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[Guile-commits] branch wip-goops-refactor deleted (was c2ff33b)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-goops-refactor deleted (was c2ff33b)
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 10:33:58 +0000

wingo pushed a change to branch wip-goops-refactor
in repository guile.

       was  c2ff33b   Simplify GOOPS effective method cache format

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  c2ff33b   Simplify GOOPS effective method cache format
  discards  b1560e2   Fast generic function dispatch without calling `compile' 
at runtime
  discards  5827b91   GOOPS cosmetics
  discards  edb1ff2   Update (oop goops save) for <slot> objects
  discards  4d02e87   Fix foreign objects for removal of getters-n-setters
  discards  dc062a4   Minor GOOPS cleanups
  discards  9af0798   Optimize %initialize-object
  discards  281fac2   Inline internal slot accessors
  discards  3ed5931   Inline helpers into slot-ref, slot-set!, etc
  discards  13dc769   Use a vtable bit to mark <slot> instances
  discards  968b1aa   Introduce <slot> objects in GOOPS
  discards  34ade88   Beginnings of <slot> slot definition class
  discards  33ad80a   The GOOPS "unbound" value is a unique pair
  discards  c23bb28   GOOPS: Deprecate "using-class" procs like 
  discards  294e366   change-object-class refactor
  discards  941e45b   slot-ref, slot-set! et al bypass "using-class" variants
  discards  d3b72ac   Manipulate GOOPS vtable flags from Scheme, for speed
  discards  f7dccd3   GOOPS class slot indices defined as inline values
  discards  84369e9   `match' refactor in goops.scm
  discards  9a8a5ab   Convert emit-linear-dispatch to use match
  discards  c868fcb   More GOOPS cleanups
  discards  063fac9   when and unless for one-armed ifs in goops.scm
  discards  5240c4d   More GOOPS comments
  discards  4888e34   Commenting in goops.scm
  discards  a9a8beb   Narrative reordering in goops.scm
  discards  3d8eeab   scm_make cleanup
  discards  c0fb2c6   Add compute-cpl tests
  discards  81656f9   Fold (oop goops util) into (oop goops)
  discards  3701c00   GOOPS utils module cleanups
  discards  e78d7a8   append-map rather than mapappend
  discards  612803b   GOOPS cleanup to use SRFI-1 better
  discards  701d0b6   Cosmetic goops refactors.
  discards  8e5796c   Incorporate %inherit-magic! into %init-layout!
  discards  3cb4425   goops.c no longer knows about <class> slot allocation
  discards  f5e310b   Reimplement inherit-applicable! in Scheme
  discards  c9d5e35   Reimplement %allocate-instance in Scheme
  discards  c21c972   Re-use the vtable "size" field for GOOPS nfields
  discards  972e4e3   Move <class> initialization to Scheme
  discards  e47de82   Deprecate scm_get_keyword
  discards  13cf4b6   Rewrite %initialize-object in Scheme
  discards  b6f8bfd   Minor goops.c tidying
  discards  77f8518   Remove scm_c_extend_primitive_generic
  discards  07557d8   No more concept of "pure generics"
  discards  2bf31a2   Remove TEST_CHANGE_CLASS
  discards  4a07435   Remove pure-generic?
  discards  b650f9f   Goops slot-unbound / slot-missing cleanups
  discards  eb29d66   Move slot-ref et al to Scheme
  discards  0e59472   Port method and generic accessors to Scheme
  discards  501f4f3   <class> accessors implemented in Scheme
  discards  7698f2d   goops: use computed class slot offsets; untabify and fix 
  discards  dd5b69a   Statically compute offsets for slots of <class> in Scheme
  discards  3574567   Refactor to <class> slot computation
  discards  aa11d26   Remove GOOPS random state
  discards  3834b5e   More goops.c cleanups, and fix a security issue
  discards  6d3cb76   Remove unused union scm_t_debug_info
  discards  3e27174   More unused code removal in GOOPS
  discards  d1024e9   Remove private var_no_applicable_method capture
  discards  a4626f0   Remove scm_assert_bound
  discards  9404e41   Remove scm_at_assert_bound_ref
  discards  4716d4c   Remove hashset slots from GOOPS classes
  discards  d7d00a9   Deprecate C exports of GOOPS classes.
  discards  4f4a462   Generics with setters have 
<applicable-struct-with-setter> layout
  discards  4aece18   Remove unused CPP defines naming <method> slots
  discards  b55d967   Remove unused `default-slot-definition-class' <class> slot
  discards  e3b12bc   Remove useless scm_s_slot_set_x export
  discards  b053e38   Remove unreachable code in scm_setter
  discards  b75e36d   Deprecate scm_no_applicable_method C export
  discards  159356c   Remove unused scm_t_method and SCM_METHOD
  discards  44ea69f   Fold GOOPS compile and dispatch modules into main GOOPS 
  discards  34498f6   Remove unused *goops-module* definition.
  discards  2db0483   define-generic, define-extended-generic are hygienic 
  discards  13c8d3a   `class' is a hygienic macro
  discards  2fad8e5   Deprecate scm_basic_make_class
  discards  29178cd   Move GOOPS boot to Scheme
  discards  6d54bca   Remove declarations without definitions
  discards  e2c5daa   Remove unused %fast-slot-ref / %fast-slot-set! from GOOPS
  discards  8701c2c   Preparation for more GOOPS refactorings
  discards  7f1b114   %init-goops-builtins is an extension, not a global
  discards  2b1bde5   compute-cpl implementation only in Scheme
  discards  e3c28dc   More useless goops.c code removal
  discards  6b948b5   Remove unused macros in goops.c
  discards  d5671db   Rewrite %method-more-specific? to be in Scheme
  discards  b5bfbac   Deprecate C interfaces scm_compute_applicable_methods, 
  discards  de43d84   %compute-applicable-methods in Scheme

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