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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile branch, wip-elf, created. v2.1.0-310-gb8bc86b

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile branch, wip-elf, created. v2.1.0-310-gb8bc86b
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 11:41:38 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The branch, wip-elf has been created
        at  b8bc86bce147cf280ca2a60d36c8b6493cbf11e8 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit b8bc86bce147cf280ca2a60d36c8b6493cbf11e8
Author: Andy Wingo <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Jun 22 13:35:55 2012 +0200

    instead of our custom .go format, use elf
    * libguile/objcodes.c: Change to expect objcode on disk to be embedded
      in ELF instead of having the funky cookie.
      (to_native_order): Use already existing SCM_BYTE_ORDER style byte
      order instead of chars.
      (bytecode_to_objcode): No need for word_size arg.
      (scm_bytecode_to_objcode, scm_objcode_to_bytecode): Take optional
      endianness arg instead of sometimes using target-endianness.
      (scm_load_objcode, scm_write_objcode, scm_bytecode_to_native_objcode):
    * libguile/objcodes.h: Adapt.
    * libguile/vm.c (scm_load_compiled_with_vm): Use
      (make_boot_program): Adapt to use scm_bytecode_to_objcode with
      endianness arg.
    * module/ (OBJCODE_LANG_SOURCES): Add (language objcode
    * module/language/objcode/elf.scm: New module, embeds objcode in ELF.
    * module/language/bytecode/spec.scm (compile-objcode):
      (decompile-objcode): Use (target-endianness).
    * module/language/objcode/spec.scm: use (language objcode elf) for
    * module/scripts/disassemble.scm (disassemble):
    * module/system/repl/command.scm (disassemble-file): Use
    * module/system/vm/objcode.scm: Remove load-objcode and write-objcode.
    * test-suite/tests/asm-to-bytecode.test (test-target): Adapt to the new
      ELF world.

commit afc74c2920d2f8f8424db9d6f554a91866cbac01
Author: Andy Wingo <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Jun 1 21:33:46 2012 +0200

    add ELF loader
    * libguile/objcodes.h:
    * libguile/objcodes.c (scm_load_thunk_from_file)
      (scm_load_thunk_from_memory): New procedures.
    * libguile/elf.h: Import from glibc.  Not installed.
    * libguile/ Adapt for elf.h.
    * module/system/vm/objcode.scm: (load-thunk-from-file)
      (load-thunk-from-memory): New exports.

commit 83e7c58408ad227b38cc8c2e0542a514ebcdc2c8
Author: Andy Wingo <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed May 23 20:25:34 2012 +0200

    add elf parser and linker
    * module/
    * module/system/vm/elf.scm: New file.


GNU Guile

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