds  dbb9fe1   x86_64: Correct wrong inline assembly in jit_get_cpu
      adds  c146f06   x86_64: Change x86_64 to also save/restore %rbx in inline 
      adds  a9433b5   Implement and document the new jit_indirect call.
      adds  79bc3d0   Implement the new jit_set_code interface.
      adds  33ee233   Implement the new jit_set_data interface.
      adds  a7cde4b   Document the lightning customization functions.
      adds  16384ff   Correct crash on arm in the doc/printf example.
      adds  6726b2b   ARM: Do not emit a nop stack adjust instruction.
      adds  0fac1b1   GNU lightning 2.0.4 release
      adds  abf1b6e   Do not export private definitions and types.
      adds  354146b   ARM: Do not leave early init_jit if /proc is not mounted.
      adds  0d96d24   Add note about jit_set_memory_functions call.
      adds  a8c180a   Remove the global but not advertised jit_progname variable
      adds  0d9ac79   Do not pass null for free, memcpy and memmove
      adds  cf2be67   MIPS: Correct use of wrong test register
      adds  b233221   AARCH64: Correct assertion test
      adds  dbf2847   Do not have assertions with a long type test
      adds  f79f977   Correct change of possibly wrong bitmask in jit_update
      adds  53dd28d   Always mark return registers as live in epilog
      adds  05b88d9   ALPHA: Implement lightning Alpha port.
      adds  73c2fc8   Do not filter -sz.c files in gitignore
      adds  a597e35   ARM: Correct wrong table of instruction sizes in software 
      adds  93e3ff3   ALPHA: Correct class of argument float registers
      adds  b589606   Add consistency check on temporaries during a jump
      adds  90a70f9   GNU lightning 2.0.5 release
      adds  4f8d85b   Add info menu entry for lightning
      adds  45c4df5   Only mark callee save regs as live on jumps that cannot 
be tracked.
      adds  120dfc9   Correct typo in documentation.
      adds  c8bb0da   Consider all callee_save_p regs as live on non trackable 
      adds  f469a5c   x86: Build and pass all tests under cygwin64 (Windows x64)
      adds  4d0e4b3   x86: Build and pass all tests on 32 bit cygwin
      adds  5244847   x86: Update instruction size information for Windows x64
      adds  1d75fe6   Do not fail if NULL is passed to init_jit.
      adds  20a2f1f   Allow jit_jmpi on an immediate constant address.
      adds  839341a   Implement jit_frame and jit_tramp interfaces
      adds  dbb1bb2   Use jit_code_last_code as symbolic name of last enum
      adds  afae540   Implement the jit_align interface
      adds  5c0c5bd   Add back files missed when reapplying patches
      adds  624cf33   Add string representation of IR codes to -sz.c files
      adds  960280d   Implement the jit_rsb* interface.
      adds  a43fb63   Add the new "range" test.
      adds  9c5e2b5   Add label predicates
      adds  0c6f675   Properly handle jit_tramp and function descriptors
      adds  9cdcfcc   Do not fail gratuitously in jit_init_debug
      adds  ddd7a75   x86: Correct not released temporary register
      adds  4451945   Add assertion to check for register allocation leaks
      adds  2229200   misc: Make jit_note and related functions take a const 
      adds  073396b   misc: Enable silent rules to make warnings stick out
      adds  3008f04   misc: Create a pkg-config file
      adds  59eb1a1   Actually install the pkgconfig file.
      adds  81b1a90   Force creation of the m4 directory on a clean checkout
      adds  dea1775   Update THANKS file
      adds  e98640e   cross: Provide the action for the cross compiling case
      adds  85ab988   Resync with new patch to make functions receive a const 
      adds  ade2337   mips: Do not make t9 available as a generic register
      adds  95f4ee4   Add test case to check possible issues with 2 contexts
      adds  7b449aa   Implement jit_flush
      adds  3f39722   ARM: Correct several inconsistencies with ldrd and strd
      adds  6e34a53   PPC: Add initial powerpc le support.
      adds  2d3529d   Correct bogus git entry
      adds  c95a356   Remove a wrong optimization of callee save registers
      adds  ce2dd3d   Add missing ellipsis mark to align.tst
      adds  f63d064   ARM: Correct constants offset check
      adds  1cb0e18   ARM: Flush cache page by page
      adds  3b829ab   Add missing float rsbi strings
      adds  fdf41c1   x86: Implement support for the x32 abi
      adds  88aa2fc   Implement new, typed, jit_htonr* interfaces
      adds  5eb3c36   ARM: Better check for constants offset overflow
      adds  a16adad   PPC: Implement and use mcrxr emulation by default
      adds  af9df5f   PPC: Build and pass all tests in powerpcle
      adds  32c4f90   S390: Add support for 32 bit.
      adds  192f89c   S390: Replace s390x filenames with s390
      adds  27d9b68   Implement jit_putarg*
      adds  618512a   Correct typo.
      adds  361caf2   PPC: Only call binutils function if it is available
      adds  3695a2e   Update documentation
      adds  73e5207   Remove inconsistent, public jit_arg_reg_p macro
      adds  c8b6c36   Implement the jit_arg_register_p predicate.
      adds  894a024   Update documentation on jit_frame and jit_tramp
      adds  6db38b7   ARM: Do not limit to 24 bit displacement jump to unknown 
      adds  1b055bf   Make more readable always true test
      adds  6782807   Add new --enable-devel-disassembler configure option
      adds  cdf5b78   ARM: Regenerate size table for hard float armv7 or newer.
      adds  5724068   Correct wrong check in simplify_stxi.
      adds  f6970c6   Correct the reason the simplify_stxi bug was not noticed 
      adds  fb21cf9   Avoid problems if JIT_INSTR_MAX is miscalculated
      adds  26c28be   Correct typo
      adds  7fdbc5b   GNU lightning 2.1.0 release
      adds  3a03fea   X86: Correct load and store in the x32 abi
      adds  2597bf3   Correct inconsistency with jit_regno_patch
      adds  9f72e66   X86: No longer make st7 available as a temporary
      adds  ad589fb   Implement jit_allocar for dynamic stack allocation
      adds  d462a4f   Correct typo in x87.nodata test list
      adds  531a88a   Add missing ellipsis in allocar.tst
      adds  20955b2   Correct read of freed memory
      adds  1507bc7   Properly correct read of freed memory
      adds  a15f261   Update copyright date
      adds  d639674   Add initial support to implement vararg jit functions
      adds  e4fe518   Update the correct fp offset and add assertions
      adds  6329945   Correct update of on stack vararg double argument pointer
      adds  0986ae8   aarch64: Add initial jit_va_ calls to aarch64
      adds  8cb302f   arm: Add initial jit_va_ calls to arm
      adds  2c8b5e5   s390: Add initial jit_va_ calls to s390
      adds  cc217f0   ppc: Add initial jit_va_ calls to ppc
      adds  b42bb8b   Remove wrong comment after cut and paste
      adds  a5ab4c7   mips: Add initial jit_va_ calls to mips
      adds  f48e07b   ia64: Implement cache flush.
      adds  a3063df   ia64: Do not use a dangling pointer for double to integer 
      adds  6d8f8eb   ia64: Add initial jit_va_ calls to ia64
      adds  fdd55b9   hppa: Add initial jit_va_ calls to hppa
      adds  9a90a28   alpha: Add initial jit_va_ calls to alpha
      adds  bd38cfa   sparc: Add initial jit_va_ calls to sparc
      adds  d6a5a90   alpha: Save correct offset if loading a vararg double.
      adds  97f69a9   Correct make check for systems without gcc.
      adds  316dfc6   aarch64: Correct va_list offsets and double load.
      adds  237c902   Bump library major.
      adds  0b6cc01   Intermediate, fully functional, rework for variadic 
      adds  1ce1d00   Move multiply defined macro to a single header file.
      adds  e21db9c   Use an actual, invalid code, as last jit code.
      adds  7f1e0df   Move definition of jit_va_ codes, cosmetic change.
      adds  d0a5bd8   Implement new synthesized IR codes sequences
      adds  c6b8fb2   ia64: Pass all tests for variadic jit functions
      adds  17e7896   mips: Pass tests for variadic jit functions on new abi
      adds  fd57359   Correct missing jit_unget_reg calls
      adds  76876dd   Implement a correct generation of Fibonacci numbers.
      adds  be32b6a   Correct wrong check for argument of value 2 in 
      adds  b00c750   Correct wrong movr simplification
      adds  aa939b8   Correct wrong live information for some code patterns
      adds  d761499   Add a second pass to compute live register ranges
      adds  7259f9d   Adapt for binutils 2.29
      adds  3fc2eb2   Update copyright year
      adds  c72b923   GNU lightning 2.1.1 release
      adds  19439d4   Correct binutils version detection
      adds  df57fa9   GNU lightning 2.1.2 release
      adds  68dc475   Correct issues with 32 bit big endian mips abis
      adds  59f32e8   Add extra argument to jit_update to prevent recursion on 
      adds  2cf092e   Correct logic error with jit_live in jit_retr
      adds  b64b82c   Always set t12 to address of called function
      adds  ed5589c   Build and pass all test cases on Alpha Linux
      adds  2cea993   Build and pass all tests on 32 and 64 bit sparc
      adds  d2ff737   HPPA: Correct wrong regarg_p check
      adds  94a1888   Correct typo and values in jit_sparc-sz.c
      adds  40aafa5   Merge GNU lightning to libguile/lightning
      adds  25584ea   Strip "get-jit-size" feature from lightning.
      adds  7dec6cb   Remove documentation from embedded GNU lightning
      adds  0bdd27b   Remove lightning unit tests
      adds  8810163   Finish removing get-jit-size
      adds  f0891be   Beginnings of build integration of lightning and guile
      adds  0e25ee5   Remove lightning pkg-config file.
      adds  2e489b3   Remove empty lightning m4 directory
      adds  fddd206   Remove some more of the lightning build machinery
      adds  8316707   Further lightning integration work
      adds  2a8ebe8   Remove disassembler support from lightning
      adds  0ce8e69   Remove special cflags for obsolete Lightning targets
      adds  92a7570   Always enable assertions in embedded lightning
      adds  fdfbfcc   Remove lightning configure snippet related to libdl
      adds  2412cfb   Remove unused configure-time checks for x87, thumb, and 
sof float
      adds  f8b8f5f   Remove unused AM_CONDITIONAL statements from lightning 
      adds  0593a9a   Add GUILE_ENABLE_JIT macro
      adds  2d84803   Wire JIT availability check into Guile configure
      adds  9338ef1   Wire up lightning into libguile build
      adds  07a787d   Remove -Wswitch-enum from compile flags
      adds  5b68bd7   Fix compile warnings in jit_print.c
      adds  d6b8f6a   Minor change to VM DSL
      adds  a433620   Fix bad opcode in VM
      adds  5577392   Begin structure for template JIT compiler
      adds  0465c88   Refactor deps for built libpath.h
      adds  e6461cf   Fix errors introduced when giving multiple-values objects 
a tc7
      adds  9fc5282   Merge 'master' into 'lightning'
      adds  80ba0e2   Make JIT compiler skeleton more terse
      adds  e95f15c   Add support for reading ELF symbol table from C
      adds  b1705bd   Prepare for frames having separate virtual and machine 
return addrs
      adds  043432f   Reserve frame word for machine return address
      adds  c2a8224   Rework VM approach to shuffling unknown numbers of args
      adds  9b70129   Fix stale stack frame clearing for frame size change
      adds  950a762   Multiple-value returns now start from slot 0, not slot 1
      adds  4b7af0b7  Update frames.h comments.
      adds  87da1c8   Add instrument-call, instrument-loop VM instructions
      adds  a6b5049   Emit instrument-loop in loops.
      adds  5c2e155   Emit instrument-entry before programs
      adds  5077e67   Fix function bound offsets of JIT data to be signed
      adds  b8a9a66   Rewrite subr implementation
      adds  5ebe584   Revert "Add support for reading ELF symbol table from C"
      adds  455015d   Fix bugs with primitive code allocator; expose internally
      adds  d145b57   Minor updates for Scheme runtime (statprof, backtraces)
      adds  14539d3   Alloc foreign procedures using primitive mechanism
      adds  8f25f75   Add instrument-entry to continuations
      adds  dedf73d   Consolidate apply hook to instrument-entry instruction
      adds  f4c5044   Remove push continuation hook; return hook runs before FP 
      adds  0a01963   VM hooks take no values
      adds  94c3a7f   Update NEWS for 2.2.3
      adds  f7e306b   doc: Update LALR URL.
      adds  a4c4deb   Fix 'crypt' deadlock upon error.
      adds  c5e1d6e   'load-thunk-from-memory' reports the correct error.
      adds  c91e9e9   compile: Load language modules upfront.
      adds  921364d   Make sure the return value of 'scm_crypt' is always 
      adds  de7943a   No tabs in C code.
      adds  2245c67   Revert "Honor '%fresh-auto-compile'."
      adds  666f12c   'select' returns empty sets upon EINTR and EAGAIN.
      adds  08041d2   build: Use 'sed' invocation compatible with BSD sed.
      adds  4024a5b   doc: Fix typo about SRFI-4 syntax.
      adds  cac14ad   srfi-18: When timeout is a number, it's a relative number 
of seconds.
      adds  898d97d   srfi-18: 'thread-sleep!' timeout-as-a-number is relative.
      adds  2662caf   Recognize RISC-V compilation targets.
      adds  6708acb   Fix eta-conversion edge cases in peval.
      adds  313b1c4   Fix a few typos in the manual.
      adds  a600b9f   Fix minor typo in the PEG documentation.
      adds  5f7213e   Fix typo in comment within numbers.c
      adds  c6f6edc   Fix type inference for bitwise logical operators.
      adds  fe92bc2   Avoid inexact arithmetic in the type inferrer for 'sqrt'.
      adds  9fd1dc2   goops: Fix 'instance?' to work on objects that aren't 
      adds  a44c2a6   Fix error reporting in 'load-thunk-from-memory'.
      adds  a72e296   elisp: Fix cross-compilation support.
      adds  8a3cca4   Add copyright header for (language elisp falias), and fix 
      adds  26fc11a   Add SRFI 71: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values.
      adds  b79a6e6   tests: Add SRFI-71 test.
      adds  251202f   Make module autoloading thread-safe.
      adds  4611ba2   vm: Fix typo when checking for 'madvise' error code.
      adds  4853ca3   get-bytevector-n and get-bytevector-n! can now read more 
than 4 GB
      adds  b77d7b0   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  f0c0454   doc: Document (ice-9 match) macros.
      adds  f075641   tests: Adjust i18n.test to 'fr_FR.utf8' locale in glibc 
      adds  edc80bd   Module import obarrays are accessed in a critical section.
      adds  25c719b   Add 'scm_to_stringn' shortcut when converting to UTF-8.
      adds  e40b5b5   web: Export http-request.
      adds  ffc1b9f   vm: Fix another typo.
      adds  5f75df0   types: Recognize 'scm_t_port_type' and decode port type 
      adds  6e57d0d   GDB support: Fix 'display-vm-frames'.
      adds  90fe975   GDB support: Add note about (gdb frame-filters).
      adds  6a95c8e   GDB support: Add 'guile-backtrace' command.
      adds  bab01b4   linker: Don't rely on out-of-range bv-ref exceptions.
      adds  8840ee5   vm: Fix stack-marking bug in multi-threaded programs.
      adds  12f2bb5   Serialize accesses to submodule hash tables.
      adds  2656f37   Update copyright years in '--version' and the manual.
      adds  8abd1c2   Update NEWS.
      adds  aec899d   build: Really build srfi/srfi-71.scm.
      adds  6a9be01   Update release docs.
      adds  448a6f1   Make srfi-71 visible through 'cond-expand'.
      adds  0075b7f   r6rs-ports: Accept 'port-position' values greater than 
      adds  44cdabd   compile: Add '-x' flag.
      adds  240cc54   compile: Improve error message.
      adds  cbc2445   compile: Update copyright year.
      adds  04aa6d1   r6rs-ports: 'put-bytevector' accepts 64-bit integers.
      adds  c6f70e4   Add -Wshadowed-toplevel.
      adds  9da7de4   srfi-19: Remove unused procedure.
      adds  215617c   Fix R6RS call-with-{input,output}-file to open textual 
      adds  41100f7   Merge branch 'master' into lightning
      adds  0d00164   Add missing include to adapt to recent merge from master
      adds  b7dbc72   Minor optimization in RESET_FRAME
      adds  926b72f   Rework program->ip mapping in VM to always call intrinsic
      adds  c3ff72c   Change call/cc inst to capture-continuation
      adds  ef4c1a5   Add unpack-values-object intrinsic
      adds  6027027   Invoke VM hooks through intrinsics
      adds  939b1ae   Rework foreign-call trampoline
      adds  a20feea   Continuations capture machine code address
      adds  5df43b6   Adapt JIT calling convention; continuations take mra from 
      adds  11940f4   Update error-wrong-num-args intrinsic prototype
      adds  d4abe8b   Avoid needless 64-bit args on 32-bit machines for some 
      adds  0188bd3   64-bit intrinsic args and return values passed indirectly 
on 32-bit
      adds  e6304fb   Define intrinsics for atomic ops
      adds  3827769   Add instrumentation to VM builtins
      adds  cf0270c   Add internal function mapping subr index to function
      adds  110310b   Expose scm_vm_builtin_ref internally
      adds  698bff8   First implementation of a template JIT
      adds  dca1e9d   Manual JIT interface via %jit-compile
      adds  4a9de64   Fix default code allocator in Lightning
      adds  b8a557d   Fix bounds on compiler-emitted JIT metadata
      adds  d001503   JIT compilation tweaks
      adds  9c76a1a   Fix frame popping in JIT
      adds  916c570   Tweak to instrument-entry
      adds  d7fcdd9   Add out-of-line handle-interrupts trampoline stub
      adds  7769561   Add support for labels, and fix a bug in uadd/imm and 
      adds  01c1451   Add $(builddir) to include path in libguile/
      adds  01a79be   Comments in the JIT
      adds  fd1deab   Optimizations to subr-call
      adds  065efdd   Fix in-tree builds
      adds  bf035d9   Fix load width of get-ip-relative-addr
      adds  7854460   Minor refactors to jit.c
      adds  25e9b0f   32-bit fix for emit_run_hook
      adds  270147c   Fix r12 register spec for lightning with sysv x86-64 ABI
      adds  5603079   Clear frame size after subr-call, return-values
      adds  02a9e76   Fix bug in compile-alloc-frame
      adds  3920b99   Fix fp-ref, fp-set! helpers in jit for signedness
      adds  d0c9d20   Fix JIT compilation of bind-rest
      adds  9574245   Fix again the unknown-filling of alloc-frame
      adds  dfc0b90   JIT refactor
      adds  18dfe48   Fuse comparisons and branches in JIT
      adds  98b4c46   Minor JIT refactor
      adds  4fb99e9   Bug-fix for alloc-frame and stack moving
      adds  10bfd55   JIT: Store FP in register during procedure prolog/epilog
      adds  c03e2bb   JIT tracks register clobbers
      adds  24d09b1   Maybe enter JIT when returning from interpreted functions
      adds  f2089ce   Add fast paths to intrinsics
      adds  66fb76d   Fix miscompilation for "abort" opcode
      adds  c02c89d   Fix JIT compilation of call-with-prompt
      adds  15314fd   Fix JIT compilation of shuffle-down
      adds  f32d17d   Fix jit function data for goto_continuation_code
      adds  6da132c   Fix JIT compilation of composable continuations
      adds  dac4344   Fix bind-kwargs JIT compilation
      adds  def6719   Minor optimization in compile_alloc_frame
      adds  cc99729   JIT threshold controlled by environment variable
      adds  79be702   More JIT debugging
      adds  dafa648   Fix compilation of compile_eq
      adds  7c0bfcb   Minor 32-bit untag-fixnum optimization
      adds  1f42a60   Add ability to stop JIT after N compilations.
      adds  449ef7d   Prevent Lightning from stompling our registers
      adds  b176e71   Add configurable JIT logging levels
      adds  076c3ad   JIT counter tweaks
      adds  54b23ad   Add ability to tier up from within loops
      adds  e9b44c0   Fix assertion error running compile-file with threshold 0
      adds  162e313   Fix a memory leak in JIT
      adds  24b4d09   Improve compute_mcode allocation logic
      adds  babd411   Fix nonlocal abort to compiled continuation
      adds  cf712c0   Improve JIT cleanup a bit
      adds  218fe1b   Fix JIT compilation of [positional-]arguments<=?
      adds  93112d3   Add JIT fast paths for inum arithmetic
      adds  3e2b173   Revert "<?" fast path for now
      adds  f8229c6   Use custom JIT code allocator
      adds  377c3e1   Fix compilation of handle-interrupts
      adds  227c3ac   Refactor handling of lightning state
      adds  18aa995   Fix compilation of compare-and-swap
      adds  46fe5b0   Fix positional-arguments<=? compilation
      adds  ce5c05a   Fix JIT compilation of intrinsics that return doubles
      adds  bf31fe4   VM manages hook sets itself
      adds  0ccd2d0   Remove hook intrinsics: hooks are just for the VM
      adds  8bb9ae3   Micro-optimization of scm_vm placement in scm_thread
      adds  12b125f   Hook refactors
      adds  09b8f8e   Deoptimize to VM when hooks are enabled
      adds  4dba015   Fix scm_make_foreign_object_n.
      adds  883bdc7   Fix emergency aborts to not expand the stack
      adds  f03ff53   Turn on automatic JIT compilation by default
      adds  ce91698   Fix --disable-jit compilation
      adds  4060728   Renumber instructions and bump objcode version
      adds  9505263   Configure uses 2.3.x tags for version
      adds  1e7c541   Fix case where running abort hook could trash registers
      adds  a74b4a4   Update comments in vm-engine.c
      adds  179f661   Update history.texi.
      adds  a691540   Update Conservative GC section of manual
      adds  6be54f4   Update data representation chapter in the manual
      adds  f1b745e   Update "A Virtual Machine for Guile"
      adds  2018609   Update "Why a VM?"
      adds  7e623d1   Update "VM Concepts"
      adds  5e671ce   Update "Stack Layout"
      adds  4c53593   Update "Variables and the VM"
      adds  4e8d27f   Finish updating vm.texi
      adds  39729e8   Rename $closure to $const-fun
      adds  6a243e1   Update compiler.texi
      adds  6f3357b   Fix f32-set! JIT compilation
      adds  a3b32f8   Add manual section on JIT compiler
      adds  94e66d2   Minor additional manual updates
      adds  d08f2c1   Update NEWS
      adds  6cd9b31   Fix use of uninstalled header by installed headers
      adds  03581c0   Comment out some unused definitions
      adds  edba440   Remove unimplemented decl in script.h
      adds  f34d50a   Deprecate scm_find_executable
      adds  173b44a   Fix GCC warning with %char-set-dump.
      adds  b74e1f0   Remove jit_names.c.
      adds  ae188ac   Revert "Remove jit_names.c."
      adds  2388193   Fix lightning build with jit_names.c
      adds  8bcba78   Fix unused local warning in vm-engine.c
      adds  5787f4e   Fix -Wunused-function error for x86 not on sun
      adds  3e22eef   Fix guile-config for Guile 3.0
      adds  c9e052b   Fix linker bug that could fail to find the shstrtab
      adds  9feb3a6   Fix JIT compilation on 32-bit targets
      adds  afced39   Fix JIT register state tracking for use of SP or FP as 
      adds  d41f2e9   Better ursh/ulsh/srsh JIT on 32-bit platforms
      adds  e08d10a   Fix JIT of 64-bit comparisons on 32-bit architectures
      adds  4aa4a6d   Only enable JIT by default on x86-64
      adds  2b4999b   Bump prerelease version numbering to 2.9.x
      adds  154fe1d   Fix GUILE_ENABLE_JIT after latest change
      adds  0e2f462   GNU Guile 2.9.1
      adds  bb0860a   Spelling fixes
      adds  52398d1   Language fix
      adds  1f6786d   Another language fix
      adds  667e511   Fix crypt-on-glibc test error
      adds  c537f93   Fix linker.test
      adds  61a8c93   Fix race when expanding syntax-parameterize and 
      adds  3c76115   Update version.texi
      adds  549dc50   Update .gitignore
      adds  d90a545   Strip "get-jit-size" feature from lightning.
      adds  423d048   Remove example .c files from documentation
      adds  414f530   Inline body.texi and version.texi into lightning.texi
      adds  59064a1   Move lightning.texi up to root, and remove
      adds  4ca2f6e   Archive lightning ChangeLog
      adds  beac56d   Remove TODO
      adds  8215433   Remove bits of .gitignore no longer needed
      adds  a5263b6   Remove autotools
      adds  796ec6c   Rename include to jit.h, move all files to jit/
      adds  4899315   Rename lightning.c to jit.c
      adds  846e7bc   Remove -sz.c files
      adds  9c1b01f   Simplify file names
      adds  90ebba8   Remove unneeded bits of lightning
      adds  d567faf   Create beginning of stripped-down lightning interface
      adds  f3f7194   Replace jit_int32_t, etc with stdint types
      adds  17a38ff   Add endian.h
      adds  e81b64d   Update call/receive machinery
      adds  0d78447   Trim unneded bits from jit.c
      adds  4797077   "extern"-related cleanup, and further implementation
      adds  a0714ec   Finish conversion to stdint types
      adds  9e70bda   Update gitignore
      adds  017740c   Really finish stdint conversion
      adds  447fccf   Remove needless PUBLIC/HIDDEN definitions
      adds  9bc0158   Inline private.h into jit.c
      adds  c51c937   Make _rvs array static-const
      adds  0d81c5c   Beginnings of port of x86 to new design
      adds  bad7e34   Implementation of new design
      adds  021f31f   Add "addi" test
      adds  df0a5d7   Better loading of args to registers; add tests
      adds  f0cecc4   Convert tests to jit_load_args
      adds  02ce895   Flesh out README
      adds  94a58a8   Add note about current status
      adds  8233871   Add new tests
      adds  56d8f8d   Add more tests
      adds  b371e91   Tests for some div operations
      adds  8e01025   Add more div tests
      adds  0127664   Add remr tests
      adds  6a6da4a   Add bitops tests
      adds  7393651   Add lsh/rsh tests
      adds  a201467   Add comr/negr tests
      adds  ae13948   Rework naming of test suite files
      adds  3acf102   Add mov_addr test
      adds  082a629   Add extr tests
      adds  1808239   Add bswap tests, and fix missing breaks in jit_load_args
      adds  afd3213   Add ldr tests
      adds  c6067dd   Add ldi tests
      adds  d917dc2   Add ldxr tests
      adds  6f9bbe7   Add ldxi tests
      adds  4fe296b   Add str tests
      adds  ee2c6ab   Add sti tests
      adds  552e51a   Add stxr tests
      adds  c5c2b6f   Add stxi tests
      adds  e289f88   Add .gitlab-ci.yml
      adds  787305e   Tweak test build to run faster, and adapt CI
      adds  9adbed9   Fix stxi_d bug
      adds  52a9ab8   Add bltr test
      adds  5a740b9   Add more integer reg/reg branch-and-compare tests
      adds  ab0d172   Add floating-point reg/reg compare-and-branch tests
      adds  329fc79   Add int/int reg/imm compare-and-branch tests
      adds  3d4c22a   Add anti-float comparison tests
      adds  a021c73   Add unordered float compare-and-branch tests
      adds  0d0c6b1   Add flag-checking test-and-branch tests
      adds  6dbad81   Add add-and-branch-on-overflow tests
      adds  8a8273c   Add sub-and-branch-on-overflow tests
      adds  281cca5   Add some nop and jmp tests, and fix a hazard with 
      adds  bf4d8b4   Add push/pop test
      adds  69665c7   Add abs/sqrt tests
      adds  44fc164   Add truncr_[df]_[li] tests
      adds  ece71ef   Add float/double cast inst tests
      adds  bbb8bd9   Add int->float tests
      adds  40ebd5d   Add movi_[df] tests
      adds  998006b   Remove old tests
      adds  b4169e2   get_temp_{gpr,xpr} returns a jit_{gpr,fpr}_t
      adds  cacdeee   Implement arg shuffling for jit_call{i,r}
      adds  99b4fd2   Provide some type safety for jit_gpr_t and jit_fpr_t
      adds  573af9c   Clean up stack after calls
      adds  985faf3   Replace GNU Lightning with Lightening
      adds  d351f13   Add subdir-objects option to libguile makefile.
      adds  f348b8e   Change headers and files to be named "lightening" instead 
of "jit"
      adds  2e4fb1e   Merge in changes from upstream lightening
      adds  e9be4ea   Adapt to lightning -> lightening name change
      adds  22d0662   Allow users to pass custom allocators
      adds  f9da599   Fix jit_reset to be useful
      adds  9f22ec9   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  061c967   Checkpoint for lightning to lightening conversion
      adds  0903a01   Add jit_same_{gprs,fprs} helpers
      adds  1308404   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  83b086e   Remove -Wdeclaration-after-statement
      adds  2db4ccd   Fix jit.c compilation
      adds  93f430d   jit: Fix inter-instruction relocs.
      adds  bbfb03a   Fix implementation of jit_{gpr,fpr}_is_callee_save
      adds  11fa546   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  fb9003c   Fix jit_gpr_is_callee_save usage
      adds  e95fb91   Fix reloc for jmpi and calli
      adds  c63764f   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  c0369df   Fix JIT bugs
      adds  f8fa115   Fix some aspects of instruction mcode addresses
      adds  1d6feef   Add assert for jit_address
      adds  62df897   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  89de2cb   More various JIT fixen
      adds  ede10b1   Support immediate arguments
      adds  39d1ed3   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  9ff2141   Minor JIT cleanups
      adds  891e760   JIT fixes for arena overflow
      adds  5df432b   Fix arena expansion logic
      adds  cfffd5b   Fix compilation of call-scm<-u64
      adds  4e1876f   Support spilling args to stack
      adds  b35662f   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  e6ac66a   Allow test suite to test multiple targets.
      adds  a45d651   Add support for "make test-ia32" in tests/
      adds  668196a   Fix lightening name
      adds  0be4f7a   Simplify API for loading call arguments
      adds  609df9e   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  d07dac4   Add proper parallel-moves solver
      adds  4db777e   Add support for operand addends
      adds  d753037   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  9a32b4b   Adapt to new lightening call API
      adds  0ef614e   Fix a JIT bug
      adds  b34e230   Fix apply_addend bug
      adds  fa6093c   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  ddd66a2   Simplify register representation
      adds  99e5672   Renumber x86 registers
      adds  b0cd9c0   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  af4e042   Align stack on 64-bit targets for calls
      adds  f0be544   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  e9a372b   Re-enable fixnum less-than JIT fast-path
      adds  4088915   Lower default JIT threshold as JIT is cheaper now
      adds  2602f17   Simplify register representation again
      adds  e29977a   Simplify register representation even more
      adds  5622396   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  52248cf   Adapt to changes in upstream lightening
      adds  4e53296   Fix backtraces with call-with-values during bootstrap
      adds  a3e044c   Move jit_move_operands etc to common lightening.c file
      adds  c54c248   Track frame size to more reliably align stack before calls
      adds  dc28ac0   Make jit_align_stack and jit_shrink_stack public
      adds  796f263   Remove unused jit_epilog definition
      adds  04d89a7   Implement reloc shortening, and remove unused 
      adds  5b45f04   Merge from upstream Lightening
      adds  14e64a8   Ensure stack alignment in JIT code.
      adds  ac972e1   Inline some internal definitions into backend-specific 
      adds  89fd69f   Account for saved return address when locating args
      adds  bab1f40   Fix lightening to compile on 32-bit x86
      adds  e9d1567   Use jit_word_t for register-sized values instead of 
      adds  b116314   Fix compile warnings for 32-bit tests
      adds  19da79c   Fix 32-bit movi_d
      adds  fe34e3c   Make jit_cpu private
      adds  2495099   Simplify 64/32 concerns in x86-cpu.c
      adds  9906cd5   Remove most __X64_32 code
      adds  42bc762   Add facility to enter and leave JIT ABI
      adds  e0cf51e   Small bug fixes for ia32
      adds  d617315   Fix jit_leave_jit_abi to pop correct registers
      adds  81ba883   Fix ABI of arg to extr_d_f test
      adds  d11864f   Add {enter,leave}_jit_abi calls in tests
      adds  d8bdefb   Add test for JIT callee with many args
      adds  59ead16   Mark test files as precious to prevent them from being 
deleted by make
      adds  eae25f4   Add x86-32 tests to default test target
      adds  7d4a286   Merge branch 'x86-32-ci' into 'master'
      adds  04cd887   Stack alignment takes saved return address into account
      adds  51618e7   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  26bd817   Align stack before entering JIT code
      adds  334d0ba   Adapt to lightening changes
      adds  61c6a0d   Enable JIT on 32-bit x86
      adds  fb1f3ba   Fix errors in 32-bit JIT support
      adds  2a5d315   Unget temp xpr after mem->mem addend fixup
      adds  983af3b   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  483e880   Fix byte stores on x86-32
      adds  8f695c0   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  85b3ee0   Fix unneeded stack alignment.
      adds  c461126   Fix u64-ref JIT on 32-bit
      adds  57b31f1   Stack alignment is 16 even on x86-32
      adds  7982839   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  d6eea0b   Attempt to pop x87 stack
      adds  6e9d59f   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  80f79fc   Remove ia64 (itanium) support
      adds  d51bd7d   Remove alpha support
      adds  ced3c42   Remove hppa support
      adds  570f361   Remove Sparc support
      adds  638846d   Merge from upstream lightening
      adds  1b98734   Fix eta-reduction of prompts
      adds  f7080fa   Refactor to move temp register acquire to core
      adds  fc9b474   Refactor some bits from x86 to lightening
      adds  19e7712   First pass at aarch64 assembler port
      adds  0bfdcc7   Refactor to add support for constant tables, shifted 
      adds  5b8262e   Rework register saving to avoid push/pop
      adds  09e7147   Allow a backend to have multiple temporary registers
      adds  7e0b0be   Fix GPR temporary selection
      adds  a643f99   Fix compilation on aarch64
      adds  9c9389a   Fix enter/leave JIT ABI
      adds  9638e4f   Fix a couple bugs related to aarch64 literal pools
      adds  f2d7321   Aarch64 backend avoids needless temporary register 
      adds  9d4185a   Remove jit_nop
      adds  926275e   Add support for aarch64 in CI
      adds  826d5a9   Fix dpkg --add-architecture invocation
      adds  8977016   Fix YAML for CI
      adds  f679e9e   Attempt to fix CI on Debian
      adds  d6e2379   Attempt to fix CI on Debian
      adds  2badf61   Attempt to fix CI on Debian
      adds  da98f48   Attempt to fix CI on Debian
      adds  77c4b56   Attempt to fix CI on Debian
      adds  43ea9ae   Attempt to fix CI on Debian for AArch64
      adds  c0e9302   Update README and guix invocations in test suite
      adds  eaf7027   Remove software floating-point ARMv7 support;  ARMv7 test 
      adds  0da8796   Remove unused jit_{gpr,fpr}_is_callee_save
      adds  b71ddba   Beginnings of ARMv7 backend
      adds  1ea3469   Port of arm-cpu.c to current lightening
      adds  8ce0713   Beginnings of VFP port to lightening
      adds  7dd18bd   ARMv7 backend compiling without warnings
      adds  0b723c0   ARMv7 backend passing all tests!
      adds  0b7c036   Add ARMv7 testing to CI
      adds  0b5f05a   Attempt to get CI working on ARMv7
      adds  c671c08   Fix CI on ARMv7
      adds  2e53911   Update README
      adds  e057ea0   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  58fc136   Fix bounds checking on negative ldr offsets for aarch64
      adds  66b96f9   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  f49752e   Avoid using x18 on AArch64
      adds  f81f435   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  723f70e   Clear missing bit from literal pool
      adds  03ceca9   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  d2c15dd   Clear literal pool more thoroughly
      adds  a4875ba   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  107926f   Fix allocator passed to lightening
      adds  ef7abb5   Fix typo in previous commit, doh
      adds  2876f05   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  e00936d   Allow jit_end to fail
      adds  0518651   Expose API to bless function pointers
      adds  2feb4cf   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  da0cc5d   Bless enter_mcode as a function pointer
      adds  568fdec   Fix literal pool emission on armv7
      adds  12e0063   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  b7f3671   Various fixes for as-needed emission of literal pool
      adds  7bc95fd   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  33754ba   AArch64 fix
      adds  ec9fa95   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  b67c4ed   Avoid recursive pool emit for aarch64; add another 
overflow check
      adds  9b4870c   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  0b33934   Allow add_pending_literal to return false
      adds  3b707bb   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  5c700ae   Enable JIT on aarch64 and armv7
      adds  ff6ab1d   Silence "unused" warnings
      adds  be8ac35   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  e9e52b6   Mark a couple functions as maybe-unused.
      adds  9ffda1c   Update NEWS
      adds  7c73f5f   Add includable automake file
      adds  63de189   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  53c3d27   time: Use 'syntax-rules' instead of 'define-macro'.
      adds  24f4533   time: Support expressions that return any number of 
      adds  176bfd0   time: Use #: for 'define-module' clauses.
      adds  827e88b   Define AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW et al.
      adds  f65ccc6   Fix 'atomic-box-compare-and-swap!'.
      adds  e4da1b4   Fix 32/64 bit bug in INTEGER_ACCESSOR_PROLOGUE
      adds  0c0a658   Improve the documentation for 'nil?'.
      adds  5dcad70   Fix list validation of *list->bytevector procedures.
      adds  e4c5f73   Gracefully handle huge shift counts in 'ash' and 
      adds  e6100f6   Fix 'round-ash' of negative integers by huge right shift 
      adds  00973cb   In 'ash' and 'round-ash', handle right shift count of 
      adds  3c87313   Clarify the manual's "Processes" section.
      adds  d61da42   Update SRFI-19 leap second table.
      adds  a47a5e6   Fix typos, indentation and error reporting in SRFI-19.
      adds  3ae69f3   Use 'scm_from_utf8_{string,symbol,keyword}' for C string 
      adds  0e75099   Add tests for type inferencing for 'nil?' and 'null?' 
      adds  dcf8389   Fix typo in strings.h.
      adds  4e24cca   scm_seed_to_random_state: Support wide string arguments.
      adds  e005634   SRFI-19: Fix TAI->UTC conversions, leap second handling, 
      adds  db78033   SRFI-19: Fix handling of negative years and negative 
julian days.
      adds  8361d59   SRFI-19: Add a few more tests.
      adds  0389c59   SRFI-19: Fix normalization of seconds and nanoseconds in 
time records.
      adds  8e0dfac   SRFI-19: Check for incompatible types in time comparisons.
      adds  f9df551   SRFI-19: time-utc->date: Support non-integer nanoseconds 
      adds  f13e2cb   SRFI-19: Minor refactor of leap second table lookups.
      adds  9c10b42   Add texinfo dependency to README
      adds  af1d55b   Bootstrap optimization
      adds  a83de07   Documentation fixes
      adds  ba6e31e   Fix spelling of ellipsis in (ice-9 match).
      adds  4f3aa81   Update (ice-9 match) to include selected bug fixes from 
      adds  347ec3f   Support ~N in SRFI-19 string->date
      adds  1b0fcdd   Fix tests for SRFI-19 date->string ~N
      adds  abeeec7   Do not warn the user when 'madvise' returns ENOSYS.
      adds  9a7e66e   Don't mutate read-only string in ports test
      adds  8f25417   Remove redefinition of when & unless in 
      adds  99dd8c9   Fix strftime compile with null threads
      adds  08926cd   Avoid leaking a file descriptor in test-unwind
      adds  a5df94e   Fix binary output on files created by mkstemp!
      adds  f169f64   Add a fallback value for the locale-monetary-decimal-point
      adds  69bc964   Handle newlib C library's langinfo constant names
      adds  42bc255   Make locale monetary conversion tests be less strict on 
terminal whitespace
      adds  d4fd9ad   Disable test for current value of setitimer on Cygwin
      adds  b38d9a1   Fix typo in comment.
      adds  980d826   Avoid passing NULL to 'memcpy' and 'memcmp'.
      adds  cca381c   Update user-visible copyright years.
      adds  fd4ba18   Fix gc.test "after-gc-hook gets called" failures.
      adds  7e208c8   Reimplement SCM_MAKE_CHAR to evaluate its argument only 
      adds  d5c420a   Add 'scm_c_make_char' and use it where appropriate.
      adds  506c70e   Fix typo in comment.
      adds  66ffd93   Fix indentation in scm_sum.
      adds  c6692a4   Avoid 'with-latin1-locale' in binary I/O tests.
      adds  a3a726c   Optimize fixnum exact integer square roots.
      adds  2bfa4f7   put-u8: Always write a single byte, regardless of the 
port encoding.
      adds  bd50407   Strings, i18n: Limit the use of alloca to approximately 8 
      adds  b94c5f8   Update iconv.m4 from gnulib.
      adds  f74cfce   Support ~N in SRFI-19 string->date
      adds  901bfef   Fix tests for SRFI-19 date->string ~N
      adds  45e4ace   Do not warn the user when 'madvise' returns ENOSYS.
      adds  552f007   Don't mutate read-only string in ports test
      adds  1ba5d6f   Remove redefinition of when & unless in 
      adds  139c702   Fix strftime compile with null threads
      adds  1437b76   Avoid leaking a file descriptor in test-unwind
      adds  78468ba   Fix binary output on files created by mkstemp!
      adds  27ffbfb   Fix crypt-on-glibc test error
      adds  2dccec9   Fix race when expanding syntax-parameterize and 
      adds  9ba4496   Add a fallback value for the locale-monetary-decimal-point
      adds  92105d1   Handle newlib C library's langinfo constant names
      adds  2a3ccfb   Make locale monetary conversion tests be less strict on 
terminal whitespace
      adds  3a64c50   Disable test for current value of setitimer on Cygwin
      adds  94230d2   Fix typo in comment.
      adds  275c96d   Remove vestigial comment in tags.h.
      adds  6b1de86   Avoid passing NULL to 'memcpy' and 'memcmp'.
      adds  423ad36   Update user-visible copyright years.
      adds  546b0e8   Fix gc.test "after-gc-hook gets called" failures.
      adds  6381845   Reimplement SCM_MAKE_CHAR to evaluate its argument only 
      adds  2a1f22c   Add 'scm_c_make_char' and use it where appropriate.
      adds  16b4bac   Fix typo in comment.
      adds  74d536b   Fix indentation in scm_sum.
      adds  162a031   Avoid 'with-latin1-locale' in binary I/O tests.
      adds  5b42fd8   Optimize fixnum exact integer square roots.
      adds  91b5b16   put-u8: Always write a single byte, regardless of the 
port encoding.
      adds  7c2b48a   Strings, i18n: Limit the use of alloca to approximately 8 
      adds  65d98d8   Update iconv.m4 from gnulib.
      adds  ee28c06   Merge until 65d98d8fd from 'stable-2.2'
      adds  6880ced   Reference Lightening instead of GNU Lightning
      adds  8b8ce79   Bump version to 2.9.2
      adds  d1c2d7d   Switch to use atomic_compare_exchange_strong
      adds  909c007   Correctly handle overflow when emitting literal pools
      adds  bcdde66   Add atomic operations
      adds  803e412   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  33e07fc   Use new atomic instructions from lightening
      adds  230a555   Inline the atomic intrinsics
      adds  e8d3425   Fix atomics usage in handle-interrupts JIT.
      adds  23bfbba   Fix accidental change to ARMv7 ldr
      adds  09e4fc4   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  84b9ef0   Add breakpoint instruction
      adds  49fa49c   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  d0a95bf   Revert "Fix atomics usage in handle-interrupts JIT."
      adds  2ba50e2   Revert "Inline the atomic intrinsics"
      adds  1fb3992   Reapply atomics inlining
      adds  9c5098a   Dynamically assert functions start with instrument-entry
      adds  1128dbc   Remove check for instrument-entry
      adds  12d6e43   Avoid saving IP for <? fast-path
      adds  9fd978e   Add bind-optionals instruction
      adds  c86758c   Allow for bind-optionals without alloc-frame
      adds  f07fadc   VM does not initialize stack frames
      adds  f6c07e4   Add compiler support for eliding closure bindings
      adds  73a769f   Add support no closure in $callk
      adds  3bbdf22   Enable closure elision.
      adds  8d46966   Fix RTL tests for recent arity change
      adds  ba94bca   Fix intmap-intersect edge case
      adds  e8203a3   jit: Direct tail calls assert that target can have mcode
      adds  af72d01   Speed up returns in JIT
      adds  62183fb   Add jmpi_with_link instruction
      adds  acce029   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  1c36f03   push/pop of link register does not affect stack size on 
      adds  3b70613   Merge remote-tracking branch 'lightening/master'
      adds  7cbbc83   Use call/return instructions for non-tail calls
      adds  cce222d   Fix compilation on GCC 5.5
      adds  117bb3b   Rearrange scm_thread for better locality
      adds  33aecf4   Inline freelist vectors into scm_thread
      adds  89e28df   Add an inlined jit fast-path for allocate-words/immediate
      adds  cbacc77   Update NEWS for 2.9.3
      adds  36ad1d2   'basename' correctly handles "/" and "//".
      adds  0a78d39   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  420c263   Make URI handling locale independent.
      adds  6a10220   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  91ba73b   Improve overflow checks in bytevector, string, and I/O 
      adds  afb2c96   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  03de93d   Save and restore errno in the signal handler.
      adds  24a48d8   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  a90de2a   Fix typo in tags.h comment.
      adds  dbb2b1d   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  75f3ba7   time.test: Use 'pass-if-equal' in more tests.
      adds  558dfa4   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  a23ee74   scm_to_stringn: Avoid passing NULL to c_strcasecmp.
      adds  967f129   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  cc73c2a   Add get-bytevector-some!.
      adds  c5526c4   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  d4df87f   open-pipe*: Improve performance of OPEN_BOTH mode.
      adds  968fe78   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  8150823   Make 'get-bytevector-some' and 'get-bytevector-some!' 
      adds  11475e0   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  9f7a824   scm_mkstrport: Optimize the POS -> BYTE_POS conversion.
      adds  94b20b7   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  3ec7afb   Refresh a stale comment.
      adds  8ecc829   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  521f1ab   open-process: Fix dup(2) and execvp(2) error handling.
      adds  50c744d   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  2095033   Fix documentation of R6RS 'binary-port?' to reflect 
      adds  663b268   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  a17b727   fport_seek: Eliminate a fruitless use of 
      adds  b3b14fe   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  2980b66   SRFI-19: Rename 'tai-epoch-in-jd' to 'utc-epoch-in-jd'.
      adds  7c55799   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  2d49ffa   Make 'get-bytevector-n!' suspendable.
      adds  ce10a30   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  3925a64   Revert scm_c_make_char rename
      adds  579dd2d   Rename 'scm_c_make_char' to 'scm_i_make_char'.
      adds  73cde5e   web: Add support for HTTP header continuation lines.
      adds  160a5c8   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  78b261d   Avoid regexp ranges in HTTP inter-protocol exploitation 
      adds  66c0c6c   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  4c1901b   stexi->shtml: Add support for @i, @math, @tie and @dots.
      adds  4e327a2   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  b91e420   Update THANKS.
      adds  d32e919   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  1acc40d   THANKS: Christopher Allan Webber -> Christopher Lemmer 
      adds  600bc1e   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  cbc37f2   NEWS: Add first draft of 2.2.5 changes.
      adds  c5c9ec9   NEWS: Add more text.
      adds  8e2919b   NEWS: Add more details.
      adds  c10b6a3   NEWS: More tweaks.
      adds  4e5b31c   NEWS: Fix typo.
      adds  6263d03   NEWS: Add information to remaining news items.
      adds  d60b957   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  d59dc5f   srfi-14: Fix possible buffer overrun in '%char-set-dump'.
      adds  dbd917c   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  8cf7b06   Copy terminating zero in 'scm_cat_path'.
      adds  3a5076b   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  f4db000   Bump version for Guile 2.2.5.
      adds  478d394   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  f4f9d17   Remove references to 'inet-ntoa' and 'inet-aton'.
      adds  aad64cf   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  77c4f2f   doc: Fix minor typo in the HTTP headers documentation.
      adds  f2c11dc   doc: Fix argument list in match-lambda docs
      adds  e1225d0   Revert "web: Add support for HTTP header continuation 
      adds  043ed2a   ports: Export 'current-load-port'.
      adds  8ee6e76   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  a152a67   tests: Add (web server) test.
      adds  63f54a7   doc: Document optional parameter of 'stat'.
      adds  ab2fd70   'strftime' and 'strptime' honor the locale encoding.
      adds  3869cdc   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  8021380   REPL server: Avoid deprecated '_IOFBF'.
      adds  5f522e1   Update NEWS.
      adds  175acd7   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  85de863   Bump version for Guile 2.2.6.
      adds  d259fe8   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  a69b567   build: Do not record LDFLAGS in .pc file.
      adds  145ff63   Merge from stable-2.2
      adds  ba5d1df   Fix calls to handle-interrupts trampoline on ARMv7
      adds  d0aca16   Fix some compiler warnings on 64-bit builds
      adds  ef1869b   GNU Guile 2.9.3 (alpha).
      adds  382cc5c   Add support for optimized unboxed abs and sqrt
      adds  bba4ce2   Split graph utilities out of (language cps utils)
      adds  6154308   Implement "Fixing Letrec (reloaded)"
      adds  cd4d4e7   Run fix-letrec before peval
      adds  dab1965   Update NEWS.
      adds  e2f8ccc   Update peval tests for fix-letrec
      adds  077ba99   Refactor `format' to use when/unless conventionally
      adds  a2aec71   More format refactors
      adds  687981f   More format refactors
      adds  b16ad94   More format refactorings.
      adds  4bb5834   Fix bug in which codegen accessed data beyond end of stack
      adds  79a40cf   Add "mod" field to tree-il toplevel ref, set, define
      adds  e7cfd6d   Simplify the define-primitive-expander macro
      adds  35d1966   Add primitive support for working with module variables
      adds  d7bbf6d   Add letrectify tree-il pass
      adds  356ea09   Add notion of declarative modules
      adds  648bd5c   Enable letrectification
      adds  25be9f9   Skip tests that don't work under letrectification
      adds  6cf2fc1   Fix coverage test for top-level binding optimization
      adds  2751096   Define missing shuffling assembler for string-set! et al
      adds  9d78665   Disable some JIT compilation code when JIT configured out
      adds  9e3a5c9   Fix the jitless fix
      adds  b1564df   Unbox floor/ceiling and trigonometric functions where 
      adds  253cf3d   Revert "Revert scm_c_make_char rename"
      adds  31cb10a   Letrectify only on -O2; update docs
      adds  2053592   Allow mixed local definitions and expressions
      adds  5284b9b   Update documentation for mixed definitions and expressions
      adds  d2bf01b   Further NEWS tweaks
      adds  0a3591c   Fix fatan2 intrinsic initialization
      adds  702cdb3   Fix out-of-memory test for top-level inlining
      adds  b959708   GNU Guile 2.9.4 (alpha).
      adds  b02d1b0   Compiler allocates boxed flonums in unmarked space
      adds  a2f5f9e   Fix bug in CSE auxiliary definitions
      adds  607d427   Emit warning when using "load" in declarative modules
      adds  887aac2   At optimization level -O3, seal declarative 
module-private bindings
      adds  74f1456   Have disassemble-file accept an optional output port
      adds  d1cf892   Optimize fixnum or s64 -> f64 conversions
      adds  4e89d0c   Use "G_" as the conventional alias for gettext
      adds  374c1e5   Define top-level bindings for aux syntax: else, =>, _, ...
      adds  462782a   Add documentation for else, =>, _, ... aux syntax
      adds  8fd7914   Update NEWS for 2.9.5
      adds  0bb980f   New function: install-r6rs!
      adds  afcc22f   Add --r6rs command-line option
      adds  15bef73   Add --r6rs NEWS
      adds  714d0b9   Better R6RS compatibility
      adds  42c69ae   Fix doc syntax error
      adds  1c88d51   Adapt ftw.test for pending test-suite changes
      adds  28318cb   Remove "vm" tests
      adds  3be1619   Avoid mutating arguments to resolve-interface
      adds  f62e19b   (ice-9 null) also re-exports core aux syntax
      adds  cc7d394   Deprecate passing a non-zero size to make-module
      adds  2e33563   (ice-9 null) also exports aux syntax, syntax-rules
      adds  3e02bf7   (ice-9 safe-r5rs) fixes for bound aux syntax
      adds  2cca091   Extend `import' to allow R7RS-style srfi references
      adds  f152d7c   Refactor PEG records
      adds  40395c0   Remove (ice-9 channel)
      adds  0c8d20d   Re-implement (ice-9 gap-buffer) records in terms of srfi-9
      adds  f7b4055   Deprecate two-arg `record-constructor'
      adds  6205c2d   Fix deprecated 1-arg `make-module' in tests
      adds  4bec125   Allow records to be subtyped
      adds  f060f1a   Record accessors respect subtyping
      adds  bebc46b   SRFI-9 uses make-record-type
      adds  f116bd1   make-record-type does more validation on the fields
      adds  99a9538   Rebase srfi-35 conditions on top of make-record-type
      adds  04615d3   Fix one remaining use of make-record-type with string 
type name
      adds  958aa8b   Change record type "flags" field to "properties"
      adds  7a8e314   Guile `make-record-type' supports non-generative 
      adds  f963bdf   Rename final? record type flag; add support for opaque?
      adds  315fabd   Add support for immutable fields in core records
      adds  1ae0f8d   Add record-type-parent definition.
      adds  73d0a3b   Rebase R6RS records on top of core records
      adds  9f1a671   Remove circularity in r6rs by rebasing conditions on core 
      adds  90d52a9   Add `record-type-has-parent?'.
      adds  54ab217   Add (ice-9 exceptions) module
      adds  86bc3da   Rebase SRFI-35 on top of (ice-9 exceptions)
      adds  9835ed1   Move adapter between "throw" and "raise" exceptions into 
      adds  f9b594c   Move false-if-exception down in boot-9
      adds  fc7a0a8   Move exception-handling routines after records in boot-9
      adds  92d767b   Move the core of exception objects into core
      adds  3c73d77   Move exceptions with key and args to core
      adds  f2c8ff5   Remove boot "catch" definition.
      adds  f4ca107   Rebase throw/catch on top of 
      adds  44ee8c5   Update documentation for with-exception-handler et al
      adds  95efe14   SRFI-18 uses core exceptions
      adds  4b2c512   Update NEWS for records and exceptions work
      adds  aabea73   Allow equality between arrays of vu8 and u8
      adds  d914652   Add initial implementation of R7RS modules
      adds  614f0ab   Add install-r7rs!, like install-r6rs!
      adds  b494a7f   Add r7rs test
      adds  ddc03c0   Add expected failure for R7RS test due to
      adds  fcbf0d1   Add R7RS XFAILs due to (datum 
      adds  609c386   Add R7RS xfails due to (i/o 
exn types)
      adds  78ea5c5   Add R7RS xfails due to Guile's ( . 42) syntax extension
      adds  72a2c74   Add R7RS xfails due to a restriction in 
hungry-eol-escapes (#38239)
      adds  b634071   Add R7RS documentation and --r7rs command-line option
      adds  2346a54   Add NEWS for R7RS
      adds  1907e59   Install exception converters and printers from boot-9
       new  8d109f9   (wip) give a handle into format used in exceptions

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (b05d2ce)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/wip-exception-truncate (8d109f9)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omits" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discards" are gone forever.

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .dir-locals.el                                     |    2 +
 .gitignore                                         |    4 +-
 GUILE-VERSION                                      |   10 +-
 NEWS                                               |  524 +-
 README                                             |   12 +-
 THANKS                                             |   19 +-
 acinclude.m4                                       |   42 +-
 am/                                    |   17 +-
 benchmark-suite/benchmarks/              |   35 +-
 bootstrap/                              |    9 +-                                       |  359 +-
 doc/guile.1                                        |    2 +-
 doc/ref/                                |    3 +-
 doc/ref/api-binding.texi                           |   42 +-
 doc/ref/api-control.texi                           |  813 ++--
 doc/ref/api-data.texi                              |  104 +-
 doc/ref/api-debug.texi                             |  365 +-
 doc/ref/api-evaluation.texi                        |   15 +-
 doc/ref/api-i18n.texi                              |   19 +-
 doc/ref/api-io.texi                                |   10 +-
 doc/ref/api-macros.texi                            |   58 +-
 doc/ref/api-modules.texi                           |  146 +-
 doc/ref/api-options.texi                           |   12 +-
 doc/ref/api-scheduling.texi                        |    4 +-
 doc/ref/compiler.texi                              |  216 +-
 doc/ref/data-rep.texi                              |  309 +-
 doc/ref/goops.texi                                 |   91 +-
 doc/ref/guile-invoke.texi                          |   20 +-
 doc/ref/guile.texi                                 |    7 +-
 doc/ref/history.texi                               |   26 +-
 doc/ref/intro.texi                                 |   58 +-
 doc/ref/libguile-foreign-objects.texi              |   12 +-
 doc/ref/libguile-parallel.texi                     |    2 +-
 doc/ref/match.texi                                 |    4 +-
 doc/ref/posix.texi                                 |   34 +-
 doc/ref/preface.texi                               |   21 +-
 doc/ref/r6rs.texi                                  |  131 +-
 doc/ref/r7rs.texi                                  |  137 +
 doc/ref/scheme-ideas.texi                          |   33 +-
 doc/ref/scheme-intro.texi                          |    8 +-
 doc/ref/srfi-modules.texi                          |   37 +-
 doc/ref/vm.texi                                    | 2041 ++++----
 doc/ref/web.texi                                   |   18 +-
 examples/box-dynamic-module/box.c                  |   37 +-
 examples/box-dynamic/box.c                         |   37 +-
 examples/box-module/box.c                          |   37 +-
 examples/box/box.c                                 |   37 +-
 examples/compat/compat.h                           |   37 +-
 guile-readline/readline.c                          |   49 +-
 guile-readline/readline.h                          |   40 +-
 lib/                                    |    2 +-
 libguile.h                                         |   44 +-
 libguile/                               |   42 +-
 libguile/__scm.h                                   |  524 +-
 libguile/_scm.h                                    |  268 --
 libguile/alist.c                                   |   59 +-
 libguile/alist.h                                   |   63 +-
 libguile/array-handle.c                            |   59 +-
 libguile/array-handle.h                            |   46 +-
 libguile/array-map.c                               |  101 +-
 libguile/array-map.h                               |   46 +-
 libguile/arrays.c                                  |   93 +-
 libguile/arrays.h                                  |   46 +-
 libguile/async.c                                   |  114 +-
 libguile/async.h                                   |   61 +-
 libguile/atomic.c                                  |   69 +-
 libguile/atomic.h                                  |   43 +-
 libguile/atomics-internal.h                        |   62 +-
 libguile/backtrace.c                               |  103 +-
 libguile/backtrace.h                               |   45 +-
 libguile/bdw-gc.h                                  |   35 +-
 libguile/bitvectors.c                              |  173 +-
 libguile/bitvectors.h                              |   54 +-
 libguile/boolean.c                                 |   56 +-
 libguile/boolean.h                                 |   69 +-
 libguile/bytevectors.c                             |  174 +-
 libguile/bytevectors.h                             |   48 +-
 libguile/cache-internal.h                          |   38 +-
 libguile/chars.c                                   |   76 +-
 libguile/chars.h                                   |   79 +-
 libguile/chooks.c                                  |  109 +
 libguile/chooks.h                                  |   71 +
 libguile/continuations.c                           |  264 +-
 libguile/continuations.h                           |   77 +-
 libguile/control.c                                 |  220 +-
 libguile/control.h                                 |   43 +-
 libguile/conv-integer.i.c                          |   16 +-
 libguile/conv-uinteger.i.c                         |    6 +-
 libguile/debug-malloc.c                            |   48 +-
 libguile/debug-malloc.h                            |   45 +-
 libguile/debug.c                                   |  105 +-
 libguile/debug.h                                   |   47 +-
 libguile/deprecated.c                              | 1056 +----
 libguile/deprecated.h                              |  341 +-
 libguile/deprecation.c                             |   67 +-
 libguile/deprecation.h                             |   45 +-
 libguile/dynl.c                                    |   95 +-
 libguile/dynl.h                                    |   45 +-
 libguile/dynstack.c                                |   93 +-
 libguile/dynstack.h                                |   72 +-
 libguile/dynwind.c                                 |   69 +-
 libguile/dynwind.h                                 |   44 +-
 libguile/eq.c                                      |  119 +-
 libguile/eq.h                                      |   47 +-
 libguile/error.c                                   |   84 +-
 libguile/error.h                                   |  102 +-
 libguile/eval.c                                    |  170 +-
 libguile/eval.h                                    |   46 +-
 libguile/evalext.c                                 |   58 +-
 libguile/evalext.h                                 |   45 +-
 libguile/exceptions.c                              |  520 ++
 libguile/exceptions.h                              |   65 +
 libguile/expand.c                                  |   98 +-
 libguile/expand.h                                  |   66 +-
 libguile/extensions.c                              |   60 +-
 libguile/extensions.h                              |   45 +-
 libguile/fdes-finalizers.c                         |   54 +-
 libguile/fdes-finalizers.h                         |   37 +-
 libguile/feature.c                                 |   64 +-
 libguile/feature.h                                 |   46 +-
 libguile/filesys.c                                 |  145 +-
 libguile/filesys.h                                 |   49 +-
 libguile/finalizers.c                              |   56 +-
 libguile/finalizers.h                              |   37 +-
 libguile/fluids.c                                  |   98 +-
 libguile/fluids.h                                  |   50 +-
 libguile/foreign-object.c                          |   83 +-
 libguile/foreign-object.h                          |   36 +-
 libguile/foreign.c                                 |  205 +-
 libguile/foreign.h                                 |   43 +-
 libguile/fports.c                                  |   84 +-
 libguile/fports.h                                  |   52 +-
 libguile/frames.c                                  |  103 +-
 libguile/frames.h                                  |  115 +-
 libguile/gc-inline.h                               |   81 +-
 libguile/gc-malloc.c                               |   78 +-
 libguile/gc.c                                      |  113 +-
 libguile/gc.h                                      |   66 +-
 libguile/gen-scmconfig.c                           |  141 +-
 libguile/                        |   16 +-
 libguile/generalized-arrays.c                      |   58 +-
 libguile/generalized-arrays.h                      |   54 +-
 libguile/generalized-vectors.c                     |   63 +-
 libguile/generalized-vectors.h                     |   49 +-
 libguile/gettext.c                                 |   57 +-
 libguile/gettext.h                                 |   47 +-
 libguile/goops.c                                   |  309 +-
 libguile/goops.h                                   |   72 +-
 libguile/gsubr.c                                   |  653 ++-
 libguile/gsubr.h                                   |  141 +-
 libguile/guardians.c                               |   73 +-
 libguile/guardians.h                               |   45 +-
 libguile/guile.c                                   |   54 +-
 libguile/hash.c                                    |  126 +-
 libguile/hash.h                                    |   46 +-
 libguile/hashtab.c                                 |   72 +-
 libguile/hashtab.h                                 |   45 +-
 libguile/hooks.c                                   |  141 +-
 libguile/hooks.h                                   |   85 +-
 libguile/i18n.c                                    |  230 +-
 libguile/i18n.h                                    |   47 +-
 libguile/init.c                                    |  288 +-
 libguile/init.h                                    |   44 +-
 libguile/inline.c                                  |   49 +-
 libguile/inline.h                                  |  119 +-
 libguile/instructions.c                            |   69 +-
 libguile/instructions.h                            |   43 +-
 libguile/intrinsics.c                              |  581 +++
 libguile/intrinsics.h                              |  214 +
 libguile/ioext.c                                   |   82 +-
 libguile/ioext.h                                   |   45 +-
 libguile/iselect.h                                 |   51 +-
 libguile/jit.c                                     | 4992 ++++++++++++++++++++
 libguile/jit.h                                     |   70 +
 libguile/keywords.c                                |   63 +-
 libguile/keywords.h                                |   57 +-
 libguile/libgettext.h                              |   27 +-
 libguile/lightening/.gitignore                     |    4 +
 libguile/lightening/.gitlab-ci.yml                 |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/AUTHORS                        |   14 +
 libguile/lightening/COPYING                        |  676 +++
 libguile/lightening/COPYING.DOC                    |  355 ++
 libguile/lightening/COPYING.LESSER                 |  165 +
 libguile/lightening/ChangeLog                      |   17 +
 libguile/lightening/ChangeLog.lightning            | 4018 ++++++++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/NEWS                           |  199 +
 libguile/lightening/                      |   57 +
 libguile/lightening/THANKS                         |   19 +
 libguile/lightening/                  |   58 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening.h                   |  662 +++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64-cpu.c       | 2571 ++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64-fpu.c       |  810 ++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64.c           |  230 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64.h           |  168 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm-cpu.c           | 3084 ++++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm-vfp.c           | 1168 +++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm.c               |  139 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm.h               |  134 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/endian.h            |   95 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/lightening.c        | 1394 ++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips-cpu.c          | 3153 +++++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips-fpu.c          | 1844 ++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips.c              | 1935 ++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips.h              |  115 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc-cpu.c           | 3483 ++++++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc-fpu.c           | 1194 +++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc.c               | 1751 +++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc.h               |  109 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390-cpu.c          | 3848 +++++++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390-fpu.c          | 1316 ++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390.c              | 1691 +++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390.h              |   68 +
 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86-cpu.c           | 2788 +++++++++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86-sse.c           | 1016 ++++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86.c               |  407 ++
 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86.h               |  161 +
 libguile/lightening/lightning.texi                 | 1760 +++++++
 libguile/lightening/tests/Makefile                 |   62 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/absr_d.c                 |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/absr_f.c                 |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/addi.c                   |   25 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/addr.c                   |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/addr_d.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/addr_f.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/addx.c                   |   63 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/andi.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/andr.c                   |   48 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/beqi.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/beqr.c                   |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/beqr_d.c                 |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/beqr_f.c                 |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgei.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgei_u.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bger.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bger_d.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bger_f.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bger_u.c                 |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgti.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgti_u.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr_d.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr_f.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr_u.c                 |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/blei.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/blei_u.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bler.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bler_d.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bler_f.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bler_u.c                 |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bltgtr_d.c               |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bltgtr_f.c               |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/blti.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/blti_u.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr_d.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr_f.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr_u.c                 |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bmci.c                   |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bmcr.c                   |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bmsi.c                   |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bmsr.c                   |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bnei.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bner.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bner_d.c                 |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bner_f.c                 |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddi.c                 |   41 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddi_u.c               |   41 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddr.c                 |   51 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddr_u.c               |   51 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bordr_d.c                |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bordr_f.c                |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubi.c                 |   41 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubi_u.c               |   37 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubr.c                 |   48 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubr_u.c               |   47 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bswapr_ui.c              |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bswapr_ul.c              |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bswapr_us.c              |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/buneqr_d.c               |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/buneqr_f.c               |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunger_d.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunger_f.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bungtr_d.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bungtr_f.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunler_d.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunler_f.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunltr_d.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunltr_f.c               |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunordr_d.c              |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bunordr_f.c              |   36 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddi.c                 |   39 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddi_u.c               |   39 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddr.c                 |   49 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddr_u.c               |   49 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubi.c                 |   39 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubi_u.c               |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubr.c                 |   46 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubr_u.c               |   45 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/call_10.c                |   54 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/callee_9.c               |   68 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/comr.c                   |   41 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/divr.c                   |   60 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/divr_d.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/divr_f.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/divr_u.c                 |   55 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_c.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_d.c                 |   25 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_d_f.c               |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_f.c                 |   25 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_f_d.c               |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_i.c                 |   30 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_s.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_uc.c                |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_ui.c                |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_us.c                |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/jmpi.c                   |   21 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/jmpr.c                   |   23 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_c.c                  |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_d.c                  |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_f.c                  |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_i.c                  |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_l.c                  |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_s.c                  |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_uc.c                 |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_ui.c                 |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_us.c                 |   24 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_c.c                  |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_d.c                  |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_f.c                  |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_i.c                  |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_l.c                  |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_s.c                  |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_uc.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_ui.c                 |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_us.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_c.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_d.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_f.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_i.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_l.c                 |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_s.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_uc.c                |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_ui.c                |   29 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_us.c                |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_c.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_d.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_f.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_i.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_l.c                 |   30 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_s.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_uc.c                |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_ui.c                |   30 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_us.c                |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/link-register.c          |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/lshi.c                   |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/lshr.c                   |   69 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/mov_addr.c               |   25 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/movi_d.c                 |   22 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/movi_f.c                 |   22 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/mulr.c                   |   64 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/mulr_d.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/mulr_f.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/negr.c                   |   39 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/negr_d.c                 |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/negr_f.c                 |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/ori.c                    |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/orr.c                    |   48 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/qdivr.c                  |   44 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/qdivr_u.c                |   42 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/qmulr.c                  |   58 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/qmulr_u.c                |   46 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/remr.c                   |   60 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/remr_u.c                 |   56 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/rshi.c                   |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/rshi_u.c                 |   28 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/rshr.c                   |   63 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/rshr_u.c                 |   62 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sqrtr_d.c                |   25 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sqrtr_f.c                |   25 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_c.c                  |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_d.c                  |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_f.c                  |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_i.c                  |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_l.c                  |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_s.c                  |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/str_c.c                  |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/str_d.c                  |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/str_f.c                  |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/str_i.c                  |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/str_l.c                  |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/str_s.c                  |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_c.c                 |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_d.c                 |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_f.c                 |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_i.c                 |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_l.c                 |   34 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_s.c                 |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_c.c                 |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_d.c                 |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_f.c                 |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_i.c                 |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_l.c                 |   35 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_s.c                 |   33 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/subr.c                   |   26 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/subr_d.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/subr_f.c                 |   27 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/subx.c                   |   63 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/test.h                   |   42 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_d_i.c             |   30 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_d_l.c             |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_f_i.c             |   30 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_f_l.c             |   32 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/xori.c                   |   31 +
 libguile/lightening/tests/xorr.c                   |   48 +
 libguile/list.c                                    |   61 +-
 libguile/list.h                                    |   84 +-
 libguile/load.c                                    |   98 +-
 libguile/load.h                                    |   45 +-
 libguile/loader.c                                  |  132 +-
 libguile/loader.h                                  |   77 +-
 libguile/locale-categories.h                       |   35 +-
 libguile/macros.c                                  |   66 +-
 libguile/macros.h                                  |   45 +-
 libguile/mallocs.c                                 |   53 +-
 libguile/mallocs.h                                 |   45 +-
 libguile/memmove.c                                 |   28 -
 libguile/memoize.c                                 |   94 +-
 libguile/memoize.h                                 |   46 +-
 libguile/modules.c                                 |  103 +-
 libguile/modules.h                                 |   48 +-
 libguile/net_db.c                                  |   66 +-
 libguile/net_db.h                                  |   45 +-
 libguile/null-threads.c                            |   47 +-
 libguile/null-threads.h                            |   43 +-
 libguile/numbers.c                                 |  447 +-
 libguile/numbers.h                                 |  254 +-
 libguile/objprop.c                                 |   58 +-
 libguile/objprop.h                                 |   45 +-
 libguile/options.c                                 |   57 +-
 libguile/options.h                                 |   45 +-
 libguile/pairs.c                                   |   60 +-
 libguile/pairs.h                                   |   89 +-
 libguile/poll.c                                    |   62 +-
 libguile/poll.h                                    |   45 +-
 libguile/ports-internal.h                          |   68 +-
 libguile/ports.c                                   |  240 +-
 libguile/ports.h                                   |   82 +-
 libguile/posix-w32.c                               |   42 +-
 libguile/posix-w32.h                               |   37 +-
 libguile/posix.c                                   |  179 +-
 libguile/posix.h                                   |   45 +-
 libguile/print.c                                   |  144 +-
 libguile/print.h                                   |   67 +-
 libguile/private-options.h                         |   41 +-
 libguile/procprop.c                                |   73 +-
 libguile/procprop.h                                |   45 +-
 libguile/procs.c                                   |   68 +-
 libguile/procs.h                                   |   57 +-
 libguile/programs.c                                |  111 +-
 libguile/programs.h                                |   48 +-
 libguile/promises.c                                |  111 +-
 libguile/promises.h                                |   46 +-
 libguile/pthread-threads.h                         |   43 +-
 libguile/quicksort.i.c                             |    4 +-
 libguile/r6rs-ports.c                              |  224 +-
 libguile/r6rs-ports.h                              |   42 +-
 libguile/random.c                                  |  158 +-
 libguile/random.h                                  |   54 +-
 libguile/rdelim.c                                  |   69 +-
 libguile/rdelim.h                                  |   45 +-
 libguile/read.c                                    |  108 +-
 libguile/read.h                                    |   45 +-
 libguile/regex-posix.c                             |   76 +-
 libguile/regex-posix.h                             |   47 +-
 libguile/rw.c                                      |   69 +-
 libguile/rw.h                                      |   45 +-
 libguile/scm.h                                     |  854 ++++
 libguile/                           |   35 +-
 libguile/scmsigs.c                                 |   84 +-
 libguile/scmsigs.h                                 |   48 +-
 libguile/script.c                                  |  177 +-
 libguile/script.h                                  |   50 +-
 libguile/simpos.c                                  |   53 +-
 libguile/simpos.h                                  |   45 +-
 libguile/smob.c                                    |   65 +-
 libguile/smob.h                                    |  106 +-
 libguile/snarf.h                                   |  289 +-
 libguile/socket.c                                  |  106 +-
 libguile/socket.h                                  |   47 +-
 libguile/sort.c                                    |   73 +-
 libguile/sort.h                                    |   45 +-
 libguile/srcprop.c                                 |   79 +-
 libguile/srcprop.h                                 |   46 +-
 libguile/srfi-1.c                                  |   71 +-
 libguile/srfi-1.h                                  |   38 +-
 libguile/srfi-13.c                                 |  127 +-
 libguile/srfi-13.h                                 |   38 +-
 libguile/srfi-14.c                                 |   76 +-
 libguile/srfi-14.h                                 |   39 +-
 libguile/srfi-4.c                                  |   83 +-
 libguile/srfi-4.h                                  |  119 +-
 libguile/srfi-60.c                                 |   54 +-
 libguile/srfi-60.h                                 |   39 +-
 libguile/stackchk.c                                |   59 +-
 libguile/stackchk.h                                |   45 +-
 libguile/stacks.c                                  |  105 +-
 libguile/stacks.h                                  |   50 +-
 libguile/stime.c                                   |  113 +-
 libguile/stime.h                                   |   45 +-
 libguile/strerror.c                                |   35 -
 libguile/strings.c                                 |  216 +-
 libguile/strings.h                                 |  106 +-
 libguile/strorder.c                                |   62 +-
 libguile/strorder.h                                |   45 +-
 libguile/strports.c                                |  115 +-
 libguile/strports.h                                |   50 +-
 libguile/struct.c                                  |  657 +--
 libguile/struct.h                                  |  170 +-
 libguile/symbols.c                                 |   95 +-
 libguile/symbols.h                                 |   88 +-
 libguile/syntax.c                                  |   59 +-
 libguile/syntax.h                                  |   39 +-
 libguile/syscalls.h                                |   87 +
 libguile/tags.h                                    |  665 +--
 libguile/threads.c                                 |  289 +-
 libguile/threads.h                                 |  109 +-
 libguile/throw.c                                   |  617 +--
 libguile/throw.h                                   |   65 +-
 libguile/trees.c                                   |   54 +-
 libguile/trees.h                                   |   46 +-
 libguile/unicode.c                                 |   54 +-
 libguile/unicode.h                                 |   44 +-
 libguile/uniform.c                                 |   52 +-
 libguile/uniform.h                                 |   46 +-
 libguile/validate.h                                |  412 +-
 libguile/values.c                                  |  166 +-
 libguile/values.h                                  |   70 +-
 libguile/variable.c                                |   61 +-
 libguile/variable.h                                |   71 +-
 libguile/vectors.c                                 |   81 +-
 libguile/vectors.h                                 |   57 +-
 libguile/version.c                                 |   54 +-
 libguile/                              |   14 +-
 libguile/vm-builtins.h                             |   36 +-
 libguile/vm-engine.c                               | 4935 +++++++++----------
 libguile/vm-expand.h                               |   41 +-
 libguile/vm.c                                      | 1851 +++++---
 libguile/vm.h                                      |  119 +-
 libguile/vports.c                                  |   76 +-
 libguile/vports.h                                  |   45 +-
 libguile/weak-list.h                               |   45 +-
 libguile/weak-set.c                                |   62 +-
 libguile/weak-set.h                                |   45 +-
 libguile/weak-table.c                              |   68 +-
 libguile/weak-table.h                              |   45 +-
 libguile/weak-vector.c                             |   57 +-
 libguile/weak-vector.h                             |   45 +-
 m4/iconv.m4                                        |   35 +-
 meta/                                   |    2 +- =>} |    0
 meta/{ =>}          |    0
 meta/                               |    4 +-
 module/                                 |   37 +-
 module/ice-9/binary-ports.scm                      |    1 +
 module/ice-9/boot-9.scm                            | 1450 ++++--
 module/ice-9/channel.scm                           |  170 -
 module/ice-9/command-line.scm                      |   38 +-
 module/ice-9/compile-psyntax.scm                   |    3 +-
 module/ice-9/debug.scm                             |   25 -
 module/ice-9/deprecated.scm                        |   86 +-
 module/ice-9/eval.scm                              |    4 +-
 module/ice-9/exceptions.scm                        |  341 ++
 module/ice-9/format.scm                            | 3030 ++++++------
 module/ice-9/gap-buffer.scm                        |   62 +-
 module/ice-9/i18n.scm                              |    4 +-
 module/ice-9/mapping.scm                           |  118 -
 module/ice-9/null.scm                              |   31 +-
 module/ice-9/peg/using-parsers.scm                 |   41 +-
 module/ice-9/popen.scm                             |   61 +-
 module/ice-9/ports.scm                             |    3 +-
 module/ice-9/psyntax-pp.scm                        |  766 ++-
 module/ice-9/psyntax.scm                           |  647 +--
 module/ice-9/r6rs-libraries.scm                    |   22 +-
 module/ice-9/safe-r5rs.scm                         |  337 +-
 module/ice-9/safe.scm                              |    6 +-
 module/ice-9/sandbox.scm                           |    8 +-
 module/ice-9/session.scm                           |    2 +-
 module/ice-9/suspendable-ports.scm                 |  135 +-
 module/ice-9/syncase.scm                           |   37 -
 module/ice-9/top-repl.scm                          |    6 +-
 module/language/bytecode.scm                       |   36 +-
 module/language/cps.scm                            |  100 +-
 module/language/cps/closure-conversion.scm         |  477 +-
 module/language/cps/compile-bytecode.scm           |  717 +--
 module/language/cps/constructors.scm               |  106 -
 module/language/cps/contification.scm              |  158 +-
 module/language/cps/cse.scm                        |  363 +-
 module/language/cps/dce.scm                        |   84 +-
 module/language/cps/devirtualize-integers.scm      |  263 ++
 module/language/cps/effects-analysis.scm           |  403 +-
 module/language/cps/elide-values.scm               |   88 -
 module/language/cps/graphs.scm                     |  268 ++
 module/language/cps/intmap.scm                     |    7 +-
 module/language/cps/licm.scm                       |  169 +-
 ...dle-interrupts.scm => loop-instrumentation.scm} |   54 +-
 module/language/cps/optimize.scm                   |   53 +-
 module/language/cps/peel-loops.scm                 |  110 +-
 module/language/cps/primitives.scm                 |  141 -
 module/language/cps/prune-bailouts.scm             |   86 -
 module/language/cps/prune-top-level-scopes.scm     |   20 +-
 module/language/cps/reify-primitives.scm           |  538 ++-
 module/language/cps/renumber.scm                   |   85 +-
 module/language/cps/rotate-loops.scm               |  141 +-
 module/language/cps/self-references.scm            |   68 +-
 module/language/cps/simplify.scm                   |   98 +-
 module/language/cps/slot-allocation.scm            |  286 +-
 module/language/cps/specialize-numbers.scm         |  860 ++--
 module/language/cps/specialize-primcalls.scm       |  140 +-
 module/language/cps/split-rec.scm                  |   50 +-
 module/language/cps/type-checks.scm                |   20 +-
 module/language/cps/type-fold.scm                  |  642 ++-
 module/language/cps/types.scm                      | 1340 +++---
 module/language/cps/utils.scm                      |  397 +-
 module/language/cps/verify.scm                     |  135 +-
 module/language/ecmascript/function.scm            |    2 +-
 module/language/tree-il.scm                        |   49 +-
 module/language/tree-il/analyze.scm                |   24 +-
 module/language/tree-il/compile-cps.scm            | 2187 +++++++--
 module/language/tree-il/cps-primitives.scm         |  190 +
 module/language/tree-il/debug.scm                  |   14 +-
 module/language/tree-il/effects.scm                |   13 +-
 module/language/tree-il/fix-letrec.scm             |  486 +-
 module/language/tree-il/letrectify.scm             |  306 ++
 module/language/tree-il/optimize.scm               |   65 +-
 module/language/tree-il/peval.scm                  |   75 +-
 module/language/tree-il/primitives.scm             |  207 +-
 module/oop/goops.scm                               |  636 ++-
 module/rnrs.scm                                    |    4 +-
 module/rnrs/base.scm                               |    4 +-
 module/rnrs/conditions.scm                         |  197 +-
 module/rnrs/eval.scm                               |    2 +-
 module/rnrs/exceptions.scm                         |  240 +-
 module/rnrs/io/ports.scm                           |   18 +-
 module/rnrs/records/inspection.scm                 |   76 +-
 module/rnrs/records/procedural.scm                 |  381 +-
 module/scheme/base.scm                             |  593 +++
 module/scheme/case-lambda.scm                      |   19 +
 module/scheme/char.scm                             |   85 +
 module/scheme/complex.scm                          |   22 +
 module/scheme/cxr.scm                              |   42 +
 module/scheme/eval.scm                             |   35 +
 module/scheme/file.scm                             |   24 +
 module/scheme/inexact.scm                          |   62 +
 module/scheme/lazy.scm                             |   24 +
 module/scheme/load.scm                             |   25 +
 module/scheme/process-context.scm                  |   58 +
 module/scheme/r5rs.scm                             |  135 +
 module/scheme/read.scm                             |   19 +
 module/scheme/repl.scm                             |   19 +
 module/scheme/time.scm                             |   31 +
 module/scheme/write.scm                            |   23 +
 module/scripts/api-diff.scm                        |    2 +-
 module/scripts/compile.scm                         |   26 +-
 module/scripts/snarf-check-and-output-texi.scm     |   10 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-10.scm                            |    2 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-18.scm                            |  146 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-19.scm                            |   44 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-34.scm                            |   52 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-35.scm                            |  376 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-43.scm                            |   14 +-
 module/srfi/srfi-9.scm                             |   65 +-
 module/statprof.scm                                |  116 +-
 module/system/base/optimize.scm                    |   43 +
 module/system/base/syntax.scm                      |    6 +-
 module/system/base/target.scm                      |   48 +-
 module/system/base/types.scm                       |  100 +-
 module/system/base/types/internal.scm              |  217 +
 module/system/repl/common.scm                      |    4 +-
 module/system/repl/server.scm                      |   10 +-
 module/system/vm/assembler.scm                     |  805 +++-
 module/system/vm/coverage.scm                      |    9 +-
 module/system/vm/debug.scm                         |    7 +-
 module/system/vm/disassembler.scm                  |  153 +-
 module/system/vm/frame.scm                         |   48 +-
 module/system/vm/linker.scm                        |   33 +-
 module/system/vm/program.scm                       |    7 +-
 module/system/vm/trace.scm                         |   15 +-
 module/system/vm/traps.scm                         |  177 +-
 module/system/vm/vm.scm                            |   10 +-
 module/system/xref.scm                             |    6 +-
 module/texinfo/html.scm                            |    4 +
 module/texinfo/reflection.scm                      |    7 +-
 module/web/client.scm                              |   16 -
 module/web/uri.scm                                 |   40 +-
 test-suite/                             |    6 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-asmobs-lib.c            |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-conversion.c            |  281 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-extensions-lib.c        |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-ffi-lib.c               |  189 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-foreign-object-c.c      |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-list.c                  |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-loose-ends.c            |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-num2integral.c          |   36 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-out-of-memory           |    6 +-
 .../standalone/test-pthread-create-secondary.c     |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-pthread-create.c        |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-round.c                 |   35 +-
 .../standalone/test-scm-c-bind-keyword-arguments.c |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-scm-c-read.c            |   38 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-scm-spawn-thread.c      |   35 +-
 .../standalone/test-scm-take-locale-symbol.c       |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-scm-take-u8vector.c     |   37 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-scm-to-latin1-string.c  |   39 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-scm-values.c            |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-scm-with-guile.c        |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-smob-mark-race.c        |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-smob-mark.c             |   35 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-srfi-4.c                |   37 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-unwind.c                |   40 +-
 test-suite/standalone/test-with-guile-module.c     |   35 +-
 test-suite/test-suite/lib.scm                      |    7 +-
 test-suite/tests/compiler.test                     |   37 +
 test-suite/tests/coverage.test                     |    8 +-
 test-suite/tests/eval.test                         |   16 +-
 test-suite/tests/exceptions.test                   |   17 +-
 test-suite/tests/filesys.test                      |    8 +-
 test-suite/tests/ftw.test                          |    2 +-
 test-suite/tests/gc.test                           |    2 +-
 test-suite/tests/goops.test                        |   45 +-
 test-suite/tests/i18n.test                         |   21 +-
 test-suite/tests/linker.test                       |    5 +-
 test-suite/tests/modules.test                      |    4 +-
 test-suite/tests/peval.test                        |  152 +-
 test-suite/tests/ports.test                        |    4 +-
 test-suite/tests/posix.test                        |   42 +-
 test-suite/tests/r6rs-ports.test                   |   15 +-
 test-suite/tests/r6rs-records-procedural.test      |   11 +-
 test-suite/tests/r7rs.test                         | 2575 ++++++++++
 test-suite/tests/records.test                      |  121 +-
 test-suite/tests/rtl.test                          |  242 +-
 test-suite/tests/signals.test                      |   15 +-
 test-suite/tests/srfi-18.test                      |   39 +-
 test-suite/tests/srfi-19.test                      |   14 +
 test-suite/tests/srfi-35.test                      |    2 +-
 test-suite/tests/srfi-64-test.scm                  |   18 +-
 test-suite/tests/strings.test                      |   20 +-
 test-suite/tests/structs.test                      |   28 +-
 test-suite/tests/syntax.test                       |   31 +-
 test-suite/tests/time.test                         |   67 +-
 test-suite/tests/tree-il.test                      |   16 +-
 test-suite/tests/web-server.test                   |  118 +
 test-suite/tests/web-uri.test                      |   33 +-
 test-suite/vm/                          |   48 -
 test-suite/vm/run-vm-tests.scm                     |   91 -
 test-suite/vm/t-basic-contructs.scm                |   16 -
 test-suite/vm/t-call-cc.scm                        |   30 -
 test-suite/vm/t-catch.scm                          |   10 -
 test-suite/vm/t-closure.scm                        |    8 -
 test-suite/vm/t-closure2.scm                       |   10 -
 test-suite/vm/t-closure3.scm                       |    7 -
 test-suite/vm/t-closure4.scm                       |   22 -
 test-suite/vm/t-do-loop.scm                        |    5 -
 test-suite/vm/t-global-bindings.scm                |   13 -
 test-suite/vm/t-literal-integers.scm               |    5 -
 test-suite/vm/t-macros.scm                         |    4 -
 test-suite/vm/t-macros2.scm                        |   17 -
 test-suite/vm/t-map.scm                            |   10 -
 test-suite/vm/t-match.scm                          |   26 -
 test-suite/vm/t-mutual-toplevel-defines.scm        |    8 -
 test-suite/vm/t-or.scm                             |   29 -
 test-suite/vm/t-proc-with-setter.scm               |   20 -
 test-suite/vm/t-quasiquote.scm                     |   12 -
 test-suite/vm/t-records.scm                        |   14 -
 test-suite/vm/t-values.scm                         |   13 -
 774 files changed, 93170 insertions(+), 31613 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 doc/ref/r7rs.texi
 delete mode 100644 libguile/_scm.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/chooks.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/chooks.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/exceptions.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/exceptions.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/intrinsics.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/intrinsics.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/jit.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/jit.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/.gitlab-ci.yml
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/AUTHORS
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/COPYING
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/COPYING.DOC
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/COPYING.LESSER
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/ChangeLog
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/ChangeLog.lightning
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/NEWS
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/THANKS
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64-cpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64-fpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/aarch64.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm-cpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm-vfp.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/arm.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/endian.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/lightening.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips-cpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips-fpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/mips.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc-cpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc-fpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/ppc.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390-cpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390-fpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/s390.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86-cpu.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86-sse.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightening/x86.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/lightning.texi
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/Makefile
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/absr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/absr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/addi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/addr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/addr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/addr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/addx.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/andi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/andr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/beqi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/beqr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/beqr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/beqr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgei.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgei_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bger.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bger_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bger_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bger_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgti.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgti_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bgtr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/blei.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/blei_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bler.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bler_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bler_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bler_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bltgtr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bltgtr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/blti.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/blti_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bltr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bmci.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bmcr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bmsi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bmsr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bnei.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bner.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bner_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bner_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddi_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/boaddr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bordr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bordr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubi_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bosubr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bswapr_ui.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bswapr_ul.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bswapr_us.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/buneqr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/buneqr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunger_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunger_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bungtr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bungtr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunler_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunler_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunltr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunltr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunordr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bunordr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddi_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxaddr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubi_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/bxsubr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/call_10.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/callee_9.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/comr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/divr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/divr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/divr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/divr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_d_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_f_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_uc.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_ui.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/extr_us.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/jmpi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/jmpr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_uc.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_ui.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldi_us.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_uc.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_ui.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldr_us.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_uc.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_ui.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxi_us.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_uc.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_ui.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ldxr_us.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/link-register.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/lshi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/lshr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/mov_addr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/movi_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/movi_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/mulr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/mulr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/mulr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/negr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/negr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/negr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/ori.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/orr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/qdivr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/qdivr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/qmulr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/qmulr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/remr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/remr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/rshi.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/rshi_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/rshr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/rshr_u.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sqrtr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sqrtr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/sti_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/str_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/str_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/str_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/str_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/str_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/str_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxi_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_c.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/stxr_s.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/subr.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/subr_d.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/subr_f.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/subx.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/test.h
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_d_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_d_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_f_i.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/truncr_f_l.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/xori.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/lightening/tests/xorr.c
 delete mode 100644 libguile/memmove.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/scm.h
 delete mode 100644 libguile/strerror.c
 create mode 100644 libguile/syscalls.h
 rename meta/{ =>} (100%)
 rename meta/{ =>} (100%)
 delete mode 100644 module/ice-9/channel.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/ice-9/debug.scm
 create mode 100644 module/ice-9/exceptions.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/ice-9/mapping.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/ice-9/syncase.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/language/cps/constructors.scm
 create mode 100644 module/language/cps/devirtualize-integers.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/language/cps/elide-values.scm
 create mode 100644 module/language/cps/graphs.scm
 rename module/language/cps/{handle-interrupts.scm => loop-instrumentation.scm} 
 delete mode 100644 module/language/cps/primitives.scm
 delete mode 100644 module/language/cps/prune-bailouts.scm
 create mode 100644 module/language/tree-il/cps-primitives.scm
 create mode 100644 module/language/tree-il/letrectify.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/base.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/case-lambda.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/char.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/complex.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/cxr.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/eval.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/file.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/inexact.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/lazy.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/load.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/process-context.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/r5rs.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/read.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/repl.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/time.scm
 create mode 100644 module/scheme/write.scm
 create mode 100644 module/system/base/optimize.scm
 create mode 100644 module/system/base/types/internal.scm
 create mode 100644 test-suite/tests/r7rs.test
 create mode 100644 test-suite/tests/web-server.test
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/run-vm-tests.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-basic-contructs.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-call-cc.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-catch.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-closure.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-closure2.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-closure3.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-closure4.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-do-loop.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-global-bindings.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-literal-integers.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-macros.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-macros2.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-map.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-match.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-mutual-toplevel-defines.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-or.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-proc-with-setter.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-quasiquote.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-records.scm
 delete mode 100644 test-suite/vm/t-values.scm

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