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[Guile-commits] branch wip-cps-bis deleted (was 4003e66)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-cps-bis deleted (was 4003e66)
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 10:30:57 +0000

wingo pushed a change to branch wip-cps-bis
in repository guile.

       was  4003e66   RTL VM: Fix RTL instruction arity computation.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  4003e66   RTL VM: Fix RTL instruction arity computation.
  discards  5dea94f   Add 'letconst' sugar to CPS serialization format.
  discards  e413790   RTL Compiler: Fix 'case-lambda'.
  discards  49b2835   RTL Compiler: Rewrite 'solve-parallel-move'.
  discards  d00630b   Adapt rtl.test to 'return-values' instruction changes.
  discards  f55ae2b   elisp: accept and ignore the #:to-file? compiler option.
  discards  63026c5   RTL compiles to ELF images without passing through 
  discards  c0ab19b   assembler: give proper permissions to .data section
  discards  904e99b   compile-file adds #:to-disk? #t to opts
  discards  3acf0b1   fix non-contifiable letrec-bound functions
  discards  0ae3dcb   fix (?) let-bound function contification
  discards  ed1e086   contification of mutually recursive functions
  discards  d31e3ea   fix dfg for find-defining-expression of return values 
from calls
  discards  3f72a53   Add contification pass
  discards  8499f0a   Move CPS macro scheme-indent-functions to .dir-locals.el.
  discards  5c9d29e   RTL: 'return-values' instruction assumes 'reset-frame' 
has been called.
  discards  145911f   Improve handling of environments in rtl-compilation.test.
  discards  2a5b3f4   RTL VM: Rename 'apply' instruction to 'tail-apply'.
  discards  324418b   FIXME fixes
  discards  2a99c15   RTL Compiler: Fix primcall/seqs in tail position.
  discards  67eec8d   RTL Compiler: use $letconst in init-closure.
  discards  6e331f8   RTL Compiler: arrange for scheme-indent-functions to be 
eval'd by emacs.
  discards  5b8e969   $kentry binds a $ktail
  discards  45c9316   Factor fold-conts, fold-local-conts into cps.scm
  discards  77ee8b9   reorder $cont's k and src fields
  discards  120e28c   parse-cps uses build-cps
  discards  d8ca22b   closure conversion refactor
  discards  0313c87   reify-primitives using cps builders
  discards  c19881a   (language cps arities) uses build-cps-term
  discards  561c9db   RTL Compiler: miscellaneous fixes.
  discards  6a3e828   RTL Compiler: Convert 'list' primcall into nested 'cons' 
  discards  1bbe826   RTL Compiler: Fix <let-values> pattern in RTL to CPS 
  discards  e4737b2   RTL VM and Compiler: fix multiple value returns.
  discards  47c38e0   RTL Compiler: Fix local boxes and propagated free 
  discards  204597a   RTL Compiler: don't load void into a slotless destination.
  discards  239b4dc   closure-conversion using build-cps-term
  discards  dadad2e   Move build-cps-term and friends to (language cps)
  discards  fa79854   RTL Compiler: Fix compilation of basic sequences.
  discards  5c5fdba   RTL Compiler: add support for 'set-car!' and 'set-cdr!'.
  discards  b1c738a   $fun has list of entries; rewrite compile-cps to use 
builder macros
  discards  df16f8d   Add RTL compiler test.
  discards  2c53912   Add reify-primitives pass
  discards  9f3bc3b   Add (language cps primitives)
  discards  8f1a0ef   Add rtl-instruction-arity to (language rtl).
  discards  8240e5f   RTL Compiler: Fixes toward working sequences.
  discards  7e29869   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
  discards  095d630   RTL Compiler: Add support for 'vector-set!'.
  discards  6d05bf6   RTL Compiler: Fix handling of 'define!' and 'box-set!' 
  discards  d9de782   RTL Compiler: rework how branching primitives are handled.
  discards  f14b054   RTL Compiler: emit 'return-values', not 'return/values'.
  discards  ad6ee82   RTL Compiler: Remove FIXME comments that no longer apply.
  discards  dfbb61d   RTL VM: Remove OP_DST flag from 'box-set!' instruction.
  discards  cd1ca75   RTL compiler: emit 'make-closure' where appropriate.
  discards  0cfc827   Slot indices for free-ref and free-set! don't need 
  discards  a156de5   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
  discards  d9f60f3   Progress toward working closures.
  discards  242ba83   Convert branchable primitives into binary operations only.
  discards  2091b4a   Merge branch 'master' into wip-cps-bis
  discards  535f738   Miscellaneous fixes to the RTL compiler.
  discards  c5d842e   Add CPS -> RTL compiler
  discards  228eb0d   RTL language
  discards  b54bd7a   Add arity-adapting module
  discards  87539f1   Add closure conversion
  discards  17969ba   (compile foo #:to 'cps)
  discards  b643526   Add CPS language
  discards  fe348e8   RA == MVRA in disassembler

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