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[Guile-commits] branch wip-2.1.2 deleted (was 00f0dcb)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-2.1.2 deleted (was 00f0dcb)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 11:38:52 +0000

wingo pushed a change to branch wip-2.1.2
in repository guile.

       was  00f0dcb   Remove debug printout in specialize-numbers

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  00f0dcb   Remove debug printout in specialize-numbers
  discards  7a7e74c   Better f64 unboxing for loop vars that might flow to 
  discards  2cba33e   The compiler can unbox float64 loop variables
  discards  6fa7421   Fix slot representation computation for fadd, fmul, etc
  discards  6cd2491   Add new pass to specialize "add" into "fadd" where 
  discards  d22f509   Add fadd, fsub, fmul, fdiv instructions
  discards  b5b6721   Scalar replacement for f64->scm
  discards  c09a2f8   bv-f32-set!, bv-f64-set! take unboxed args
  discards  7d97f0e   bv-f32-ref and bv-f64-ref return raw f64 values
  discards  5bbc47b   Add VM ops to pack and unpack raw f64 values.
  discards  fc87033   Stack slots can hold a double
  discards  e3cc0ee   Reflection support for unboxed f64 slots
  discards  e7660a6   VM support for raw slots
  discards  dd77a81   Treat tail $values as generating lazy allocations
  discards  9585508   Remove return opcode
  discards  c984432   Remove use of return in disassembler.scm
  discards  8db54c8   rtl.test uses return-values
  discards  696339a   Always emit return-values
  discards  2f08838   Replace return primcalls with $values
  discards  7c9e477   Don't emit redundant reset-frame before return
  discards  7aee3c7   return-values opcode resets the frame
  discards  34f3fb7   Fix slot-allocation to make 'return' not need to 
  discards  3f345f5   Run CSE to clean up after closure conversion
  discards  04356da   CSE can run on first-order CPS
  discards  8d79dfd   Revert "Bootstrap build doesn't have to expand CPS 
  discards  ce36fb1   Bootstrap build doesn't have to expand CPS optimizations

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