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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-13, created. releas

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-13, created. release_1-9-13
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 12:46:51 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, release_1-9-13 has been created
        at  b94459c74ed6f97a116a9e934e33867d434cbbe7 (tag)
   tagging  9546dc8cbf74ebab708a47a5080901213f02f3be (commit)
  replaces  release_1-9-12
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Sun Oct 17 14:43:42 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 1.9.13 (beta).
Version: GnuPG v2.0.12 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (5):
      Add implementation of SRFI 27
      Reference original specification in SRFI 27 documentation
      Add implementation of SRFI 42
      Add implementation of SRFI-67
      Add implementation of SRFI 45

Andy Wingo (125):
      fix to program-module
      simplify module/ rules to not require touch
      regenerate psyntax-pp.scm
      (system xref) uses module-submodules
      new procedure: source-procedures
      remove empty srfi-4, srfi-13, and srfi-14 shlibs
      move srfi-1 and srfi-60 C impl to libguile, without public C api
      build tweak to remove SRFI version definitions
      libguile gitignore
      doc/ref lib-version.texi removal
      remove unused (system vm profile)
      trim our set of vm hooks
      add vm-abort-continuation-hook, vm-restore-continuation-hook
      update vm hooks doc
      only trace instructions inside the thunk
      instruction tracing tweak
      fix bad addition
      vm hooks run without hooks
      add (system vm traps)
      implement breakpoints in the repl
      add ,traps ,delete ,disable ,enable
      default-trap-handler bugfix
      breakpoints from recursive prompts work
      (system repl command) cleanups
      tracing in terms of traps
      add scm_frame_address / frame-address
      add trap-calls-to-procedure
      avoid traps in repl except when evaluating the expression
      add repl ,tracepoint command
      tracepoints print their trap number
      add trap-name procedure
      more uniform break / tracepoint printing in repl
      trace printing tweak
      list-traps just returns trap identifiers, not names
      another trap printing tweak
      add ,break-at-source
      system xref maintains source mapping for nested procedures too
      procedure traps can fire on nested procedures
      remove srcprop.[ch] things that have to do with breakpoints
      fix ,traps REPL command
      api-debug.texi updates
      remove eval-options
      remove (ice-9 debugger) and (ice-9 debugging)
      remove GDS
      remove evaluator-traps-interface
      remove a number of debug options
      fix eval.test for procnames eval option
      statprof test traps fix; re-enable accurate call counting test
      fix up options.test
      remove vm-version, vm options
      add call-with-vm; remove thread-vm bits; remove vm-apply; engines 
      default to regular vm for noninteractive use
      fix for default vm change
      add ,registers
      remove unused print-options
      (foo-options 'full) displays options doc in correct order
      remove elisp-strings and elisp-vectors read options
      move read and print options docs to the procedures they parameterize
      debug and readline options doc tweak
      finish cleaning out api-options.texi
      update tour.texi
      api-debug.texi refactors
      document call-with-error-handling
      scm_debug_opts to debug.c, backtrace on by default, scm_*_opts internal 
      deprecate turn-on-debugging, it is obsolete
      scm_report_stack_overflow eventually resets scm_stack_checking_enabled_p
      c stack overflow checked for, once more
      update api-debug.texi discussion of stack overflow
      api-debug tweak
      add source:line-for-user, returning a 1-indexed line number
      source breakpoints accept user line numbers
      bugfixen in source breakpoints and in-procedure traps
      srfi-67 #:replace work
      repl.scm next-char needed to read EOF from port
      avoid some double-breaks in trap-at-procedure-ip-in-range
      Revert "repl.scm next-char needed to read EOF from port"
      guile-readline slight modernization
      bugfixes and simplifications to ice-9 buffered-input.
      system repl repl comments
      fix embarrassing error preventing ,del from working
      (system repl debug): add frame->stack-vector
      debug-trap-handler ephemeral trap enhancement
      (system vm frame): frame-return-values
      (system vm trap-state): add-trap-at-frame-finish!
      add ,finish repl meta-command
      build guile-readline/ after module/
      cleanups to ,finish
      add ,step ,stepi ,next and ,nexti
      update (system repl debug) todo
      rename vm-trace to call-with-trace
      update docs regarding --debug
      update traps documentation (unfinished)
      finish documenting low-level traps, other api-debug.texi fixes
      document tracing traps
      document trap states
      remove old debugging examples from api-debug
      finish traps documentation
      proof-reading fixen in api-debug
      add repl debugging command docs
      inline symbol? and vector? to opcodes, and a psyntax inlining tweak
      more inlining in psyntax
      fix tracing of mv returns
      fix error in frame-return-values
      add program-sources-pre-retire to core and define frame-next-source
      stepping traps use frame-next-source, not frame-source
      fix a bug in `finish'
      further repl tweaks
      interrupted syscalls run asyncs before throwing syserror
      readline repl-reader falls back to boot-9 definition for other ports
      fix segfaults when closing the current input port
      add (system repl server)
      add --listen command line argument.
      update preface.texi contributors
      preface contributors tweaks
      add --listen docs
      minor doc fixups
      remove gds docs, telling users instead to use geiser and paredit
      debug has for-trap? field
      don't warn for (format #t fmt) -- format string actually named fmt
      ,frame and related commands handle for-trap? appropriately
      fold old news items into main news body
      update NEWS for 1.9.13
      fix bug in with-fluids in a non-tail position
      ssax: add procs to define parsed entities
      re-implement srfi-34's guard with syntax-case

Göran Weinholt (1):
      Fix make-variable-transformer export

Ludovic Courtès (54):
      Rename `make-foreign-function' to `pointer->procedure'.
      Use `have-lib' when checking for libltdl.
      Use Gnulib's `isnan' and `isinf' modules.
      Clarify feature macro conditionals.
      Internally expose `scm_i_unistring_escapes_to_{guile,r6rs}_escapes'.
      Factorize and optimize `write' for strings and characters.
      Remove commented out code from `print.c'.
      Re-introduce pretty-printing of combining characters.
      Fix copyright year and module name of `'.
      Optimize `peek-char'.
      Fix write-beyond-end-of-string error in the conversion to R6RS string 
      Remove the SRFI-1 C proxies.
      SRFI-1: Rewrite `alist-copy' in Scheme.
      Define `equal?' for pointer objects.
      Fix weak-value hash tables.
      Strengthen the weak hash table tests.
      Fixlet in `coverage.test'.
      Fix bug #31081 (`lookahead-u8' returns an s8.)
      Fix typo in `weaks.test'.
      Add `thread-vm' and `set-thread-vm!'.
      Remove unused declarations.
      Fix coverage analysis of procedures called from C.
      Make `procedure-execution-count' fail gracefully when no source info is 
      Have address@hidden' honor VM changes by winds.
      Fix argument passing in VM hooks.
      Remove `scm_t_aligned_cell'.
      Allocate bignums in pointer-less memory.
      Fix bignum memory leak.
      Add support for `..1' to `match'.
      Fix pattern variable extraction in `match' with `..1'.
      Always run at least the ASCII regexp tests.
      Register `scm_init_r6rs_ports' as an extension.
      SRFI-1: Make `unfold' tail-recursive (fix bug #30071).
      SRFI-1: Make `fold-right' tail-recursive.
      SRFI-1: Rewrite `filter-map' in Scheme.
      SRFI-1: Rewrite `split-at' and `split-at!' in Scheme.
      Fixlets for REPL error handling.
      Add `-Wformat'.
      Improve pretty-printing of tree-il objects.
      Escape newlines from format strings in warnings.
      Implement fancy format string analysis.
      Compile with `-Wformat'.
      Add new `format' warnings.
      Add warnings for obvious syntax errors in format strings.
      Fix typo.
      Fix a bug in weak hash table bucket fixup.
      Allow arbitrary code in ASSOC procedures for weak hash tables (bug 
      Placate `-Wformat'.
      Allocate inexact numbers in pointer-less memory.
      Allocate complex numbers in contiguous pointer-less memory.
      Optimize `1+' and `1-' on fixnums.
      Fix the `chknew-E' and `chknew-SIG' rules.
      Update `cpp-E.syms' and `cpp-SIG.syms'.
      Bump version number for 1.9.13.

Michael Gran (6):
      Provide non-locale C/Scheme string conversion functions
      Incorrect parsing of NaN complex numbers
      Favor non-hex string escapes over hex escapes when writing strings
      Add v1.8.x backward compatiblity to GUILE_SITE_DIR
      Update charsets to Unicode 6.0.0
      Unresolved var errors don't work for top-level vars

Neil Jerram (28):
      Remove unnecessary blank "Indices" page.
      Remove non-existent *environment* APIs from api-undocumented.texi
      Document scm_wrong_type_arg_msg
      Create tags for Scheme source
      GOOPS doc simplification
      Move GOOPS chapter's Stk copyright notice upfront
      Improve GOOPS `Quick Start' doc
      Explain built-in classes like <string>
      Explain examples of user-defined classes
      Promote subsections inside the GOOPS "Reference Manual" section
      Start separating doc of the metaobject protocol from that of basic GOOPS 
      Edit text about the MOP
      Remove unwarranted para
      Edit define-class doc
      Fix typo in
      Continue separating simple and more complex GOOPS doc
      Remove doc of STKlos compatibility
      Remove goops-version, which is no longer defined
      Customizing Instance Creation to metaobject protocol section
      Flatten `Miscellaneous Functions'
      Typeset Ludo's name correctly
      Edit section on slot access
      Edit section on generic functions
      Add TeX form of jao's name
      Edit `Generic Functions and Accessors'
      Two very small edits
      Edit `Adding Methods to Generic Functions'
      Nuke GOOPS `Quick Start' section, in favour of the `Tutorial'


GNU Guile

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