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[Guile-commits] branch lloda-array-support updated (fea3974 -> a002d71)

From: Daniel Llorens
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch lloda-array-support updated (fea3974 -> a002d71)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 15:05:19 +0000

lloda pushed a change to branch lloda-array-support
in repository guile.

  discards  fea3974   Draft documentation for (array-for-each-cell)
  discards  1e8cd87   Draft of (array-for-each-cell)
  discards  f74d424   Do not use array handles in scm_vector
  discards  035a08f   Remove deprecated and unused generalized-vector functions
  discards  2acf93b   Speed up for multi-arg cases of scm_ramap functions
  discards  6d70ef1   Remove deprecated array functions
  discards  d4b9773   Fix compilation of rank 0 typed array literals
  discards  5f056bd   Don't use array handles in scm_c_array_rank
  discards  bc018aa   Rename array-set-from!, scm_array_set_from_x to 
array-amend!, scm_array_amend_x
  discards  98496c0   Tests & doc for array-from, array-from*, array-set-from!
  discards  69b3b70   New functions array-from, array-from*, array-set-from!
  discards  dab7774   Compile in C99 mode
  discards  8bd1721   Reuse SCM_BYTEVECTOR_TYPED_LENGTH in scm_array_get_handle
  discards  222e778   Unuse array 'contiguous' flag
  discards  0453b9b   Remove scm_from_contiguous_array
  discards  a80995d   Avoid unneeded internal use of array handles
      adds  92ed7f6   Fix miscompilation of closures allocated as vectors
      adds  3e5d413   Don't compile equal? to br-if-equal
      adds  d729a0d   Remove br-if-equal opcode
      adds  02fc5a7   Identify boot continuations by code, not closure
      adds  e5d7c0f   All arities serialize a "closure" binding
      adds  3b3405e   Apply of non-programs has IP that is not from prev frame
      adds  8af3423   Remove primitive?, add primitive-code?
      adds  39090e6   Add frame-procedure-name
      adds  029af6f   frame-call-representation avoids frame-procedure.
      adds  9a8c299   More robust low-level frame printer
      adds  c960c76   Better frame-call-representation printing of GC clobbers
      adds  2d0214a   ,registers doesn't use frame-procedure
      adds  adb2329   Remove `procedure' repl command
      adds  3582787   VM traps don't match on value of slot 0
      adds  58153e3   Remove frame-procedure
      adds  dfbe869   Add low-level support for unboxed 64-bit unsigned ints
      adds  a7e1c39   Remove frame->module
      adds  870ac91   Range inference over the full U64+S64 range
      adds  8464cc5   Add bv-length instruction
      adds  87cc8b0   bv-f{32,64}-{ref,set!} take unboxed u64 index
      adds  07607f6   Add instructions to branch on u64 comparisons
      adds  163fcf5   Specialize u64 comparisons
      adds  4305b39   Beginning of u64 phi unboxing
      adds  2906d96   Unbox u64 phi values
      adds  d294d5d   Add unsigned 64-bit arithmetic operators: uadd, usub, umul
      adds  6728536   Slower range saturation in type inference
      adds  d2808b1   Better range inference for indexes of vector-ref, 
string-ref et al
      adds  e003466   Specialize u64 arithmetic
      adds  8f18b71   Remove add1 and sub1
      adds  bdfa1c1   Add tagged and untagged arithmetic ops with immediate 
      adds  f34688a   New instructions load-f64, load-u64
      adds  8bf77f7   Add support for unboxed s64 values
      adds  a08b3d4   Untag values and indexes for all bytevector instructions
      adds  c3240d0   Unbox indexes of vectors, strings, and structs
      adds  8c75a5e   Add current-thread VM op
      adds  8208525   Add logsub op.
      adds  eb86afc   Disable warnings on bootstrap build
      adds  3d6dd2f   Add untagged bitwise operations
      adds  73065c7   Specialize u64 bit operations
      adds  dbd9265   More efficient assembler instructions
      adds  2468871   Assembler has a single growable vector
      adds  9514dc7   Add ursh/immediate and ulsh/immediate ops
      adds  7a43a3a   Refactor range checking in assembler instruction packers
      adds  97755a1   Small VM cleanups
      adds  1d4b4ec   Add support for comparing u64 values with SCM values
      adds  a1471e0   Add another simplification pass to make rotate-loops work 
      adds  3c27145   Fix build when threads are disabled
      adds  9e1c07b   Assembler works on byte offsets, not u32 offsets
      adds  3629078   Fix emit-receive* for many locals
      adds  8a39162   Assembler O(n) in instruction encodings, not instruction 
      adds  620b640   Fix bug in intmap-map
      adds  a9c2606   Type inference copes better with unsorted graphs
      adds  5d171d9   Fix module for reification of srfi-4 primitives
      adds  39002f2   Eta-reduce branches
      adds  52965e0   Better folding of branches on $values
      adds  166703c   Better partial evaluation of tests in tests
      adds  fb2f7b4   Better CPS conversion for tests in tests
      adds  204336c   Don't serialize build through psyntax-pp.scm
      adds  9091454   Include missing #:simplify? option in (language cps 
      adds  f56f580   Inline some helpers in intset.scm.
      adds  4137c22   Remove unused function in simplify.scm
      adds  6d7c09c   web: Be less strict when parsing entity tags.
       new  36d12c1   Avoid unneeded internal use of array handles
       new  b982f6d   Remove scm_from_contiguous_array
       new  2db86cb   Unuse array 'contiguous' flag
       new  9c162da   Reuse SCM_BYTEVECTOR_TYPED_LENGTH in scm_array_get_handle
       new  3ba4a89   Compile in C99 mode
       new  193e37d   New functions array-from, array-from*, array-set-from!
       new  0d50bb0   Tests & doc for array-from, array-from*, array-set-from!
       new  619c656   Rename array-set-from!, scm_array_set_from_x to 
array-amend!, scm_array_amend_x
       new  56cb9b5   Don't use array handles in scm_c_array_rank
       new  d3e3cef   Fix compilation of rank 0 typed array literals
       new  158acf1   Remove deprecated array functions
       new  29caef7   Speed up for multi-arg cases of scm_ramap functions
       new  1d903ae   Remove deprecated and unused generalized-vector functions
       new  2f79c88   Do not use array handles in scm_vector
       new  f11c390   Draft of (array-for-each-cell)
       new  4d74da3   Draft documentation for (array-for-each-cell)
       new  1f0495f   New export (array-for-each-cell-in-order)
       new  a002d71   Special case for array-map! with three arguments

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (fea3974)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/lloda-array-support (a002d71)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omits" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discards" are gone forever.

The 18 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 NEWS                                         |   23 +-
 bootstrap/                        |   15 +-
 doc/ref/api-debug.texi                       |   27 +-
 doc/ref/scheme-using.texi                    |    4 -
 libguile/array-map.c                         |   56 +-
 libguile/arrays.c                            |   14 +-
 libguile/arrays.h                            |    1 +
 libguile/frames.c                            |   59 +-
 libguile/frames.h                            |    4 +-
 libguile/gsubr.c                             |   15 +-
 libguile/gsubr.h                             |    1 +
 libguile/instructions.c                      |   16 +-
 libguile/programs.c                          |   12 +-
 libguile/programs.h                          |    2 +-
 libguile/stacks.c                            |    3 +-
 libguile/vm-engine.c                         | 1142 +++++++++++++++++---------
 libguile/vm.c                                |   31 +
 libguile/vm.h                                |    1 +
 module/ice-9/boot-9.scm                      |   11 +-
 module/language/bytecode.scm                 |    4 +-
 module/language/cps/closure-conversion.scm   |   74 ++-
 module/language/cps/compile-bytecode.scm     |   54 ++-
 module/language/cps/constructors.scm         |   16 +-
 module/language/cps/cse.scm                  |   16 +
 module/language/cps/effects-analysis.scm     |   54 ++-
 module/language/cps/intmap.scm               |    1 -
 module/language/cps/intset.scm               |   10 +-
 module/language/cps/optimize.scm             |    7 +-
 module/language/cps/primitives.scm           |   19 +-
 module/language/cps/reify-primitives.scm     |    7 +
 module/language/cps/simplify.scm             |   71 +-
 module/language/cps/slot-allocation.scm      |   27 +-
 module/language/cps/specialize-numbers.scm   |  409 +++++++---
 module/language/cps/specialize-primcalls.scm |   50 +-
 module/language/cps/type-fold.scm            |   29 +-
 module/language/cps/types.scm                |  485 ++++++++---
 module/language/cps/utils.scm                |   55 +-
 module/language/tree-il/compile-cps.scm      |  126 +++-
 module/language/tree-il/peval.scm            |   76 ++-
 module/language/tree-il/primitives.scm       |   42 +-
 module/statprof.scm                          |   33 +-
 module/system/repl/command.scm               |    5 -
 module/system/repl/debug.scm                 |   43 +-
 module/system/vm/assembler.scm               |  860 +++++++++++---------
 module/system/vm/debug.scm                   |   26 +-
 module/system/vm/disassembler.scm            |   14 +-
 module/system/vm/frame.scm                   |   50 +-
 module/system/vm/linker.scm                  |    6 +-
 module/system/vm/program.scm                 |   57 +-
 module/system/vm/traps.scm                   |   57 +-
 module/web/http.scm                          |   13 +-
 test-suite/tests/eval.test                   |    4 +-
 test-suite/tests/peval.test                  |    8 +-
 test-suite/tests/rtl.test                    |   17 +-
 test-suite/tests/web-http.test               |    3 +-
 55 files changed, 2854 insertions(+), 1411 deletions(-)

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