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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.10, created. v2.0.10

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.10, created. v2.0.10
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 22:52:07 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, v2.0.10 has been created
        at  19ea65f056880b374450a9f6beb834b460cabd87 (tag)
   tagging  92b793da2b43af0ed470c43dc7e41409ca61f1b4 (commit)
  replaces  v2.0.9
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Mon Mar 17 23:18:49 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 2.0.10.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


Aleix Conchillo Flaque (2):
      web: uri-encode hexadecimal percent-encoding is now uppercase
      allow specifying a required version in GUILE_PROGS

Alexandru Cojocaru (1):
      Fix extend-request to preserve method and meta.

Andy Wingo (21):
      Deprecate scm_c_program_source, as it has no internal users.
      Deprecate gc-live-object-stats
      Critical sections in guardians do not need to block asyncs
      Fix brainfuck->scheme compiler.
      Fix brainfuck comment
      Add support for content-disposition
      Minor for-each speedup
      Add weak-vector-length, weak-vector-ref, weak-vector-set!
      Deprecate vector-ref, vector-length, vector-set! on weak vectors
      SRFI-4 predicates, length accessors only accept bytevectors (not arrays)
      Remove private unused duplicate c32/c64vector definitions
      (srfi srfi-4 gnu) uses private define-bytevector-type from (srfi srfi-4)
      Fix truncated-print for uniform vectors
      Deprecate htons, htonl, ntohs, ntohl
      Simplify srfi-4 C implementation
      Deprecate general "uniform-vector" interface
      Deprecate use of vector-length, vector-ref, vector-set! as 
      Deprecate the use of the vector interface on arrays
      guile.m4 tweaks
      Fix newline preservation in @example with lines beginning with @
      Update NEWS

Arne Babenhauserheide (1):
      doc: embedding example more readable.

Chris K. Jester-Young (1):
      Convert test-suite/tests/exceptions.test to use hygienic macros.

David Kastrup (1):
      Fix display of symbols containing backslashes.

David Thompson (3):
      Add procedures to convert alists into hash tables.
      Add cooperative REPL server module.
      Test for deleted weak pairs in hash-for-each.

Ian Price (7):
      `write-request-line' always prints a path component.
      doc: `get-string-all' takes only one argument.
      Doc: mention vectors are self-quoting
      Doc: 'unfold-right' takes a tail not a tail generator.
      Fix optional end argument in `uniform-vector-read!'.
      Fix inlining of tail list to apply.
      Fix trap handlers to handle applicable structs.

Ludovic Courtès (44):
      tests: Use shell constructs that /bin/sh on Solaris 10 can understand.
      Print the faulty object upon invalid-keyword errors.
      Report the faulty keyword in errors raised by 
      Define `AF_UNIX' only when Unix-domain sockets are supported.
      tests: Use double quotes around shell arguments, for Windows.
      tests: Don't rely on $TMPDIR and /tmp on Windows.
      tests: Skip FFI tests that use `qsort' when it's not accessible.
      tests: Remove symlink only when it exists.
      Augment `.dir-locals.el'.
      tests: Don't rely on `scm_call_2' being visible.
      Fix #ifdefery for `setegid'.
      build: Add `gdbinit' to the distribution.
      Fix 'SCM_SYSCALL' to really swallow EINTR.
      'scm_c_read' goes through the fast path with ISO-8859-1 unbuffered ports.
      doc: Update the section on SMOBs and memory management.
      i18n: Fix null pointer dereference when locale info is missing.
      vm: Gracefully handle stack overflows.
      Hide EINTR returns from 'accept'.
      Thank Aleix.
      'port-position' works on CBIPs that do not support 'set-port-position!'.
      Custom binary input ports sanity-check the return value of 'read!'.
      web: Don't throw if a response is longer than its Content-Length says.
      Arrange so that 'file-encoding' does not truncate the encoding name.
      Thank Sree Harsha.
      Prepare 'setvbuf' to support for non-file ports.
      Custom binary input ports support 'setvbuf'.
      Buffered custom binary input ports correctly handle partial read requests.
      Add (system base types).
      Add GDB extension to support Guile.
      build: Bail out when 'PKG_CHECK_MODULES' is missing.
      Make sure 'ftw' allows directory traversal when running as root.
      build: Fix out-of-source-tree installation of libguile-2.0-gdb.scm.
      build: Make c-tokenize.c build on non-GNU systems.
      Provide glthread/lock.h implementation in terms of Guile threads.
      Thank Paul.
      build: Fix Gnulib compilation when $builddir != $srcdir.
      build: Don't include <config.h> in native programs when cross-compiling.
      build: Install libguile-2.0-gdb.scm after
      build: Remove libguile-2.0-gdb.scm and $infodir/dir upon uninstall.
      build: Link 'test-unwind.c' against
      Update NEWS.
      Update NEWS.
      Fix typo in NEWS.
      Bump version number for 2.0.10.

Mark H Weaver (170):
      Do not add $(EXEEXT) to guild or guile-tools.
      Add 2012 and 2013 to copyright notice on numbers.test.
      Adjust BOM tests to reflect the fact that big endian is used by default.
      Using 'pass-if-equal' in coding.test.
      Manual: fix 'my-or' examples to use let-bound variable.
      Fix tests for 'scm_c_bind_keyword_arguments'.
      Allow #f as timeout argument to unlock-mutex and SRFI-18 mutex-unlock!
      Fix bug in remqueue in threads.c when removing last element.
      Fix 'bitwise-bit-count' for negative arguments.
      Fix VM 'ash' for right shifts by large amounts.
      Fix rounding in scm_i_divide2double for negative arguments.
      Fix bugs in numerical equality predicate.
      numbers.test: Avoid inexact arithmetic in computation of fixnum-bit.
      Avoid lossy conversion from inum to double in numerical comparisons.
      numbers.test: Fix inum/flonum comparison test on 32-bit machines.
      Allow fl+ and fl* to accept zero arguments.
      flonum? returns false for complex number objects.
      flfinite? applied to a NaN returns false.
      Flonum operations always return flonums.
      min and max: NaNs beat infinities, per R6RS errata.
      gcd and lcm support inexact integer arguments.
      Fix 'fxbit-count' for negative arguments.
      Update copyright dates of recently-changed R6RS bitwise/flonums files.
      Fix R6RS 'fixnum-width'.
      Add support for HTTP proxies.
      Modify SCM_UNPACK type check to avoid warnings in clang.
      Rewrite 'rationalize' to fix bugs and improve efficiency.
      Fix minor formatting error in 'rationalize'.
      Fix incorrect rationalize tests.
      Optimize R6RS bitwise operators.
      Add 'scm_i_from_double' and use it.
      VM: Redefine INUM_MIN and INUM_MAX without assumptions.
      VM: Avoid signed overflows in 'add1' and 'sub1'.
      VM: Avoid overflow in ASM_ADD when the result is most-positive-fixnum.
      VM: Add "cc" to the clobber list of ASM_ADD and ASM_SUB.
      VM: Support 32-bit x86 in ASM_ADD and ASM_SUB.
      VM: Add ASM_MUL for x86.
      VM: Avoid untagging inums in 'logand' and 'logior'.
      VM: Implement ASM_ADD, ASM_SUB, and ASM_MUL for ARM processors.
      VM: Define ASM_MUL on ARM only if SMULL instruction is supported.
      VM: ASM_ADD and ASM_SUB for x86: clobber _CX not "rcx".
      Import 'copysign' and 'isfinite' modules from Gnulib.
      Use Gnulib's 'copysign' in numbers.c.
      Use Gnulib's 'isfinite' in numbers.c.
      VM: ash: Use SCM_SRS and handle large right shift in fast path.
      Add files from 'copysign' and 'isfinite' Gnulib modules.
      Decompiler: fix handling of empty 'case-lambda' expressions.
      Fix numerator and denominator handling of signed zeroes and infinities.
      dereference-pointer: check for null pointer.
      Fix inappropriate uses of scm_syserror in numbers.c.
      Broken Turkish UTF-8 locale still unresolved in FreeBSD 9.1.
      Numerical comparisons are not negatable.
      Common numeric operations are left-to-right associative.
      Manual: don't promise that 'append!' will modify the existing lists.
      Manual: clarify that 'append!' and 'reverse!' might not mutate.
      Improve run-time error reporting in (ice-9 match).
      Improved error checking in bytevector->uint-list and 
      Improve error checking in 'define-public' and 'module-add!'.
      Fix 'define-public' from (ice-9 curried-definitions).
      Rewrite SRFI-2 'and-let*' using syntax-case.
      Minor stylistic improvement to 'and-let*' macro.
      psyntax: cite the paper that psyntax is based on.
      web client: HTTP methods are symbols, not strings.
      THANKS Alexandru Cojocaru
      Improve error reporting of procedures defined by define-inlinable.
      Adapt srfi-9.test to error reporting improvements; update copyright dates.
      Web client+server: Add Content-Length header for empty bodies.
      Web: Use functional setters in extend-request and extend-response.
      Fix truncated documentation for 'put-char'.
      Fix minor mistakes in documentation.
      Fix edge case in 'ash'.
      Revert "Fix edge case in 'ash'."
      Fix edge case in 'ash'.
      Don't use the identifier 'noreturn'.
      Add more entries to .gitignore
      Improve error when 'include' form with relative path is not in a file.
      Convert guile exceptions to R6RS conditions in R6RS exception handlers.
      THANKS David Thompson
      Web: accept "UTC" as the zone offset in date headers.
      Add mutex locking functions that also block asyncs.
      Block system asyncs while 'overrides_lock' is held.
      Make guardians thread-safe.
      Make port properties accessible from Scheme.
      Stylistic improvements for (ice-9 popen).
      Make (ice-9 popen) thread-safe.
      GOOPS doc fix: #:dsupers is the init keyword for the dsupers slot.
      THANKS Tom Tromey.
      syntax-case: fix error reporting for misplaced ellipses.
      Fix bound-identifier=? to compare binding names, not just symbolic names.
      Revert "Fix bound-identifier=? to compare binding names, not just 
symbolic names."
      Increment SCM_N_READ_OPTIONS for 'curly-infix' option.
      read: Avoid signed integer overflow in 'read_decimal_integer'.
      boot-9: add comment about autoload thread-unsafety.
      scm_primitive_load: Simplify code using 'scm_open_file_with_encoding'.
      Fix doc that incorrectly claimed (integer? +inf.0) => #t.
      Implement 'exact-integer?' and 'scm_is_exact_integer'.
      Fix 'string-copy!' to work properly with overlapping src/dest.
      psyntax: toplevel variable definitions discard previous syntactic binding.
      psyntax: custom ellipses using 'with-ellipsis' or R7RS syntax-rules.
      Implement R7RS 'syntax-error'.
      Fix hashing of vectors to run in bounded time.
      Bump user-visible copyright years to 2014.
      Fix hashing of empty vectors.
      Fix 'exact-integer?' comment in numbers.test.
      Add srfi-16 and srfi-30 to %cond-expand-features.
      read: Support R7RS '#true' and '#false' syntax for booleans.
      read: Accept "\|" in string literals.
      Recognize 'escape' character name, per R7RS.
      read: use 'c_tolower' instead of 'tolower' in 'try_read_ci_chars'.
      Document that we support srfi-62 and add it to %cond-expand-features.
      read: Support R7RS |...| symbol notation.
      print: Support R7RS |...| symbol notation.
      print: In R7RS |...| symbols, print most graphic characters unescaped.
      Document that we support srfi-87 and add it to %cond-expand-features.
      Document that we support srfi-46 and add it to %cond-expand-features.
      Write out HTTP Basic auth headers correctly.
      REPL Server: Don't establish a SIGINT handler.
      Fix nested block comment example in manual.
      Improve docs for 'eval-when'.
      Improve correctness and consistency of 'eval-when' usage.
      Fix thread-unsafe lazy initializations.
      Implement SRFI-111 Boxes.
      Add 'positive?' and 'negative?' as primitives.
      Primitive expand numerical comparisons with more than 2 arguments.
      Revert "Primitive expand numerical comparisons with more than 2 
      Compile numerical comparisons with more than 2 arguments to VM code.
      Implement SRFI-43 Vector Library.
      Implement SRFI-64 - A Scheme API for test suites.
      Implement R7RS 'define-values'.
      define-values: Blackhole 'dummy'; work around lack of toplevel hygiene.
      Update Gnulib to v0.1-77-gd9361da
      Don't check HAVE_ALARM, which no longer exists.
      REPL Server: Redirect warnings to client socket.
      REPL Server: Remove unneeded error case in 'run-server'.
      Document 'equal?' in list of R6RS incompatibilities.
      Remove outdated documentation of LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH.
      Fix 'weak-vector?' doc: Weak hash tables are not weak vectors.
      Make size argument optional to 'make-doubly-weak-hash-table'; fix docs.
      Better error reporting in 'weak-vector-ref' and 'weak-vector-set!'.
      Improve handling of locales in the test suite.
      Fix improper use of 'with-locale'.
      REPL Server: Fix 'stop-server-and-clients!'.
      Import 'lstat' and 'mkstemp' modules from Gnulib.
      Rely on Gnulib for 'select', 'lstat', and 'mkstemp'.
      Fix inline asm of VM numerical operations for x32.
      Fix typo in manual.
      Import Gnulib modules: link, fsync, readlink, rename, mkdir, rmdir, 
      Rely on Gnulib for fsync, link, readlink, mkdir, rmdir, and rename.
      Rely on Gnulib for <unistd.h>.
      SRFI-18: Export 'current-thread'.
      Add missing files to the test-suite Makefile.
      SRFI-19: Update the table of leap seconds.
      Make snarfing tools more robust to varied C preprocessor behavior.
      snarf.h: Declare static const function name vars as SCM_UNUSED.
      chars.c: Remove duplicate 'const' specifiers.
      Improve compliance with C standards regarding signed integer shifts.
      Avoid side effects in argument to SCM_I_INUM.
      Avoid signed overflow in random.c.
      Avoid undefined behavior regarding signed integers and left shifts.
      Use 'offsetof' to avoid undefined behavior.
      SRFI-60: Reimplement 'rotate-bit-field' on inums to be more portable.
      SCM_SRS: Improve fallback implemention to avoid unspecified behavior.
      SCM_I_INUM: Rewrite to avoid unspecified behavior when not using GNU C.
      Include <config.h> in gen-scmconfig even when cross-compiling.
      Check SCM_USE_PTHREAD_THREADS using #if not #ifdef.
      SRFI-43 documentation tweaks
      Fix (system base types) on big-endian systems.
      Documentation tweaks for the 'r7rs-symbols' read/print options.
      Add first draft of NEWS for 2.0.10.
      Minor NEWS tweaks.

Tom Tromey (2):
      Fix computation of LIBLOBJS.
      Add missing FUNC_NAME defines for pair accessors.


GNU Guile

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