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[Guile-commits] branch wip-rtl-may-2013 deleted (was 6b5679e)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-rtl-may-2013 deleted (was 6b5679e)
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:59:27 +0000

wingo pushed a change to branch wip-rtl-may-2013
in repository guile.

       was  6b5679e   procedure-properties for RTL functions

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  6b5679e   procedure-properties for RTL functions
  discards  3bfb859   procedure-documentation works on RTL procedures
  discards  2bb1ab7   add rtl arity tests
  discards  23e20c4   add procedure name test
  discards  2dca054   Write docstrings into RTL ELF images
  discards  1b38955   find-program-arities handles case-lambda appropriately
  discards  793d210   Wire up ability to print RTL program arities
  discards  dbe241f   Fix circular module dependencies
  discards  9eb1082   (system vm debug) can read arity information
  discards  908aa26   remove arity nlocals and alternate fields
  discards  018b17b   RTL assembler writes arities information into separate 
  discards  6f6fa2f   Beginnings of tracking of procedure arities in assembler
  discards  c8c72d7   add procedure prelude macro-instructions
  discards  0dc7dc2   begin-program takes properties alist
  discards  7e1770f   "Flag" operands represented with booleans
  discards  296ba39   assembler refactor
  discards  552110a   Add a DWARF comment.
  discards  d14e903   add assert-nargs-le RTL VM op
  discards  fe4589b   remove nargs register from rtl vm
  discards  36192fa   add commentary to the DWARF module.
  discards  17bf887   `disassemble' REPL command works with RTL programs
  discards  67759d2   Fix program-debug-info-addr; remove FIXMEs in 
  discards  d273a31   RTL programs print with their name
  discards  ca1bc7e   move procedure-name and procedure-source to procprop.c
  discards  bf2321b   disassembler has more useful annotations
  discards  f1de620   add (system vm debug)
  discards  bc7e981   correct rtl instruction comment
  discards  424b2a5   disassembler prints labels and has better code annotations
  discards  035baf4   Better disassembly of signed values
  discards  d9da66f   disassemble-program for rtl
  discards  9a3b644   fix linker bug
  discards  76bbaf2   export find-mapped-elf-image from (system vm objcode)
  discards  8a3e07c   add rtl program predicate and accessor to programs.c
  discards  fd899af   new helpers in elf.scm
  discards  825ca52   replace mapped-elf-images with find-mapped-elf-image
  discards  907e5d3   add (mapped-elf-images) procedure to (system vm objcode) 
  discards  96e97fb   refactor and simplify ELF loader in objcodes.c
  discards  82dde21   refactor linker to lay out ELF files and memory in the 
same way
  discards  49460b1   elf: add accessors for header members that might need 
  discards  4c5969a   elf: fix make-elf-segment
  discards  21ce20e   assembling RTL writes a symbol table
  discards  40c122f   ELF refactor and consequent linker simplifications
  discards  320f390   linker: signal error on duplicate symbol definition
  discards  e770d89   add linker commentary
  discards  e82ce87   fix rtl linking failure due to name collision
  discards  db6e477   split linker out of elf module
  discards  44e5b0b   update RTL TODO
  discards  bf70050   add RTL TODO list
  discards  49f90dd   add cached-module-ref, cached-module-set! 
  discards  70c4e67   fix chunking bug in rtl assembler
  discards  a8d4671   add end-program marks
  discards  a24e55f   rename cache-current-module! macro op
  discards  41d7621   add toplevel-set! and module-set! instructions
  discards  be75c01   bugfix in (system vm trace)
  discards  e6f107f   add rtl infrastructure for doing toplevel refs
  discards  e865524   add rtl tests for call and tail-call
  discards  175b2c4   fix interruptability of some loops
  discards  a000b51   remove return_loc, instead put MV returns on the stack
  discards  bed8e4b   beginnings of procedure metadata tracking
  discards  9c18030   remove initial nlocals and meta words on rtl programs
  discards  ac86a0d   the rtl vm updates vp->sp as appropriate
  discards  1102f1d   add DWARF parser
  discards  c10992a   add (system vm rtl)
  discards  a580a84   add new rtl vm
  discards  ae10f67   refactor to resolve_variable
  discards  1b89162   slight change to vm_error_wrong_num_args
  discards  511e94c   cpp hygiene in the vm
  discards  a2a2bf7   pop-continuation abort-continuation hooks pass return 
vals directly
  discards  ed09473   vm-engine: remove register assignments
  discards  8ba3df9   remove some configurability in vm-engine
  discards  c072e1b   minor vm-engine cleanups
  discards  099eb54   remove CONS macro in VM; use scm_cons instead
  discards  60827e5   inline vm-engine.h into vm-engine.c

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