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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-12, created. releas

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-12, created. release_1-9-12
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2010 18:21:34 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, release_1-9-12 has been created
        at  8b0032b4cd5a0fe6813a22ffe38d09809966e93c (tag)
   tagging  4d85751c10eebf7f878df029fabb343964198edf (commit)
  replaces  release_1-9-11
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Sat Sep 4 20:21:16 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 1.9.12 (beta).
Version: GnuPG v2.0.12 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (9):
      add rnrs unicode to the compound rnrs module
      ice-9 receive without define-macro
      Ignore the SRFI name component(s) in R6RS imports
      Fix SRFI-9 for records without fields
      Fix random number generator on 64-bit platforms
      Allow exposing of random number generator state
      Fix the range of `random' on 64-bit platforms
      Link test-srfi-1 to libguile as well
      Several fixes to R6RS libraries

Andy Wingo (218):
      fix procedure naming
      fix argument tab-completion
      add #:version (6) to rnrs bytevectors and ports
      minor NEWS tweaks
      some repl doc updates
      boot-9 top-repl tweak
      current-language fluid refactoring
      recursive repl support
      flesh out recursive repl module with local vars
      brown-paper-bag commit
      source location propagation fixes in psyntax
      fix module-hygiene corner case by relying more on syntax objects
      simplify macro representation in the wake of module hygiene changes
      fix `format' with %f and exact rationals
      srfi-34 #:replace raise fix
      add syntax-source accessor
      add current-source-location
      modules have field for their filenames, for debugging
      fix (expt #t 0)
      r6rs `import' accepts multiple clauses
      fix build error with Compaq C V6.3-025
      hygienic with-backtrace
      start cleaning up repl/debugger error handling
      repl.scm simplifications
      bind debugging i/o ports in start-repl
      fix error handling when reading debugger args
      deprecate scm-style-repl
      remove commented-out code from boot-9
      deprecate error-catching-loop, error-catching-repl
      don't forget to set GUILE_SYSTEM_PATH in uninstalled mode
      uninstalled-env cleanups
      more uninstalled-env fixen
      brown-paper-bag to uninstalled-env
      Fix build bug, manifested as failure to find libguile-srfi-srfi-1-v-4
      expt / integer-expt fixes
      resolve-module #:ensure argument
      scm-style-repl -> (ice-9 scm-style-repl)
      remove annotation?
      deprecate apply-to-args
      comments in boot-9
      deprecate has-suffix?
      error in terms of case-lambda
      deprecate `bad-throw'
      comments in boot-9
      deprecate `scheme-file-suffix'
      deprecate get-option, for-next-option, display-usage-report, 
      cleanups to version-matches?
      a failed resolve-interface does not leave behind an empty module
      define-option-interface in terms of syntax-rules
      deprecate `collect'
      add inliner cases for conditionals
      make-prompt-tag is an effect-free primitive
      unparse the tag of a prompt
      fix lexical call naming bug
      comment in fix-letrec
      while in terms of syntax-case
      handler of a prompt is in tail context
      compile (ice-9 deprecated) earlier
      attempted microoptimization in eval.scm.
      fix bug in collect
      load modules from within a known environment
      set module version in module-export-all!
      remove encoding of versions into the file system (for now?)
      fix bug in memoize
      beginnings of letrec* support in the expander
      psyntax, primitive expander, and memoizer support for letrec*
      add effect+exception-free-primitive? predicate
      compiler support for letrec*
      internal definitions expand out to letrec* instead of letrec
      resolve-primitives tweaks
      tree-il->scheme renders fix as letrec*
      compile-psyntax "optimizes" psyntax-pp
      fix order of internal definitions
      build psyntax-pp.go from psyntax.scm
      assert-repl-* and associated state variables to scm-style-repl
      add repl-default-option-set! in (system repl common)
      deprecate set-repl-prompt!
      repl whitespace fix
      *unspecified* is identifier syntax
      batch-mode? in terms of *repl-level*
      deprecate `repl'
      finish deprecating pre-unwind-handler-dispatch
      default-pre-unwind-handler to scm-style-repl
      reorder hooks in boot-9
      has-shown-debugger-hint? to scm-style-repl
      remove before-signal-stack
      `(debug)' debugs the current stack.
      add open-string-{input,output}-port to rnrs io ports
      handle-system-error to scm-style-repl
      add support for variable transformers: settable identifier syntax
      deprecate save-stack, stack-saved?
      remove the-last-stack from boot-9
      no the-last-stack in ice-9 threads
      don't bind the-last-stack in repl.scm
      deprecate the-last-stack
      set! name (lambda ...) names the lambda
      fix ^L typo
      don't unconditionally restore signals in ensure-batch-mode!
      *unspecified* in rnrs exceptions
      typo in mutable-strings
      scheme-mode in syntactic records test
      repl compiles with warnings by default
      ensure unicode-capable rnrs string ports
      rnrs modules #:replace as appropriate
      fix rnrs duplicate bindings warnings
      freshly regenerate psyntax-pp
      fix compilation with automake < 1.11
      syntax-case treats _ as placeholder
      fix matches? test
      relax restriction on _ in literals
      begin-deprecated using syntax-case
      more aspiration in boot-9
      cond-expand in syntax-case
      require-extension using syntax-case
      deprecate named-module-use!, load-emacs-interface, and remove --emacs
      don't bother catching SIGSEGV et al in top-repl
      simplify top-repl
      top-repl out to its own module
      allow kwargs to repl metacommands
      add repl inport and outport fields and accessors
      tweak to ensure-batch-mode!
      use *repl-stack* instead of *repl-level*
      * module/srfi/srfi-60.scm (bit-count): #:replace core definition.
      fix repl level printing
      fix (set! MACRO exp) hygiene
      untabify (ice-9 regex)
      define* in ice-9 regex
      remove use-emacs-interface check from ice-9 readline
      readline only handles SIGWINCH
      integrate the debugger into the repl
      tweaks to new repl
      tweaks to print-locals
      fix up a repl command docstring
      avoid running the debugger during parsing or compilation at the repl
      capture default dynamic state in (guile-user)
      add utils to turn value history on and off, and to clear it
      heap/literal fixes for repl-default-options
      value-history-enabled? accessor
      validating repl options; value-history on by default
      update manual for value history on by default
      finally, backtraces only showing frames for the computation
      print column numbers in backtraces
      don't automatically generate psyntax-pp.scm any more
      ctrl-d with readline exits one recursive repl instance
      fix psyntax-pp.go dependency
      fix '(] infinite loop
      fix boostrapping error with srfi-1 (for the third time!)
      display-error takes a frame, shows source if possible
      pass a frame to display-error in system repl error-handling
      better error reporting from the vm
      error-handling tweak
      don't re-print the error by default in call-with-error-handling
      lower fill-column in .dir-locals.el
      updates to system repl command
      update debugger docs
      tour.texi updates
      update tour.texi examples
      gut ice-9 debug
      remove (ice-9 emacs)
      remove (system vm debug)
      use scm_malloc_pointerless to alloc aligned blocks in fallback
      recommend #:replace
      fix git-version-gen to work with bsd sed and obsolete regexps
      remove SCM_HAVE_T_INT64, SCM_HAVE_T_UINT64
      low-level RNG interfaces deal in scm_t_uint32, not unsigned long
      refactor datum->random-state / random-state->datum
      update docs
      rstates point to rngs
      64-bit random fixes
      fix vector-move-right! and vector-move-left!
      fold 1.9.11 news into main body
      letrec* in docs, and some r6rs fixes
      add settable identifier syntax docs
      only one Value History section
      %site-dir is specific to the effective version
      remove type discusison from dynamic-pointer docstring
      add docs for extensiondir; misc other fixes
      update NEWS for 1.9.12 (mostly)
      ,x unbound does not quit repl
      fix stack narrowing for tail-call to throw
      more NEWS updates
      add section on toplevel expansion to r6rs incompatibilities
      more r6rs incompat
      deprecated all discouraged functions
      remove "discouraged" infrastructure
      loose ends from "discouraged" removal
      further rnrs incompat note
      @apply for multiple args in the boot memoizer
      update comments in psyntax.scm
      reindent psyntax.scm
      minor NEWS tweaks
      a number of doc fixes
      further discouraged excision
      update scsh doc
      objcodes.c comments
      update download location in manual
      consolidate sitedir definition
      fix <letrec> docs
      don't autocompile while snarfing
      Revert "[build] Rewrite guile-func-name-check in Scheme, adding features."
      Revert "don't autocompile while snarfing"
      README fix for PKG_CONFIG=true
      threadsafe object properties
      net-db.test tweak
      threadsafety in deprecation, extensions
      deprecate passing a number as the destination to `format'
      add flag to vtables to indicate that their layout is valid
      define* usage in boot-9
      docstrings in syntax-rules
      bitvector work
      fix #y back-compat shim
      module-local-variable optimization
      back-compat in (rnrs) for deprecated modules-in-value-namespace
      module-ref-submodule deprecation fixes
      boot-9 refactor
      fix guile-tools --help and --version

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (2):
      Add new debug meta-command ,error-message
      Fix for `submodules' in (ice-9 session) (closes #30062)

Julian Graham (7):
      Resolve issues in `find-versioned-module'.
      Fix `define-condition-type' to use condition-accessors, not record
      Integrate complete R6RS standard libraries documentation.
      Edits to R6RS standard libraries documentation proposed by Ludovic 
      Fix argument passing for external hash functions in `(rnrs hashtables)'.
      Explicit definitions for `vector-for-each' and `vector-map'; Guile's 
      Explicit definitions for `memp' and `assp' in `(rnrs list)'; the predicate

Ludovic Courtès (54):
      Update Gnulib to v0.0-3966-g9f737c8 for `libunistring' m4 fixes.
      Update `.gitignore' for new Gnulib-generated files.
      Add tests for `procedure-name'.
      Don't build any generated source file at "make dist" time.
      Add tests for `program-sources' (bug #29817).
      Use Alex Shinn's pattern matcher for (ice-9 match).
      Update `THANKS'.
      Remove outdated sponsorship info from `THANKS'.
      Canonicalize source file names in `primitive-load-path' (fix bug #30170).
      Add `scm_i_string_data'.
      Optimize `string=' for the common case.
      Fix type-checking in the optimized path of `string=?'.
      Add missing benchmark files to the distribution.
      Have `benchmark-guile' honor the current $GUILE_LOAD_PATH.
      Declare `ice-9/psyntax-pp.scm.gen' as a phony target.
      sxml-match: Always use the same prompt tag.
      Expose `scm_encoding_error'.
      Remove heap allocations in `scm_getc', `scm_ungetc', and 
      Add `vhash-fold*' in `(ice-9 vlist)'.
      Start rewriting SRFI-1 in Scheme.
      Check for go/scm mtime ordering rather than equality.
      Import unbound variable reports in the VM.
      Simplify the (system foreign) API.
      Add `dereference-pointer' to `(system foreign)'.
      Use "pointer" instead of "foreign" when dealing with wrapped pointers.
      Always return `%null-pointer' when creating a NULL pointer with no 
      Remove unused parameter from `bytevector->pointer'.
      Update the FFI doc.
      Fix `parse-c-struct'.
      Add `number->locale-string' tests.
      Add `string->pointer' and `pointer->string' to the FFI.
      Fix i18n tests when no French locale is available.
      Assorted `syntax-check' fixes.
      Remove unneeded #:use-module.
      SRFI-1: Rewrite `fifth', `sixth', etc. in Scheme.
      SRFI-1: Rewrite `break' and `break!' in Scheme.
      SRFI-1: Choose better benchmark names.
      Document (ice-9 match).
      Add `test-suite/tests/popen-child.scm' to the distribution.
      popen.test: Don't auto-compile `popen-child.scm'.
      Rewrite `fport_flush' using Gnulib's `full_write'.
      SRFI-1: Rewrite `drop-right!', `drop-while', `reduce', etc. in Scheme.
      Fix typos.
      Avoid calls to `scm_current_thread' in `fat_mutex_unlock'.
      Fix memory leak in `lock-mutex' (aka. `scm_lock_mutex'.)
      Add `procedure->pointer' to the FFI.
      Add license header to `test-ffi'.
      Fix the `put-bytevector' tests.
      Add an entertaining `procedure->pointer' test.
      Use Gnulib's `stat-time' module; update Gnulib.
      Compare source/compiled file timestamps with nano-second resolution.
      Don't say "source file is newer" when either file is inaccessible.
      Update `NEWS' for 1.9.12.
      Bump version number for 1.9.12.

Michael Gran (4):
      More explicit variable names in scm_i_scan_for_encoding
      read-line should use port's encoding, not locale's encoding
      open-file should handle binary mode and coding declarations
      Enable character hex escapes by default

Neil Jerram (2):
      Fix hanging of popen.test
      Fix TeXing of doc/ref/r6rs.texi

No Itisnt (2):
      Use AM_SILENT_RULES to pare down build output, ignore auto-generated files
      Remove trailing whitespace

Noah Lavine (1):
      Whitespace fix

Thien-Thi Nguyen (17):
      Add tmpfile(3) to libguile.
      Init shell var properly in git-version-gen.
      [maint] Add abstraction: GUILE_CONFIG_SCRIPT
      [build] Use UTC, precise format for ‘buildstamp’ value.
      HACKING: Mention (add-hook 'before-save-hook 'delete-trailing-whitespace)
      [build] Overhaul <errno.h>, <signal.h> cpp symbol extraction/checking.
      [maint] Avoid no-op config-subst for libguile/guile-func-name-check.
      [build] Move GUILE_CONFIG_SCRIPT to acinclude.m4.
      Add copyright notice to acinclude.m4.
      [maint] Remove unused script guile-doc-snarf.
      Update AUTHORS to reflect now-removed guile-snarf-docs-texi; nfc.
      Fix "make dist" regression: Distribute guile-func-name-check.
      [build] Create libguile/version.h using the configure script.
      [build] Fix sed portability bug: Don't use '\n' in sed script.
      [build] Use AM_SILENT_RULES for generating cpp-E.c, cpp-SIG.c.
      [build] Refine libguile/*.doc snarfing.
      [build] Rewrite guile-func-name-check in Scheme, adding features.

Tristan Colgate (1):
      Update #:procedure method for <applicable-struct>

U-Cain\Mike (1):
      DAY_1 nl_langinfo constants don't require <nl_types.h>

Yan Li (1):
      Compiling DOT_X_FILES requires version.h


GNU Guile

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