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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.7, created. v2.0.7

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.7, created. v2.0.7
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 23:53:48 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, v2.0.7 has been created
        at  8ca3064b61a14a8cfceeaaf9cace8697fa58ae4f (tag)
   tagging  3b5390989d347b4ffd363d83d516f5d0dc56af77 (commit)
  replaces  v2.0.6
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Fri Nov 30 00:53:08 2012 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 2.0.7.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (1):
      Add missing R6RS `open-file-input/output-port' procedure

Andy Wingo (7):
      update structure documentation
      improve documentation for structs
      deprecate make-vtable-vtable
      update tests after vtable-vtable deprecation
      set struct names for <standard-vtable>, etc
      reinstate type check to scm_to_utf8_stringn
      more robust texinfo alias handling

Chris K. Jester-Young (1):
      In fold-matches, set regexp/notbol unless matching string start.

Daniel Hartwig (4):
      In string-split, add support for character sets and predicates.
      syncronize web module docstrings with manual
      (web uri): document that uri-port is an integer
      web client: correctly handle uri-query, etc. in relative URI headers

Ian Price (11):
      Fix uri-encoding for octets 0-15
      Fix uri-encoding for strings with no unreserved chars
      ISO 8601 time format specifies zero padding for hours, not blank padding.
      `define-public' is no a longer curried definition by default.
      Document (ice-9 curried definitions)
      Fix @@ usage in --listen option
      Fix typo in scheme-using.texi
      R6RS `string-for-each' should accept multiple string arguments
      R6RS srfi library names should ignore first identifier after the :n
      Fix docs for `hashtable-copy'
      Update thanks

Ludovic Courtès (55):
      Optimize `scm_lfwrite_substr', used by `scm_simple_format'.
      Micro-optimize (ice-9 format).
      Update `texinfo.test' to match latest change.
      doc: Fix description of regexp/locale encoding interaction.
      build: Use Automake's `color-tests'.
      doc: Use scm_{to,from}_double instead of old API in example.
      build: Fix race between installing `guild' and the `guile-tools' symlink.
      Rewrite SRFI-31 in terms of `syntax-rules'.
      Don't stat(2) and access(2) the .go location before using it.
      Simplify calls to `equal?' when one argument is a constant.
      Implement `hash' for structs.
      web: Change `http-get' to try all the addresses for the given URI.
      web: Pass `AI_NUMERICSERV' when given a port number.
      web: Fix possible file descriptor leak in `open-socket-for-uri'.
      test-suite: Add `pass-if-equal'.
      test-suite: Use `pass-if-equal' in `ftw.test'.
      scandir: Use `lstat' instead of `stat'.
      test-suite: Add a nameless form of `pass-if-equal'.
      Fix `generalized-vector->list' indexing bug with shared arrays.
      futures: Have workers work when futures are available.
      Fix copyright years in `futures.scm'.
      Have `SCM_NUM2FLOAT' and `SCM_NUM2DOUBLE' use `scm_to_double'.
      Fix invalid assertion about mutex ownership in threads.c.
      doc: Move SRFI-9 records under "Compound Data Types".
      doc: Document SRFI-9 functional setters.
      doc: Update argument order of SRFI-9 `set-field'.
      doc: Fix typo in `set-record-type-printer!' doc.
      doc: Strengthen the case for pattern matching.
      Update Gnulib to v0.0-7695-g26c0590.
      futures: Keep futures unlocked while they are processing.
      futures: Add a record printer.
      futures: Allow nested futures; put the main thread to work.
      Update `par-map' to use nested futures.
      cse: Fix out-of-bounds access to the database.
      Remove reference to `scm_init_popen' when `fork' is unavailable.
      doc: Mention the `duplicate-case-datum' and `bad-case-datum' warnings.
      Add tests for `-Wduplicate-case-datum' and `-Wbad-case-datum'.
      Turn on the `case' warnings in auto-compilation.
      Augment `.dir-locals.el'.
      Split `load-in-vicinity' into small procedures.
      Have `load-in-vicinity' look for `.go' files in %LOAD-COMPILED-PATH.
      web client: Support relative URIs in some headers.
      vlist: Remove Texinfo markup from docstrings.
      eval: Store docstrings for lambdas.
      tests: Use `pass-if-equal' in `web-response.test'.
      web: Export `text-content-type?'.
      web: Add `response-body-port'.
      web: Add `http-get*'.
      Remove definition of the `SHARED_LIBRARY_PATH_VARIABLE' C macro.
      doc: Remove example use of vectors as hash tables.
      doc: Document nested futures.
      futures: Remove circular dependency with (ice-9 threads).
      Update `NEWS'.
      Bump version number for 2.0.7.
      NEWS: Add "R6RS SRFI support" text.

Mark H Weaver (44):
      Angle of -0.0 is pi, not zero
      Add tests for 'exp' and 'expt' that should produce complex NaNs
      Avoid cexp, whose C standard definition is mathematically incorrect
      Revert "Avoid cexp, whose C standard definition is mathematically 
      Revert "Add tests for 'exp' and 'expt' that should produce complex NaNs"
      Change inappropriate uses of expect-fail X to pass-if not X in chars.test
      Improve error reporting in 'append!'
      Don't simplify 'equal?' to 'eq?' when constant is an *inexact* small 
      Don't simplify 'equal?' to 'not' or 'null?'.
      Simplify calls to 'eqv?' when one argument is an immediate constant.
      Preserve keyword identifier in 'syntax-rules' and 'define-syntax-rule'
      Revert "Preserve keyword identifier in 'syntax-rules' and 
      Thanks Daniel Hartwig.
      Improve formatting of options help given long option names
      Remove prototype for scm_read_token, which does not exist.
      Move array reader from arrays.c to read.c
      Minor tweaks to delimiter handling in read.c
      Change reader to pass read options to helpers via explicit parameter.
      Add source properties to more datum types in scm_read_sharp_extension.
      Generalize scm_read_shebang to handle other reader directives.
      Repurpose scm_i_port_weak_hash to associate an alist with each port.
      Implement per-port read options.
      Implement #!fold-case and #!no-fold-case reader directives.
      Implement SRFI-105 curly infix expressions.
      Minor tweaks to srfi-105.test
      Test number-theoretic division by -0.0.
      scm_read_shebang: handle non-ascii characters properly.
      Fix formatting of comments in scm_read_array.
      Preserve additional R6RS library name components after srfi :n
      Implement functional record setters.
      Fix record constructor in getopt-long.
      Use 'pass-if-equal' to check syntax-error exceptions in srfi-9.test.
      Fix non-toplevel srfi-9 compile-time error tests to actually be 
      Improve error messages for invalid record definitions.
      Improve error for set-fields paths leading to different types.
      Futures: Avoid creating the worker pool more than once.
      Add system/base/ck.scm to SYSTEM_BASE_SOURCES in module/
      Change the argument order of 'set-fields' to match that of 'set-fields'.
      srfi-9.test: avoid symbols of the form ':bar' for more robust checking.
      Fix library search order and don't change LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      Add parse-path-with-ellipsis, and use it for GUILE_LOAD_PATH et al.
      Minor fixes in NEWS
      NEWS: Mention par-for-each, alongside par-map, being fixed to use all 
      NEWS: Add entry for new GUILE_LOAD_PATH (et al) ellipsis handling.

Noah Lavine (1):
      Document (ice-9 and-let-star)


GNU Guile

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